SNOHOMISH COUNTY, WA — All lanes are blocked eastbound on US 2, just east of I-5 at Milepost 1 due to a collision. Some media reports that it is due to a semi-truck that has turned over its side and blocking the whole roadway.

Snohomish County Fire Units have also been dispatched, which include 3G2, E2, L1, M1, and SO1652.

The WSDOT states both the Washington State Patrol and the Snohomish County Sheriff have arrived on-scene as of 1447 PT.

WSDOT camera at milepost .06. Credit: WSDOT


We ask that you avoid this area, as it appears it may take a while until they are able to open up the roadway again.

This is at the west end of the trestle in Everett.

Please remember these when going into construction zones or when emergency vehicles are present:

  1. Slow down in a construction zone.
  2. For lights and sirens on the roadway, pull right to the shoulder (if safely to do so).
  3. If you are on the freeway or multi-lane roadway and you see a tow truck, EMS, police car, fire truck, DOT, first responder vehicle on the shoulder, move to the next lane over to protect all of those that may be getting assistance. This is to help save their lives by not getting injured from a distracted driver or car going into their scene.

We thank you!

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