NW Wildfire Activity Log | May 15, 2020 | Friday

Here is a recap of both Washington and Oregon wildfire activity for the beginning of this week, from May 15, 2020.



Talkire Road.  Smoke Check. Talkire Lake Road. Dispatched 1531. Resources  on-scene include:  HI26, HI27, HI7105.

Moore Fire.    Moore Road.   Spokane County. Dispatched at 1340 hours. Slash, logs, duff. 0.01 acre.  Contained 1415 PT. Contained 1445 PT.  In patrol status.


Skamania.  Skamania. Dispatched 1614 PT.  E2205 dispatched.  Open Incident. 


Brooks Fire.  Orting. Pierce County.  Dispatched 1136 PT.  Brush, timber. Contained 1250 PT. Controlled 1330 PT.  0.1 acre.  In patrol status.

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UMF-159 Fire.  3 miles south of Dale. Dispatched 1713 PT.  Unstaffed fire.  Open incident.


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NW Wildfire Activity Log | May 14, 2020 | Thursday

Here is a recap of both Washington and Oregon wildfire activity for the beginning of this week, from May 14, 2020.



Rocky Flat Fire.  Old Hwy 8, Klickitat County. 0.1 ac. Grass. Dispatched at 0824 PT.  Contained/controlled/out 1120 PT.


Coeur D’ Alene Fire.    Coeur D’Alene Road. Dispatched at 1510 hours. Resources on-scene at 1520 PT.  Open Incident.

# # #



0134 CS Fire:   Cline Buttes.  Dispatched 5/13/2020 1100 PT.  0.1 ac.  Open Incident.  


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NW Wildfire Activity Log | May 13, 2020 | Wednesday

Here is a recap of both Washington and Oregon wildfire activity for the beginning of this week, from May 11 – 13, 2020.



Medical Lakes Four Lakes Fire:  Four Lakes Road, Medical Lakes in Spokane County. 5/13/2020. Dispatched 1247 PT.   0.25 acres. Grass, brush, reproduction and light timber. IC 7411. In patrol.

Pine Hill Fire :  Pine Ridge Way, Stevens County .  5/12/2020. Dispatched 1900 PT.  Controlled/contained 2001 PT.  0.1 acres. Slash, grass and brush. AR 63 (IC).

“Camping isn’t yet permitted, but we’re already responding to escaped campfires. These illegal fires take time and resources from our firefighters. Please obey the rules and remember: If it’s too hot to touch, it’s too hot to leave.”  – WA DNR

Riverside Fire:  Riverside Memorial Park. Spokane County.  5/12/2020. Dispatched 1329 PT.  0.03 acre. Grass, brush, reproduction and heavy timber.  7404 (IC). Contained 1440 PT. Controlled 1600 PT.

Furzee Fire:  Furzee Road, Stevens County.  5/11/2020. Dispatched 1109 PT.  Contained 5/11 1130 PT.  0.01 ac.  Garbage.  Controlled 1140 PT.  Out 5/13 1052 PT.

Dishman Knob Fire:  Dishman Hills natural area. Spokane County.  Dispatched 0805 PT.  5/11/2020.  0.01 acre.  Logs, duff.  AR 62 (IC). Contained/controlled 0915 PT.


Omak River Campfire:  Omak River. Dispatched 5/11/2020 1239 PT.  0.1 acre. Contained/controlled/out 1515 PT.

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Office Fire:  Dispatched 5/11/2020 1200 PT.  0.1 acres. Grass, brush. Under control 1412 PT.  Contained 1511 PT.

Photo Credit | OR DEQ (State of Oregon)



0133 CR Fire:  Crescent.  Dispatched 5/13/2020 1602 PT. 0.1 ac.  Open Incident. 

0132 NE Fire:  Moffitt Rd x FS 23.  Dispatched 5/13/2020 1330 PT.  0.1 acre.  Contained/controlled at 1605 PT.

0131 CR Fire:  Masten Rd.  Dispatched 5/13/2020  1253 PT.  0.1 acre.  Contained/control 1454 PT.

0130 CS Fire:  Suttle Lake.  Dispatched 5/13/2020 1203 PT.  0.1 ac.  Open Incident.  

“Lightning is one source, but leading causes are human-made: debris burning, power equipment & escaped campfires.”  – OR DEQ

0128 NE Fire:  Lava Butte.  Dispatched  5/11/2020 1617 PT.  Controlled/contained/out 1929 PT.

0126 NW Fire:  Wanoga.  Dispatched 5/11/2020 0808 PT.  .25 acre.  Contained 5/11/2020 1823 PT.  Controlled 5/13/2020 0955 PT.

