Mall Shooting Suspect Being Sought | 2


A shots fired call prompted Torrance (CA) Police Officers to be dispatched on Monday, June 3, 2019, around 1456 hours PDT to the Del Amo Fashion Center (Shopping Mall).  The Mall is located in the 3500 block of Carson Street inside the City limits.


Police are still in the area investigating and the Del Amo Fashion Center (also called by Citizens as the Del Amo Mall) and have the Mall in lockdown.  Police are warning people away from this active incident as they are working to locate the shooting suspect.

A perimeter has been set up around Plaza del Amo between Madrona Avenue to Maple Avenue and Carson Street between Madrona Avenue.  All streets have been shutdown.


If you see this person, DO NOT APPROACH. Call 9-1-1 or the Torrance PD at 310-328-3456 and get to a safe place. You can also visit the Station at 3300 Civic Center Drive, Torrance, CA 90503.


The Del Amo Fashion Center is also known as Simon Malls located at 3525 Carson Street in Torrance, California.  It is listed as the third largest mall in America and the venue known as the South Bay’s premier retail destination. It is also said to be a favorite among those who visit/play/live and work in Southern California as this is an unique mall full of natural lighting, beautiful architecture, living green walls, majestic palm trees and so much more.

There approximately 200 stores and located easily off of the 405 freeway at Hawthorne Boulevard exit.

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Mall Shooting Prompts Large PD Response | 1


A shots fired call prompted Torrance (CA) Police Officers to be dispatched on Monday, June 3, 2019, around 1456 hours PDT to the Del Almo Fashion Center (Shopping Mall).  The Mall is located in the 3500 block of Carson Street inside the City limits.


The first arriving Officers found one person with a gunshot wound inside the location and was treated by the Torrance FD and transported to a nearby hospital.  Around 1844 hours, Engines 91 and 96 were dispatched to the same location for a person with a GSW. This appears to be a possible second victim.

Officers  and SWAT  were busy investigating, searching and clearing the structure(s).  Additionally, they were tasked with evacuating shoppers and personnel from the building(s).  Detectives have and will continue to do follow-up interviews and investigation to ID the suspect and help locate him.

An article search was being conducted (1855 hours PDT) with one of their K9s to see if they could pick up a trail of the suspect.  Turned out to be negative. (1901 hours PDT)


Torrance Police released a presser stating the shooter may be a male Hispanic adult approximately 20-25 years of age, has a shaved head wearing a black shirt and checkered shorts.  Was said to have a long gun.  Shooter still at large.


If you see this person, DO NOT APPROACH. Call 9-1-1 or the Torrance PD at 310-328-3456 and get to a safe place. You can also visit the Station at 3300 Civic Center Drive, Torrance, CA 90503.

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Public Safety News | Overnight Trending Stories

November 7, 2017 | News from around the Nation of what is Trending and information gleaned from various sources.

SLC, UTAH.  A West Valley Police Officer was reportedly shot in the foot at an apartment complex Tuesday evening around 1900 hours.  It was stated by Police his injuries are not life-threatening. Info is still fluid and news media was reporting that it may have been a possible shooting between two suspects.  A large presence was at a nearby hospital in Murray where it was said both suspects arrived in a silver pickup at the front of the hospital bringing a large presence of police. [Code3 Alerts, Salt Lake City News]

WARM BEACH & CANNON BEACH, OR.  Multiple shark sightings were confirmed in both areas and signs  posted to area beaches, along with a message posted by both communities to warn swimmers, surfers and boaters. [Social Media]

EVER-CHANGING STATISTICS.  The Columbine HS mass shooting event stats was considered to be no longer the in the Top 10 Deadliest shootings in modern US History. [CNN]

MARYSVILLE, WA.  District Firefighters responded to a garage fire that was reported around 1845 hours.  Upon arrival, they found the structure to be fully engulfed. Mutual aid responded from nearby Cities, Everett, Getchell and Silvana. The Snohomish County Fire Marshal is investigating the cause.

