Angel Springs Fire | Davenport WA | FINAL UPDATE


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Credit | WA DNR


A wildfire is burning about 7 – 8 miles northeast of Davenport, Washington that started on August 2, 2018 @ 1500 hours PDT by equipment.

8/12/2018 1100 PDT
5,046 acres. 95% contained. Firefighters on Saturday kept the fire within containment lines despite heavy wind conditions which would cause significant events such as knocking down snags within the fire perimeter. Crews also worked on extensive mop up and repair work on fences and lines. 214 personnel remain with engines checking & putting out hot spots. More resources will be released throughout the day. | FINAL UPDATE

8/11/2018 – 2130 PDT

5,046 acres. 90% contained. Minimal fire behavior. 351 personnel. 6 crews. 43 engines. 3 helos. 14 structures lost. 170 structures threatened. Some crews released today. $4.6M CTD.

8/10/2018  – 1945 PDT

5,081 acres. 60% contained. 14 structures burned. 180 threatened. 564 personnel. 13 crews. 3 helicopters. 68 engines.

8/9/2018 2000 PDT

5.081 acres. 60% contained. IC IMT Goldman. Minimal Fire behavior. 564 personnel. 13 crews, 68 engines and 3 helicopters. 14 structures have been lost. $3.3M.

8/8/2018 – 2100 PDT

5,043 acres. 35% contained with continued moderate fire behavior with uphill runs, observed isolated torching and backing. Cause is still unknown and under investigation.

There are 549 personnel along with 12 crews, 3 helos and 72 engines. Fire resources are pouring from the National Guard, Canada and Australia.

170 homes are threatened with 4 already destroyed along with 10 other structures which totals to 14 buildings. Fire suppression and containment costs-to-date have reached $2,200,000.

8/6/2018 – 2145 PDT

Spokane County Fire District 8 Firefighters worked throughout the night on August 5th on the fire line and conducting burn out operations on the day of the 6th. Additional resources from Lincoln County Fire Districts 4 and 5, WA DNR, Federal, State and local agencies have come together collectively through fire suppression and containment efforts. Local farmers have gathered together to help build fire lines across their fields, as well as mineral soil to aid firefighters to stop the spread of the fire.

Per fire sources this morning, here is what we know so far (please be patient, things change so rapidly): 4,500 ares of timber, grass and brush. 15% contained. 2 structures lost. 170 threatened. 1 minor structure burned and one other threatened. 272 personnel with 8 crews, 3 helicopters and 45 engines.

On August 5th: Fire on NE portion was very active with visible fire and smoke throughout the day and night. Efforts focused in this area with crews, engines and dozers. Crews used air resources to their advantage including super scoopers dipping out of the Spokane River arm of Lake Roosevelt.

8/5/2018 – 1145 PDT

Started 8/2/2018. Cause unknown. 4,500 acres. 0% contained. 60 homes threatened, 1 destroyed. Other minor structures threatened, 1 destroyed. 160 personnel. 3 crews, 25 engines. Fire located in steep canyons w/rugged terrain.

8/4/2018 –  2030 PDT

Level 2 and 3 evacuations have been issued and assistance through Washington State Fire mobe have arrived on the fire line. The Northeast WA Interagency IMT with IC Eddie Lewis, a Type 3 has assumed command of the fire yesterday around 0600 hours. Cause is still unknown and under investigation.

4,700 acres scorched. 0% contained.

8/4/2018 – 0121 PDT

Initial call fire info – Angel Springs Rd, Lincoln County. Grass, brush, reproduction, timber. AR IC as of 8/2 1642 PDT. Resources dispatched BC 51 FP 13 FP 18 HI 35 NC 40+Crew NC 41+Crew NE 06 NE 12 at 1448 PDT. TYPE 3 TEAM IN PLACE – IC LEWIS / LOVE. TYPE 2 TEAM ORDERED.

8/3/2018 – 2300 PDT

160 firefighters. 4,500 ac. 0% containment. Dayshifters (FFs) are home (local Fire District) getting much-needed rest and sleep, will be back out on the fire line on Day 3. Night operations in effect with structure protection. Active Fire behavior with running, spotting and group torching. 2 structures destroyed (1 home and 1 outbuilding).

8/3/2018 – 0956 PDT

Aircraft and other resources dispatched from Roberts Field -Redmond Municipal Airport. Angel Springs Aerial Support. Lat/Lon 47 44.898, -118 4.500 dispatched through the Central Oregon Interagency Dispatch Center.

