Credit | Inter-Canyon FPD

Update 2 | 12/5/2021 1900 PT

Fire is located in the Inter-Canyon’s District, about .5 miles from the West Ranch community. Fire has now destroyed six acres of oak brush, grass, and leaf litter.

The lead Fire Agency is the Inter-Canyon Protection District.

Firefighters will continue with fire watch overnight and crews will not be engaging the fire with suppression due to darkness, steep terrain, rocky conditions, and dropping cold temps.

Active fire suppression will re-engage on Monday morning. Incident Cooperators include Elk Creek FD, GFR, EFR, Indian Hills Fire, Foothills FD and West Metro Fire Rescue.

The cause of this fire is unknown at this time and is under investigation.

A RED FLAG WARNING was issued on early Sunday morning and in effect for Jefferson County above 6,000 feet including all of the areas served by the ICFPD and Elk Creek FD from 1000 hours to 1400 hours due to high winds, low humidity which is the prime conditions for wildfires. Officials asked residents and the public to avoid any source of open flame outside.

Update 1 | 12/5/2021

Credit | Inter-Canyon FDP

A small brush fire broke out on Sunday, December 5, 2021, from an unknown cause. The fire had burned about four to five acres in size, was burning in the foothills, west of Ken Caryl Valley in Jefferson County. Colorado.

No structures were initially reported as being threatened.

Incident Cooperators include West Metro Fire, Inter-Canyon FPD, Elk Creek FD, and the Indian FD.

Staging is located at Intercanyon Fire. Structure protection is in place and operational. Copters and State MMA aircraft are on order. The fire was detected at about 1410 hours PT.

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