CAVE JUNCTION, Ore. | Four wildfires are burning in separate areas under the GARNER COMPLEX FIRES on the Oregon Department of Forestry’s service area, which is being handled by the Grants Pass Unit.

UPDATE 1 | JULY 28, 2018 | 2030 HOURS PDT

Photo Credit |Prineville IHC


The fires are located about four miles east of Cave Junction, in Southern Oregon.

All four fires are burning in both Jackson and Josephine Counties.

“On July 26, 2018, there were about 2,500 firefighters on this incident alone and working to protect about 20,000 acres of fires.”

– OR State Treasurer Reed

Photo Credit | OR State Treasurer Reed


ODF IMT 1’s Cline to Hessel will transfer on Monday, July 30th.

“I’m doing everything in my power as Governor to make sure that all state resources are available to ensure that our crews on the ground have the tools that they need to fight this fire,”

– OR State Governor Kate Brown

Approximately, 2,637 personnel have been assigned along with 82 crews, 114 engines and 26 helicopters.

View of Taylor Fire from Robertson Bridge Road

Photo Courtesy | Inciweb

Some resources assigned to this incident represent the Eugene-Springfield FD, Coburg FD, McKenzie FD, Siuslaw FD and Roseburg Fire which was deployed as a second wildland fire Task Force originally on July 21, 2018.

How to Protect Your Health

* Keep windows and doors closed

* Run an air conditioner (if you have one) with the intake closed

* Run a high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter or an electro-static precipitator (ESP)

– OR Health Authority

Global SuperTanker have been tasked with drops and continue to assist as needed.

Night burnout operations in the Limpy Creek area, July 25.

Taken on July 25th | Photo Courtesy | Inciweb


Level 3 Evacuations (LEAVE NOW) were issued for the Taylor Creek area.

Taken on July 22nd of the Taylor Creek Fire| Photo Credit | ODF Southwest


Collectively, the fires have burned 25,097 acres of timber and medium logging slash. There has been a 27% containment status reached.

Garner Complex plume, Monday 7-23

Taken on July 23rd | Photo Courtesy | Inciweb

Fire behavior is active with short-crown runs, spotting and group torching.

One of the large fires within this Complex is the Taylor Creek fire, which has been reported as growing in the last 24 hours.  As a standalone fire, it has grown more than 3,600 acres.

July 22nd fire activity along W. Pickett Creek Road

Fire burns along Pickett Creek Roadon July 22nd | Photo Courtesy | Inciweb

Costs-to-date have reached a staggering total of $23.7 Million.


Looking over Grave #3 Fire 7-18-18

Looking over Grave #3 Fire on July 18th | Photo Courtesy | Inciweb

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NEW: Moose Creek Fire | Alaska | Update 1

Updated 10:15 PM PDT


An early-morning photo of the Moose Creek Fire near Sutton. Firefighters from the Alaska Division of Forestry and local fire departments are working to contain the blaze, which was reported at 2:10 a.m. Alaska Division of Forestry photo

Credit: AK Forestry

Date/Time Started: 

  • The Moose Creek Fire was reported @ 2:10 AM on October 15th by a passing motorist.


  • The Moose Creek Fire is burning near the Moose Creek Campground.
  • About 12 miles North of Palmer and 5 miles South of Sutton, Alaska.

Fire Fuels:

  • Fire fuels are burning in cured grass and hardwoods.


  • The cause is unknown and under investigation, but media is now reporting this is a human-caused fire with an escaped debris pile fire.

Current Fire Conditions:

  • Fire crews are facing the harsh sub-freezing cold weather and even more colder temps from extreme windy conditions.
  • On Saturday, Fire managers used burn out operations to reinforce the containment line on the north flank with most of the fire on that side being fully contained.
  • On Sunday, fire crews are focusing most of their fire suppression efforts on the western perimeter which appears to be the most active portion of the fire.

(Credit: AK Forestry)

Size Up:

  • At the time of fire being reported, it was at 10 acres.
  • Today, it is at 300 acres with a 25% containment status.

Fire perimeter map. (Credit: AK Forestry)



  • This Fire comes late into the Wildfire Season and most firefighters with most of them already laid off.
  • Fire Managers forced to scramble to find  Staffing.
  • About 50  Firefighters  are assigned from BLM Alaska Fire Service, National Park Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and U.S. Forest Service.

Air Resources: 

  • 2 Helicopters are assisting ground fire crews and dropping water over the fire, but at times the winds were too fierce for flying.


NW Fire Blog:

  • We are using the following hashtags for this article:  #MooseCreekFire  #AkWILDFIRE

From the Fireground:

  • “Winds wreaking havoc for firefighters in Matanuska Valley.” – AK Forestry (10/16/2016)

Credit: Matanuska-Susitna Borough


  • “Palmer Correctional Center inmates evacuated.” – Media (10/16/2016)

The People Have Spoken:

  • “Late-season fire burning near Sutton – Surface fuels burn.” (10/16/2016).
  • “Wildfire season keeps getting longer..” (10/15/2016)
  •  “It was pretty hazy out here today.” (10/15/2016)
  •  “Helicopters pulling water out of Elks Lake.” (10/15/2016)

News Media:

  • “The weather combo of cold & wind at the #MooseCreekFire is BRUTAL.” (10/16/2016)
  • “Alaska Div. Forestry says #MooseCreekFire is human caused–started as an escaped debris fire.” (10/16/2016)
  • “Forestry says the wind is too strong for helicopters to assist.” (10/16/2016)”

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Day 36 | The Best in The NW Fire Blog Images | Garibaldi Fire (OR)

Thank you for reading our post. We started posting the Best of Images we have taken since the beginning of our inception in 2012.  You will recognize Images from past stories, fire chasing trips and some you may have never seen published before.  You can find these stories and images on our other Social Media pages, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Thank you for joining us!

