There many wildfires still burning in the State but here is the report from showing past wildfire activity for Saturday, July 31, 2021.

2038 | Mountain Home Road

Smoke Check to Mountain Home Road in Chelan County. CHELAN-26 dispatched. Open call.

1944 | Danville Fire

HI 7109 dispatched to Danville in Ferry County. This is an other Agency Assist call. Dispatch Center: WA-NEC.

1941 | C-Post Fire

C-Post Road in Oso (Snohomish County). 0.1 acre of grass, shrub, timber and understory. IC Entringer as of 2016. In Patrol status as of 2204. Dispatch Center: WA-NDC.

1521 | Moxie Fire

Chehalis Road in Moxie (Grays Harbor). 1 acre of grass and shrub. IC: Reed. Contained/controlled at 2100 hours. In patrol status. Dispatch Center: WA-SPS.

1459 | Race Track Spot Two

Fire assets, resources dispatched to Sheep Creek in Stevens County. 0.1 acre of grass, shrub, timber and understory burned. Contained 1558 and controlled at 1641 hours. It is currently in a patrol status. Dispatch Center: WA-NEC.

1426 | Race Track Spot Fire

1st fire at Sheep Creek as the second fire. Contained and controlled at 1500 hours. Dispatch Center: WA-NEC.

1328 | Central Park Drive Fire

Central Park area in Olympics area. 0.1 acre of timber and understory. IC Johnson. Contained 1555 and under control at 1640 hours. Currently in patrol status. Dispatch Center: WA-OLS.

1140 | Ram Fire

Venita Bridge, Benton County. 0.1 acre. Grass and shrub. Contained 1310 hours. Dispatch Center: WA-CWC.

1137 | Elk Pine Fire

East Valley Lane in Spokane County. 0.1 acre of grass. Contained at 1220 hours. Controlled at 1230 hours PT. Dispatch Center: WA-NEC.

0918 | Jones Island Fire

Jones Island Marine State Park in San Juan County. 0.1 acre of grass, slash and timber litter. IC: Etringer 1224. Out at 1327. Dispatch Center: WA-NDC.

0726 | Bug Lake Fire

Bellingham Squallicum Parkway in Whatcom County. 0.1 acre of shrub and timber. IC: Mcgough at 0141 PT. In patrol status at 1422 hours PT. Dispatch Center: WA-NDC.

0540 | Cook Landing Fire

Cook in Klickitat County. 0.1 acre of grass and shrub. IC: Miller. Contained at 0828 hours PT. Dispatch Center: WA-CWC.

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