SIT REP | DAY 1 | APRIL 28, 2021

A wildfire explode near Santa Clarita in California this afternoon from an unknown cause prompting a large presence of air and ground fire assets to respond to the area.

Credit: LA Co FD Ops

Incident Cooperators Include:

  • LA Co FD PIO
  • LA Co FD
  • LA Co Fire Ops
  • CAL Fire
  • Red Cross LA
  • CEDR Corps
  • SCV Sheriff
  • Santa Clarita City
  • LA City FD


  • Tankers 167, 90, 91, 110
  • Copters 3
  • 11-10 Alpha

More on-scene but this is what we were able to copy via Scanner Feed


  • Alpha
  • Delta
  • Tango
  • Zulu
Credit: SCE webcam at Camp Nine looking NW (Courtesy: NWS Los Angeles)

Here is a timeline of today’s incident from us covering live scanner feed and verified sources:

2033 } Castaic Animal Care Center for large and small animal sheltering for evacuated residents. 31044 Charlie Canyon Rd, Castaic CA 91387. [LA Co Animal Care]

2019 | Divisions Mike and Zulu: ANF E314, 336, 124, WT10 to be released and back to staging for demobe. Divisions Alpha and Mike to be assigned to Supe 20 for the night. [Scanner traffic]

2000 | ANF 317, 33 back to staging due to no more hose available. Demobing in staging. [Scanner traffic]

1958 } Air Attack: Great progress made. Most of active fire laid down. Tankers released. 2 copters throughout the night. No needs for air support for tomorrow. [So Cal Air Ops]

1950 | Red Cross: we are keeping our eyes on the fire. States what to prepare for if having to evacuate.

1940 | Tankers 90, 91 released back to Porterville. ETA 2000 hours, Tanker 167 back to Perdue for same time. Tanker 100 back to Hemett ETA 2010 hours. All empty. [Scanner traffic]

1928 | IC: Forward progression not been stopped. 650 acres. 0% containment. Potential for 100 more in next hour. Rotor wing and air tankers beginning to be released due to losing daylight, smoky conditions and power lines. [So CA Air Ops]

Mop Ups: E124, 336, 314. {Scanner traffic)

1927 | Air Ops: reporting previous windshear. Said not to go below 1800-1900 elevation.

1911 | CAL Fire: States fire off of W Live Oak Road x Biscailuz Road in Castaic, CA. Los Angeles County. Fire started 4/28/2021. Unknown cause, under investigation. Lead Agency: LA Co FD. [CAL Fire]

1904 | Zulu: flare up reported. Helos requested for drop, should have lines around soon. Fire backing up against homes in Casa Luna community. Engines dispatched. Tango: min air support due to powerlines, visibility and citizens on the ridge. They were pushed back but now on the ridge again. [Scanner Traffic]

1902 | Type 1s: out of aircraft due to 1 out due to maintenance repair, other refueling. [Scanner Feed]

1857 | West end: to start flanking fire on alpha side. Tankers 176 and 91 out of the area. T100 on-scene. In lower part of canyon, pilot reporting windshear and losing 15 knots in windspeed. [Scanner feed]

1854 | Crews: 100 ft in front of Zulu, heavy brush, head of fire, working to locate line across brush for fire break. Brush 109 assigned in alpha working towards Zulu. [Scanner feed]

1851 | Active fire down to drainage. [Scanner feed]

1850 | Burbank Command: Fire 1 inbound. [Scanner feed]

1849 | Tanker 91 inbound to come in behind Tanker 167. [Scanner traffic]

1847 | Div Mike: dozers working. Making progress. [Scanner traffic]

1846 | Castaic weather report: 79*F temps, 0% precip, 13% RH, winds at 18 mph. [online wx report]

1840 | Type 1s: working towards power lines. Tankers: left flank up hill towards heel of fire. [Scanner traffic]

1836 | Tankers 167, 100 dropping. [Scanner Feed]

1834 | Copters: holding to the east. [Scanner traffic]

1831 | LA Co Fire Ops: several of their copters working with CAL FIRE to support LA County Firefighters with LA Co FD PIO, City of Santa Clarita and SCV Sheriff Office.

1830 | 3 engines moving to West Hill. Tankers 276, 310, 100 inbound. [Scanner feed\

1818 | 11-10 en route. 20 minutes ETA. To report to B49.

1817 | LA City Fire units dispatched, en route. [Scanner Feed]

1815 | 540 acres. 0% containment. [Scanner Feed]

1811 | Tanker 167 working at construction erosion fence area. Car fire dispatched during fire on the freeway, in the center median. Not blocking. B49 dispatched with a few resources. [Scanner Feed]

1803 | SCV Sheriff: Roads closures from Iron Village Drive to northern Copper Hill Drive entrance in Valencia. Evacuation warnings: Rye Canyon Loop, Iron Village Drive and Sterling Lane. 460 acres. 0% containment.

1801 | Scanner Feed: 406 acres. 0% contained. Type 1s holding at pond. Type 2 holding at dip site.

1731 | City of Santa Clarita: 200 acres.

1656 | Sheriff’s Office: fire backing down hill towards Bellows Court.

Creidt: City of Santa Clarita

1631 | Potential evacuations: Rye Canyon Loop, Iron Village Drive. [LA Fire Ops\

1608 | CAL FIRE: New incident reported. Off West Live Oak Road and Biscailuz Road, Castiac. Los Angeles County. 50 acres. Lead Agency: LA CO FD PIO

1537 | 50 acres. 3rd alarm fire. No structures threatened [SCV Sheriff]

1357 | 1st due units: 1 acre. 2900 block of The Old Road. Fire running uphill. Light to medium fuels. [LA Co FD]



Credit: Media – Perfect example of what “not” to do when the fire is running towards your communities. Maybe they were all just stunned at the sight. Seriously, please EVACUATE when the orders and notices are given. It may save yours and many lives.
  • “Seen from 14 Fw N in Castaic” [1753 PT]
  • “Intense response. Danger to structures. [1738 PT]
  • “After trip, could smell burning again in Santa Clarita. [1801]
  • “Tanker retardant drops can be seen from neighborhood streets.” [1821]
  • “View of fire shows mild fire activity.” [1456]
  • “Fire seen from Ridge Route Road. [1806]
  • “Can be seen from Stevenson Ranch.” [1701]
  • “Neighborhood is Santa Clarita not Castaic for the record.”[1725]
  • “Here we go again…..” [1757]
  • “Substantial increase in fire activity.” [1503]

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