The Wildfire Log | Sand Fire | CA | 2


JUNE 8, 2019 – SATURDAY – 1810 HOURS PDT

Incident Summary

A 3-month old compost fire has rekindled as the winds increased igniting a human-caused wildfire named the SAND FIRE, which is burning off of Country Rd 41 and Highway 16 towards Rumsey, California.

Current Status

Fire behavior is quickly changing.  It is currently deemed as  a rapid rate of spread with multiple structures being threatened.

Evacuations are in eff

Fire Resources

More are on order.

Air Support

Tanker 91 is on-scene and is laying down retardant over the fire. (1804 hours PDT)

Five copters are now working the fire from the east side at an elevation of 4,000 feet.

Social Media

Live updates are being covered via our Twitter page @nwfireblog

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The Wildfire Log | Sand Fire | CA | 1


JUNE 8, 2019 – SATURDAY – 1750 HOURS PDT

Incident Summary

A 3-month old compost fire has rekindled as the winds increased igniting a human-caused wildfire named the SAND FIRE, which is burning off of Country Rd 41 and Highway 16 towards Rumsey, California.

Current Status

Seven engines from the CAL FIRE – BUTTE County have dispatched to neighboring Yolo County, where the wildfire is now growing from original reports of 200 acres to 300.

Fire Resources

Engine 217 arrived on-scene at 1742 hours and was assigned as the Incident Command.

Air Support

Air Attack along with Helicopters 104 (to arrive @ 1750 PDT), 152 (on-scene @ 1744 PDT) are attached to this incident. Helitender 104 is also en route to the SAND FIRE (1749 PDT).

Air Tankers are flying at an altitude of 3,000 feet elevation north and south of the fire.

Coptors are flying northeast of the.  Helicopter 101 is currently northeast of the head of the fire.

So far, we have heard via scanner feed that Helicopters 101, 104, 152 and 512 are on-scene. (1749 PDT)

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The Wildfire Log | Stuhr Fire | CA | 1


JUNE 8, 2019 – SATURDAY – 1445 PDT

Incident Summary

A wildfire is burning off of I-5 and Pete Miller Road, located southwest of Newman in Stanislaus County, California.

It started on Friday, June 7, 2019, around 1655 hours PDT.  The cause is unknown and is under investigation.

Current Fire Status

Forward spread of the fire has been stopped.

Fire has destroyed 600 acres and firefighters have reached a 75% containment status.

There are approximately 90 personnel from the CAL FIRE Santa Clara Unit.


The Cost-to-date has reached $10,000.

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The Wildfire Log | 69 Fire | CA | 1

THERMAL, California | Fire crews through CAL FIRE Riverside have been dispatched to a brush (they call it a vegetation) fire located on Ave 69 and west of Pierce Street in Thermal.


There have been four engines, two Battalion Chiefs, one water tender that have been deployed to the fire.

Fire is about 1-1.5 acres with a 0% containment but there are reports of windy conditions and very dry conditions. We all know this means that the fire will likely spread but firefighters will work tirelessly through the night to contain it.

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California Wildfire | Fork Fire | 1

UPDATE 1 – Monday, September 10th

Fire resources on HWY 39 with fire above

Credit: Steve Shinn/USFS

Incident Summary

A wildfire named the FORK FIRE is burning on the Angeles National Forest, on Hwy 39 near the East Fork junction in the San Gabriel Canyon area.  It was reported on Sunday, September 9th around 1158 hours PDT.

Fire Status

The fire has burned 166 acres of grass, brush and chaparral and has a 54% containment status.   The fire is expected to be fully contained by Friday of this week.

Helicopter dropping water

Credit: Steve Shinn/USFS


The cause is unknown and the USFS Law Enforcement agency is currently investigating.


There are currently 32 personnel still assigned to this incident with an unknown number of resources.

