SPRING FORWARD: Don’t forget to set your clocks forward 1 hour and check your smoke detectors/fire alarms.


March 7, 2023 — The Anacortes City Council unanimously endorsed the public safety levy, which will be presented to voters to vote on. If the voters approve this levy, it will help reduce service level gaps, and delayed responses and sometimes they are faced with no available units to respond to emergencies.

More information can be found: https://www.facebook.com/IAFF1537

Source/Photo Credit: APFF


March 11, 2023 — A brush fire broke out on Saturday afternoon, prompting the wildland fire response from the Arlington/Stanwood Firefighters IAFF Local 3438 to be dispatched as mutual aid to the Snohomish County Fire District 21. Crews were busy assisting around 1711 hours PT. The wildfire incident is/was located on Arlington Heights Road and listed as a very large brush fire.

The Fire Agency started off with 37 calls for service on Friday, and today, they were busy with apparatus checks and drills.

Sunday will be a day of “climbing” at the annual Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. They will be part of a timed race for firefighters in full PPE up the Columbia Center (downtown Seattle), the second tallest building west of the Mississippi and the tallest in Seattle. The building itself will require firefighters to “climb” up 69 floors of stairs and 1,356 steps to reach the highly acclaimed sky view observatory. They will be part of a nationwide and global group of about 2,000 firefighters. This is for any career or volunteer firefighter agency to participate as an individual or team fundraising team.


Source/Photo Credit: Arlington/Stanwood Firefighters IAFF Local 3438


March 11, 2023 — The Big Lake Fire Department will be hosting a Pancake Feed and Raffle event on Saturday, March 25, 2023, from 8-11 at Fire Station 1 located at 16818 West Big Lake Boulevard in Mount Vernon.


March 10, 2023 —

Clark-Cowlitz Fire Rescue is comprised of three legacy fire departments: Clark County Fire District #12, Clark County Fire District #11, and the Woodland Fire Department. Greg Pera was hired as a career firefighter / EMT with the Woodland Fire Department in 2008, operating as one of the four career firefighters employed with WFD, prior to their merge with Clark-Cowlitz Fire Rescue in 2013.

Since that time – Greg has operated as a firefighter / EMT, acting company officer, and member of the department’s vehicle maintenance division, and coordinated the maintenance and testing of both the department’s ground ladders and fire pumps.

After successfully completing the testing requirements for promotion to the rank of captain, Division Chief Ben Peeler was honored to present Greg Pera with his red captain’s helmet.

Congratulations, Captain Greg Pera!

Source/Photo Credit: Clark-Cowlitz Fire Rescue


March 11, 2023 — Firefighters backfilled Tacoma Fire Stations, so TFD members could attend the celebration of life of one of their members who recently passed away. This is just what Fire Families do for one another.


March 9, 2023 — Firefighter Paramedic Career Opportunities

Calling all firefighter paramedics! We want YOU to join our team.

We’re now recruiting for entry-level AND lateral firefighter paramedics! 🚑🔥

‼️ Five staffed stations running nearly 8,000 calls per year.

‼️Three new first out medic units.

‼️ Exceptional employee benefits.

‼️ Modern and progressive leadership.

‼️ Outstanding community support.

‼️ Plus a $15,000 hiring incentive!

Learn more at www.grahamfire.org/jobs


March 10, 2023 — A structure fire broke out inside a trailer in the Hidden Valley Trailer Park, in the 1100 block of SR 12 around 0829 hours PT. Montesano FD was called to respond as mutual aid due to heavy smoke from all sides. At 1006, reported by a local fire news reporter states that all occupants were safely evacuated, but the home is a total loss. One family pet was transported to their vet with smoke inhalation and another was said to be missing. This family is said to be related to one of the admins of the Scanner group. Our hearts are with you!

Source: Grays Harbor Scanner/Facebook


March 9, 2023 — Five members were sworn into the IAFF 2819, which is great news for the residents and its firefighter’s union!

Source/Photo Credit: Kitsap Fire IAFF 2819


March 10, 2023 — Firefighters from the Montesano Fire Department were called out to an early morning incident as part of the response to the Grays Harbor Fire District 2 to a confirmed working structure fire. Two of the four firefighters responded to their “first” structure along with experienced career member Lt. Bradshaw and FF/EMT Lucas Salstrom. The two firefighters part of this fire response is also part of the High School Fire Science Cadet Program.

(Far right and far left) Firefighters Spencer Coleman and Seth Caton with Lt. Blake Bradshaw and FF/EMT Lucas Salstrom.