‘In July 2014, my hubby and I were heading down to Vegas for a few days to attend a Public Safety Writers Conference.  I had never been to Vegas but he had.  He also had been a long-haul truck driver in a previous life and wanted to show me all the beautiful scenery along the way.’

7.2014 Garibaldi Fire OR 01

‘As we were making our way on our many days of happy and tiring journeys, we saw smoke on the horizon and I begged him to drive us towards the smoke column rising in the distance. As a blogger, your curiousity can get the best of you but we headed over to where the smoke was rising in the background.  I was more than giddy and couldn’t believe we were catching our first fire out of town.’

7.2014 Garibaldi Fire OR rig

‘If you know me personally, you would know how giddy I get.  To explain in a visual perception is like an excited kid in a candy store.  It was my inner fire buff mentality kicking into high gear.’

7.2014 Garibaldi Fire OR 03

‘This is all that was left but at least we see some fire and lots of hose lines laid across the streets. Us arriving “on scene” gave us a clear picture of a Training burn in progress. Fire apparatus was spread across a half block giving us many photo opportunities to capture them in action.’

7.2014 Garibaldi Fire OR 02

‘I wish we had more time to chat them up but getting some great images was a pretty amazing opportunity for any Fire photographer and giving a glimpse into a small part of what they do in the Life of Firefighting.  Maybe next time, since we are neighbors.’

7.2014 Garibaldi Fire OR Engine

‘Though you may not have known we were on scene photographing your amazing work, we’d like to Thank You for allowing us to watch our #HeroesInRed doing what you all love so much and making training a huge priority so that you can help Save Lives in your communities.’


All Content & Images are the property of MediaMadnessNW and The NW Fire Blog and may not be reproduced, edited or reformatted in any other form without the express written permission from its Owner. – ed.

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AVERY COMPLEX [New Complex!]. Complex consists of four separate fires on the

Active Fire on the Marble Creek Fire

Active fire on the Marble Creek Fire. [Credit: Donald Fitka]

St. Joe Ranger District – Marble Creek, Breezy, Crater and the Pretty Fires. Southeastern portion of St. Joe Ranger District. Start 8/11/15 @ 1400 PDT IC:  Mark Rosenthal, Great Basin Team 3, Type 2 Incident Command Team428 Personnel. 5176 Acres. 20% Contained.

BOBCAT FIRE. [New!] Approximately 15 miles north of Salmon, ID onthe Salmon-Cobalt Ranger District. Start 8/14/15 @ 1600 PDT. Lightning caused. 1 personnel.  237 Acres. 91% Contained.

CAMPBELL’S FIRE. [New!] Located in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness, 10 miles southeast of Dixie, ID. Start 8/13/15 @ 1745 PDT by lightning. 29 Personnel. 7821 Acres. Campbell’s Fire now includes Burnt Knob is showing increased spread in upper Trout Creek on to Highline Ridge.

Photo showing the Campbells Fire

Fire crews on the Campbells Fire. [Courtesy: Inciweb]

CLARK FORK COMPLEX.  6 fires in Complex.  6 miles NE and 9 mi. S of Clark Fork, Idaho; 5 mi. N of Noxon, MT.  Start 8/13/15 @ 1500 Hours.  is a combination of 6 fires burning on the Idaho Panhandle and Kootenai National Forests in northern Idaho and northwestern Montana. The Complex is being managed by Diane Hutton’s Northern Rockies Wildland Fire Management Team.  173 Personnel.  15,744 Acres. 75% Contained.  Demobilizing overhead, equipment and divisions. Continually to patrol, holding, rehab along private & USFS boundaries.

CLEARWATER-MUNICIPAL COMPLEX. Complex consists of a group of fires in Clearwater, Idaho and Lewis Counties in northern Idaho. Start 8/10/15 @ 1315 Hours.  Lightning caused. Clearwater Complex merged with the Municipal Complex. Lawyer 2 Fire:   41,195 acres 80% Contained. Municipal Fire:  1,770 acres 100% Contained.  Fisher Fire:  18,889 Acres.  100% Contained.  Lolo 2 Fire:  6200 Acres.  80% Contained. Old Greer:  73 Acres. 100% Contained.302 Personnel. 68,1276 Acres. 90% Contained.

ELEVENMILE FIRE.  [New!] 17 miles west of Challis.  Start 8/24/15.

Gabe Medina – Sawyer HTF: “It’s Been a Good Day” [Courtesy: Inciweb]

Lightning. 10,387 Acres. 20% Contained. The East side of Yankee Fork is hottest with open flame burning heavy timber in the snow. Crews will extinguish hot spots along the fire’s edge for the next several days.Camp crews will establish a new spike camp in Bonanza campground to minimize travel time and reduce the risk associated with driving. 588 Personnel.  17 Crews. 7 Helicopters. 15 Engines.

LARKIN COMPLEX. [New!]. Complex includes a combination of lightning caused fires burning in the vicinity 30 miles NE of Pierce, ID. The active fires are Snow Creek:  3270 Acres.  WolfPack Fire:  1370 Acres.  Heather Fire:  2085 Acres.  Minnesaka Fire:  450 Acres.Roaring Fire:  100 Acres.  Start 8/17/15 @ 1430 Hours. 4 Personnel.  7550 Total Acres.

Crews on the Woodrat fire begin their hike uphill from Reflection Inn on Saturday, Aug. 29.