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California Wildfire | Snell Fire | 1

UPDATE 1 – Monday, September 10, 2018

Incident Summary

A wildfire named the SNELL FIRE is burning in the Sonoma-Lake Unit (CAL FIRE) service area or about 12 miles southeast of Middletown (Napa County), California.

The cause is unknown and under investigation.

Fire Map on September 9. Credit: Joseph Elfet @MappingSupport


Fire fuels consist of grassy oak woodlands.


There are 1,241 fire personnel assigned to this incident along with 31 crews, 132 engines, 20 dozers, 20 water tenders and 7 helicopters.

Current Status

Fire behavior has been observed as active with uphill runs, single tree torching and flanking.  Firefighters are beginning to make great progress. A cooling trend is expected and to assist crews with fire suppression.

The fire has burned 2,490 acres and there is a 45% containment status.


At this time, many structures including homes are being threatened.  Evacuation orders were in effect but have since been lifted.

Damage Assessment

Firefighting suppression and containment costs have soared to $3.9 Million to date.

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California Wildfire | Delta Fire | 2

UPDATE 2 – Monday, September 10, 2018

Incident Summary

The Delta Fire is human-caused from an unknown ignition. It continues to burn two miles north of Lakehead, California.
Fire Status
There has been 49,874 acres burned and crews have reached a 5% containment status. We heard that parts of I-5 are partially open.
Fire behavior is active with running, backing and spotting. Numerous structures including energy, communication and RR infrastructures are currently being threatened.
There are 2,433 personnel assigned to the incident along with 77 crews, 178 engines and 12 helicopters. 2 structures have been lost.
Damage Assessment
2 structures have been lost.
$8.5 Million Cost-to-date in firefighting and containment suppression costs.

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California Wildfire | Delta Fire | 1

UPDATE 2 – Saturday, September 8 2018

Incident Summary

A human-caused wildfire broke out about two miles northwest from Lakehead and on I-5 at Lamoine in California.  When we first broke the news just after the large wildfire started, it was only at 2,000 acres with a 0% containment status.  It was stated that the fire would explode to three-times its size overnight, jumping the freeway and burning up numerous vehicles and five semis.  The location of the fire it would prompt mandatory evacuations and cause both northbound and southbound lanes of I-5 to shutdown.  I don’t think we have ever heard this happen before – the closure of a major interstate that transports a lot of commerce.

The fire has merged with the Hirz Fire and together it has become a monstrous firestorm eating up the landscape and reaching 40,580 acres collectively.

Fire vehicles stopped at an I-5 exit ramp . Photo by Eamon Sigler.

Photo Courtesy: Eamon Sigler via Inciweb

Current Fire Status

The fire behavior is considered as active with running, backing and spotting.  There is a 0% containment status at this time.  Because of the fire, I-5 NB lanes are closed at Fawndale exit approximately 10 miles north of Redding and in the SB lanes at Mott Road, about 3.6 miles south of Mt. Shasta in California.


There are currently 2,132 personnel battling this fire including air and ground resources that include 52 crews, 163 engines and 7 helicopters.


The following are evacuation notices and mandatory orders for each impacted County.  Please heed the alerts given to you and please do not stay back to save your property.  You are putting First Responders (Firefighters, Volunteers and Police Officers’ lives in jeopardy).  Your property can be replaced, YOU and your FAMILY cannot.

Shasta County – Mandatory evacuations along I-5 from exit 707 at Vollmers N. to Exit 714 at Gibson. These are being implemented by the Sheriff’s Office.

Trinity County – Mandatory evacuation orders are being implemented by the Sheriff’s Office for all residents on E. Fork Road to Ramshorn Road and to the Shasta – Trinity County line.

Siskiyou County – Evacuation order notice only but all should be ready in case you have to leave.  This is for all residents in the Dunsmuri area.

Evacuation Shelters

There are two evacuation shelters set-up for residents and are located in the following locations:

Mercy Oaks – 100 Mercy Oaks Drive.  Redding, California.

National Guard Armory – 618 Everitt Memorial Highway.  Mt. Shasta, California.