8/2/2018 – 2030 PDT

Resources were dispatched around 1557 hours PDT today to a wildfire producing a large smoke plume about five miles north of Reardan which included engines fire boss airplanes and hand crews. (Video as of 1800 hours PDT – Courtesy NE WA IMT) 170 acres. 60% containment achieved. 6 structures threatened. 1 lost.  Gusty wind conditions are making fire suppression efforts challenging.


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Carr Fire | Whiskeytown, California

Update 1 – August 9, 2018 – 2130 hours PDT


  • Started 7/23/2018 @ 1315 hours
  •  Unified Command with CAL FIRE – Shasta – Trinity Unit, Redding City Fire and Whiskeytown National Park.
  • It  is located at Hwy 299 and Carr Powerhouse Rd, Whiskeytown, CA.


  • 352 engines
  • 125 water tenders
  • 16 helicopters
  • 76 hand crews
  • 118 bulldozers
  • 4,710 personnel


  • PG&E
  • CA National Guard
  • Shasta County Sheriff
  • CHP
  • Redding Police Department
  • Shasta County Fire Department
  • Shasta County Public Works
  • Bureau of Land Management
  • Maine Fores Rangers
  • CCC
  • State Parks
  • CDCR
  • Red Cross
  • Silicon Valley Power
  • Redding Electric
  • WAPA
  • Santa Rosa FD
  • California National Guard,
  • Trinity OES
  • Trinity County Sheriff’s Office
  • Sierra Pacific Industries
  • Secretary Sonny Perdue
  • AT&T
  • Shasta County Probation Dept
  • City of Redding/Carr Fire Recovery website:


  • Samaritans Purse
  • State of California
  • United Way Nor Cal
  • Salvation Army Del Oro with Bethel Church in Redding (Partnership)
  • Dignity Medial Group – putting their patients first with the aid of their staff, firefighters and 1st Responders
  • Team Rubicon


  • 178,752 acres
  • 49% contained
  • Cause was due to a mechanical failure of a vehicle


  • 1,077 homes
  • 22 commercial structures
  • 500 outbuildings


  • 191 homes
  • 26 commercial structures
  • 65 outbuildings damaged


  • 528 structures are currently being threatened.


Reported 12 lives – we are working to gather the names from verified sources. Note: we will only publish names and info if it already has been published by verified Fire or Law Enforcement Agencies out of respect for their families.

7/26/2018:  Redding FD Fire Inspector, JEREMY STOKE, 37

8/05/2018:  PG & E Lineman, JAY AYETA, 21

8/09/2018:   CAL FIRE Heavy Equipment Mechanic, ANDREW BRAKE, 40.



  • Whiskey Park
  • Rainbow Lake


  • Buckhorn Summit Rd W. to Sandhouse Rd.
  • All roads w/in this area North of Hwy 299.
  • Deadwood Road East of Trinity Dam Blvd
  • Lewiston Turn Pike East of Trinity Dam Blvd
  • Trinity Dam at Trinity Dam Blvd





  • Disaster Recovery Center, Old Kmart Building, 2685 Hilltop Dr., Redding, CA 96003

California Carr Fire survivors can receive in-person disaster assistance at the Disaster Recovery Center located in the Former Kmart building at 2685 Hilltop Dr., Redding, CA 96002 from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily. For more information, visit #ShastaCounty










SVP crews roll a 115kV utility pole uphill.


proud of Strike Team 1002A enroute to to provide crew support for the thousands of firefighters on the line. has dozens of firefighters & specialists assigned to major wildfires in Nor. Cal.

#CarrFire #CALFire

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Washington Wildfire | Little Camas Fire | 4 | Last Update

UPDATE 4 – 7/14/2018 – 0730 hours – Last & Final Update

July 11:  Firefighters focused on mopping up the fire’s edge, removing excess equipment and supplies, starting the demobing process. 1 Helicopter was available if water drops were needed. Weather conditions were becoming more poor as the temps heated up to a near 90*F and RH nearing 20%.  Road and trail closures still in effect. This is the last day NWIMT7 will manage the fire. A Type 3 until will be led by IC Charlies Burns which will continue to mop up and patrol the fire beginning on Friday, July 13, 2018.