Crews on the Woodrat fire begin their hike uphill from Reflection Inn on Saturday, Aug, 29, 2015. [Credit: Borg Hendrickson]

LAST INCH FIRE. [New!] Glover Creek/Woesner Ridge and into West Fork of Floodwood Creek drainage. Start 8/12/15 @ 1657 Hours. 66 Personnel.  689 Acres. 78% Contained. Reinforce existing dozer line & dig handline where appropriate.


LOCHSA COMPLEX. [New!] Consists of 12 fires on the S side of the Lochsa River drainage from Warm Springs to the Selway River. Start 8/15/15 @ 2045 Hours. 5535 Acres. Active Fires in Complex:  Sponge Fire:  5100 Acres.  Lone Lake Fire:  220 Acres. Airstrip Fire:  1425 Acres.  Grit Fire:  525 Acres.  Lone Knob Fire:  460 Acres.  Horse Camp Fire:  570 Acres. Fire Creek Fire: 1210 Acres.  Structure protection continues for Wilderness Gateway Campground and outfitter area, the Fish Lake airstrip and cabin and Gold Meadows, as well as Horse Camp cabins.

Six firefighters work on a steep slope on a containment line.

Firefighters work on a containment line on a steep slope on the Last Inch Fire. [Credit: Mariah Wieske-Ormsby]

MIDDLE FORK COMPLEX.  Consists of The Waterfall Fire, Stoddard Fire, Roaring Harbor Fire and Alpine Fire.  In the N Fork Ranger District.  Start 8/11/15 @ 2000 Hours.  2 Personnel. 5199 Acres. Lightning caused. In monitoring stages.

MOTORWAY COMPLEX – JAY POINT – BOULDER FIRES.  Consists of fires Woodrat Fire, Slide Fires  near Syringa, Lowell, and Powell ID. Others may have limited or are not staffed within this Complex. 627 Personnel.  16,854 Acres. 30% Contained. Jay Point-Boulder Fires.   Jay Point Fire:  Located 1 mi downriver from Powell Ranger Station.Boulder-2 miles from Lolo Pass.  Start 8/17/15 @ 1315 PDT.

Functional Crew In-briefing on the Woodrat fire Saturday, Aug. 29.

Crew Briefing on the Woodrat Fire [Credit: Borg Hendrickson]

Lightning caused.   . Goal is to keep the Jay Point Fire from progressing north and east, away from corporate and private lands and the town of Powell and Highway 12.In essence, turn it back to the wilderness.Boulder Fire:  In the SW area of the fire, opportunities to construct line utilizing heavy equipment will be investigated. 95 Personnel. 8016 Acres.  25% Contained.

RAPID FIRE. [New!] 12 miles southeast of McCall, Idaho, east of Jug Handle mountain.. Start 8/14/15 @ 0800 Hours by Lightning. IC:  The fire is being managed by the Stephens Nevada Type 3 Team121 Personnel. 9617 Acres. 40% Contained.Continue to patrol on the west and south flanks. Continue to rely on aerial resources to support ground resources and suppress new fire growth in the Maloney Lake area.


Part of a helicopter crew, from Alberta Canada.

Part of a Helicopter Crew from Alberta Canada assigned on the Selway Complex. [Credit: Inciweb]

SCURVY MOUNTAIN FIRE.  Start 8/21/15 1130 Hours.  28 miles E & NE of Pierce, Idaho.  527 Acres.  4 Personnel. 3 North Fork Fires have been contained:  Rock Fire, Pot Lake Fire and Little Wash. Work continues to contain a NEW FIRE Siwash Fire, located near Elk Mountain. The Forest has detected 280 Fires burning nearly 130,000 Acres of land.

SELWAY COMPLEX.  Start 8/10/15 @ 1900 Hours.  Elk City and Red River areas of Idaho.  530 Personnel.  83,337  Acres.  The Selway Complex, the Red River Complex and the Elk City Complex (7 fires totally 83.337) are being reported on this ICS-209. The Slide Fire acres are a new addition today.

Snow on the Tepee Springs Fire

Snow has fallen on the Tepee Springs Fire on Sunday, September 6, 2015. [Courtesy: Inciweb]

TEPEE SPRINGS FIRE.  Start 8/12/15 @ 0730 Hours.  Along the river, the fire is 3 miles east of Riggins and 1 mile east of French Creek.  1008 Personnel. 94,655 Acres. 60% Contained.

TOWER FIRE.  Colville and Idaho Panhandle National Forests. The Tower Fire and six smaller fires are all part of the Kaniksu Complex. 791 Personnel. 24,296 Total Acres. 35% Contained.

Fires consist of:  Tower Fire: 791 Personnel. 24,372 Acres, 35% containment. Located 6 miles northeast of Usk, Wash., and 6 miles west of Priest Lake, Idaho. Onata Creek Fire: 546 acres, 91% containment. Located about 8 eight miles east, southeast of Ione, Wash.  Grease Creek Fire: .609 Acres. Located east of Sullivan Lake.  Hall Mountain Fire: 39 acres. Located on Hall Mountain. Slate Creek and South Fork Slate Creek Trail fires: 1 acre and 167 acres respectively. Located near the northwest boundary of Salmo-Priest Wilderness.  Baldy Fire: 515 acres, 100% containment. Located 6 miles north of Ione, Wash.

Feller Buncher on Marble Creek Fire

Feller Buncher on the Marble Creek Fire. [Credit: Kyande Anderson]

WILDERNESS COMPLEX. [New!] Selway-Bitteroot Wilderness.  Start 8/21/15 @ noon. Lightning caused. Consists of 8 fires in Complex but these are the most active fires:  Active fires within the Complex include Roll Creek Fire:  7800 Acres. Rock Point Fire:  250 Acres. Meeker Fire:  2400 Acres.  Baily Fire:  1525 Acres.  Army Mule Fire:  5400 Acres.  Barren Fire:  1205 Acres.  Wahoo Fire:  650 Acres.6 Personnel. 19,295 Total Acres. Fire sizes will be updates when IR imagery is available.

