The Wildfire Report | Molino Fire | AZ | 1

Fire resources are en route to a fire located in the Molino Basin on the Coronado National Forest out of the Tucson Interagency Dispatch Center in Arizona.

Currently, the fire has burned a small area of 0.1 acres.

Dispatched on Sunday, October 27th at 1527 hours MST.

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The Wildfire Log | US Wildfires in the Fall | 1

Wildfires have begun to reduce but not in all United States, so we thought we’d include them in a single Blog post.  If they become too big of an incident, we will at that time determine if it should be in its own separate post.



Fire Facts | In the last 24 hours, the Southern Area (Alabama and Mississippi) has reported 112 new wildfires with 5 of them being new large incidents. (NIFC)

BUILDING BRIDGES FIRE  | 6 miles SE of Valley Head

Alabama Forestry Commission. Started on private land. Short grass and southern rough fire fuels. 391 acres. 79% contained. 0 resources listed. $1,000 Cost-to-date.

JOHNSON QUARTER  FIRE | 4 miles NW of Florala

Alabama Forestry Commission. Started on private land. Short grass as fire fuel. 400 acres. 79% contained. 0 resources listed. $1,000 cost-to-date.

KINGS CHAPEL ROAD FIRE | 8 miles SW of Sylacauga

Alabama Forestry Commission. Started on private land. Timber and short grass as fire fuels. 470 acres. 99% contained. $2,000 cost-to-date.


Fire Fact | No wildfires were reported in the last 24 hours, however there is one fire that is staffed for 167,164 acres.  124 fires are being monitored and 8 are out. 1 is a RX fire for a total of 134 wildfires. (AICC Sit Rep)

SWAN LAKE FIRE | Kenai-Kodiak Area

AK Department of Forestry. AKKNR – Kenai National Wildlife Refuge. Started 6/5/20219 by lightning. 167,164 acres. No increase in acreage since 9/28/2019. 90% contained. 28 total personnel. 1 hand crew, 1 engine. $49 Million CTD. Being managed other than full suppression strategy without a Type 1 or 2 IMT.

TOKAINA 2 FIRE | Valdez-Copper River Area

AK Department of Forestry. 9,412 acres. 0% contained. 5 total personnel. 1 helicopter. State lands. Being managed with another type of strategy other than full suppression without a Type 1 or 2 IMT assigned.


Fire Fact | There were 4 new wildfires in the last 24 hours in the Southwest area. (NIFC)

JOHNSON FIRE | 8 miles S of Prescott

Started 9/22/2019. Cause is known. Prescott National Forest. Timber and brush are fire fuels.  166 acres. 96% contained.  Estimated containment is for 10/6/2019. 50 personnel.  Fire managed by an IC Type 4 Orozco & Trainee Shinabarger along with 1 hand crew, 3 engines, 1 helicopter. 1 structure lost. $1.4 Million cost-to-date.

RIPARIAN FIRE | Bureau of Indian Affairs

Started 10/1/2019 @ 1046 hours MST. AZSCA fire unit. 0.5 acres.

IKES FIRE | Grand Canyon 

Isolated Tree Torching within fire perimeter on August 23, 2019

Ikes Fire | Isolated Tree Torching | Credit: GCNP

Started 7/25/2019. Lightning at Swamp Point – Powell Plateau and Timp Point in the Grand  Canyon National Park. National Park Service. 9,000 acres. 75% contained.  Estimated containment on 10/15/2019.  IC is Jay Yancick (ICT4 NPS) and Trainee Andy Hamilton (ICT4 NPS). Being Managed with a strategy other than full suppression without a Type 1 or 2 IMT assigned. (Ikes, Sheridan, Telephone and Eden Fires). 63 total personnel. 1 hand crew, 5 engines, 1 helicopter. $2.7 Million CTD.

SHERIDAN FIRE | Prescott National Forest

Started 8/5/20919. LIghtning in a natural wood trap area.  20 miles NW of Prescott.  21,510 acres. 80% contained.  Estimated containment is 10/12/2019.  Type 5 IC – Timber.  6 personnel staffing fire. 1 engine staffing fire. $4.2 Million CTD.

TELEPHONE FIRE | Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest

Started 9/4/2019. Lighnting caused. In a natural lake mountain.  2,361 acres. 90% contained. Strategy is 10% point zone protection, 20% monitor and 0% full suppression with 70% confine. 5 total personnel. 1 hand crew.  Type 4 IC – Caleb Schultz.  $117,000 CTD.

EDEN FIRE | Coconino National Forest

Started 8/29/2019. Lightning at Lost Eden. 2,800 acres. 90% contained. IC Type 4 IC Stevens with AZ-COF-MRRD.  0 personnel or equipment on this fire. $186,000 CTD.

