Commercial Fire | Phoenix, Arizona | 2

PHOENIX, Ariz. – UPDATE 2 – 2100 PDT

A Super Safeway store was the big trending story yesterday after it caught on fire.  Firefighters from multiple fire departments arrived on-scene to see the fully engulfed commercial structure ablaze that would eventually be elevated to a 3-alarm blaze.

Tactics were taken to immediately go into a defensive operation.  It was too unsafe to enter the building. There were several reports in media and on Social Media saying at first there was no one inside and another saying that all persons had safely evacuated the building.

Around 0840 hours this morning (Thursday, July 12, 2018), photographs on Social Media would show that the store was fully left open and exposed with its roof completely caved in, shelving toppled, steel rebar and girders showing the intensity of the blaze and how it can completely destroy anything in its path.

Photo Credit | Phoenix Fire PIO

Reports of a big storm with lightning rolled over the area, right before smoke billowed out of the building. One Social Media user reported that Police had shutdown several roadways, while emergency personnel responded to a gas leak a day or two ago.

There is no exact cause listed but reports of a big downpour of rain fell over the area with some speculating that the heavy rain may have caused the roof to be too heavy and suffered some damage to an electrical box.  We will have to wait to see what the result of the fire investigation report states.

A Disaster Recovery and Restoration team was on site today around 1650 hours, assessing the damage of the building.  It appears that everything interior appeared to be destroyed with the outer walls including the front facade of the structure still standing.

Safeway said that will be relocating employees from this store to other locations.  It is unknown if they plan to rebuild this store.

No injuries were reported.


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NEW! #KnobHillFire | St David AZ | 1


Flight over Knob hill

Incident Summary | A wildfire is burning in the Southeast District area of the Arizona Department of Forestry  and on the Coronado National Forest.

The fire ignited from an unknown cause on Saturday, February 10, 2018.

It is located approximately 15 miles east of St. David, Arizona.

Fire fuels consist of timber and chaparral.

Current Fire Conditions | Fire behavior is minimal with creep and backing.  Some structures are reportedly under direct threat with road closures in effect.

The fire has reached a 74 % containment status.

Resources | There are 77 personnel assigned along with three crews, two engines and one helicopter.

Damage Assessment | The fire has scorched 2,896 acres of land and the cost-to-date expenses have reached a high of $150,000.

Flight over Knob Hill

Fire Photo Credit | Coronado National Forest via Inciweb.

Social Media | We are using hashtags #KnobHillFire #AZwildfire for this incident.

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U.S. Wildfires Via Wildfire CAD | February 8, 2018

With a little time on our hands, we are beginning to glean information from various sources to keep our blog fresh and updated with fire information.

Arkansas-Oklahoma Interagency Coordination Center ||| 0230 hours – #EaglesFire – Seminole County, Okoma District.  Cromwell IC.  46.1 acres.

Arizona Dispatch Center ||| 1443 hours  – #DragoonFire – Contained/Control/Out at 1610 hours. | 0.21 acres.  ||| 1426 hours – #AltarFire – Hwy 286, MP 15. 120 acres. Resources:  BN3-1, BN3-3, CAPT 3-1, CAPT-3-2, Douglas E361, Tuscson1.   ||| 1149 Hours – #AjaxFire = Hwy 80, MP 321.  3 acres.  Resources:  B81, BN3-2, Tender311.

Phoenix Interagency Fire Center (AZ) ||| 0924 hours – #ShrubFire – FS Rd 402. Contained 1045 hours.  0.1acre.

Williams Dispatcher Center (AZ) ||| 1436 hours – #DevilDogFire – Unknown location.  Contained/controlled at 1602 hours.

Cleveland National Forest (CA) ||| 1810 hours – #InterstateFire – I8 x Japatual Valley Rd. Limited info.

Federal Interagency Com Center  (CA) ||| 1410 hours – #BorderFire – Tin Can Canyon.  4 acres.

Alamogodo Dispatch Center (NM) |||  1251 Hours – #BrambleFire – Lat/Long 33 26.742, -105 39.588.  0.1 acres

Santa Fe Interagency Dispatch Center (NM) ||| 1452 hours – #JaconaFire – Lat/Long 35.8906,-106.0452. Light, flashy fuels.  3 acres.

Taos Interagency Dispatch Center (NM) ||| 1302 hours – #LowerLlanoRoadFire – Lower Llano Rd (private land). Brush fire. Unknown acres.

Central NV Interagency Dispatch Center ||| 1239 hours – #TonopahFire – approx 15 miles NW of Tonopah, NV.  BLM resources responded to a smoke call near Tonopah. Unsure if turned out to be anything or if any acreage burned.