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Disclaimer:  We do not lay claims to the FireImages in this post and have given the Photo Credits to its original creators as best as we can.  We do not accept responsibility for misinformation as stated by the Courtesy or Photo Credits given.

WA WILDFIRE | Carpenter Rd Fire | August 21, 2015 | PM SitRep

Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.” –Desmond Tutu


  • Location:  35 miles NW of Spokane & S of Fruitland in Stevens County
  • Start:  8/14/15
  • Cause:  Lightning

Today’s Fire Map. Courtesy of the Rocky Mountain IMT Blue Team & Inciweb.


  • Fire Behavior:  Extreme.
  • Threatened:  800 homes & structures, 5 commercial properties, 200 others
  • Containment:  0%
  • Acres:  27,793
  • Fire Conditions:  Smokey conditions are limiting use of air operations, but also providing for slightly cooler temperatures, and reduced winds
  • Actions:  Thursday: Highest amount of fire activity happened along the north edge of the fire near Turk Road.
  • Obstacles for Fire Crews:  Handling 1 abandoned mine within in the fire area.


 Fruitland Weather Conditions

  • Temp:  [as of 1915PDT]  70-degrees
  • Forecasted:  Hi 77.  Lo 49.
  • Skies:  Mostly sunny.
  • Winds:  W 10 to 20 mph
  • Visibility:  6 mph
  • Humidity:  26%
  • Advisory:  Blowing dust advisory remains in effect until 2300 PDT [tonight]


  • Destroyed:  17 homes destroyed; unknown number of “other” structures reportedly destroyed.


  • Personnel:  363
  • Crews:  6
  • Helicopters:  3
  • Engines:  40


  • Level 2:  Spokane Agency Reservation.


Call Center

  • Operational Period: 0800 – 2100 PDT
  • Phone Lines: 509-722-6040 or  509-722-6165


Red Flag Warning

  •  In effect for the fire area through 8/21 at 2300.

Air Quality

  • Spokane:  Some parts of Spokane showing “Unhealthy”.  Purple lines indicate the areas affected.
Embedded image permalink

Air Quality Map. Photo Credit: The National Weather Service [NWS] of Spokane.


Pet Loss / Coping  –National Humane Society

Red Cross Distress Helpline

  • Phone:  1-800-985-5990.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration [SAMHSA] – Div of U. S Public Health

# # #


“First-hand Witness  Reports on Social Media”

August 21:

  • Media on Condition Report via Flight into Fire Area:  “Smoke is so thick we could barely see outside our windows as we prepared to land.”
  • Franklin County Fire District #3:  “Fresh firefighters leaving today in Van Pool vans to replace crews on the CarpenterRd fire. Thank you Ben Franklin Transit for your support!”
  • Media report:  “The smoke is omnipresent near Fruitland. Low visibility with a big gulp of ash with each breath”
  • Air Quality Report via Twitter User:  “Smoke is filling up the Valley”

August 20:

  • Base Camp:  Setup at a Bible School near Fruitland.

August 19:

  • Stevens Co Fire Chief:  “Ash floating around in the skies and is still warm when it hits them, touches those around them.”



  • Wildland Firefighter Foundation:  “Will make a huge difference for these families experiencing the loss of a firefighter tonight. The WFF supports these families like no other, and supports those injured too. Please donate!
    RIP brave heroes keeping others safe. https://www.facebook.com/WFFoundation?fref=ts” This is from a Twitter supporter.  You can Make a Difference in a Family’s life.  Click on this link today.

Thank you for what you all are doing out there.  Wishing safety and prayers to get those darn fires out.  We appreciate your tireless efforts, hard work and dedication.

[c] 2015 The NW Fire Blog

WA WILDFIRE | Carpenter Rd Fire | August 20, 2015 | PM SitRep

It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.”

~ William Shakespeare


  • Location:  35 miles NW of Spokane
  • Start:  8/14/15
  • Cause:  Lightning
  • Acres:  9658


  • Fire Behavior:  Extreme.
  • Threatened:  400 homes & structures, 5 commercial properties, 200 others
  • Containment:  0%

Carpenter Road Fire Map. Courtesy of the Rocky Mountain Incident Management Blue Team. [8/19/15]

Map updated on 8/18/15. Courtesy of the Rocky Mountain Incident Management Blue Team.


  • Destroyed:  16 homes destroyed; unknown number of “other” structures reportedly destroyed.


  • Personnel:  301
  • Crews:  5
  • Helicopters:  3
  • Engines:  32
  • Actions:  Structure Protection


Level 3 [Mandatory evacuation. Leave your home/business now for your own personal safety.]

  • Lessig Road along the Springdale Hunters Road to Springdale. This includes all secondary roads off of Springdale Hunters Road including Gennett Road and Rosehill Road and other road spurs to the South.
  • Region from Belinger Road to the SOUTHEAST “the way the crow flies” to State Highway 231.
  • Out of Fruitland Valley which includes Fruitland Valley Road and Turk Road.

Level 2 [Prepare to evacuate. This is a mid-range level of preparing to evacuate and also a level of voluntary evacuation.]

  • From the Spokane Agency Reservation boundary south to Lake Roosevelt (to include the West End Community).
  • From Springdale Hunters Road to Waitts Lake.
  • From Belinger Road EAST to State Highway 231.
  • From area around Waitts Lake to the Huckleberry Mountains south to Springdale Hunters Road to State Highway 231.


