Sit Rep 1 | Monday, 9/19/2022

MONROE FIRE: UPDATE 1 | A brush fire named the MONROE FIRE started from an unknown cause on Monday, September 19th, where it was quickly spreading into dry fire fuels northeast of the Galax Theater and just west of Chain Lake Road in Monroe (Snohomish County), Washington.

Credit: Snohomish Regional F&R

At the time of the brush fire incident just before 1600 hours this afternoon, where there was a brief moment for Level 1 evacuation notifications issued (Get Set) in progress for the area but were then later canceled.

Due to a quick egress on fire suppression tactics by firefighters from the Snohomish Regional Fire & Rescue and other mutual aid units.

The fire was put out by firefighters. Fire Officials state they are unsure what caused the fire but that it is currently under investigation.

BOLT CREEK FIRE: UPDATE 10 | The Bolt Creek Fire is located about 1.5 miles north of Skykomish, Washington State.

Credit: Snohomish County DEM

Level 1 (Get Ready): Evacuation notices are still in effect for Index.

Level 2 (Get Set): Orders are for the Baring and Grotto, including along US Hwy 2 east of the Money Creek tunnel.

Level 3 (Go Now): These are for those from the west side of Money Creek tunnel to MP 48, plus FS Road 65 (Beckler River Road.

US Hwy 2: This portion of the roadway is still closed just east of Index-Galena Road to the east end of Skykoishm. It has limited local access which has been permitted for residents with ID, from the west closure to the Money Creek tunnel.

The fire has consumed 10,065 acres and there has been 90% completion of operational objectives as of their evening fire update. The lower acreage (was 10,220 acres) due to more accurate mapping.

On a pawsitive note: Therapy dogs and their people with the PNW HOPE Animal-Assisted Crisis Response organization visited the Incident Command Post (ICP) Sunday and Monday sharing smiles,

Credit: Bolt Creek Fire Info

wags and in dog language, thanking these guys and gals for what they do and being there to provide a bowl-full of unconditional love for each fire member or Command staff who stopped by to say hello.

CEDAR CREEK FIRE: The Cedar Creek Fire is located 15 miles east of Oakridge, Oregon. Fire behavior is minimal with backing, creeping, and smoldering. It is now at 113,322 acres and has an 11% containment status.

Firefighters using drip torches. | Photo Credit: USFS Oregon

This fire was caused by lightning on August 1, 2022. There are a total of 2,577 personnel along with 92 engines, 58 crews, 105 heavy pieces of equipment, and 12 copters.

DOUBLE CREEK FIRE: This Wallowa-Whitman National Forest fire is being managed along with the Sturgill, Nebo, and the Goat Mountain 2 Fire by the same SA Blue Team, an IMT.

Fire ops near Imnaha on the Double Creek Fire | Credit: Greg Deedon, Eugene Springfield Fire

Sturgill Fire: 15 miles SW of Enterprise, OR. 20,075 acres. 53% of management objectives were achieved with a total number of 42 fire personnel assigned.

Nebo Fire: NEBO Fire is located 22 miles southeast of Enterprise, Oregon. This wildfire too is displaying minimal fire behavior with creeping and smoldering. 12,597 acres with a 50% completion of management objectives. A total of 84 personnel are assigned.

Goat Mountain 2 Fire: This wildfire is about nine miles south of Lostine, Oregon. It too is showing a minimal fire behavior with creeping and smoldering. About 536 total acres have been lost. An aircraft team will continue to monitor and assess the fire as smoke and weather permit, says the Forest Service.

GOAT ROCKS FIRE: The GOAT ROCKS FIRE is located about eight miles east of Packwood, Washington on the Gifford Pinchot National Forest which has minimal fire behavior with flanking, backing, and smoldering activities.

The fire on September 10th. | Credit: Rocky Ahshapanek/USFS

The lightning-sparked wildfire has consumed about 3,338 acres. There is a 0% containment status achieved at the time of this post.

Special Message | Donations:  The Northwest Incident Management Team 10 would like to thank the community for all your generous offers to provide donations. Firefighters are well-provisioned. Other ways you may help include driving cautiously to ensure firefighter safety, posting thank you signs within the community for firefighters to see, or donating to your local Red Cross, Lewis County Fire District #10 (Packwood), and the Wildland Firefighter Foundation.

CTD: $4.5 Million

RUM CREEK FIRE: The RUM CREEK FIRE is burning about 12 miles northwest of Hugo, Oregon in the Medford District. Minimal fire behavior with creeping and smoldering and been reported no fire movement in the last 24 hours.

Air Recon Photo of the Rum Creek Fire | Credit: USFS

Fire personnel currently have the fire holding at an 83% containment status. The number of personnel is being rapidly downgraded and they are also at a holding point of 330 total remaining in numbers.

They will transition over to a Type 3 IMT under the leadership of IC Brandon Kerns at the helm as of Tuesday, September 20, 2022, at 0700 hours PT.

The total number of land destroyed by this fire incident has reached 21,347 acres.

CTD: $54.2 Million

CHILLIWACK COMPLEX: The CHILLIWACK COMPLEX has a total of three active wildfires in the North Cascades National Park, which has been transferred from the NIMO team today along with the management of the NW PASAYTEN COMPLEX.

This wildfire is located about 32 miles east of Maple Falls, Washington. It has minimal fire behavior which has been displayed.

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