MAPLE VALLEY, WA.  A fire broke out around 2030 hours in the 19400 block of the Renton Maple Valley Road SE in Maple Valley.  Engines, Tenders, Ladder trucks, Medic unit and the area regional REHAB unit responded to the house fire. No word on the cause.  3 people were dispatched.  Red Cross was called in to assist. [Scanner Feed]

HOLLYWOOD, CA.  A large fire broke out in a vacant combination one & two-story residential 4-plex with excessive interior storage said to be near Sunset Gower studios in Hollywood that was reported to be vacant.  It was located in the 1300 block of N Gordon Street.  An additional Task Force was requested around 2229 hours PDT by ‘Gordon IC’. Knockdown was completed around 2245 hours. A good stop by firefighters to two [residential] exposure buildings.  Fire cause and value of damage is unknown at this time but will be later released by the LAFD.  [CA Fire Scanner, KTLA, LAFD]

FRESNO, CA.  2 large fires broke out at an apartment complex in the area of 900 of E Divisadero and a house fire at the 200 block of S Madera Avenue in Kerman.  No word on the extent of the damage or status.  The fires were still burning at the time of this post (around 2230 hours PDT, Tuesday) [Fresno Fire PIO]

OSWEGO, OR. Oswego Firefighters Local 4773 (Oswego Fire District Protection District) is coordinating a relief effort with all donations going directly to the 24 families effected by a large fire that took place 1500 Light Road on November 6, 2017.  Firefighters are accepting gift cards, certificates and monetary donations.  Families can use these to purchase items that are necessities such as clothing, food and toiletries.  Some families lost more than others and will need additional assistance.  [Oswego FF Local 4773 Facebook Page]

CONFERENCE ANNOUNCES KEY NOTE SPEAKERS.  The National Wildfire Suppression Association or NWSA for short has announced two great Keynote Speakers for their Conference that will take place on February 26 and 27, 2018.  Bruce Vincent’s There is Hope with Vision and the USFS Fire & Aviation Director Shawn LaGarza will be highlighted.  They will also have some great panels.  To learn more, go to their website –  [NWSA Facebook page]

OPERATION WARM.  Clark County Fire District 6 located in Vancouver, WA (IAFF 1805) is working to raise money to help “warm” kids by purchasing a little more than $5,000 worth of new coast for kids who need them in at least three Vancouver schools.  Want to help them achieve their goal?  You can find them on their Facebook page here [Clark Co Fire Dist 6 Facebook Page]

NEW WILDLAND FIRE VIDEO RELEASED. It’s showcasing some great #FireImages of men and women during the 2017 Fire Season in Western Washington State.  Photos are of those fire resources called into deployment.  Music Credit is Guadal Canal Diary – Where Angels Fear to Tread. [Washington State Fire, Stevens County Fire District 1 Facebook Pages]

MORE VIOLENCE IN SEATTLE.  Seattle Police responded to a call of a “man on fire” around 1900 hours in the area of the 4500 block of Leary Way NW.  A passerby extinguished the flames while waiting for Fire and Police to show up.  The man was transported to Harborview Medical Center (HMC) in Seattle where he is listed in critical condition. Police are asking for any tips or information to call the Homicide/Assault Tipline at 206-233-5000. []

AIRLINER ENGINE FIRE. News media began reporting around 2150 hours, a Hawaiian Airlines ferry flight from Paine Field (Everett) had an engine fire and landed safely at Sea-Tac airport (Seattle). The fire was out upon arrival. There were no passengers onboard, only crew members.  There were no injuries reported.  The FAA is investigating. [KOMO News, KIR0 7 News, Sea-Tac Airport]

FIRE MERGERS APPROVED.  In Kittitas County elections results, voters approved the Fire merger (Fire 8 Merger Resolution) of Kittitas County Fire Protection District 8 into Snoqualmie Pass Fire & Rescue, a Fire Protection District.

MOUNTAIN RESCUE TRAINING HELD.  NAS Whidbey SAR held some training today on the snowy slopes in the beautiful Pacific NW and practicing for mountain rescues.  With their many hours of training, they hone their rescue skills becoming the best-of-the-best.  They are used as resources for many SAR missions.  [NAS Whidbey SAR]

BULLETPROOFING STUDENTS.  One Florida school is selling bulletproof panels that can be inserted into students’ backpacks.  [CNN]

HEROES ON A MISSION.  6 Las Cruces Police Officers are headed to Puerto Rico to assist with #HurricaneMaria relief. [KFOX14 News]

FIREFIGHTER CANCER SPOKESMAN.  Former LA Fire Chief, Sandy Davis who spoke candidly about firefighter cancer has passed away.  He created a compelling video that focused on his own battle with cancer.  []





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Public Safety News | Overnight Trending Stories

United States | News from around the Nation as to what is Trending gleaned from various sources.  Here is your overnight news from Monday, November 6, 2017.

