Published Sunday, 1/9/2022, 1340 hours PT

LEAVENWORTH, WA — The Bavarian-themed town has received more than its fair share of snow and is overwhelmed with community requests on snow removal, welfare checks, but they are basically working around the clock to help those in need.

Credit: Chelan County Public Works

With so much snow, they are having storage issues among other things.

“We are getting creative with snow storage due to the huge amounts of snow we are clearing from the City. I know everyone is dealing with this same issue & we’re doing our best to help.” – City Officials.

For those who still assistance, the City is asking those to go to their site and fill out the request form located here –>

Chelan County Public works sent out equipment to also help Cities Leavenworth, Wenatchee, Cashmere, Entiat, and Chelan road districts with clearing snow. The Leavenworth crew were successful in getting nearly every road re-opened. They are tired but feel pumped due to the community’s kind words, appreciation, and support for them.

A parking meter is covered snow. Credit: City of Leavenworth.

The WA National Guard will be showing up on Monday, January 10th with approximately 23 members to help with welfare checks, food distribution, and assisting with shoveling and moving snow that is in the right of way. The City states they will not be able to help rake/shovel roofs.

An emergency declaration was issued on Friday, January 7th by the City.

Here are some updates from the City regarding infrastructure and other important information:


  • 24-hour/day removal started on Friday, January 7th
  • Making progress clearing out alleyways, as of Saturday, January 8th
  • Any remaining alleys will be attended to when daylight arrives today (plowing alleys in the dark is not easy or a good idea since they are so technical and we are conscious of vehicles/sheds/etc), as of January 9th


  • Library – regular hours
  • Link Transit up and running with a slightly modified schedule


  • Leavenworth Recycling Center until further notice due to snow
  • Mountain Passes

On January 6th, the snow had already started to come down as you can see in this photo and the City had notably released a statement they were down to plow trucks. The city stated they weren’t likely to be back on the road anytime soon so, they were working with the equipment they have in service.

May be an image of 1 person, snow and road
Credit: City of Leavenworth

This storm that occurred in 2022, is said to be compared to be the winter of 1996, but much worse than originally predicted by weather forecasters.

This town received 36 inches of snow under 24 hours and they, along with surrounding communities have been working to dig themselves out, which is taking longer than expected. City officials are asking their communities to be patient with them a little longer as they work on snow removal, welfare checks, and food distribution programs for their residents.

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