SURPRISE FIRE | 7 miles N and W of Prescott

Started 9/17/2019. Lightning caused. 210 acres. Timber (grass and understory). 80% contained. Estimated containment by 10/12/2019. IC Type 4 – Carpenter.


Fire Fact | There were 17 wildfires in the last 24 hours with none of them being deemed as new large incidents.  There is still one wildfire in the Southern California area that is still burning. (NIFC)

NEW! | RANCH FIRE | E Pozo Rd x Avenales Ranch Rd, SLO County, Santa Margarita

Brush fire reported. 30 acres. Grass and brush are fire fuels. Medium rate of spread. IC on-scene working on resource request. (Pulse Point, Twitter Reporters)

TABOOSE FIRE | 10 miles SW of Big Pine

U.S. Forest Service on the Inyo National Forest. Timber, brush and short grass are fire fuels. Minimal fire behavior reported with creeping and smoldering.  10,296 acres. 75% conatined. 36 total personnel along with 1 engine and 1 helicopter. 0 Structures lost. $10,9 Million CTD.

Fire Fact | There were 6 new wildfires that were reported in the Northern portion of the State of California. None of these fires were reported as large new incidents and none of the continued burning wildfire has been deemed fully contained yet. (NIFC)


Being managed with a strategy other than full fire suppression and without a Type 1 or 2 IMT assigned.  5,255 acres. 62% contained. 56 total personnel along with 1 crew and 1 engine. 2 structures were lost. $9.2. Million CTD.


Fire Fact | There were two new wildfires reported in the last 24 hours.  One of them was a new large incident.  Firefighters are still working to contain them.

GRANITE LAKE FIRE | 19 miles E of Aspen

White River National River. Timber is the fire fuel. Moderate fire behavior with uphill runs, wind-driven runs and isolated torching has been reported. 694 acres. 0% containment. 10 total personnel are assigned. 0 other resources are listed. $7,000 CTD.

DECKER FIRE | Rio Grande National Forest

1791 acres. 5% contained. 231 fire personnel assigned along with 9 crews, 8 engines and 2 helicopter.  $1.5 Million CTD.

MIDDLE MAMM FIRE | Wright River National Forest

290 acres. 2% contained. 3 total personnel. 0 equipment listed. $528,000 CTD.

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The Wildfire Report | Hilton Wash Fire | NEW

Sonoita, Az. | A new wildfire has ignited, called the Hilton Wash Fire today.  It is located about nine miles NE of Sonoita and near Empire Ranch with the Las Cinegas NCA.

Image may contain: outdoor and nature

Stock Photo | Credit: BLM

The fire has scorched about 150 acres of tall grass has been destroyed.  Fire resources and assets were dispatched this afternoon around 1633 hours MDT.  CAD records showed that BLM resources were still responding to the scene.

Equipment and personnel included GID Engines 4337, T-3, Battallion 3-1 and Engine 361.

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The Wildfire Log | Arizona | August 18, 2019

Here is the Fire Activity log for the State of Arizona, which seems to be seeing a lot of wildfires this year and very dry conditions.


Boulin Fire | E of Spring Valley near The Beale Wagon Trail | 2,423 acres 

The Boulin Fire was sparked by lightning on August 5, 2019.  The fire is also located near Forest Service Roads 141, 713 and 730 and about 24 miles northwest of Flagstaff, Arizona.

View From Overpass West End of Williams

Credit: KNF

Fire behavior is moderate with increased acreage of 400 on a daily basis.  It has now carried through over half of the planning area is moving towards the southwest containment line. Road maintenance continues.

Securing Private property

Credit: KNF

Fire is being managed by Nick Behrends (ICT4) and his trainee, Tyler Richwine (ICT4T).  Resources include: One Type 2 hand crew, one Fuels crew, two Type-6 engines, two Type 3 Engines, one patrol unit, one Dozer and eight miscellaneous overhead team members. Total personnel assigned to this incident is 50 strong.

Cost-to-date in fire suppression and containment expenses have reached $70,000.

Castle Fire | near Jacob Lake | 19,368 acres 

No photo description available.

The Castle Fire was ignited by lightning on July 12th around 1430 hours.  It is located in the vicinity of Oquer Canyon and about six miles west of State Hwy 67, as well as, 11 miles south of of Jacob Lake on the Kaibab National Forest.

There has been about 19,368 acres of timber (litter and understory) burned.  Fire Management Officials are expecting this fire to be fully contained on October 15, 2019.  The fire did become more active on Saturday due to hot, dry weather partnering with winy conditions.  There is no precip in the current forecast.

Four firefighters walk past an engine in a line carrying a variety of tools.

Credit: KNF

There are 32 total fire personnel attached to this incident. Fire management is being handled by Brandon Allen.

A TFR (temporary flight restriction) is in effect for all non-fire aircraft, including drones.