Call Center

  • Operational Period: 0800 – 2100 PDT
  • Phone Lines: 509-722-6040 or  509-722-6165


Red Flag Warning

  • Initiated due to hot dry weather, very low relative humidity, and strong winds in the Columbia River Valley. These conditions have led to the persistence of the same extreme fire behavior as has been seen over the past several days.



  • Wildland Firefighter Foundation:  “Will make a huge difference for these families experiencing the loss of a firefighter tonight. The WFF supports these families like no other, and supports those injured too. Please donate!
    RIP brave heroes keeping others safe. https://www.facebook.com/WFFoundation?fref=ts” This is from a Twitter supporter.  You can Make a Difference in a Family’s life.  Click on this link today.

Thank you for what you all are doing out there.  Wishing safety and prayers to get those darn fires out.  We appreciate your tireless efforts, hard work and dedication.

[c] 2015 The NW Fire Blog

WA WILDFIRES by Incident Name| August 19, 2015 | PM SitReps

Gone, but Never Forgotten.” –  This Post is dedicated to the 3 Unknown Firefighters who were killed in the Line of Duty near the #Twisp Fire in Washington State.  3 Others were injured when the winds shifted trapping them all.  – Editor
 * * *


92 NEW Fires [Light] Initial Activity. 4 NEW Large Fire Incidents.  6 Large Fires Contained. 96 Uncontained Large Fires. 2 Area Command Teams Committed.  16 Type 1 IMTs & 27 Type 2 IMTs Committed.

* * *


Today’s Fire Stats:  0 NEW Large fires. 9 New fires for 68 acres.  14  Uncontained Large Fires. for 67 acreS.  7 Type 1 IMTs Committed. 12 Type 2 with 1 en route. 1  Area Command Team.

* * *


  • Location:  35 miles NW of Spokane
  • Start:  8/14/15
  • Cause:  Lightning
  • Acres:  6786.
  • Threatened:  400 homes, commercial property, structures.
  • Destroyed:  15 homes, 13 others.
  • Personnel:  151
  • Helicopters:  3
  • Engines:  22
  • Actions:  Structure Protection
  • Evacuations:  In effect


  • Summary:  Made up of Reach, Cagle and Antoine Creek.
  • Location:  1 Mile S of Chelan
  • Start:  8/14/15
  • Cause:  Unknown
  • Fire Mobe:  Y [Approved 8/14/15]

Black Canyon

  • Location: 8 miles W of Pateros
  • Start:  Unknown
  • Cause:  Lightnng.
  • Acres:  6761
  • Containment:  0%
  • Fire Fuels:  Timber, brush, short grass
  • Fire Behavior:  Actively burning, crowning, flanking
  • Personnel:  15
  • Engines:  2
  • Fire Mobe:  Y
  • Resources:  WA National Guard, Strike Teams [5 Engines to a Team], WA DNR, State Fire Marshal.

 McFarland Fire

  • Location:  8 Miles W of Pateros
  • Start:  8/14/15
  • Cause:  Unknown
  • Acres:  4708
  • Containment:  0%
  • Fire Behavior:  Actively burning, flanking, crowning.
  • Threatened:  206 unknown type of structures
  • Personnel:  28
  • Crews:  1
  • Engines:  1
  • Evacuations:   Level 3 in effect for 2900 residents.
  • Evacuation Info:  http://gacc.nifc.gov/nwcc/information/fire_info.aspx

Wolverine Fire

  • Location:  3 Miles NW of Lucerne
  • Start:  6/29/15
  • Cause:  Lightning
  • Acres:  40,891
  • Containment:  30%
  • Threatened:  150 single family homes, 80 Mixed Commercial/Residential; 12 non-residential commercial properties
  • Destroyed:  1
  • Personnel:  241
  • Crews:  1
  • Engines:  5

Red Cross Shelters

  • Moe Elementary –> 407 E Woodin Ave, Chelan
  • Sterling Middle School –> 600 N James St, East Wenatchee
  • Brewster High School –> 503 S 7 St, Brewster

Important Phone Numbers

  • Douglas County Emergency Ops Center –> 509-888-6841
  • Chelan County Emergency Management –> 509-667-6863
  • Okanogan Emergency Management –> 509-422-7207
  • Red Cross –> 509-663-3907
  • Chelan County PUD –> 877-783-8123
  • Washington State Patrol –> 509-682-8090

Reach Fire

  • Acres:  70,621
  • Containment:  50%
  • Personnel:  589
  • Crews:  15
  • Helicopters:  6
  • Engines:  73
  • Threatened:  500 homes.
  • Destroyed:  29 homes.


  • Location:  6 miles NW of Glenwood
  • Command:  WA IMT #5
  • Acres:  23,100
  • Containment:  20%
  • Personnel:  446. [+5]
  • Crews:  10
  • Helicopters: 5
  • Engines:  19
  • Fire Status:  Continue using heavy aerial resources.
  • Threatened:  20 homes along w/10 other structures
  • Evacuations:  Level 1 for homes N of Ladiges Road. 
  • Area, Trail Closures:  All DNR Trust lands, Glenwood Block rec sites, Yakama Indian Nation – Tract D Mt. Adams Recreation Area, South Climb & all other trails on the south & east sides of Mt. Adams are closed between Forest Road 23 at Williams Mine to the eastern boundary of the Forest.
  • Road Closures:  Forest Roads 80 & 82.


