Published June 23, 2022, Thursday, 2050 hours PT

Wildfires may be slowly being contained, while others are still continuing to rage. Here is a compiled list with the cost-to-date expenses listed for fire suppression and containment status activities.


The Contreras Fire is located about 15 miles northeast of Topawa, Arizona. Fire behavior remains moderate with backing, creeping, and smoldering. The EA Gold Team is still managing this fire on BIA land.

Cause: Lightning

Fire has been 100% contained according to BLM Arizona.

Credit: BLM

Damage Assessments: $12.5 Million Dollars. 4 structures lost.


The GB Team 2, an Type 1 IMT is managing this fire along with the HAYWIRE FIRE. The Pipeline fire is burning about five miles north of Flagstaff and currently has minimal fire behavior but 26,532 acres of timber, brush, and short grass have been burned.

There is an 85% containment status.

Cause: Undetermined

One firefighter who was fighting to save other homeowners’ homes, he lost his trailer and two dogs from the wildfire.

Credit: USFS

Damage Assessments: $13 Million Dollars, 2 structures lost.


The Hermit Peak fire is located about 12 miles northwest of Las Vegas, New Mexico which command was transitioned back to the SW Team 3, an Type 2 IMT. Minimal fire behavior has been reported but not before 341,471 acres of hardwood litter, timber and light slash have been destroyed.

Damage Assessments: $256 Million Dollars. 903 structures lost.


The Black Fire is located 24 miles north of Mimbres in New Mexico and is also reporting a minimal fire behavior and 325,133 acres of grass and timber consumed.

Heavy rain is falling over the fire line and fire crews were pulled from the fire ground due to lightning. They are looking for another spot fire.

Black Fire. Credit: Inciweb

Crews are also getting good knockdowns in the canyons.

The fire is being managed by the SW IMT, Team 4.

The fire is now 70% contained.

Cause: Human-caused. Under investigation.

Damage Assessments: $55 Million Dollars. 5 structures consumed.


The Raspberry Fire is located 11 miles northeast of Portal, Arizona in the Coronado National Forest.

Minimal fire behavior has been observed and reported.

About 413 acres of timber, brush and short grass have been destroyed and crews have successfully reached a 70% containment status.

All structures have been saved.

Cause: Under investigation.

Damage Assessments: $966,000. No structures have been destroyed.


About 4,896 acres of timber have been destroyed along. Minimal fire behavior has been reported. This incident is located about eight miles northwest of El Rito, New Mexico.

There have been about 4,896 acres of timber scorched and crews have a 98% containment status, according to the Inciweb website.

Cause: Lightning

Damage Assessments: $8.9 Million Dollars. 5 structures have been lost.


The Fire Fire is located about 20 miles southwest of Alpine, Arizona where 3,704 acres of timber and medium slash have been scorched. Fire behavior is minimal with creeping and smoldering.

There is a 50% containment status.

Credit: USFS

Cause: Lightning

Damage Assessments: $50,000. No structures have been destroyed.


The Hog Spring Fire is located in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest, about 10 miles east of Show Low, Arizona. About 461 acres of timber and short grass have been burned. Fire behavior is now minimal with creeping and smoldering.

Credit: USFS

There is a 35% containment status.

Damage Assessments: $35,000. No structures have been reported as razed.

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