Updated 12/29/2021, Wednesday, 2200 hours PT

EL CAJON, California — Four souls, as part of the Aeromedevac flight crew N88OZ were returning when home when their lear jet clipped some power lines about 1.4 miles away from the airport after transporting a patient from Arizona to the John Wayne airport.

The crash killed four souls on board, two nurses, and both pilots.

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We send our sincere prayers, thoughts, and sincere sympathies to their families, loved ones, colleagues, and to the communities where they served. We thank you for your service and dedication. We are sorry for your loss.

This story was originally published on the day the crash occurred on December 27, 2021.

SAN DIEGO COUNTY, California — A lear jet has been reported to have clipped some powerlines as it descended, which caused a large fireball after it crashed in the intersection of Pepper Drive and North Mollison Avenue in Lakeside, California.

Originally dispatched as a plane into a house was updated to show it crashed behind a house.

Multiple powerlines were brought down and the area has been hit by a power outage.

The Fire Command is PEPPER IC.

Units dispatched were Lakeside Fire District’s E4101, 4601, 4103, B2, CM49, E19, E8, E9, M5, OE418, and T4. San Diego City HAZMAT unit, along with mutual fire aid from San Miguel E19 (Fire Attack), Santee, Heartland-El Cajon and San Diego FD.

The Sheriff’s released a statement on their Social Media channels stating, “It will take time to process the scene, but the FAA and NTSB have been notified and will handle the investigation of a plane crash.” They are asking for any photos and videos of the plane crash, for those who may have media inquiries to send them to witness@ntsb.gov.

A request to the general public and to citizens who live in the areas near the Cities of El Cajon, Lakeside, and Santee to avoid the area due to a developing situation, which they were investigating and handling traffic control.

Incident Cooperators include law enforcement from the San Diego Sheriff’s Office, SDSO Lakeside, CHP of El Cajon and El Cajon PD, as well as Lakeside FD.

A fire buff tweeted out saying how close this crash was to the Lakeside Fire Department’s Station 1, is only 2,400 feet from their building. Firefighters had a challenging time accessing the fire ground due to downed powerlines.

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