6 FIREFIGHTERS LOSE THEIR JOBS.  6 male ( 5 are white, 1 black ) Firefighters (1 Captain, 1 LT, 4 FFs) were fired after a noose, lewd drawings were found over a black LT’s firefighter’s family photo and lewd pictures drawn on it.  Police investigated the incident at the fire station while the Miami City manager said in a statement that investigators found sexually explicit and racially offensive conduct by the 6 employees.  A noose was made out of twine and several of the LT’s family photos were defaced.  This is the second incident in the Southern portion of Florida. The Union says they are aware of the incident but claim the facts are still unclear as provided by the City.  [Sources: AP, Fire Rescue1, KOMO 4 TV, Social Media]

SUTHERLAND SPRINGS, TEXAS.  The killer was able to obtain guns w/o the USAF providing the #TXShooter’s DV history to the FBI as required by Pentagon rules. This enabled him to purchase several weapons that killed 26 people.  At today’s (Monday) presser, Police stated there were 4 victims that remained in serious condition while 10 others are in critical condition. One of the children killed, was the Pastor’s youngest daughter.   We send our sincere sympathies and so sorry for the loss of Life. God be with you all. [Photo Courtesy:  OC Firefighters]

CHURCH FIRE.  A large fire broke out at a church in Van Nuys, California around 1820 hours on Monday evening.  Investigators rule the cause is due to arson.

TEACHING HOW TO “SAVE A LIFE”.  The Los Angeles FD (LAFD) wants people to learn life-saving skills by using hands-only CPR and how to use AEDs by placing the devices around public places. This week there will be training for people around the City. [Sources:  LA Police Foundation, KFI AM 640]

4 HEROES RECOGNIZED.  4 San Bernardino County Captain Bob Brockert, Engineer Matt Helmcamp, Firefighters Mike Kordich (he was shot in the arm while rendering CPR to one of the shooting victims) and Dave Arnold were off-duty in Vegas sprang into action helping provide aid to the victims.  They were recognized as Heroes on [Source:  Channel 4 News/NBC Los Angeles] on “The Challenge Hero of the Night: San Bernardino County Fire.

SUICIDES AMONG WILDLAND FIREFIGHTERS are on the rise.  The article talks about how suicides are generally spike after Fire Season is long over.  Check out this article and make sure your guys and gals are getting the most of CISD debriefings.  If there aren’t any, why not? They can help save a life! [Source:  The].

STAGGERING NUMBERS.  Chicago was just named one of the Cities where they are about to surpass 600 homicides in 2017. This is the second time they have been named the deadliest City in America as it occurred the first time in 2003. [Al Boe News, Chicago Tribune]

WEEK LONG FIRE NOW OUT.  A massive plastics fire burned for eight days before it was put out.  The International Import Export warehouse located in Parkersburg, West Virginia kept drums of unknown chemicals stored inside and outside of the building which housed plastics recycling debris.  It is now a 10-acre property of hulking twisted metal and looking more like a war-zone than anything else.  Nearby residents reported their “throats were burning”.  It was reported that the smoke in the air was more similar to a wildland fire. [Source: Huffington Post]



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Public Safety News | Overnight Trending Stories

United States | News from around the Nation of what is Trending and information gleaned from various sources.

TEXAS MASSACRE.  Around 1120 am a gunman opened fire upon a church service in progress at the 1st Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, TX killing 26 people and injuring scores more.  The shooter was approached by a neighbor next to the church and began shooting back at him.  The shooter is said to be deceased from an unknown bullet used by either the killer or the neighbor.  This is said to be the worst mass shooting in all of Texas history.

A FALLEN HERO.  Fallen Hillsboro FD Firefighter Ryan Grimaldi was out on a hunting trip when a tree fell on him.  He passed away from his injuries.  He was well-respected and loved in his community.  His fellow firefighters and Fire Agency brought him home yesterday.  Several hundreds were seen in his procession as they headed to their destination.

