UPDATE 1 | 3/5/2022 | 1745 PT

INCIDENT SUMMARY | USFS firefighters responded with engines, crews, and air resources assisting on the Jim Fire which started around 1120 hours PT on March 2, 2022.

RESOURCES | Cleveland NF, OCFA, OCFA Air Ops, CAL FIRE Riverside Unit

LOCATION | In the area between Holy Jim Falls, at the end of Holy Jim Canyon Road in Orange County in the Cleveland National Forest on Santiago Peak in California.

FIRE FUELS | Chaparral and brush.

TIMELINE | Here is a timeline of this incident:

MARCH 2, 2022

1106 PT | Fire started in the Holy Jim Trail area in a drainage bottom and spread uphill.

1219 PT | CNF and OCFA firefighters on the scene of a 10-acre fire in the Holy Jim trail area. Assigned are eight engines, two hand crews, two air tankers and two copters.

Photo Credit: CNF

1243 PT | 64 acres.

1246 PT | Weather spotter: fire flaring up near the Trabuco Canyon in the Santa Ana Mountains. Temps in the low 80’s with RH in the teens.

1249 PT | 60 acres by FIRIS. Several tankers and copters drop water. Fire located about .25 miles from the 2018 HOLY FIRE burn scar.

1305 PT | 60 acres. Moderate rate of spread. Additional fire resources ordered.

1312 PT | Air resources assigned: T74, T86, T91, T100, AA340, COPT101, OC COPT1, N57B.

1334 PT | Fire has hit the ridge.

1353 PT | 400+ acres. AA reported the potential for 500 acres. Helitanker 729 en route from SD as mutual aid.

1457 PT | 500 acres. Activity died down. Towers aren’t currently under threat. Potential for 1,500 acres. Crews making good progress.

Credit: AlertFire Cam

1532 PT | 500+ acres. Making good progress by tankers. Some resources are load and return via the Hemet-Ryan Air Attack Base.

1625 PT | Tankers 104, 168 en route to the fireline with a one-hour ETA from Abilene, TX. These two are large air tankers (LATs) that have the capability of dropping 3,000-4,000 gallons of retardant.

1907 PT | 500 acres. 0% containment status. Firefighters will work through the night, monitoring and constructing containment lines.

MARCH 3, 2022

0806 PT | Holding at 553 acres. 15% contained. Crews continuously construct hand and dozer lines around the fire perimeter.

Credit: CNF

0915 PT | Eyewitness account: Chinook helicopter is seen drafting water from the water reservoir.

1215 PT | A new fire start ignites south of the JIM FIRE and is named the SAN JUAN FIRE, about a three-to-five acres with a moderate rate of spread. AA3300, Helitanker 55 and OCFA Copter 1 are en route.

1917 PT | Holding at 553 acres. 50% contained.

Photo Credit | CNF

1925 PT | 9 acres. 90% containment status. Fire crews will patrol and monitor throughout the night.


1418 PT | Marine Engineers from Camp Pendleton were reported as detonating explosives in the Cleveland National Forest around the same time the JIM FIRE broke out. It is being investigated as the possible cause of the fire.

1814 PT | 553 acres. 65% contained. 90 total personnel. Cause under investigation. IC: CNF’s Charles Kott. Firefighters will patrol and monitor the fire tonight.

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