  •  Location:  10 miles W of Colville & 1 mile of Kettle Falls
  • Start:  8/14/15
  • Cause:  Lightning
  • Acres:  600
  • Containment:  10%
  • Fire Fuels:  Timber, tall grass.
  • Fire Behavior:  Moderate w/group torching, uphill runs
  • Threatened:  40 residences, 60 other structures
  • Personnel:  124.
  • Crews:  3
  • Engines:  8


  • Location:  Near Town of Newhalem, in N Cascades National Park Service Complex
  • Start:  Detected 8/10/15
  • Cause:  Unknown
  • Status:  Unknown.  Limited info from incident.


  • Location:  20 Miles SE of Dayton on Weha-Tucannon Wilderness
  • Summary:  17 fires within Complex
  • Start:  8/13/15
  • Cause:  Lightning
  • Resources:  NIMO ordered 8/18/15
  • Containment:  0%
  • Acres:  10k
  • Personnel:  40
  • Crew:  1
  • Helicopter[s]:  1 
  • Engines:  2
  • Resources:  Natl Incident Management Org [NIMO] to work with IMT 3.
  • Fire Behavior:  Unknown
  • Threatened:  12 homes, 1 other


Baldy Fire

  • Located:  26 miles NE of Colville, 6 miles NW of Ione
  • Start:  8/1/15.
  • Cause:  Unknown
  • Acres:  515
  • Containment:  80%

Grease Creek

  • Acres:  45
  • Containment:  Unknown

Hall Mtn

  • Acres:  10
  • Containment:  Unknown

S Fork Slate Creek Trail

  • Acres:  5
  • Containment:  Unknown

Slate Creek

  • Acres:  1
  • Containment:  Unknown


  • Location:  35 miles E of Colville
  • Start:  8/12/15
  • Cause:  Unknown
  • Acres:  7743
  • Containment:  Unknown


  • Summary:  Consists of 4 fires.
  • Location:  26 Miles NW of Colville
  • Start:  8/17/15
  • Cause:  Unknown

 Stickpin Fire 

  • Location:  14 miles NE of Republic
  • Start:  8/11/15
  • Cause:  Lightning
  • Acres:  37,850
  • Containment:  5
  • Threatened:  2400 homes, 50 mixed used, 100 commercial properties
  • Fire Mobe:  Y [approved 8/14/15]
  • Personnel:  464
  • Crews:  6
  • Engines:  36
  • Helicopters:  7
  • Evacuation Info:  http://gacc.nifc.gov/nwcc/information/fire_info.aspx

 Graves Mtn Fire

  • Location:  16 E of Republic
  • Start:  8/14/15
  • Cause:  Lightning
  • Acres:  1304
  • Containment:  0%
  • Fire Fuels:  Timber, brush
  • Fire Behavior:  Unknown
  • Threatened:  100 homes, 200 others
  • Evacuations:  See link for specific evacuation info. http://gacc.nifc.gov/nwcc/information/fire_info.aspx
  • Personnel:  16
  • Engines:  4

Roy Road Fire

  • Location:  4 Miles W of Republic
  • Start:  8/14/15
  • Cause:  Unknown
  • Acres: 120
  • Containment:  14%
  • Fire Behavior:
  • Personnel:  6
  • Engines:  2
  • Threatened:  4

Renner Lake Fire

  • Location:  13 Miles NW of Kettle Falls & 2.5 Miles W of Barstow
  • Start:  8/14/15
  • Cause:  Lightning
  • Acres:  130
  • Containment:  0%
  • Threatened:  40 residences
  • Evacuations:  Y – Level 1.
  • Evacuation Info:  http://gacc.nifc.gov/nwcc/information/fire_info.aspx
  • Personnel:  21
  • Engines:  1


  • Location:  50 Miles NW of Spokane
  • Start:   8/14/15
  • Cause:  Unknown
  • Fire Behavior:  Moderate fire, creeping, backing, spot fires
  • Acres:  3100
  • Containment:  10%
  • Threatened:  250 SFR [homes], 75 other
  • Destroyed:  3 homes, 31 others
  • Personnel:  47
  • Engines:  7


  • Location:  25 miles N of Coulee Dam & 12 miles N of Nespelm / N to Dugout Mtn and W of Moses Lake, off of the Colville Indian Reservation on to the Okanogan NF.
  • Start:  8/13/15
  • Cause:  Human
  • Acres:  35,000
  • Containment:  0%
  • Fire Level:
  • Threatened:  350 homes, 35 commercial properties, 250 other structures.
  • Personnel:  184
  • Crews:  3
  • Engines:  6
  • Evacuations:  In Effect
  • Evacuation Info:  http://gacc.nifc.gov/nwcc/information/fire_info.aspx
  • People Shelter:  Grand Coulee Middle School 412 Federal Ave, Grand Coulee.
  • Livestock Shelter:  The Agri-Plex and Annex Facility at the Okanogan Fairgrounds, 175 Rodeo Trail Road, Okanogan, WA 98844


  • Location:  7-11 Miles W of Omak
  • Start:  8/14/15
  • Cause:  Lightning
  • Acres:  42,327
  • Personnel:  426
  • Helicopters:  3
  • Engines:  16
  • Crews:  9
  • Includes the following fires:  9-Mile, Lime Belt, Beaver Lake, Tunk Block, and Blue Lake fires. The Knobby Fire merged with the Lime Belt Fire. [Blue Lake & Lime Belt Fires have merged]
  • Threatened: 115 single residences.
  • Destroyed:  3 single family homes, 10 others structures.


