Seattle, WA – Our mission is to solely give credit to  and honor the men and women who are in the Fire, EMS and as First Responders. What we do often is highlight their lives in and outside of that profession, fire news, training and job opportunities.

Let us tell you about a special person we met awhile ago whom we can’t stop talking about and neither can the good people of Seattle, San Francisco and in Paris!  Why is this person becoming such a rising star? 

Chef Poole in action at the Seattle Luxury Chocolate Salon. (c) 2012 Lisa Swenson

Seattle Fire’s Michael Poole, began as a firefighter working his way through his 32-year career as Firehouse Cook and Lieutenant.  In his spare time, Lt. Poole has been trained by the best in the industry graduating with a Grande Displome specializing in Pastry and Cuisine from the infamous Le Cordon Bleu in Paris.  With a special invitation from a friend to work in her Chocolate factory just outside of Paris, Chef Poole instantaneously became hooked and has been creating Chocolate masterpieces ever since.  Since 2004, this amazing Chef has been producing handcrafted, French chocolates under the label, MDP Signature Chocolates.

And the rest is history is how the saying goes, but there is more to the story…

Every year, Chef Poole has been making history in the Luxury Chocolate world gaining more and more notoriety and knocking out the competition all around him.

Award-Winning Toffee (c) Lisa Swenson

Let’s take a look at the many successes this Award-winning Chef has recently achieved.  MDP Chocolates ( was voted the 2012 Master Chocolatier at the International Luxury chocolate Salon; 2012 Gold Medal Winner for the Best Toffee and received (6) Silver and (4) Bronze medals for Best Traditional chocolates at the Seattle Luxury Chocolate Salon; 2012 Top Chocolate Bar Award.

MDP Signature Chocolates will be debuting their new line of “Hot Chocolat” at the NW Chocolate Festival here in Seattle at the Washington  Convention Center.   The Festival runs from September 29 through September 30th from 9:30am – 6:00pm.  One day pass is $30 or for a two day pass is $60. 

Come and sample what everyone has been talking about and decide for yourself.  I do have to warn you that this exquisite chocolate is addictive so here is how you can access and keep your favorite delight on speed dial.  Website: or by facebook MDP Signature Chocolates and follow the many great products that are being released. 

Or for those who live in the Western Washington or are in the area, to stop by and sample these great Award-winning chocolates at the NW Chocolate Festival ( at the Washington Convention Center on September 29 and 30th from 9:30am – 6pm (Saturday and Sunday). 

Chef Poole will be premiering a new line of “Hot Chocolat”, Firehouse Chocolates (Twitter @HotChocolats and  Flavors are “Haberno Caramel Enrobed in Dark Chocolate”, “Cayenne Caramel Enrobed in Dark Chocolate”, and “Firehouse Chili Enrobed in Dark Chocolate.”

Fifteen flavors of handcrafted, artisan chocolates with no preservatives in milk, dark and white chocolate along with three flavors of toffee are also on the list of tantalizing products that MDP Signature Chocolates offers to chocolate lovers.

Stop by and take a taste test for yourself and meet the Award-Winning Chef Poole behind the masterpieces taking Seattleites and others taste buds hostage.  You don’t want to miss this event!

Ordering info:

Beginning October 1, 2012, MDP Signature Chocolates will begin taking internet orders for their Award-Winning Chocolates through Candi’s Candies at or you can visit them at 107 N. Fairfax, Alexandria, VA 22314 to get a taste of heaven Signatures


(c) 2012 The NW Fire Blog

by Lisa Swenson, Staff Writer

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