FDNY Fire Marshals rule today’s fire was caused by a lithium-ion battery that powered a motor scooter as you can see in this video footage. Video Credit | FDNY


BRONX, NEW YORK — Firefighters from the FDNY are currently fighting a 5-Alarm fire in the 2000 block of Grand Concourse at the supermarket, Concourse Food Plaza, a multiple dwelling.

The NYCEM – Notify NYC account on Twitter, reports the fire to be located on Gran Concourse and East 181 Street in the Bronx. They are warning residents and people in the area to expect heavy smoke and traffic delays. You should avoid smoke and close your windows. Multilingual and ASL Link: on.nyc.gov/1kdghe2

Firefighters were all hands working on a commercial structure fire at 0757 hours as a 1st-alarm fire, but then it would quickly escalate to a 2nd alarm (0842 PT), 3rd Alarm (0851 PT), 4th Alarm (0919 PT) and then to its current 5th Alarm (0950 PT).

According to the property records and business licensing information for this location, it is home to a store, multiple operations, and a food manufacturer.

A Photojournalist posted this on social media around 1006 hours PT. Check out more great content on the original poster of this video footage by @ZenX

Initial reports of a lithium Ion battery on an e-bike on fire inside the business, then all of a sudden the fire exploded in the interior showing visible flames and heavy black smoke billowing out of the fire structure. Fire reporters are saying it had traveled into the cockloft which has caused the building to become a burning inferno.

The FDNY just released a video on March 3rd on this very same topic on lithium-ion batteries.


Working as a single-minded Operational group is key during a large incident which will most likely be an extended operational period for these Officers as they may transition from one shift to another.

Shown in this photo is the SAFETY Officer/Command, Battalion Chief, Field Operations, and another unknown but they are working with a single focus on operations.


The fire can be seen by many watchers from all areas, even across the water in Cornwall County, NY. | Photo Credit: Cornwall OEM.

Heavy Smoke Is Enveloping The Neighborhood. The Blaze Can Be Seen From New Jersey, Across The Hudson River. – News outlet

Mayor Adams just got to the scene and should be hearing from FDNY officials soon. – News outlet

Heavy smoke (can be seen) is from miles away. – News Media


It seems to be the talk of the town with e-bike battery fires being ironically posted on Social Media.

It’s pretty common to see these fires more often than not. There have been a lot of hot topic issues such as this one since the beginning of March.


The Food Complex is located in Grand Concourse also known as the Grand Boulevard and Concourse, which is a 5.2-mile long thoroughfare in the Bronx. It runs through several neighborhoods including Bed Park, Concourse, Highbridge, Fordham, Mott Haven, Norwood, and Tremont. Most of its length is 180 feet wide.

It is not to be confused with Concourse, which is a neighborhood in the southwestern section of the NYC borough of the Bronx which includes the Bronx County Courthouse, the Bronx Museum of the Arts, and the Yankee Stadium. | Source: Wikipedia

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