Published June 19, 2022 – Sunday

SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY, CALIFORNIA — Firefighters are on the scene of a well-involved commercial fire on the 4th floor of a six-story building located in the 100 block of West 3rd Street.

Divisions are assigned for each floor. This is a six-story commercial structure building.

Credit: SBCoFD

This is the “3rd Street IC”, command designator.

Command took a PAR (Personnel Accountability Report) of all fire companies on the fire ground and they have all been accounted for.

The IC (Incident Commander) requested a high-rise plan, 25 engines, five trucks, and five Battalion Chiefs. Units are encountering heavy smoke conditions on Floor four. Fire attack and search for fire victims continue.

Command – A broadcast to all working members on the fire ground advised firefighters were running out of air and they need to manage their air more carefully.

Division 3 – New resources moved to this floor for firefighters to check for extension and to conduct a primary/secondary search. (1045)

Division 4 – Requested three additional Type 1 engines to respond to their area. E204, E252, and E543 were assigned to this area to assist with Lobby Operations. Still light smoke conditions, with no extensions into Division 5 or 6. Vent Group was working on Floors 5 and 6 and was ready to respond to the lower levels when/if needed. (1048 PT). Two additional companies were deployed to the Division to help with the Alpha side of the building. (1049 PT).

Division 5 — T71 was repositioned to the area and was tasked to work with the Vent Group with a focus on primary/secondary searches. All primary/secondary searches were completed with nothing found. Smokey conditions were starting to improve for firefighters. (1047 PT). A secondary search was completed and nothing found. Heavy smoke being reported on floors 5 and 6. (1053 PT)

Rehab — Another company was requested to assist with REHAB on floor one. (1050 PT)

Staging — E222 was assigned to Staging which is two floors below the fire room on floor 2. (1052 PT)

Three additional Medic Units were dispatched to the scene (1043 PT) which included M221, 222, and, 2.

Social Media hashtags being used for this fire are #3rdstreetFire

This is a developing story. Please check back for updates.

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