Update 3 | 2140 PT

According to the Tacoma Police Department during their 2047 hours media presser, there was a shooting at the mall with one victim located by Officers. The victim was transported to a local hospital with serious injuries.

Law Enforcement members are still busy working to clear this large mall area. All unaccompanied juveniles are being brought to the Tacoma Mall Transit Center, located in the 2100 block of South 48th Street to be picked up.

The mall has been shut down and is considered to be CLOSED.


Update 2 | 2111 PT

Calls are starting to flood in with one caller reporting 4 gunshots heard (2105) in the Pacific Avenue area and another 4-6 shots fired in the same around only five minutes later (2110). Lots of suspicious person calls are also being heard over the Scanner feed.

PLEASE AVOID the location of the mall and surrounding areas. The Tacoma Mall is located at 4502 South Steele Street.

Update 1 | November 26, 2021 | 2045 PT

Police are on the scene of a shooting incident at 2010 PT tonight in the Food Court area at the Tacoma Mall. Several gunshots were heard by shoppers, prompting them to run and hide in nearby retail stores.

The Tacoma Mall is in lockdown.

Tacoma Police have started to set up traffic barricades around the mall. AVOID THE AREA

Media reporting one person has been injured. Their condition currently is unknown at the time of this post.

Tacoma Police posted this on their Facebook page this early this morning:

“A great number of visitors annually to the Tacoma Mall visit during late November and December each year. We currently have an emphasis plan in place, in conjunction with Tacoma Mall Security, to help create a safe and secure experience for shoppers and employees. We’re using a combination of on-duty, off-duty, vehicle crimes task force and community partnership assignments to prevent and deter crime.”

9-1-1 calls were beginning to pour into their Communications Center with suspicious subjects in the area, where they may have a connection to the mall Shooting tonight. Patrol units are en route to these various locations.

In 2005, there was a mass murder attempt that occurred on November 20th, when 20-year old gunman, Dominick Maldonado entered the mall with a semi-automatic rifle and a pistol. He would injure six people before taking four via armed kidnappings. He had just recently separated from his girlfriend and was high on meth and sleep-deprived for a week at the time of his bad choices. He would be sentenced to 163 years in prison. He tried to escape prison taking another hostage.

NOTE: We will never post the locations of Officers or other areas to protect their identities and due to Officer Safety.

Incident Cooperators: Tacoma PD, Tacoma FD, Dispatch.


On its website, the Tacoma Mall is the premier shopping and dining destination in Pierce County that is home to Nordstrom, Apple, Sepora and more than 150 specialty stores, as well as restaurants The Cheesecake Factory, BJ’s Brewhouse, Chipotle Mexican Grill and Panera Bread. It is located parallel to I-5 on the west side between 38th and 56th Street exits.

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