HOMELESSNESS GROWING ON WEST COAST.   How is this Public Safety related?  It has to do with Officer and 1st Responder safety when they are responding to aid and fire calls inside the camps.  There have been often too many dangers where Seattle Police have to provide an escort to Firefighters because of the looming problems with some homeless people.  KOMO News put out an article about the homeless population soaring on the West Coast and how cities are struggling to cope.

HIGHRISE FIRE IN THE BRONX, NY.   A fire broke out on the top floors of a multi-dwelling highrise where fire was seen from different angles shooting through the roof. The FDNY responded to the fire burning on the top floors and inside the cockloft that was located at 4769 White Plains Road.  Command called out to their firefighters to use caution as this building had been cited before for doing illegal rennovations on the top floors.  The 3-alarm fire was ruled accidental due to electrical building wires that caught fire.  (Photo Credit:  FDNY)

View image on Twitter

SECOND SHOOTING IN ONE DAY.  Another church shooting occurred on Sunday, November 5 and one that is not being covered as much as the large mass shooting in Texas.  An estranged wife and her boyfriend were leaving the St . Alphonsus Catholic Church in Fremont, California when they were gunned down by her soon-to-be-husband killing them both. They were in the middle of a divorce. He was later found in his vehicle deceased of self-inflicted wounds.

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Seattle Police Officers Injured During DT Robbery

Incident Summary

Four Seattle Police Officers were wounded today after they responded to a robbery call in the 600 block of 1st Ave in downtown Seattle today.  Officers were dispatched around 1300 hours today to a robbery call at the 7-11 convenience where two young  suspects fled on foot.

Keeping the Public Safe

Those who were in surrounding buildings were told to shelter-in-place and not come out until it was safe.  A report of the courthouse was placed in Lockdown along with other governmental offices nearby.

Officers Sustain Injuries

One Officer was injured while a fight ensued with one of the suspects and trying to get the suspect into custody.  He was hurt by the suspect hitting him over the top of the head with a bottle.

During the foot pursuit, gunfire was heard and injured three additional Officers.  One suffered a GSW to the abdomen; the second had a hand wound injury and the third was hit in the abdomen.  Two of the three Officers were released with one being upgraded to serious.  The third Officer was shot in the face.

Suspects Off the Streets

There were a total of three suspects.  One was a 17-year old female and the other an adult male both placed in custody while the third was a 19-year old male who was found with multiple wounds.  He later died of his injuries.

Ongoing Investigation

The Seattle Police say this is an ongoing investigation case and there were limited additional details released, as Media continued to ask multitudes of questions during a Presser this evening.

All Around Thank Yous

The Seattle Police thanked many during their Presser this evening.  They stated they were greatly appreciative of the Officers whom responded to the robbery call and injured Officers for their courage and bravery into a hostile situation.

They also thanked the men and women from Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement agencies for checking in on their Officers.

To the Seattle Fire Department and those at Harborview Medical Center for taking great care of their Officers.  They said they could not say how much they appreciated the care and would be amiss for not saying thank you to those directly involved.

Social Media 

Looking through the eyes of Social Media, we found several mainstream media news outlet reporting all kinds of misinformation, even after the main source reported their updates.  Since, we are not mainstream media and mostly go directly to the source for reporting, we were kind of baffled why the information was not correct.

Here are some of the reporting from those caught in the crossfire [not really but nearby the incident scene] or sending out good thoughts to SPD Officers.   Here is what some had to say…..

3rd suspect taken into custody shortly after 6pm. Now being interviewed by detectives.” – Seattle PD

“Bullet proof vest saved one Seattle Police officer after shooting. 2nd officer shot in face and chest, not in critical condition.” – Media

“Due to police activity: All cars exiting Colman Dock in Seattle will be directed north and south onto Alaskan Way. No eastbound access UFN.” – Ferry system goes in to Lockdown

“Armed police just appeared to enter the U.S. Post Office building at Madison & 1st with weapons drawn.” – Twitter user

“Prayers for the police officers shot in Our Country has gone mad!” – Twitter user

“What a sad day. First two police officers shot in Seattle, then attack on cops in Paris, and now two more shot in Hardeeville, SC.” – Twitter user

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the SPD officers and their families.” – Govt Agency

“Our thoughts and prayers are with our brothers and sisters of the Seattle Police Department.” – Local Police Department

“BAD Public Safety day. 2 Officers killed in France, 2 Officers Shot in Seattle & an FF dies in a 2 Alarm Fire today.”  – Twitter user

“What a horrible day. Paris, Seattle, NY Fire Dept & Hardeeville Pd/Jasper County Sheriff.” – Twitter user

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Officer Down Incident Unfolds | Dallas, Oregon

Updated 2200 PST

Incident Summary

Around 5:45 PM PST three Dallas Police Officers were dispatched to make contact with an adult male in the Dallas Walmart parking lot on a DUI stop.  As they were investigating, the incident escalated with the suspect one of the Officers in the leg.

