UPDATE 2 — JULY 23, 2021 — FRIDAY — 2300 PT

Incident Summary

This fire ignited on Monday, July 5, 2021 around 1700 hours PT, along Hwy 138 E near Jack Creek and about 15 miles southeast of Pomeroy, as well as southwest of Asotin, Washington. The DRY GULCH FIRE merged in with this incident.


This incident is being managed by the NW Team 3 (type 1 IMT) and CA Team 12 (Type 2 IMT) (en route). IMTs are also managing the GREEN RIDGE FIRE.

A wildland firefighting crew carrier vehicle is parked on a road while low vegetation is burned on the left side and firefighters stand on the right looking out at unburned vegeation.
Credit: USFS

Current Status

There has been 78,158 acres of timber and closed timber litter scorched. There is a 75% containment status reached. Fire Managers have forecasted this fire to be fully contained on September 1, 2021.

This used to be the DRY GULCH FIRE, which merged into the larger fire.

Active fire behavior with flanking, backing and isolated torching.


There are 278 total personnel with a reduction of 75 resources since yesterday. At this time there are four crews, 23 engines and seven copters.


  • Forest Service lands, roads, trails – Unmatilla National Forest



  • Grouse Flats
  • Garfield County
  • Columbia County

LEVEL 1 dropped

  • Groverland
  • Anetone

Evacuations – Grouse Flats now a Level 1 from a Level 2 (Asotin County), along with Groverland, along with Garfield, Columbia counties.

Damage Assessments

About 10 structures have been lost and there has been a CTD reached at $11.9 Million.

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