This post is dedicated to all of you firefighters out there with one objective: Train like your life depends on it because it does.


Fire Recruit Training

Recruits put their knowledge to the test, literally, through required teamwork during search and rescue operations, real-life MAYDAY drills, RIT evolutions of rescuing a down firefighter, ladder throws, and fire attacks.

To end their training day, some car fires were thrown into the mix.

These are all skills and knowledge, a firefighter would be required to know and how to perform.

This exercise took place over the weekend and what a great opportunity to get some heavy work in and showing their strengths in what they have learned into action.

Photo Credit: North Whidbey Fire and Rescue


The Future Women in EMS and Fire Workshop is a Success

The Future Women in EMS and Fire Workshop event was held this past weekend and hosted by the King County EMS during their 8th Year training workshop, giving women ages 18 and older, the perfect opportunity to have hands-on training and learning what it is like to walking inside the boots of a firefighter.

Fire Departments who support this great event are from Woodinville, Shoreline, Seattle, Renton RFA and many others.

Five incredible Instructors now Firefighters are former workshop participants. Another workshop is due to arrive in October of 2023. This is one of many great ways, women can learn what it is like to be an actual firefighter!



TACOMA FIRE (Pierce County, WA)

Joint MCI Mock Drill Brings Together Community Partners with One Mission: Saving Lives

A joint exercise between firefighters with the Tacoma Fire Department and Sound Transit was conducted on April 22, 2023, as mock accident scenario between a link light rail train and a bus in the Stadium District of Tacoma to simulate a respond during a mass casualty incident or known as MCI for short.

The Tacoma Fire Buff Battalion, an all-volunteer member organization provided support to all responders and support members involved in the drill. Editor’s note: It is always have support (generally the Fire Buffs) of their firefighters during long and short actual incidents, training drills and those extended calls where firefighters are exerting alot of energy during fire operations.


Joint Training Group

Per the Snohomish County Fire District #22 (Getchell Fire) Facebook page, they showed some of their firefighters (recruits) putting their skills, knowledge and experience on display during the weekend of April 15-16, 2023.

The recruits wrapped up residential ventilation last weekend. It was a busy weekend for them, they had hazardous materials class on Saturday and ventilation on Sunday.

This wraps up the hands on instruction for the academy. They now finish up hazardous materials and prep for their IFSAC testing. They are about a month from being done and graduating the academy.

We look forward to seeing the recruits working on the apparatus.

Our next academy is in September with the application deadline 7/26/23. The class is filling fast, if you would like to attend the 2023-2 academy go to our website for more information.


Photo Credits: North Snohomish County Joint Training Group

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