Ikes Fire | Grand Canyon NP | 4,297 acres | 55% contained

The Ikes Fire is located in the Grand Canyon National Park and about 60 miles southwest of Paige.

Sheridan Fire | Wood Trap near Cedar Mesa | 3,700 acres 

The Sheridan Fire was ignited by lightning on August 5th.  Fire fuels include short grass, brush and chaparral.  Fire behavior is active, running, flanking and backing.  Short runs in grass and brush are also occurring.

This fire is being allowed to run on its own for resources benefits.

aerial view of Sheridan Fire Aug 17

The Sheridan Fire | Credit-Prescott NF

There are 64 total personnel assigned. IC is Rob Roy Williams with the AZ Central West Zone, Type 3 IMT.  His trainee is John Johanson.

Wolf Creek Fire | Wolf Creek Road, #7 | NEW

The Wolf Creek Fire was caused by an abandoned campfire on Wolf Creek Road in space number seven.  This is listed as an open incident.  There is an unknown number of area scorched or other resources.  This is located on the Prescott National Forest.

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The Wildfire Log: Arizona’s Wander Fire Stopped in Its Tracks

Posted:  7/3/2019 @ 1815 hours PDT

Arizona has been suffering wildfires on a daily basis with multiple starts across their State.  This wildfire, though small, was quickly contained by firefighters.


The WANDER FIRE started on July 3, 2019, and located about .5 miles south of New River and about two miles north of the Anthem Outlets in Maricopa County, Arizona.

The fire was observed crossing over Highway 17, which was closed at mile post 232 by the County Sheriff’s Office.

At 1514 hours, winds began picking up which was of concern to Fire Officials.  They ordered aircraft while evacuations of approximately 36 residents were in effect from approximately 12 houses.

The 10-acre wildfire threatened about 12 structures around 1535 hours, but fire crews quickly stopped the forward rate of spread (1601 hours).  The Sheriff’s Office was expected to be opening the I-17 corridor and lift the evacuation orders.

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The Wildfire Log: Arizona’s Gap Fire | 1

UPDATE 1 | June 27, 2019 | Thursday

Incident Summary | A wildfire is burning about 10 miles northeast of Bylas, Arizona in the same territory as the BYLAS FIRE managed by the San Carlos Agency on BIA lands, which was discovered on June 25, 2019.

Current Status | Fire behavior has been reported as active with running, flanking and wind-driven runs.  Structures are said to be at risk.  No structures have been reported as damaged or destroyed.  The current cause is unknown at the time of this posting.

Size & Containment Status | Fire has burned approximately 16,721 acres of brush and short grass and has a containment status of 50% contained.

Resources |  There are approximately 115 total personnel along with 4 crews and 3 helicopters.

Damage Assessment | The total cost-to-date for fire suppression and containment expenses have reached $530,000.00.

Updates | We will try to bring you information on this wildfire but have found there is limited information on our verified sources or on Social Media.


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The Wildfire Log | The Mountain Fire | AZ | 1



Incident Summary

A wildfire ignited just before noon on  Friday, June 7th, located approximately eight miles east of the nearest town of Cave Creek, Arizona.  It is about eight miles of the Cave Creek Ranger District office and near Horseshoe Dam Road turnoff.

The fire was caused by human intervention from an unknown ignition source.  The cause is currently under investigation.

Current Status

The fire has destroyed 7,225 acres and there is still a 0% containment status.

Image of smoke from Mountain Fire

Photo Credit: Tonto National Forest

It is being reported to be burning on the Tonto National Forest and east and northeast towards Bartlett Lake and Horshoe.  The nearby Bartlett Dam Road and Cave Road have both been shutdown.  This closure is to continue throughout the weekend.

A helicopter is currently dipping out of the Barlett Lake.

Fire Resources

There are currently 243 total personnel assigned to this wildfire along with fire assets that include multiple air tankers and a helicopter.

Mountain Fire burned area

Aerial fly over. | Photo Credit: Tonto National Forest

Command was assumed by the Central West Zone Type 3 IMT at 0600 hours this morning.

Additional resources are on order.

Photo Credit: Tonto National Forest

Evacuation Orders

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office was assisting with the mandatory evacuations of those in the Bartlett Lake users and campers who had remained in the area, after voluntary evacuations were issued on Friday, June 7th.

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Commercial Fire | Phoenix, Arizona | 2

PHOENIX, Ariz. – UPDATE 2 – 2100 PDT

A Super Safeway store was the big trending story yesterday after it caught on fire.  Firefighters from multiple fire departments arrived on-scene to see the fully engulfed commercial structure ablaze that would eventually be elevated to a 3-alarm blaze.

