2010 HOURS PT Update 3 — Local and State firefighters contained this fire this morning at 0230 hours and brought it under control at 1900 hours this evening. About 3.5 acres of grass and timber burned.

Resources still assigned to this incident are PCS2204, PCS2303, PSC2407, SPS8144, and SPS8308.


This wildfire is the WEAVER RIDGE FIRE which was located off of Weaver Way in Stevens County, Washington State, where a garage and some exterior cars were involved in a fire that extended to the wildland-urban interface.

Credit: Stevens County FD1

About 3.3 acres were burned with more than 12-plus spot fires which were extinguished early on in the incident. Around 2200 hours PT, firefighters held the fire to the less than 10 acres of land burned. Those who were assigned on Monday were on fire watch throughout the night.

One outbuilding was lost.

Assigned resources included DNR, BLM, and SCFD1.

The cause of the fire is unknown but fire officials with WA DNR are investigating.

MONDAY, AUGUST 29, 2022, 2030 HOURS PT

Stevens County Fire District 1 firefighters are on the scene of a fire off of Weavery Way, stating it is for a potential garage and chicken coop fire, which has extended into the wildland-urban interface.

Credit: Stevens County Fire District 1

We have reached out to the Fire Department to find out the name of the Fire Command, the approximate location, and the units which were dispatched to the scene. We are awaiting a response.

Some residents are posting to the Fire District’s Socials to find out the location of the fire if there are any evacuation orders in place and other detailed info.

We have also checked other sources, such as the Sheriff’s Office Socials and OEM without any fire updates as of yet.

Check back for any updates, as this is a developing story.

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