Bramlet Wildfire:  Smith Mountain Road area, 5 mi northwest of Wallowa.  Dispatched 5/11/2020 2127 PT.   Lightning caused.   ODF State resources, responded 5/11/2020.  Contained/controlled 2216 PT.  0.1 acre.


Stevenson Fire:  T39S R10E Sec12 NWNW.  Dispatched 5/12/2020 1210 PT.  0.1 acre. Contained/controlled 1623 PT.

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The Wildfire Log | Heppsie Fire | OR

A wildfire broke out in southwest portion of the State on Thursday.  The fire is located on Heppsie Mountain Road off of Highway 140, mile post 20, just east of Eagle Point, Oregon.

Image may contain: sky, tree, outdoor and nature

Credit | ODF SW OR District

Firefighters were able to quickly contain the portion of the fire on private industrial land which was turned back over to BLM last night.

This wildfire was called the Heppsie Mountain Fire.

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McAlister 2 Fire | McAllister Spring, Oregon | Newly Reported


A wildfire sparked by lightning caused the dispatch from the Blue Mountain Interagency Dispatch Center of fire assets on Friday, August 17, 2018 at 1230 hours PDT to the Graves Creek area.

The fire was 100% contained on Friday,  at 1947 hours PDT.  A total of 0.3 acre of grass was burned.

This is the last update for this wildfire.

#McAlister2Fire #ORwildfires2018

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Whiskey Fire | Graves Creek Oregon | 1

UPDATE 1 – AUGUST 18, 2018 – SATURDAY – 0016 PDT

A wildfire was sparked by lightning in the Graves Creek area in the service area of the Oregon State Department of Forestry.

Resources were dispatched on Friday, August 17, 2018, at 1300 hours where resources were said to be en route or on-scene.  The fire was fully contained on Friday at 2121 hours.

There was 0.5 acre of grass burned.

Limited information available.

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NEW! #Hwy34and73Fire | Hammon OK | 1

HWY 34 and 73 FIRE

Incident Summary |  A wildfire has ignited in the Oklahoma Department of Forestry’s area located six miles south of Hammon, Oklahoma.  Fire fuels include tall grass and brush.

Current Fire Conditions | Fire conditions include active fire behavior with wind-driven runs.  About 400 acres of land has been consumed.  The fire has a 59% containment status.

Resources | There are 58 personnel assigned to this incident with 24 engines.

Damage Assessments | There has been no structure reported as damaged or destroyed, however, cost-to-date expenses have reached $16,000.

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Wildfires Explode in the Dry Pacific NW | Monday, August 1, 2016

We all knew this day was coming and were expecting it to be really bad again year as weather forecasters predicted.  We are talking Wildfires Exploding in the great Pacific Northwest touching many lives, homes, businesses, livelihoods and hearts everywhere.

Over the weekend there were seven (7) fires burning in Washington and Oregon alone.  Today, there are more popping up everywhere.  Here is a recap of the current fires burning in both States.

Due to time constraints, we have left off a few from our list and will be adding those on Wednesday.


#BybeeCreekFire – West of Crater Lake Rim Drive, Oregon.

The Bybee Creek Fire started on 7/28/2016 from an unknown cause that is currently under investigation.  The fire has consumed up to 425 acres and has a 10% containment status.

The fire has been spotted at the West Rim Drive area.  Closures include on West Rim Drive from Discovery Point to North Junction are closed.

Fire crews will be working fire on the East side up the Pacific Crest Trail; South on Lightning Springs Trail and West of Crater Lake Rim Drive.

There are 280 personnel assigned to this incident, along with nine (9) hand crews, five (5) water tenders, six (6) engines, five (5) helos and two (2) Fixed Wing aircraft.

The temps have been in the 70’s with a 19% humidity.  Fire restrictions are at a Stage 1.  Visitors are not at risk and the Park is still open.