Tactics were taken to immediately go into a defensive operation.  It was too unsafe to enter the building. There were several reports in media and on Social Media saying at first there was no one inside and another saying that all persons had safely evacuated the building.

Around 0840 hours this morning (Thursday, July 12, 2018), photographs on Social Media would show that the store was fully left open and exposed with its roof completely caved in, shelving toppled, steel rebar and girders showing the intensity of the blaze and how it can completely destroy anything in its path.

Photo Credit | Phoenix Fire PIO

Reports of a big storm with lightning rolled over the area, right before smoke billowed out of the building. One Social Media user reported that Police had shutdown several roadways, while emergency personnel responded to a gas leak a day or two ago.

There is no exact cause listed but reports of a big downpour of rain fell over the area with some speculating that the heavy rain may have caused the roof to be too heavy and suffered some damage to an electrical box.  We will have to wait to see what the result of the fire investigation report states.

A Disaster Recovery and Restoration team was on site today around 1650 hours, assessing the damage of the building.  It appears that everything interior appeared to be destroyed with the outer walls including the front facade of the structure still standing.

Safeway said that will be relocating employees from this store to other locations.  It is unknown if they plan to rebuild this store.

No injuries were reported.


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NEW! #KnobHillFire | St David AZ | 1


Flight over Knob hill

Incident Summary | A wildfire is burning in the Southeast District area of the Arizona Department of Forestry  and on the Coronado National Forest.

The fire ignited from an unknown cause on Saturday, February 10, 2018.

It is located approximately 15 miles east of St. David, Arizona.

Fire fuels consist of timber and chaparral.

Current Fire Conditions | Fire behavior is minimal with creep and backing.  Some structures are reportedly under direct threat with road closures in effect.

The fire has reached a 74 % containment status.

Resources | There are 77 personnel assigned along with three crews, two engines and one helicopter.

Damage Assessment | The fire has scorched 2,896 acres of land and the cost-to-date expenses have reached a high of $150,000.

Flight over Knob Hill

Fire Photo Credit | Coronado National Forest via Inciweb.

Social Media | We are using hashtags #KnobHillFire #AZwildfire for this incident.

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U.S. Wildfires Via Wildfire CAD | February 8, 2018

With a little time on our hands, we are beginning to glean information from various sources to keep our blog fresh and updated with fire information.

Arkansas-Oklahoma Interagency Coordination Center ||| 0230 hours – #EaglesFire – Seminole County, Okoma District.  Cromwell IC.  46.1 acres.

Arizona Dispatch Center ||| 1443 hours  – #DragoonFire – Contained/Control/Out at 1610 hours. | 0.21 acres.  ||| 1426 hours – #AltarFire – Hwy 286, MP 15. 120 acres. Resources:  BN3-1, BN3-3, CAPT 3-1, CAPT-3-2, Douglas E361, Tuscson1.   ||| 1149 Hours – #AjaxFire = Hwy 80, MP 321.  3 acres.  Resources:  B81, BN3-2, Tender311.

Phoenix Interagency Fire Center (AZ) ||| 0924 hours – #ShrubFire – FS Rd 402. Contained 1045 hours.  0.1acre.

Williams Dispatcher Center (AZ) ||| 1436 hours – #DevilDogFire – Unknown location.  Contained/controlled at 1602 hours.

Cleveland National Forest (CA) ||| 1810 hours – #InterstateFire – I8 x Japatual Valley Rd. Limited info.

Federal Interagency Com Center  (CA) ||| 1410 hours – #BorderFire – Tin Can Canyon.  4 acres.

Alamogodo Dispatch Center (NM) |||  1251 Hours – #BrambleFire – Lat/Long 33 26.742, -105 39.588.  0.1 acres

Santa Fe Interagency Dispatch Center (NM) ||| 1452 hours – #JaconaFire – Lat/Long 35.8906,-106.0452. Light, flashy fuels.  3 acres.

Taos Interagency Dispatch Center (NM) ||| 1302 hours – #LowerLlanoRoadFire – Lower Llano Rd (private land). Brush fire. Unknown acres.

Central NV Interagency Dispatch Center ||| 1239 hours – #TonopahFire – approx 15 miles NW of Tonopah, NV.  BLM resources responded to a smoke call near Tonopah. Unsure if turned out to be anything or if any acreage burned.

Central WA Interagency Communications Center (DNR) ||| 1205 hours – #HowertonFire – Newby Creek, Okanogan County, WA.  USFS response from Central WA & WA DNR response from NE WA Interagency Communications Center.  Fire fuels included Snags. Contained 1535 hours.  Mutual Aid from at 1456 hours. 0.1 acres.

NE WA Interagency Communications Center (DNR)  ||| 1429 hours – #LakeValleyLoopOneFire – Lake Valley Loop Road, Lincoln County, WA.  resources on-scene 1540 hours. 2 acres.


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