Did You Know?

Did You Know?
“As many as 90 percent of wildland fires in the United States are caused by humans.” – U.S. Department of Interior

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NEW WILDFIRE: Lemmond Fire in TX Territory


A fire burning tall grass and brush started on private property has quickly turned into a large wildfire in the Texas A&M Forest Service territory.

Start date and time are unknown at this time of this posting.

Cause and if any injuries are also unavailable.


The fire currently has minimal fire behavior, however has scorched 640 acres and is being reportedly threatening structures.

Fire Fact:

Since 2005 (up to 2/7/2017), TX A&M Forest Service has on record 177,810 wildfires spanning up to almost 10 million acres. (Source: TX Farm Bureau)

Firefighters have successfully reached a 75% containment status.


There are currently 8 personnel along with 1 engine assigned to this incident.


Fire suppression costs have reached up to $1,000.00.



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Active Wildfires | Georgia | November 26, 2016


Smokey the Bear says, “Extreme Fire Danger”……..Remember, One Less Spark.

Courtesy: Georgia Forestry Commission


Fire Managers reported 30 new fires reported today in the Southern Area (PL5), which consists of States of Georgia, North and South Carolinas, Virginia, Tennessee and Kentucky.  – National InterAgency Coordination Center

Rock Mountain – 2 mi S of Tate City

The community of Clayton, Georgia gifted a fantastic meal for hundreds of firefighters.

The Community of Clayton provided a well-deserved Turkey Day meal to hundreds of fire crews out on the fire line. (Courtesy: Inciweb)

  • Chattahoochee-Oconee NF
  • North Carolina Forest Service (Incident Cooperator)
  • Human caused, under investigation
  • 18,069 acres
  • 40% contained
  • Hardwood litter and timber
  • Moderate fire behavior with creeping, backing and flanking
  • 563 personnel
  • IMT1
  • 12 crews
  • 40 engines
  • 7 helicopters
  • 0 structures lost
  • $6,000,000 Cost-to-date
  • Numerous residences threatened.
  • Road, area and trail closures in effect


Nationally, there are 24 wildfires burning in the United States.  Of those, 23 are burning alone in the Southern region. – National InterAgency Coordination Center

Rough Ridge – 13 mi NW of Blue Ridge

ATV mounted leaf blower

A Leaf Blower mounted to an ATV. These resources are very important as leaf fall has been heavy and in some cases, rekindling fires. (Courtesy: Inciweb)

  •  Chattahoochee-Oconee NF
  • Lightning caused
  • 27,870 acres
  • 75% contained
  • Hardwood litter, timber and brush
  • Minimal fire behavior with smoldering.
  • 197 personnel
  • IMT 2
  • 6 crews
  • 11 engines
  • 1 helicopter
  • 0 structures lost
  • $6,800,000.00 Cost-to-date
  • Area and trail closures in effect


The Largest Wildfire in U.S. History is said to be the The Great Fire of 1910.  This wildfire burned approximately 3,000,000 acres of land in Washington State, Idaho and Montana – said to be the same size as the State of Conneticut. – Earth Matters

Tatum Gulf – 11 mi W of LaFayette

  • Georgia Forestry Commission
  • 2,336 acres
  • 80% contained
  • Hardwood litter
  • Minimal fire behavior
  • 14 Personnel
  • 4 engines
  • $572,000.00 cost-to-date
  • 2 structures lost with additional structures threatened
  • Road and area closures in effect

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