Twelve years ago to this day was anything but a normal day for all affected by the terrorist actions taken on American soil.  

Two places intentionally crashed into the Twin Towers at the World Center located in New York City’s financial district bringing down both buildings and killing thousands of people.  Several other places crashed into the Pentagon and another was brought down by the passengers on the Flight in PA.

Though it may seem like years ago, many are still being actively affected by the horrific experiences they went through, witnessing the shocking images plastered all over the TV, web and through every single media outlet or being directly/indirectly, by knowing someone who was involved in the tragedy themselves.

This blog is all about those in the FIRE/EMS/FIRST RESPONDER professions and their families, so we are going to break it down by the numbers for you: (some statistics may include civilians in the totals)

  • 2,819:   Total Number of “All” Persons who Perished
  • 343:  Number of Firefighters who Died.*
  • 2:  Number of Paramedics Killed.
  • 23:  Number of New York Police Officers killed.
  • 37:  Number of Port of Authority Police Officers killed.
  • 274:  FDNY retirements from January – June 2001 (Prior to tragedy)
  • 661:  FDNY retirements from January – June 2002
  • 300:  Number of Firefighters on Leave with Respiratory Problems
  • 98:  FDNY vehicles destroyed
  • 1,506,124: Tons of debris removed
  • $105B:  Economic Loss
  • $600M:  Clean-up Costs
  • $970M:  FEMA money for assistance

While we remember those lost in the Public Safety professions, we also ask that you remember “ALL” lives that were lost on this tragic day so long in NYC’s Twin Towers; WA DC’s Pentagon and PA crash site.

Additional stats:

  • 20-percent:  Of Americans who knew someone hurt or injured in the attacks.
  • 1,609:  Lost a spouse or a partner.
  • 658: Were the most employees lost at one single employer, Cantor Fitzgerald.
  • 1,402:  The number of employees in Tower 1.
  • 614:  The number of employees in Tower 2.
  • 60:  The number of WTC companies whom lost employees.
  • 99:  Days fires burned in Lower Manhattan.
  • 246:  Airline Employees Killed.

Some quotes relating to the 9/11 tragedy:

  • “An attack on one, is an attack on all.” – NATO Secretary – General Lord Robertson. 9/12/13
  • “We will not tire, we will not falter, and we will not fail.” – Bush.  9/20/13.

Historical Changes since 9/11:

  • Congress passes revised First Responder health benefits bill.
  • Creation of Homeland Security.

So many innocent lives were stolen from the youngest at age two ranging up to the oldest at 85 years of age.  Some of those that were the greatest at being impacted were the children.  Over 3,000 lost a parent.

It still seems unbelievable that such an event could have ever happened on American soil, but mark these words and the evidence left behind – it did occur.  Though it happened long ago, many are still experiencing the ill-well after affects, the nightmares that continue to haunt them, PTSD and some cases, severe depression.  Statistics show an estimated number of 422,000 New Yorkers have PTSD.

Are you one of the ones that is having a difficulty living through each “annual” anniversary? Do you still fear many things are happening out of your control and you want to end it?  Do you still find anxiety taking over in your life?

Reach out today to a friend, relative or someone professionally that can help you.  We care deeply for your health and overall well-being.  Though some of us may never comprehend what you are going through, feeling or struggling with, we feel compelled to offer ways to help you through the tough times in your or another’s life.

Please don’t feel embarrassed or that this may look bad because of your profession or who you are. Everyone reacts differently to traumatic situations they may have been a witness to.  You are not alone and there are many who have gone through it as well, making it easier for you to relate to.   They are great listeners too.

These organizations will keep all information confidential.

  • Safe Call Now – Safe Call Now is a resource for public safety employees to speak confidentially with officers, former law enforcement officers, public safety professionals and/or mental healthcare providers who are familiar with your line of work.  Website:  Phone:  206.459.3020.
  • 9-11 Healing and  Remembrance – Info on relevant, mental health supportive resources; tips for recognizing anniversary related stress.  Offers immediate and confidential to access information 24/hour toll-free hotline.  Website:  Phone:  866.212.0444.
  • Mental Health America – Coping with Disaster.  Website:  866.505.3911
  • 911 Days of Service – Volunteer opportunities related to the 9-11 tragedy.  Website:
  • American Red Cross September 11 Recovery Program – Mental Health & Wellness Program.  Website:  Phone:  877.746.4987.
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC – Helping Children Cope and answer questions.  Website:  Phone:  212.686.2042.
  • FDNY Counseling Services Unit – for Firefighters and their Families.  Website:  Phone:  212.570.1693.
  • Friends of Firefighters – Individual, marriage, family counseling through partnerships in NYC.  Website:  Phone:  718.643.0980.
  • NYC Police Foundation – NYPD employees and their families.  Website:  Phone:  212.751.8770.

“WE WILL NEVER FORGET”.  This is one of our missions in never forgetting the Fallen, whether from 9/11, a L-O-D-D or from a non-job related death.  We will always remember them as our Heroes for their many sacrifices, commitment, dedication and Legacy they leave behind. – R.I.P. To Our Fallen Heroes.


** In Honor of the Fallen, we dedicate this post to them and their families, friends and Public Safety families. WE WILL NEVER FORGET. **

*# is 1/2 of the Fire Departments Total L-O-D-D’s in their 100-year history.


– by LR Swenson / Staff Writer


(c) 2013 The NW Fire Blog