Central WA Interagency Communications Center (DNR) ||| 1205 hours – #HowertonFire – Newby Creek, Okanogan County, WA.  USFS response from Central WA & WA DNR response from NE WA Interagency Communications Center.  Fire fuels included Snags. Contained 1535 hours.  Mutual Aid from at 1456 hours. 0.1 acres.

NE WA Interagency Communications Center (DNR)  ||| 1429 hours – #LakeValleyLoopOneFire – Lake Valley Loop Road, Lincoln County, WA.  resources on-scene 1540 hours. 2 acres.


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Active U.S. Wildfires | Large Incidents | July 12, 2017

To get a bigger picture of what is happening in the United States, here is a compiled list of “Large” wildfires that are 2,000 acres in size and bigger.

50,001 – 150,000 acres

120,000 acres | Roosters Comb Fire | 25 miles N of Battle Mtn, NV. | 15% contained. $1 Million CTD.

71,673 acres | Brian Head Fire | 1 mile N of Brian Head, UT.  | 85% contained. $31.7 Million CTD.

64,000 acres | Dry Gulch Fire | 23 miles SE of Jackpot, NV. | 95% contained. $1.8 Million CTD.

25,001 – 50,000 acres

48,441 acres | Frye Fire | 9 miles W of Swift Trail Junction, AZ. | 88% contained. $24.1 Million CTD.

33,826 acres |  Hilltop Fire | no address. | 75% containment. $7.2 Million CTD.

32,804 acres | Brooklyn Fire | 25 miles SW of Cave Creek, AZ. | 85% contained. $745K CTD.

31,332 acres | Tongue River Complex (2 fires) | 18 miles S of Lame Deer, MT. | 6% contained. $801K CTD.

29,493 acres | Antelope Fire | 4 miles W of Shosone, ID | 96% contained. $200K CTD.

28,926 acres | Alamo Fire | 8 miles NE of Santa Maria, CA. | 60% contained. $9.3 Million CTD.

27,238 acres | Burro Fire | 8 miles NE of Tucson, AZ. | 74% contained. $8.6 Million CTD.

25,249 acres | Draw Fire | 50 miles E of Fallon, NV. | 60% contained. $1 Million CTD.

25,100 acres | Tabor Flats Fire | 16 miles W of Wells, NV. | 75% contained. $1.2 Million CTD.

10,001 – 25,000 acres

16,500 acres | Garza Fire | 10 miles SE of Avenal City, CA. | 17% contained. $1.9 Million CTD.

15,859 acres | Schaeffer Fire |  17 miles N of Kernville, CA. | 25% contained. $8.1 Million CTD.

11,281 acres | Whittier Fire | 11 miles NE of Goleta, CA. | 48% contained. $3.7 Million CTD.

11,093 acres | July Fire | 1 mile SW of Zortman, MT.  | 70% contained. $4 Million CTD.

2,000 – 10,000 acres

6,200 acres | 2 miles N of Summer Lake, OR. | 50% contained. $2 Million CTD.

5,800 acres | Wall Fire | 8 miles SE of Oroville, CA. | 55% contained. $9.3 Million CTD.

5,161 acres | Bull Fire | 15 miles N of Carefree, AZ. | 76% contained. $25K CTD.

5,000 acres | Magpipe Fire | 45 miles NW of Dickinson, ND | 39% contained. $350,000 CTD.

5,000 acres | Long Valley Fire | 50 miles N of Reno, NV. | 0% contained. $150K CTD.

2,369 acres | Winter Fire | 3 miles SW of Winters, CA. | 95% containment. $1.8 Million CTD.


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#BoundaryFire on Kaibab NF, Arizona | 2



Fire crews were dispatched from the Coconino and Kaibab National Forests in response to a lightning caused wildfire dubbed the Boundary Fire, located on the NE side of Kendrick Peak in the Kendrick Mountain Wilderness.

It is additionally about 17 miles NW of Flagstaff, Arizona.

The wildfire is now burning on both sides of the Coconino and Kaibab National Forests Boundary line.

It was reported on June 1, 2017 and caused by lightning.


Jeff Andrews’ Southwest Area Type 2 Incident Management Team has taken control as Command as of 0600 this morning.

Fire resources assigned to this incident are  3 Interagency Hot Shots, 1 Type-2 hand crews, 7 engines, 2 water tenders, 2 dozers and miscellaneous overhead personnel.  A total of 165 fire personnel are on-scene.


The Boundary Fire  fire activity increased overnight due to strong, gusty and erratic winds.  It grew about 1500 acres more to about 3,800 acres.

A 3% containment status has been reached but are still addressing active fire behavior with spotting.

Fire fuels consist of heavy dead and down trees and forest debris left from the Pumpkin Fire of 2000.

The northern side grew towards a section of Highway 180 last night but the fire remained within the overall planning area and bumped up against a previously RX fire unit from the #HorseshoeFire completed in October 2016.