July 10:  Firefighters secured fire containment lines.  They were tasked with mopping up on the interior of the fire with hand tools and water, as well as to scout for any rolling debris.  Fire was at 74% containment and 317 acres (306 acres on DNR  land and 11 acres on USFS lands). 364 personnel were assigned.  Level 1 evacuations were lifted but road and trail closures were still in effect.  Some of the fire personnel were released from this fire to assist on the Ryegrass Coulee Fire in Vantage.  No significant fire behavior or growth.  Some portions of this incident will start demobilizing.

UPDATE 3 – 0900 hours – July 9, 2018

Cooler weather has dropped over the fire line helping minimize fire behavior and slowing down the rate of spread on this wildfire near the town of Cashmere in Eastern Washington State.

Photo Credit | WA DNR

There has been 338 acres scorched and crews have reached a successful status of 5% containment, but they are continuing aggressively to obtain all fire objectives.

There are still 270 fire personnel with another 175 en route to help increase containment before the forecasted high winds on Monday, July 9, 2018 to be present.

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Colorado Wildfires | July 8, 2018


Just like what is happening in Arizona, California, Washington and other U.S. States, fires are burning up vast amounts of landscapes around them.

Today, we provide a single recap of what is happening in this State on this Sunday, July 8, 2018.

416 FIRE

The 416 FIRE is burning in the San Juan National Forest, about 13 miles north of Durango in timber and brush.  The fire command will be transferred from a NIMO back to the local unit on Tuesday, July 10, 2018.

Fire behavior has been reduced to minimal activity, as rain fell over the area helping crews gain a higher containment of 50%.   This fire has burned 54,129 acres.

There are 290 total personnel working on this incident with two crews, 16 engines and two helicopters.

No structures have been reported as lost on this fire.  However, cost-to-date expenses have reached a whopping $30,400,00!

Adobe Fire | Credit: Fremont Sheriff


Fire is holding at 1,423 acres with a 95% containment status.

Some resources have been reassigned to other wildfires, while those who remain are working towards their main fire objective of getting to 100% containment by the end of their shift today.


The BURRO FIRE is burning in the San Juan National Forest, about 14 miles south of Rico in timber.  Fire behavior is running at minimal activity today.

Photo Credit | USFS

4,593 acres have been consumed but there is a 50% containment status.  There are 35 total personnel along with three crews still remaining on this incident.

$3,200,000 is the total cost-to-date.

FIRE FACT:   Two MAFFS C-130 air tankers and support personnel from the 302nd Airlift Wing (Colorado Springs, Air Force Reserve) along with one MAFFS C-130 air tanker and support personnel each from the 153rd Airlift Wing (Wyoming, Air National Guard) and 152nd Airlift Wing (Nevada, Air National Guard) have been deployed to
Colorado Springs, CO in support of wildland fire operations.


The CHATEAU FIRE is burning in Teller County, about seven miles northwest of Cripple Creek in closed timber litter and tall grass. The fire behavior is minimal but is still threatening numerous homes and keeping road, area and trail closures in effect.

There has been 1,423 acres burned but a 95% containment status has been gained. 136 total personnel are on the fire line along with three crews and 14 engines.

Cost-to-date has reached $2,400,000.


Photo Credit | Little Snake Field Office

Burning in Moffat County, the DIVIDE 2 FIRE is located about 23 miles northwest of Craig, Colorado in brush and grass.  Fire behavior remains at a minimal rate.  Structures and sage-grouse habitat is still threatened.  All Evacuation orders have been lifted for the time-being.

The fire has consumed 19,955 acres and crews have reached a successful 40% containment status.

There are 71 personnel assigned along with 16 engines.

Three structures have been lost with a total fire suppression and containment cost-to-date of $800,000.


Photo Courtesy | Inciweb

A new start in northwest Colorado has prompted fire resources to move into this area located in Rio Blanco County.  The fire was caused by a lightning strike on July 7, 2018 and was detected around 1700 hours.  It is burning in rugged terrain in a remote section of the Piceance Basin about 30 miles southwest of Meeker.

There are a total of 55 personnel assigned with unknown resources assisting them.

The size of the fire is 188 acres in juniper and sage grass with an unknown containment status.


Photo Credit | Kim Doyle Wille (Express permission given)

The LAKE CHRISTINE FIRE is burning in Eagle County, one mile northwest of Basalt, Colorado in timber and brush.

The fire is being managed by IMT 2 (Almas). There are 555 personnel along with 16 crews, 33 engines and 6 helicopters assigned to this incident.

Fire behavior is moderate with isolated torching, creeping and smoldering.  The fire has burned 5,916 acres and reached an 8% containment status.

Numerous structures, including energy and communications infrastructures are at risk.  Three have been lost.   Evacuations, road and trail closures are still in effect.