  • Location:  13 Miles NE of Newhalem in Ross Lake National Recreation area
  • Status:  Fire is not being Staffed, as not considered as a Priority fire
  • Start:  8/10/15
  • Cause:  Lightning
  • Acres:  421
  • Personnel:  0
  • Containment:  0%

# # #

[Thank You to our Fire Personnel, Support, Pilots, Medics, Structure Firefighters, Wildland Fire Crews and Everyone Else we Unintentionally have Forgotten:  Thank you to the many who are in these photos and are not, we greatly appreciate all of your dedication, service and tireless efforts working to protect structures, buildings, commercial and other structures.  For putting your lives on the line so others can live is something that we cannot express how many folks are saying “thank you”. We’ve been hearing about the many successes and the hard work you all are putting in.  We wish you safety all around you.  Keep it up the great work!]

[Thank You to our Supporters, You we call Family and Those in Between…Thank You for reading our Blog, becoming Followers on our Blog here, on Facebook and engaging us on Twitter.  We couldn’t and definitely wouldn’t want to do this gig without you all.  You all make it worthwhile and a blast!  It’s what keeps us moving every day and worth the journey.  Have a safe day/evening wherever the journey takes you.]

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WA WILDFIRES by Incident Name| August 18, 2015 | PM SitReps

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” –John Quincy Adams

* * *


166 NEW Fires [Light] Initial Activity. 16 NEW Large Fire Incidents.  4 NEW Large Fires Contained. 105 Uncontained Large Fires. 2 Area Command Teams Committed.  15 Type 1 IMTs & 28 Type 2 IMTs Committed.

* * *


Today’s Fire Stats:  0 NEW Large fires. 15 NEW Fires for 67 acreS.  6 Type 1 IMTs Committed. 11 Type 2 with 1 en route. 1  Area Command Team.

* * *

BALDY FIRE:   Located 26 miles NE of Colville and 6 miles NW of Ione, this fire started on 8/1/15 with an unknown reported cause but 25 lightning strikes occurred during one of the most recent thunderstorms.  The fire behavior has minimal spread, but is still backing with group torching.  Homes and structures are currently also threatened. Evacuations still in effect.  Resources:  194 Personnel, 3 Crews, 2 Helos, 1 Engine.  The fire is at a 80% containment status.  515 total acres burned.  This fire will soon become part of the Kaniksu Complex. 

Remote Automated Weather Station

“A Remote Automated Weather Station (RAWS) was used to get real-time weather information from the vicinity of the fire.” – Courtesy via Inciweb.

BLACK CANYON FIRE:  Located just 8 miles W of Pateros, the Black Canyon Fire was ignited by lightning that has consumed 4,667 acres worth of land and has no 0% containment status yet.  It is reported have “extreme” fire behavior with crowning, flanking and spotting.  Road and area closures are in effect.  Fire is managed by the PNW Team 2 along with Chelan Complex, McFarland, First Creek, Wolverine and Blankenship Fires.

“Super Skidgent” Used to bring water to Mop-Up. Courtesy via Inciweb.

CARPENTER FIRE:  This fire started on 8/14/15 from lightning and is located 35 miles NW of Spokane.  It has destroyed 5,170 acres and currently has a 0% containment status. Still threatened are 400 homes, commercial property and structures.  15 homes have been destroyed along with 13 others.  Threatened currently now are 200 other structures.Some have been reportedly as destroyed.  Evacuations completed, remain in effect. Fire Mobe approved 8/14/15.  Current staffing includes 103 Personnel, 3 Helicopters and 1 Engine.

CHELAN COMPLEX:  The Chelan Complex is composed of 3 merged fires: Reach, Cagle and Antoine Creek.  This complex is located 1 mile S of Chelan.  It was stated to have started on 8/14/15, with still an unknown cause.  63,425 acres have been scorched but fire crews have successfully reached a 30% containment status so far. Active fire behavior is being reported with uphill runs, group torching and spotting.  Roads and area closures are in effect.  Some reports indicate structures and residences destroyed with more being threatened, including commercial property and the Chelan Airport.  Fire Mobe approved 8/14.

–> Reach Fire:  The Reach fire is located 1 mile S of Chelan that has destroyed 29 homes.  It continues to threaten 500 homes, structures, Hwy 97 and infrastructure.  506 Personnel, 11 Crews, 6 Helicopters and 76 Engines are working tirelessly on this incident and on many others.  It has reached a 30% containment burning 814 acres.

Reach Fire

“The Reach Fire, in all it’s Glory.” Courtesy via Inciweb

COUGAR CREEK FIRE:  Located 6 miles NW of Greenwood,441 personnel are on this fire incident and have achieved a 20% containment status, due to morning mist, cooler temps and calmer winds.  However, it still has an active fire behavior with flanking, torching and short-range spotting.  Resources have been moved N to keep from the fire reaching the Big Muddy Creek area.  441 Personnel, 10 Crews, 6 Helicopters, 18 Engines on scene..  Heavy usage of air resources were scheduled to be used today. 20 Homes are threatened along with 10 other structures.  22,600 acres have burned.

A photo of the smoke plume from the Cougar Creek Fire, as visible from the Incident Command Post (ICP) in Glenwood, WA.

“Cougar Creek Smoke Plume via visual from the Glenwood ICP.” Taken on 8/12/15 around 1600 PDT. Courtesy via Inciweb.

FIRST CREEK FIRE:  This fire is located 8 miles NW of Chelan and is listed with a 2% containment status. It was started by lightning which has burned 1656 acres.  Reports of active fire behavior with short crown runs, backing and creeping are in progress. Area and road closures are in effect.  Threats include:  419 single residences, 73 multi-unit residences and 63 other minor structures.  Evacuations have been conducted. Staffing includes:  204 Personnel, 6 Crews and 22 Engines.  Managed by the PNW Team 2 along with Chelan Complex, McFarland, Black Canyon, Wolverine and Blankenship Fires.