Fire crews were able to stop the progression to the North.

Additionally, firefighters have worked tirelessly to prep with structure protection of a historic cabin and lookout, private property, historic structures and archaeological sites.

Growing Plume

Credit: Bob Blasi, USFS


A Red Flag Warning for the entire Kaibab National Fores has been issued for both Saturday and Sunday until 1900 hours for each day.  This means no campfires and other restrictions due to high winds, which means you and your guests must be very careful and heed to all of their rules/regulations.

This will protect you as a visitor and not be responsible for the potential wildfires your actions could cause.  #OneSparkLess


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#BoundaryFire Starts on Kaibab NF, Arizona | New!



Fire crews were dispatched from the Coconino and Kaibab National Forests in response to a lightning caused wildfire dubbed the Boundary Fire, located on the NE side of Kendrick Peak in the Kendrick Mountain Wilderness.

It was reported on June 1, 2017.


The incident is being under Unified Command with the CNF and the KNF as the fire is currently burning on the Flagstaff Ranger District of the CNF but is due to cross over onto the Kaibab NF side of the boundary line within the next few days.

Fire resources assigned to this incident are  Flagstaff and Mormon Lake hotshot crews, three engines, one dozer, a fuels crew, local fire prevention units and various support personnel; approximately 70 total fire personnel are currently assigned.


The Boundary Fire  has destroyed about 300 acres of heavy dead and down trees and forest debris left from the Pumpkin Fire of 2000.

Snags, steep slopes and overall hazardous terrain have led fire officials to identify a system of roads at the base of the mountain to serve as boundaries from which to halt the wildfire’s progression.


Fire Managers plan to implement indirect fire suppression strategy on the fire due to some significant and dangerous concerns with putting firefighters in certain locations on the mountain.


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#PinalFire | AZ | 2


Incident Summary 

A wildfire started by lightning on May 8, 2017, around 1515 hours on the Tonto National Forest, about 6 miles South of Globe, Arizona.

This is a lightning-caused wildfire.

Current Fire Conditions

Fire behavior is extreme, uphill runs, torching and backing.  Terrain is very rugged and steep.

Firefighters have been able to gain a 70% containment around the fire.

There has been 7,171 acres destroyed.

sky crane and sun

Photo Credit: Jayson Coil, Operations Section Chief/SW IMT1


There are 610 personnel assigned to this incident.  A new Type 3 IMT will take command on 6/2/2017 around 0600 hours.

Social Media

The hashtags that are being used by those using Social Media are #PinalFire #NMwildfires2017 #NM.

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#PinalFire | AZ | Newly Reported!


Incident Summary 

A wildfire started by lightning on May 8, 2017, has not seen any type of fire since 1952!  So, as you can imagine there is a lot of heavy fire fuel to burn.  Generally speaking, this area sees fire every 2-17 years, says the Forest Service.

The fire is located approximately 6 miles South of Globe Arizona and burning on the Tonto National Forest.  It has destroyed 4,375 acres and is at a 21% containment level.

Firefighters are having to conduct suppression and containment techniques in rugged and steep terrain.

Current Fire Conditions

The current fire behavior is being considered as moderate, flanking, backing with short-range spotting and single tree torching.

Photo Courtesy: Inciweb

Photo Courtesy: Inciweb


There are currently 383 personnel assigned to this incident, some from the Gila County Emergency Management, Red Cross and the U.S. Forest Service.

Community Meeting

A Community will be held on Thursday, May 25, 2017, at 1700 hours (5pm) at the High Desert Middle School located at 400 High Desert Drive in Globe, Arizona 85501.

Social Media

The hashtags that are being used by those using Social Media are #PinalFire #NMwildfires2017 #NM.

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Hicks Creek Fire | Utah | Update



– 3.5 miles SE of Cedar City UT
– Started 10/16/2016 @ 4:00 PM PDT
– Human caused

– 1456 ac
– 100% contained as of 6:00 PM PDT
– Local FFs/State/Federal
– Fire crews from CA, AZ, OR, NM
– Local FFs in monitor/patrol status


(Photo Credit: Utah State Division of Forestry Fire and State Lands)

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U.S. Active Wildfires by #Hashtag | Thursday, July 28, 2016

2016 Wildfires in the United States

Thank You for joining us on this Thursday evening, where we glean information from various sources all over the web to bring to you in what is happening in the Fire News world……

Rainbow Valley Subdivision

Rolling hose on the McHugh Fire. (Courtesy: Inciweb)


#McHughFire – 2 Miles SE  of Anchorage: 778 acres.  100% contained.  141 personnel.  Min activity.