Some rain fell over the fire line yesterday but not enough to put out the fire completely.

The cost-to-date for this fire has reached $3,800,000.


Photo Credit | CO DOT

This wildfire is burning about nine miles northeast of Fort Garland, Colorado in timber, brush and tall grass.  It has destroyed 106,985 acres and 199 structures.  It has reached a 55%

containment status.

The fire is being managed by IMT 2 (Greer) and IMT 2 (Espereance).  There are 1,805 total personnel assigned along with 40 crews, 120 engines and 12 helicopters.

Cost-to-Date have reached $17,300,000.


Photo Credit | USDA Forest Service

The TABEGUACHE FIRE is burning seven miles northeast of Nucla that was caused by lightning today.  The fire has burned about 500 acres that is burning on the Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre and Gunnison National Forests.  There is a 0% containment status.

The Fire Manager of this incident is a Type 3 IMT with Joe Sampson as the IC.

No structures are under threat nor are there any active evacuation orders in place.


The THORNBURG FIRE ignited in the last 24 hours from an unknown cause is said to be burning in Moffat County, about four miles northwest of Maybell, Colorado.

This active fire is being driven by heavy winds.   1,636 acres of short grass has already been burned up but a 50% containment status has been reached.  Cost-to-date have reached $50,000.

Some structures and sage-grouse habitat are being threatened.  No evacuation orders are being reported at this time.

There are 18 personnel assigned along with four engines.


The WESTON PASS FIRE has burned 13,019 acres of timber and brush which is burning nine miles southwest of Fairplay on the Pike-San Isabel National Forest lands.  There is a 34% containment status reached.

Fire management is in the hands of an IMT 1 (Pechota) along with 578 total personnel alongside 13 crews, 20 engines and 6 helicopters.

The fire behavior is moderate with flanking, torching and creeping.  Three structures have been destroyed.

Fire suppression and containment costs have reached $4,900,000.


A new fire start has been reported as of 1221 PDT and is burning in the Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre and Gunnison National Forests.

Image may contain: cloud, mountain, sky, outdoor and nature

Photo Credit | San Miguel County Sheriff

Resources include two Type 6 engines, one Type 4 engine and a Type 2 helicopter.

It is currently listed as a two-acre fire with a 0% containment status with active fire behavior with one-to-three feet flames.

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Washington Wildfire | Little Camas Fire | 4

CASHMERE, Wash. – UPDATE 4 – 1200 hours PDT

The LITTLE CAMAS FIRE is located six miles southwest of Cashmere inside Chelan County, Washington. The fire started on July 5, 2018, from an unknown cause, which is remains under investigation.

Photo taken on July 6, 2018. | Credit: WA DNR

The slow-moving fire has burned 399 acres of grass, logging slash and timber.  It is currently at an 11% containment status.  Fire behavior is moderate with backing, single-tree torching and short-range spotting.  It is burning in steep and rugged terrain making it difficult for ground attack by crews to suppress.

On Saturday, six rotor wings and two fixed wing aircraft were tasked with air attack activities.  This included retardant drops and dipping out of a pond at the Camas Meadows Bible Camp.

Expected containment is around July 20, 2018.

The fire is being managed by a WA DNR Type 3 IMT with Don Melton as the IC.   There are 334 fire personnel along with 11 crews and 24 engines on the fire line.

Evacuations —> The Camas Meadows Bible Camp and three other nearby homes are under a Level 1 evacuation order.

Closures —> Forest Service Red Hill Trail #1223 and Tronsen Ridge Trail #1204 from Ruby Creek to the 5 Mile Road junction are closed.

Cost-to-Date has reached $578,000 and will continue this wildfire is completely put out.

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Washington Wildfire | Little Camas Fire | 3

UPDATE 3 – 0900 hours

Cooler weather has dropped over the fire line helping minimize fire behavior and slowing down the rate of spread on this wildfire near the town of Cashmere in Eastern Washington State.

Photo Credit | WA DNR

There has been 338 acres scorched and crews have reached a successful status of 5% containment, but they are continuing aggressively to obtain all fire objectives.

There are still 270 fire personnel with another 175 en route to help increase containment before the forecasted high winds on Monday, July 9, 2018 to be present.

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NEW | New Mexico Wildfire | Owl Fire | 1

UPDATE 1 | 0815 PDT

Incident Summary 

Fire started on June 30, 2018, by lightning about 4 miles northeast of Saddle Mountain and is south of Aspen Mountain near the Flying T trail in an inventoried roadless area on  Gila National Forest lands.

