The Brothers4Brothers Fundraiser

On behalf of the “JERSEY F.O.O.L.S.”, we would like to THANK the many Chapters who have reached out to us during Hurricane Sandy. Never before have so many of our Brothers and Sisters personally lost so much. Many still do not have habitable Firehouses to go back to nor do they have homes to live in.

As we begin to transition from devastation to recovery, the JERSEY F.O.O.L.S. have set up a “Brothers4Brothers” fundraiser where your contribution will go directly to those Brothers and Sisters who are in great need. With the purchase of your Brothers4Brothers “JERSEY STRONG F.D.” Fundraising shirt, our chapter will contribute 100% of the profits directly to those who stood tall, when their individual communities needed it the most.

As with any endeavor, the decision to contribute is always a personal one. No matter where we may be, the F.O.O.L.S. have always “D.T.R.T.” so that “E.G.H”
No one Chapter is more important than the other. Every Chapter supports one another. Everyone who calls themselves a F.O.O.L. have always given much more than they have received.

Contributions to this Fundraiser begin at $20.00, per shirt. There is no limit on the number of shirts you may order and you may order any size you need. Individual orders and Chapter orders will be welcome. Your individual or chapter generosity is warmly appreciated.

If you wish to contribute to this important Fundraiser, please place your initial order by no alter than Friday, December 7th 2012.

Only CHECKS or MONEY ORDERS will be accepted. Please include your payment, with your order. All payments shall be made out to: “JERSEY FOOLS”

The mailing address to place your order is:
N.J. F.O.O.L.S.
10 Soden Court
Hamilton, NJ 08620


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