The Officer returned fire killing the suspect, who was reportedly causing life-threatening actions against Officers.

The Officer has a GSW to the leg and is said to be okay and will recover. We are thankful for great news but he will have a long period of physical and mental health healing time needed.

Investigation Continues

Oregon State Police will take lead on this OIS incident along with additional Agencies assisting:  Grande Ronde Tribal Police, Polk County Sheriff Office, Monmouth Police Department, Independence Police Department, Salem Police Department and Dallas Fire and EMS.

Please Pray

Please pray for our Law Enforcement and First Responders as they respond to these violent incidents lately becoming one of many angry people a target. Because they feel that one has done them wrong, they target “all” First Responders.

We hope and pray that culture will change and help save even more lives. Changing them one-at-a-time is all we can offer up.

Tonight, we ask that you keep the DPD Officer and his Family in your Thoughts and Prayers tonight and for those who will continue the good fight long after this incident.

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COPS BEING TARGETED: Seattle Police Officers Fired Upon in Drive-By Shooting

Seattle, WA | Police Officers responded to a DV call to the 4200 block of S Eddy around 2200 hours on New Year’s Eve.

While investigating the incident, Officers heard more shots outside of the residence. Multiple calls were coming through Dispatch to respond to the 4300 block and S Eddy.   Reportedly 15 shots had been shot in the area and additional Officers were dispatched to assist.

Exiting the residence, the Officers at the DV call walked out to the street where heard shooting found two vehicles barrelling down the street  towards them.  The second vehicle following the first was shooting at them.

Three Officers drew their weapons shooting directly at the suspect vehicle but the suspects fled the area.

Detectives from the Gang Unit, Force Investigation Team and CSI are working to try to locate them.

If you know whom was involved in this incident, do not approach them.  Call 9-1-1 or you can visit any Police Department and report what you know.

No Officers or citizens were reportedly injured.

The Officers involved have been placed on paid administrative leave until the investigation has been completed, which is a normal procedure.

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COPS BEING TARGETED: Two City LEOs Shot in West Virginia

Lewisburg, WV | Since the Ferguson and New York no convictions for the Officer-involved shootings were handed down by the Grand Jury in late November 2014, Police Officers all across the United States have become targets by the criminal population acting on a golden opportunity they say is their due right.  We, however completely disagree with that statement and today shows the implications of a criminal’s decision to act upon that decision.

Approximately, sometime shortly before 1630 EST in Lewisburg, WV, two police officers were shot with one taking a bullet to his vest and causing rib injuries.  The second Officer was flown to a [unknown] hospital with an undisclosed condition. Media sources are reporting both will be okay.

The details of the incident are somewhat sketchy, but here is what we’ve learned so far.

Two suspects.

One arrested and in custody.

Second suspect, Mike Maynor [name provided by media source], Middle Eastern descent, black hair, black jacket fled the scene in a red Chevy Silverado 1500 last seen around 1630  in Green Sulphur Springs.  The truck’s plate is MP3612 was later found two miles outside of Lewisburg. The second suspect is being sought by police.

If you see the suspect,  do not approach but call 9-1-1. This person is considered armed and dangerous.

About Lewisburg, WV Police Department:

The City Police Department patrols and provides services to a six-mile area to approximately 4,500 residents.  Their Agency has twelve full-time sworn LEOs, one receptionist, one Municipal Court clerk and two Municipal Court Judges.

9-1-1 Dispatch Center is a county operated facility in Greenbrier County which handles 15 Fire Departments, seven EMS agencies and nine Police Agencies.  It handles over 20,000 calls annually in a 1,024 square mile area to 35,820 residents [census 2012].

Lewisburg, WV is the County seat in Greenbrier County and is considered to have a very low crime rate.

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