There is one animal shelters taking in cats and dogs.  Those who use this shelter’s services must provide food/water/meds for their own pets and must come by to care for their sheltered pets everyday.

Siskiyou Animal Shelter – 1208 N. Mt. Shasta Blvd. Shelter hours are 0900-1600 hours.  Phone number is 530-926-4052.


Firefighting suppression and containment costs have surged to $4.1 Million to date.

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Carr Fire | Whiskeytown, California

Update 1 – August 9, 2018 – 2130 hours PDT


  • Started 7/23/2018 @ 1315 hours
  •  Unified Command with CAL FIRE – Shasta – Trinity Unit, Redding City Fire and Whiskeytown National Park.
  • It  is located at Hwy 299 and Carr Powerhouse Rd, Whiskeytown, CA.


  • 352 engines
  • 125 water tenders
  • 16 helicopters
  • 76 hand crews
  • 118 bulldozers
  • 4,710 personnel


  • PG&E
  • CA National Guard
  • Shasta County Sheriff
  • CHP
  • Redding Police Department
  • Shasta County Fire Department
  • Shasta County Public Works
  • Bureau of Land Management
  • Maine Fores Rangers
  • CCC
  • State Parks
  • CDCR
  • Red Cross
  • Silicon Valley Power
  • Redding Electric
  • WAPA
  • Santa Rosa FD
  • California National Guard,
  • Trinity OES
  • Trinity County Sheriff’s Office
  • Sierra Pacific Industries
  • Secretary Sonny Perdue
  • AT&T
  • Shasta County Probation Dept
  • City of Redding/Carr Fire Recovery website:


  • Samaritans Purse
  • State of California
  • United Way Nor Cal
  • Salvation Army Del Oro with Bethel Church in Redding (Partnership)
  • Dignity Medial Group – putting their patients first with the aid of their staff, firefighters and 1st Responders
  • Team Rubicon


  • 178,752 acres
  • 49% contained
  • Cause was due to a mechanical failure of a vehicle


  • 1,077 homes
  • 22 commercial structures
  • 500 outbuildings


  • 191 homes
  • 26 commercial structures
  • 65 outbuildings damaged


  • 528 structures are currently being threatened.


Reported 12 lives – we are working to gather the names from verified sources. Note: we will only publish names and info if it already has been published by verified Fire or Law Enforcement Agencies out of respect for their families.

7/26/2018:  Redding FD Fire Inspector, JEREMY STOKE, 37

8/05/2018:  PG & E Lineman, JAY AYETA, 21

8/09/2018:   CAL FIRE Heavy Equipment Mechanic, ANDREW BRAKE, 40.



  • Whiskey Park
  • Rainbow Lake


  • Buckhorn Summit Rd W. to Sandhouse Rd.
  • All roads w/in this area North of Hwy 299.
  • Deadwood Road East of Trinity Dam Blvd
  • Lewiston Turn Pike East of Trinity Dam Blvd
  • Trinity Dam at Trinity Dam Blvd





  • Disaster Recovery Center, Old Kmart Building, 2685 Hilltop Dr., Redding, CA 96003

California Carr Fire survivors can receive in-person disaster assistance at the Disaster Recovery Center located in the Former Kmart building at 2685 Hilltop Dr., Redding, CA 96002 from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily. For more information, visit #ShastaCounty










SVP crews roll a 115kV utility pole uphill.


proud of Strike Team 1002A enroute to to provide crew support for the thousands of firefighters on the line. has dozens of firefighters & specialists assigned to major wildfires in Nor. Cal.

#CarrFire #CALFire

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California Wildfire | Hyatt Fire | 1

JANESVILLE, Calif. – A wildfire dubbed the HYATT FIRE for its location on Hyatt Lane and Standish Buntingville Road is burning about five miles east of Janesville in Lassen County, California.

The fire is said to be holding at 383 acres with a 10% containment status.

Limited information is available.

We will updated when more details are known.


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