There have been quite a few small little wildfires (activity) in Washington State. Here is a recap of those wildfire incidents, according to the website for Wednesday and Thursday of this week.

JUNE 23, 2022 | THURSDAY

Box Canyon Fire. Box Canyon Road, Pend Oreille, Washington. 0.1 acre of shrubs. Dispatched 1009 hours PT. Contained 6/23/2022 1145 hours. In patrol status. Dispatch Center: WA DNR – NEC.

Paterson Fire. Paterson Junction. Umatilla County. 0.1 acre of grass, shrub. Dispatched at 1132 hours PT. Contained/controlled and out on 6/23/2022 at 1134 hours PT. Dispatch Center: WA – CWC.

Moore Road Fire. Moore road. 0.1 acre of slash/blowdown. IC: Kinkade. Dispatched 1136 hours. Turned over to landowner after it was contained at 1325 and controlled at 1330 hours PT. Dispatch Center: WA DNR – OLS.


Fish Fire. Oak Flat. Yakima County, Washington. 0.25 acres of unknown fire fuels. Dispatched 1944 hours PT. Contained and controlled on 6/23/2022 at 1535 hours PT. Dispatch Center: WA – CWC.

Boise Fire. McNary Refuge. Walla Walla County, Washington. 2 acres of unknown fuels. Dispatched 1800 hours. Contained 1957 hours. Dispatch Center: WA – CWC.

Stevens Creek Fire. Donkey Creek Area, Washington. 0.1 acre of non-burnable fuels. IC: Kinkade at 0656 hours PT. Contained 0800 hours. Controlled 0835 hours. Out at 0846 hours PT. Dispatch Center: WA DNR – OLS.

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