Source/Photo Credit: MFD


March 10, 2023 — Firefighters are due to receive help with the aid of some new apparatus coming their way.

This will help those with fire incidents in Orondo and in North Central Washington State.

Source/Photo Credit: DCFD4


March 8, 2023 — A crazy and powerful thunderstorm passed over the Orting area and left a heavy amount of hail on the roadway, causing dangerous driving conditions for firefighters and area drivers.


March 7, 2023 —

53 years ago to the date, our Medic One paramedics responded to their first call.

Dr. Leonard Cobb, Dr. Michael Copass, and Seattle Fire Chief Gordon Vickery revolutionized how we deliver emergency medical care by training firefighters to become paramedics capable of providing advanced life support for patients with life-threatening injuries.

Before 1970, heart attacks were almost always fatal unless the patient could get to a hospital quickly. Today, King County has a witnessed cardiac arrest resuscitation rate at least double that of other major cities around the world.

Thank you to every firefighter that took on the arduous task of becoming a paramedic.

*These photos are from a trauma drill for Paramedics Class 49 at our Joint Training Facility. The patients in these photos are actors and are not in a real medical emergency.

Source/Photo Credit: SFD


March 11, 2023 — Looking for a Resident Firefighter

Skagit County Fire District 14 is seeking individuals who are looking to join the fire service as resident firefighters. Residents will make their home at the fire station, the fire district just completed a new dorm room addition with 6 dorm rooms available, a dining room, full kitchen.

In addition, we provide educational opportunities (Fire Service-related degrees). Residents live at the fire station, work 7 shifts per month

Compensation includes

– free rent and use of facilities

– $100 per month stipend

– $12 per call stipend

– Insurance and retirement through the Board of Volunteer Firefighters

Minimum requirements

– 18 years old

– Current Washington State Driver’s license

– Able to pass a background and drug screening.

For more information email general@skagitfire14.org

Source/Photo Credit: SCFD13


March 6, 2023 — Four firefighters completed their specialty training, the Swift Water Rescue class on the Skykomish River in Index. This is a 3-day physically demanding training class in the river. These now-certified members will become part of the Stillaguamish Water Rescue team and be able to respond more frequently to these water rescue calls.

Pictured(left to right) are firefighters Anderson, Fransson, and Young. Not pictured us firefighter Thuringer.

Source/Photo Credit: SCFD21

March 7, 2023 — Firefighters were called to the scene of an MVA involving two vehicles that crashed into one another just past 179th Avenue on Highway 530 in Oso. They worked closely with Oso Firefighters providing aid and medical transport to both drivers. Aid 49 arrived on the scene and was assigned to provide patient care to one of the drivers, who had self-extricated, while Oso firefighters began cutting open the other vehicle for patient access. The Aid 49 crew was able to backboard their patient and have them in the medic unit for transport within minutes.

Source/Photo Credit: SCFD21


March 9, 2023 — A boat fire broke out on Float 6 at the Westport Marina on Thursday night. No one was believed to be on the vessel at the time of the incident. Firefighters from the South Beach Regional Fire Authority were dispatched. | Source/Photo Credit: SBRFA


March 11, 2023 — Today a public memorial service for Firefighter Robert “Bo” Schiemer,45, was held this afternoon at 1300 hours at the Tacoma Dome Convention, who passed away on January 29, 2023, after a long fight with duty-related cancer. It was broadcasted on TV Tacoma and streamed on tvtacoma.org.

FF Schiemer was honored in a memorial to celebrate his life. He served as a TFD Firefighter for 12 years and was a member of the IAFF Local 31.

Source: TFD / Photo Credit: East Pierce IAFF 3520

The Tacoma Fire Buff Battalion was asked to participate in various ways in today’s memorial honoring fallen Tacoma Firefighter Bo Schiemer. Support 1 provided a comfort station in the staging area as well as outside the service and joined in the Procession to the Tacoma Dome. Their members joined the TFD family in honoring their brother and remembering a tremendous human being at his memorial service.

Agencies represented: Eastside Fire & Rescue, and West Pierce Firefighters.

Source/Photo Credit: Tacoma Fire Buff Battalion


March 11, 2023 — 19 firefighters will climb the Columbia Center in Seattle on Sunday, March 12, 2023. They climb a total of 69 flights of stairs, 1,356 steps, and up to 788 feet of vertical elevation gain in full bunker gear. They are raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to fight blood cancers.

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