LUDLOW, Yonkers (NY) — A 4-alarm structure fire is burning in three buildings located at 81 Elliott Avenue (Fire building) with three exposures on Elliott and Hamilton in Yonkers, New York. The fire ignited on the night of Christmas on December 25, 2021.

At 2111 hours, a progress report was given to Dispatch from Command: The fire building is 81 Elliott Avenue is fully engulfed and all fire personnel have been evacuated from the structure. Exposure 1 is the street side and there are 2 other Exposures with one to the rear on Hamilton. Two aerial master streams are operating along with seven hose lines.

The fire building is said to be a four-story brick building. At 2047 hours PT, it was listed as a 3-Alarm incident with fire through the roof and having exposure issues.

Credit: Westchester County Tax Assessor

A progress report was given at 2134 PT with two ladder pipes on the fire bldg and one master stream on Elliott. Two lines from Exposure Bravo and one line on Charlie exposure. Delta building is safe. All hands are working.

The fire building (81 Elliott Avenue) is said to be a 13,924 square feet multi-family home on a 4,764-square-foot lot. It is currently off the market and was last sold on November 16, 1994, for $245,000. The brick building was constructed in 1915 and has five units. This is an apartment building with rents reported as $2,100 per month. There is a 1,200 square basement that is a crawl space. (Sources: Zillow, Redfin, BING) The estimated value of the building is $794,393 (2020 assessment). The fire building is owned by the 81 Elliott Ave Housing Development Fund Corporation located at 81-83 Elliott Avenue, Yonkers, NY. (Source: Westchester County Tax Assessor)

A new progress report was given at 2210 PT by Elliott Command. They are shutting down all lines to allow the structure to drain, then they will reassess the situation.

Current weather conditions as of 2213 PT in Yonkers, NewYork are cloudy skies with temps of 48*F degrees, precip is 73%, and humidity at 89%. Winds are blowing at 11 mph.

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