Published Wednesday, 3/2/2022, 2220 hours PT

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON — Firefighters were dispatched to the First Hill area in the 400 block of 10th Avenue for a fire around 2142 hours PT, which was quickly contained and put out shortly after.

About two minutes prior to this full fire response, Seattle Fire units E10, L25 were on an AUTO FIRE ALARM call at this same address at 2140 hours PT.

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This is “10 Avenue Command.”

The fire incident is located at the Evans House/Downtown Emergency Services, located on the 3rd floor of this building.

The fire was reported on the third floor where this shelter is located.

The Incident Commander reported this as a set fire and immediately requested through their Fire Alarm Center for Marshal 5 (Seattle Fire Investigator) and Seattle Police to respond to the scene.

Originally dispatched as a full fire response, the units on this incident were B5, DEP1, MAR5, REHAB1, A14, A5, AIR10, B2, E10, E2, E34, E5, E6, L1, L3, M10, M44, R1, SAFT2, and STAF10.

No injuries were reported to firefighters or to civilians.

No word on the cause of the fire, which is currently under investigation by Seattle Fire and Police.

A small number of public safety resources remain on-scene. PLEASE AVOID THE AREA

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