July 27, 2016 Picture of Soberanes taken from Mt. Manuel

Soberanes Fire (Credit: Phil Hernandez)


#BaldwinFire – 3 Miles South  of Heber-Overgaard:  1,000 acres. 10% contained. 8 personnel. Grass, brush. Point protection.  Min fire behavior with creeping, smoldering and backing.

#BlackPeakFire – 3 Miles NW of Ruby:  4600 acres.  Grass, brush and point protection.  80 personnel.

#CocoFire – Forest Road 302 and 2719:  731 acres.  (3) Type 6 engines, (1) Type 3 engines and (1) 10- crews.

#ElkFire – 5 miles NW of Pinetop.  1300 acres.  28 personnel.  Moderate fire behavior, flanking and backing.

#FullerFire – North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park, near Point Imperial: 14,385 acres.  Lightning caused. Increased fire activity inside the fire perimeter. 280 personnel. 36% contained. Timber, grass and rugged terrain.

#IkeFire :  1 acre.  Fire spreading naturally.  6 personnel.

#PointFire – 3 miles E of Sedona:  191 acres. 70%  contained.  Lightning caused.  27 personnel.  Started 7/20/2016 @ 1200 hours.

#Sunflower :  Burning naturally.  35 acres. Kaibib National Forest.


Sunflower Fire – Structure Protection (Courtesy: Inciweb)


#SandFire – 1 Mile South of Santa Clarita:  38,346 acres. 65% contained. 1826 personnel.  179 engines.  39 cerws, 19 water tankers and 12 bulldozers. Unified Command:  LACoFD, LACoSO and USFS.

#SobreanasFier – Los Padres National Forest:  4,245 personnel. 15% contained.  29,877 acres.  Unified Command:  CAL Fire, USFS and Los Padres NF.  CAL Fire IMT 4.

#SpunkyFire – Near Santa Clarita / Leona:  25 acres. 100% contained.  Boquet Canyon and Spunky Canyon.

Point Fire, July 26, 2016: A Star-350B3 Type 3 Helicopter, Prescott Helitack (Marc Howard, Firefighter/Sedona Fire District)

Point Fire (Credit: Marc Howard/FF/Sedona Fire District)


#BeaverCreekFire  :  27,893 acres. 12% contained.  Timber and brush.  Active fire behavior, crowning and isolated torching.

#RoaringPineFire – Near 2014 Goat Fire location:  Lightning caused. Near Frank Church.  75-100 acres. 6% contained.

Firing pattern across the landscape

Coco Fire. (Credit: USDA Forest Service/Brandon Oberhardt)


#CometFire – same location as the 2015 #BobcatFire drainage:  356 acres.  78 personnel.  Burning slowly chunks up steep and inaccessible terrains.

#PioneerFire –  5 Miles North of Idaho City: 12,869 acres.  983 personnel.  10 hotshots, 17 Type 2 crews.  36 engines. 10 masticators.  Fire grew Eastward on Wednesday, July 27, 2016, and crossed over ID State Highway 21 North of China Creek.

Photos of the Sand Fire on Day Four, July 25, 2016

Sand Fire. (Courtesy: Inciweb)


#BlueLakeFire – 10 Miles SW of Ennis:  629 acres.  45% contained.  188 personnel.

Hatchery Fire, July 24, 2016

Hatchery Fire. (Courtesy: Inciweb)


#McGaffeyFire  – Near Miranda Canyon:  50 acres.  80 personnel.  0% contained.

Around Fire Camp

Little Den Fire around Fire Camp. (Courtesy: Inciweb)   


#FreemanFire – N of Smithwick Rd / Ogala:  18,1815 acres. 16 personnel.  70% contained.

Burnout operations on northwest area of Blue Lake Fire

Blue Lake Fire. (Courtesy: Inciweb)


#ChoiceCherryFire – 10 Miles NW of Callao:  5,634 acres. 45% contained.  315 personnel.  Moderate fire behavior with isolated torching, flanking and creeping.

RJ-85 at Boise Air Tanker Base with smoke column from the Mile Marker 14 Fire behind it.

Milemarker 14 Fire (Courtesy: Inciweb)


#CliffCreekFire –  15 Miles East of Hoback:  21,483 acres.  15% contained.  721 personnel.  Active fire behavior with short crown runs, short-range spotting.

#HatcheryFire – 7 Miles NE  of Ten Sleep:  2,802 acres. 85% contained.  Min fire activity.  Human caused.

#LavaMountainFire – 20 Miles NW of Dubois:  12,169 acres. 5% contained.  1,085 personnel. 20 crews. 52, engines, 2 bulldozers, 7 water tankers, 7 helicopters, 10 skidigines, 2 injuries.  $7,025,000 CTD.

wildfire to edit


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Sources:  Twitter, Facebook, CAL Fire, NICC, Inciweb, NM Wildfire Info

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