#RailFire – 10 miles SW of Unity, Oregon.

The Rail Fire has consumed 1,000 acres of lodge pole pine but has reached a 50% containment status. This fire started on 7/31/2016, is said to be two (2) miles long and one-half (1/2) mile wide.  It is burning timber and logging slash. Fire behavior is extreme with crowning and group torching.

There are four (4) engines, two (2) crews, one (1) bulldozer assigned to this fire, with a total of 100 personnel.  An Air Attack has been ordered for Tuesday, August 2nd.

#WeighStationFire – near Meachem, Oregon.

The Weigh Station Fire is about 688 acres with a 25% containment status, thanks to a very productive day today.  However, evening winds did pick up but lines held. There has been little fire activity, enabling fire crews to mop up to 300-feet from the control lines.

306 Personnel are assigned.   I-84 is reportedly open.

Weigh Station Fire (Credit: Erik Jacobs)

Weigh Station Fire (Credit: Erik Jacobs)

#WhitneyFire – 11 miles NW of Unity, Oregon.

This wildfire is very active, burning in grass and timber with torching and spotting.  As of this morning’s press release, the fire had only burned 10 acres and a 0% containment status.  The cause is unknown.

Firefighters are continuing to  improve lines and constructing fire lines.


#AntilonLakeFire – Burning near Manson, Washington.

The Antilon Lake Fire is said to be burning near Manson, Washington that has consumed up to 540 acres.  It has reached a 65% containment status, despite flare-ups this afternoon.  It was started by equipment failure on Friday, July 29th.  There is still an ongoing investigation into the cause.

Fire personnel include those from the U.S. Forest Service, WA Dept. of Natural Resources (DNR) and Chelan County Fire District #7.  Additional resources include 150 personnel, two (2) helicopters, 10 engines, two (2) tenders, along with a Fire Boss Scooper that dipped out of nearby Lake Chelan.  Two (2) Type-2 Helicopters were also assigned to assist ground fire resources.

#HalfWayFire – Burning along Hwy 410, near Boulder Cave Rec area / 25 miles West of Yakima  (Yakima County), Washington.

This 99-acre fire is burning mostly in heavy stands of timber along the Naches River, about 25 miles West of Yakima.  On Sunday, July 31, 2016, Halfway Flat and Sawmill Campground were evacuated.  As a precaution, Camp Roganuda Christian Camp/Retreat and Conference, along with 25 homes in the Stillwater/Crag summer homes were also evacuated.

The fire behavior is very active.  Structures are still being threatened. Evacuations are still in effect.

Resources include: 70 Interagency USFS personnel, along with DNR, rural county Fire Districts with the assistance of two (2) – 20-person crews, three (3) engines, one (1) overhead team and Airtankers and Helicopters as needed

No structures or injuries have been reported.

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Updated 2357 Hours PDT 8/1/2016

OR WILDFIRE: Onion Mountain Fire


  • 15 mi W of Grants Pass, OR


  • Start Saturday 9/13/14 1030 hours approximately


  • 2,949 acres
  • 2% contained


  • Pickett Creek, Shan Creek, Riverbanks Road, and Taylor Creek Road areas remain in effect.
  • Road and Campground closures are in place for public and firefighter safety.


Boundary Closures

  • Sam Brown Campground and Sam Brown Horse Camp located on Forest Road 2512 and Briggs Camp Campground and Myers Camp Campground located on Forest Road 2500.
  • .35S, R.8W, Sections 13, 20, 25, and 35 ; T.36S, R.8W, Section 1; T.36S, R7W, Sections 6, 5, and 4 and bound by Forest Roads 2706, 2509, and 2500.

Road Closures

  • Forest Road #2500 (and all associated spur roads to the road centerline left) from the Forest Boundary at mile post 2.0 to junction with Forest Road #2509 at mile post 21.11.
  • Forest Road #2509 (and all associated spur roads to road centerline right) from junction with Forest Road #2500 at mile post 8.15 to junction with Forest Road #2706
  • Forest Road #2706 (and all associated spur roads to road centerline right) from the junction with the Forest boundary at mile post 1.25 to junction with Forest Road #2509 at mile post 6.27


  • OR IMT #1
  • ODF
  • Rural/Metro


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