Fire fuels include Timber (litter, grass and understory).


There are currently 276 fire assets assigned on this incident.

Fire Behavior

Fire behavior has been low to moderate with single-tree torching.  It has mostly spread is to the north and east while being visible from Alma, New Mexico along the US Hwy 180 corridor through Luna.  Those may be able to see smoke from Alpine Arizona and the Rancho Grande subdivision.

Current Status

Fire has consumed 4,018 acres.  There is no known containment status at the time of this posting.

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Washington Wildfire | Little Camas Fire | 2

UPDATE 2 – 0815 hours


The Little Camas Fire started on July 5th and is located in the Southeast Region of DNR about 6 miles southwest of Cashmere, Washington.

Photo Credit | NIFC


270 firefighters are assigned. 4 bull dozers (ground attack as of 1700 hours 7/5/2018).

IC is Battalion 21.

Incident Cooperators

Incident Cooperators include Chelan County District 6, Chelan County SO, Okanogan Wenatchee NF, WA DNR

Size, Containment

Fire  has consumed 400 acres of timber, heavy logging slash and brush.  Crews have reached a 1% containment status.

Fire Behavior

Fire behavior is moderate with backing, spotting, torching in steep and rugged terrain, making it difficult for fire attack crews.

Fire is heading west.

Concerns of continued hot and dry conditions with RED FLAG WARNINGS due to predicted lightning over the area today.


Fire suppression and containment costs have reached $250,000.

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Washington Wildfire | Little Camas Fire | Update 2

CASHMERE, Wash. – The LITTLE CAMAS FIRE is anything, but little.

This incident was reported on July 5, 2018, as a 100-acre wildfire, which has quickly spread that is burning on Weyerhaeuser lands n steep and rugged terrain.


Fire plume can be seen from I-90 near Thorp | Photo Credit : Unnamed Source

270 personnel / fire crews / overhead teams from the WA DNR and Okanogan – Wenatchee National Forest.


Ground Fire Tactics

Fire has consumed 400 acres of grass and brush.

Crews are finding extreme to at times inaccessible areas into the fire area due to steep and rugged terrain.

Ground fire attack is being handled by 270 fire personnel along with a Type 2 IMT (on order) and four dozers.

Air Attack

Air resources are dipping out of a pond on the Camas Meadows Bible Camp campus.

Six Rotor wing and two fixed wing aircraft are battling the fire from the air, while heavy air tankers are dropping retardant.


The Camas Meadows Bible Camp is now on a Level 1 evacuation order along with three nearby homes.


We are using hashtags #LittleCCamasFire

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NEW | Washington Wildfire | Little Camas Fire

CASHMERE, Wash. – The LITTLE CAMAS FIRE is anything, but little.

The fire was reported to be a 5-acre brush fire in timber and slash fire fuels.


Fire plume can be seen from I-90 near Thorp | Photo Credit : Unnamed Source

Fire assets AA-10F BATT-22 CREW-15 CREW-74 E-672 FB-203 FB-210 FUELS-34 H-1MR H-341 SE-140 SE-146 and IC LAPOINT (arrived o/s @ 1312 hours) were dispatched through the Central Washington Interagency Communications Center on Thursday, July 5 around 1201 hours.

The number of personnel or equipment is unknown at the time of this post.


The brush fire-turned wildfire is now burning outside of Chelan in between Sand and Mission Creeks outside of Cashmere around noon.

Smoke was visible from Wenatchee and near Twisp, Washington.


A Type 3 IMT unit was dispatched to the wildfire around 1524 hours.

No word on if Command was thinking of requesting from WA State for deploying State Mobe resources.


Original Call

The fire has now gone from a “little” fire of five acres to a roaring 300 acres with a zero containment status, prompting a large fire response from WA DNR and the Okanogan –  Wenatchee National Forest.  Resources were said to include helicopters, airplanes, engines, crews, large airtankers and some of the personnel listed as the Entiat IHC.

Bible Camp

Two helicopters are dipping out of a pond near the Camas Meadows Bible Camp, about two miles from where the fire is located which is near Blewett Pass.  They are closely monitoring operations and are in constant communication with fire crews.  If they have to evacuate, their plan is to move everyone by bus to the Mid-Valley Baptist Church in Dryden.


We reported this fire name as the LAKE CAMAS FIRE in error in our earlier posts to Twitter and Facebook.

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