Friday Update – August 27, 2021

The Rough Patch Complex is located about 26 miles southeast of Cottage Grove (Calapooya Divide), Oregon which started on July 29, 2021 from a lightning storm that passed over the area.

Wolf Creek Interagency Hotshot Crew conducts a burnout operation to secure a containment line in Division Golf of the Chaos Fire. (U.S. Forest Service photo by Kevin S. Abel)
Chaos Fire – Div Golf | Credit | Kevin S. Abel, USFS

The total acres burned in this Complex has reached 28,493 acres of timber, an increase of 1,402 from yesterday’s report by fire managers. There is a 11% containment status.

Jack Fire | 23,853 acres. 283 total personnel. 8 crews, 12 engines, 3 copters. $39M CTD.

Buckhead Fire | 3,003 acres.

Chaos Fire | 13,529 acres.

Little Bend Fire | 6,208 acres.

Near Minky Fire | 4,387 acres.

Fire behavior is active with uphill runs, torching and flanking.

The Northern Rockies Team 1 (Goicoechea) will be assuming command on Saturday, August 28th at 0600 hours PT from DeMaster’s Great Basin Team 2, an Type 1 IMT.

There are 325 total personnel, along with

Cooperators | NWICC, ORDEQ, OR Smoke Info, Wolf Creek IHC, GRCC News and Notes, Inciweb, Umqua NF,

Closures can be found at this link |

Collectively, there are 325 total personnel. 8 crews, 15 engines, 6 copters. $11.9 Million CTD.

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