Fire Rips Through DT Tacoma


Tacoma Firefighters were dispatched to a commercial structure fire call in the 1600 block of Tacoma Avenue South and quickly arrived to the downtown incident on the night of July 4, 2021.

First due units reported a fully engulfed structure around 2012 hours, quickly transitioning into a defensive fire attack strategy, while working to protect exposure buildings during this 2nd alarm fire.

Credit: Tacoma FD

No injuries were reported.

The cause is currently under investigation.

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Seattle Firefighters Respond to MCI

APRIL 9, 2021 | FRIDAY

Seattle Firefighters were dispatched to a mass casualty incident in the downtown core in the 500 block of 3rd Avanue for an unknown incident.

Units A5 AIR10 B2 B5 DEP1 E10 E2 E21 E25 E6 L1 L4 M1 M17 M18 M44 MCI1 SAFT2 STAF10 E2 B2 L1 were dispatched through the Fire Alarm Center at 1905 hours PT.

Three patients were located by first responders with two of them being coded as green and one yellow patients.

All units quickly went into service around 1930 hours PT.

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Leavenworth Bomb Threat False

LEAVENWORTH, Washington State

On December 29, 2020, the Chelan County Sheriff’s Office/9-1-1 Center “RiverCom” received an anonymous bomb threat from an unknown male caller who stated there was an explosive device in a garbage can in the 800 block of Front Street.

Chelan County deputies arrived quickly on-scene with mutual from the Washington State Patrol Troopers to help clear the area and evacuate all residents/businesses in the downtown corridor of the City. Leavenworth’s local hospital also went into lockdown, while others outside of the area were under a shelter-in-place order.

US 2 at MP 99.9: Leavenworth

While evacuations were in motion, several bomb squads were en route from the Moses Lake area and from the west side. After the bomb squads arrived on-scene, they worked methodically to check all areas before calling an all clear. The WSP Bomb Squad was said to have found nothing and turned the area back over to the Chelan County Sheriff’s Office around 0200 hours PT on Thursday morning.

Credit: USDA Rural Development WA

Traffic was diverted around US Highway due to roadblocks manned by WSP Troopers. All closures and shelter-in-place orders have been lifted. As you can see from the photo above, everything has returned back to normal operations.

There are currently no suspect(s) identified at the time of this post.

This an active and ongoing investigation.

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Bomb Threat in Washington State

LEAVENWORTH, Washington State

Chelan County Sheriff’s Office contacted the City of Leavenworth about a bomb threat in the downtown area in a garbage can in the 800 block of Front Street.

US 2 at MP 99.9: Leavenworth

All County and City officials are taking this phone threat seriously and are working to track down the caller. Bomb squads are en route or on-scene from Moses Lake and from the west side. The Command Center will be either at the High School or at Chelan County Fire District #3.

There are currently seven Chelan County Deputies and three or more WSP Troopers on-scene. More will soon pouring into area. If you are on the roadway, please pull to the right for emergency vehicles (it is the law).

The downtown corridor was evacuated and all others are strongly encouraged to shelter-in-place. Do not leave your homes/businesses and seek out the police activity in the area. There are roadblocks keeping people out of the area.

Credit | City of Leavenworth

Traffic Alert | “On US 2 in between milepost 99 and 101 (Leavenworth), road closure for police activity. Travelers should utilize East Leavenworth Rd. for east-west travel through the area. There is no current estimated time for reopening. From milepost 99 to milepost 101. There is an unknown ETA for reopening.” – WSDOT. Original update 2053 PT.

Traffic Alert | “SR2 closed between ICICLE RD (MP99) and EAST LEAVENWORTH RD (MP100-5). WSP units at the closure points.” – WSP Trooper John Bryant, PIO.

Shelter-In-Place | Cascade Medical Center and all those on the outside of downtown Leavenworth.


Leavenworth has an area of 1.25 square miles which was created in the 1960s with its Tudor style architecture, Bavarian Village type outdoor shops, restaurants, and hotel. Today, the destination is home to just over 1,900 residents with about 24.4% of have German ancestry but thousands visit and play here all year-round.

To learn more about this great little destination, you can visit the Leavenworth, Washington Chamber of Commerce Home | Leavenworth Washington.

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2-Alarm Commercial Fire Wind-Driven| Florida


Incident Summary

A single story commercial auto body building was fully engulfed when firefighters arrived to the address of 500 block on Dixie Highway in Hollywood, Florida. Firefighters arrived around 2230 hours EDT on Sunday, August 6, 2017.

Alleged Eyewitness Accounts

Social Media posters indicated some witnesses reported several explosions but no confirmed Pressers have been released by Fire or Law Enforcement officials.

Elevated Alarm

A 2nd alarm was called as several multiple exposures were being threatened, weather conditions and it being said the fire was being fueled by winds.

Size Up

Firefighters battled the fully engulfed auto body shop and addressed the exposure buildings.  Several cars were on fire inside the shop with one of them being very difficult to suppress and contain, as it may have been fed by possibly propane.

Reports of the fire knocked down, out, rekindling and then out were called in to Command several times. Finally, the fire appeared to be knocked down at 00:40 EDT but hot spots remained on the Charlie side.

Collapse Zone

Firefighters were pulled away from the Charlie side around 2353 hours EDT as the side became recognizable some of the building had collapsed.

A broadcast of all personnel to step away from the building was announced over the radio several times.

Personnel Accountability Report (PAR)

A PAR was being given by fire units as to their unit designations and locations.  Just as they were updating Command, heavy black smoke and flames began pouring out of the Charlie division.  They were all also in the middle of swapping out air bottles.

At the same time, they were in the midst of getting their aerial operations back up and running, additional resources were requested to redeploy to this side of the building.  As they were moving fire assets into position, Dispatch was still trying to find out if a PAR had been reached for each Division.

Fire Knocked Down, Out

As fire conditions were being reported to Command, the IC was reviewing with Safety what units needed to stay on-scene and which ones could be released. Right at the time, heavy smoke and flames started rekindling yet again up the sides of Divisions Alpha and Charlie.  The fire was having none of that.

Firefighters went interior and reported all clear, fire was now knocked down.(00:21 EDT)

Flames began to appear from the Alpha / Bravo side in the corner rear on the roof (00:22) then an exposure building on the same side flames were visible (00:23).

Water resources were repositioned to attempt to hit this stubborn fire. (00:23).

Flames yet again have reappeared on the Bravo side of the fire building. Firefighters’ tireless efforts were not going unnoticed but the fire has remained defiant throughout this late night into early wee hours of Monday, August 6, 2017.

The fire incident clock has reached 140 minutes and another PAR is being called out to Command and then to Dispatch. (00:43).

Fuels on Site

Firefighters were first told there was no gas on site but later the gas company would roll up in one of their own trucks saying there is a gas meter on the Delta side (North side).

The gas company confirmed there was an active gas feed directly to the structure but sounded like it was being secured. (00:32)

Broadcast Messages

An emergency button on a portable radio, was deemed to be an accidental activation.

Command warned all Firefighters and crews on the fire ground that power was being turned on to a nearby street and should not affect the fire ground. He wanted to make sure all personnel were aware and to be very careful.

Injuries Reported

One firefighter was reportedly injured and being transported by one of their own Rescue units.  It is unknown what his injuries are or his condition. – We hope it is nothing serious and he has a speedy recovery. – Ed.

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