Published 3/20/2022 1745 hours PT

Incident Summary

The Texas A&M Forest Service (TAMFS) is on the scene of a wildfire incident located outside of Bluff Dale (Hood County), and about 15 miles northeast of Stephenville, Texas, as mutual aid in Erath County. The fire started around 1300 hours CDT on Sunday afternoon.

Size Up

The wildfire currently has consumed about 3,000 acres. Firefighters have reached a 5% containment status.


  • Texas A&M Forest Service (mutual aid)
  • Erath Fire Department

Injury Reports

There are media reports of a second injured firefighter on this incident with an unknown extent of his/her injuries. One injured member was reported earlier of being injured.


  • Northeast of Bluff Dale along County Road 148

Evacuees need to check in to Bluff Dale High School when it is safe to do so.


  • First Christian Church, 2109 W US 377, Granbury, TX.
  • Granbury United Methodist Church, 301 NE Loop 567, Granbury, TX.
  • Hood County YMCA, 1475 James Road, Granbury, TX.
  • Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 1226 Ross Lane, Granbury, TX.


The hashtags being used for this incident are #BigLFire #TXFireSeason2022 #TXwildfires

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