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WSDOT, Firefighters and Law Enforcement are on-scene of a 3rd Alarm Technical Rescue three foot deep and eight feet wide hole dug by an unknown person, just northbound of I-5 and under the Pacific Avenue offramp, where they are trying to locate if someone is still inside the manmade tunnel.

Credit | Everett FD


WSP, WSDOT, Everett Fire and other agencies on-scene.


0800 hours PT – 911 received a call from a WSDOT member about a hole leading to a tunnel which was close to the northbound I-5 off ramp at Pacific Avenue. Personnel saw a person near the entrance of the tunnel the night before.

During the height of the call, there was concern that the tunnel had collapsed, but after rescuers were working, they found that were was dirt covering the entrance to the tunnel and found it to be fully intact. At this time, they say it does not appear the tunnel has been dug underneath the highway. Concerns of an individual being inside was of the essence to locate.

Agencies working tirelessly. – Credit | EFD

1022 hours PT – Seattle FD Squad 14 is dispatched to Pacific Avenue and Walnut as a single Red unit. We have reached out to Seattle FD to see if this is the unit that is up in Everett. We are not seeing any Battalion Chief or other resources dispatched as mutual aid in their CAD system.

1210 hours PT – Everett FD: “Working to remove dirt away from this tunnel to determine if anyone is inside. Nothing has been confirmed that it has collapsed or if anyone is entrapped inside the man-made dug tunnel underneath the I-5 offramp under Pacific Avenue in Everett, Washington.”

The “Hole” – Credit | Everett FD

1412 hours PT – Multiple Fire, LE, Public Works and DOT units are still on-scene and working to remove the dirt from the tunnel. It has been a long day for many of these first responders in their urgent search of a possible victim inside the man-made (dug) tunnel.


N I-5 offramp to Pacific in Everett, Washington. (via WSP)

Seattle Firefighters Dispatched to Heavy Rescue Call

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON — Seattle Firefighters and assets were dispatched through the Fire Alarm Center on Saturday at 2018 hours PT to a heavy rescue – major call with five vehicles involved.

A report of a vehicle with one of them possibly cut in half was dispatched out over the air.

When first due resources arrived, it was immediately known to be a single vehicle with  a deceased occupant inside.  A second person was safely extricated and both were transported to the hospital.

The incident occurred in the location of 3400 block of Airport Way South.

It was quickly downgraded to a heavy rescue only.

Units dispatched were: A10, A14, Air10, B2, B5, Deputy1, Engines 13, 27, 36, 5, 6; Ladders 1, 3; Medic10,; Rescue 1, Safety 2 and Staff 10.  Additional units were also tied to this incident:  M44, Aid 5 and Engine 10.

No word on what caused the vehicle to crash or what it crashed into was released by Officials at the time this post was published.

Seattle Police will be investigating.

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