Published Wednesday, 3/3/2022, 1940 hours PT

BRADFORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE — Fire crews were dispatched to a building fire that reached up to five alarms today, after receiving multiple 9-1-1 calls reporting a building explosion at the Student Transportation of American Bus Company (formerly Valley Transportation).

The incident took place in the 2300 block of Route 114 in Bradford.

Photo Credit | NH State FMO

Reports of the building’s intense fire have been captured in footage by one notable professional fire photographer and FDNY Fire Buff, Jay L Health (@jayheath188). Visit his Twitter feed for more images.

Around 1035 hours ET or 0735 hours PT this morning, first due crews arrived could see a working commercial structure fire with heavy fire and smoke pouring from the building before they were able to rescue two people who were entrapped inside.

As the alarms moved from the 1st through to the 5th, calls to surrounding area agencies for mutual aid were requested. Challenges were felt by many at the scene due to resources, lack of sources for a water supply, and staffing due to the size of the fire.

The patients were said to have significant burn injuries and were in critical condition when they were transported to Concord Hospital in the Boston area.

The cause of the explosion, which led to a blazing and intense fire is unknown and is currently under investigation by the State of New Hampshire Fire Marshal’s Office. Prior to the explosion, reports of two maintenance personnel were performing maintenance on a propane-powered school bus.

The Fire Marshal’s Office is asking anyone with additional tips or information to contact them directly at 603-223-4289.

No additional injuries to firefighters and citizens were reported.

There are no assumptions being made by the Fire Department or the State Fire Marshal of any additional personnel or occupants at the time of the explosion.

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