UPDATE 3: 8/31/2022, 1030 PT

The Chelan Fire and Rescue Department states the fire laid down last night, enabling firefighters to quickly further suppress the wildfire which has burned an unknown number of acres. At the time of this update, the Fire Department did not have the number of acres or containment status details but provided some really great fire images of the hard work by the men and women on this incident.

Credit: Chelan Fire and Rescue

UPDATE 2: 8/28/2022, 2035 PT

According to the local Fire Department, Chelan Fire and Rescue, the fire size has been estimated to be 20 acres with all homes in the area being saved.

The cause of the fire is unknown and is under investigation.

Credit: Chelan Fire and Rescue

WA DNR resources will remain on the scene for fire watch, releasing most of the local fire crews and apparatus and returning them back into service.

The fire is in Unified Command with DNR, USFS, BLM, and Chelan Fire and Rescue.

Union Valley Road is only open to local residents only. Remember, to yield to Fire vehicles and equipment.

Incident Cooperators include Chelan Fire and Rescue, WA DNR, US Forest Service, BLM, Chelan County Emergency Management, Chelan County FD4, 5, and 6, Douglas County Fire Districts 1 and 2, as well as the Chelan County Public Works Department.

UPDATE 1: 8/28/2022, Tuesday, 1840 hours PT

CHELAN COUNTY, WASHINGTON — Chelan Fire and Rescue firefighters along with WA DNR resources were dispatched to Union Valley for a wildfire that has touched the landscape.


Credit: Chelan Fire and Rescue

>> LEVEL 3 (GO NOW!) EVACUATIONS ARE IN PROGRESS: 1224 Union Valley Road and all side roads

>>> LEVEL 1 (BE ALERT) EVACUATIONS ARE IN PROGRESS: Cage Gulch Road to Sunset Ridge and Alber Lanes.

According to the Chelan County Emergency Management Agency, there are no current evacuation shelters established, but the American Red Cross is on standby at this time. The Red Cross has just posted they will not be opening a shelter at their scheduled 1930 hours this evening because crews have a handle on the fire but are ready if the need arises.

Incident Cooperators include Chelan Fire Rescue, WA DNR, Chelan County OEM, and the Chelan County Fire District #1.

WA DNR fire responses include CHELAN-28 (IC), CREW-52, CREW-74, E-353, E-4101, E-4102, E-4203, and, E-6696, which were dispatched 1417 hours PT this afternoon.

About 25 acres of grass, shrub, and timber have been said to have been consumed and sources are showing the cause of this fire is undetermined at this time.

There is no containment status as of yet.

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