Seattle Fire Responds to Scenes of Violence Call

Published Saturday, 3/5/2022, 2021 PT

A medic response was dispatched as a Scenes of Violence 7 on Saturday evening at 2017 hours PT to the 100 block of Marion Street but had to stage outside of the area before Seattle Police could confirm the scene was secure first. This has been happening every time there is a stabbing or shooting in the big City. Tonight, appeared to be one of many occurrences plaguing the City.

The Seattle Fire defines Scenes of Violence 7 as Advanced Life Support (ALS) medical response for one patient with injuries from a weapon such as a knife or a firearm.


Units responding include A10, B2, E5, M10, and M44 (Medical Supervisor).

One patient was located as a confirmed DOA between 1st and 2nd and it is unknown if this was related to a shooting or stabbing.

The medic response has been reduced and units will remain on the scene until they have been placed back in service.


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