GOLD HILL FIRE:  The Gold Hill Fire is located 10 miles W of Colville and 1 mile of Kettle Falls.  The fire ignited on 8/14/15 by lightning, starting ablaze heavy fire fuels consuming 600 acres so far.  Moderate fire behavior reported but still a threat to 40 homes.  121 Personnel, 3 Crews, 8 Engines are the current resources on the fire ground.

First Creek Fire

“Firefighters on First Creek Fire”.  Courtesy via Inciweb

GRIZZLY BEAR COMPLEX:  17 Fires are in this Complex burning in the Weha-Tucannon Wilderness.  It is said to be 20 miles SE of Dayton that started on 8/13/15 by lightning.  A NIMO has been ordered.  It has a 0% containment status and burned up 2,357 acres.  34 Personnel, 1 Crew, 1 Helicopter and 2 Engines are on this Fire incident.  Fire behavior reportedly is active with structures and homes currently being threatened.

Crews and equipment on the way to First Creek Fire

“The high number of Fire Resources on the First Creek Fire.” Courtesy via Inciweb.

KETTLE COMPLEX:  The Kettle Complex consists of 4 fires.  These group of fires are located 26 miles NW of Colville.  The start date of these incidents were reported on 8/11/15 with a new one starting on 8/17/15 from an unknown cause.

Picture of guard rails with posts burned away near Boulder Summit

“Burned out Guardrails”

#FireImage Courtesy of Inciweb



–> Stickpin Fire:  Located 14 miles NE of Republic.  Burned 37,850 acres. 0% containment status. Active fire behavior with group torching, spotting and creeping. 2400 Homes, 50 Mixed residential/commercial structures, 100 commercial properties, 1000 others along with major power lines, infrastructure are threatened.  The fire is said to be burning on Kettle Crest between Curfew and Orient.  The fire has also said to have reached the 2003 Tongo Fire area. Fire Mobe approved 8/14/15.  381 Personnel, 6 Crews, 33 Engines on the fire ground.

Photo of Kettle Crest Trailhead at Boulder Summit      Photo of north end of the fire on August 16th.

#FireImages Courtesy of Inciweb

–> Graves Mtn Fire:  The fire started on 8/14/15 from lightning that has scorched 1300 acres.  The fire is located 16 miles E of Republic and has reached 1304 acres.  It’s current containment status is 0.  100 Residences are threatened along with 200 others. Primary power lines are threatened. Evacuations in effect.  Staffing includes:  16 Personnel and 4 Engines.

“North End of Stickpin Fire” – Courtesy of Inciweb

–> Roy Road Fire:  Roy also started on 8/14/15, but from an unknown cause. This fire has a low growth potential and is sitting at 120 acres. However, it is currently threatening 4 homes.  Dozer lines have been completed around the fire perimeter.  1 Engine and 2 Tenders have been working on this incident.  WA National Guard is also said to be deployed for additional manpower.  Evacuations in effect.  However, primary power lines, homes and structures are still being threatened. Area Command is managing this fire along with Kettle Complex, Stevens County Complex and Kanisku Complex.

Photo of fire whirl taken by John Foster-Fanning.

–> Renner Fire:  Renner Fire is located 13 miles NW of Kettle Falls that reportedly started on 8/14/15 by lightning.  The fire threatens 40 homes and 60 other structures.  21 Personnel and 1 Engine are working on this fire that started  yesterday on Monday, 8/17/15, with an unknown reason for ignition.  Homes and structures are being reported as threatened.  There is a 0% containment status. Update:  Multiple calls received.  A dozer and 1 20-person hand crew are now working on flanking the fire with the aid of air resources.  It has not crossed Thompson Ridge.  Level 1 Evacuations from Ferry County Sheriff’s Office still remain in effect with no change.

#FireImage [above] by John Foster-Fanning – Courtesy of Inciweb

MARBLE VALLEY FIRE:  Fire started on 8/14/15 with an unknown cause.  The fire has burned away 3,085 acres.  This incident is listed with a 10% containment status.  The fire behavior is moderate, however it is still threatening 1 non-residential commercial property, 75 other minor structures and 31 others.  3 have been destroyed. 73 personnel and 2 crews are on this incident.

The Cougar Creek Fire plume is seen from the south.

“Cougar Creek Perspective from the South” by Amanda Hildenbrand – Courtesy of Inciweb

MCFARLAND CREEK FIRE:  The McFarland Fire is located 8 miles W of Pateros that ignited on 8/14/15 from an unknown cause.  Currently, it has a 0% containment status with 1368 acres scorched.  206 structures are threatened.  28 Personnel, 1 Crew and 1 Engine are staffing this fire event.

View of new fire starts from Wolverine Fire ICP

NORTH STAR FIRE:  The North Star fire is located 25 miles N of Coulee Dam and 12 miles N of Nespelm and has burned N to Dugout Mtn and W of Moses Lake, off of the Colville Indian Reservation on to the Okanogan National Forest.  The Fire Level has been raised to a 4 due to drought conditions, limited firefighting resources, new possible fire starts and extreme fire behavior.  Currently, there have been Level 1 evacuations issued due to 20 homes, 150 outbuildings, 10 commercial structures and cattle being threatened.  Other parts of the area have received Level 3 evaucations. To see the areas under evacuation, check out this great resource at http://inciweb.nwcg.gov/indicent/4524.  Total acres burned:  30,559 with a 0% containment status. This was caused by Human and under investigation.  167 Personnel along with 6 Crews, 9 Engines and 1 Helicopter are working this incident. There is no containment at this time.

“View from the Wolverine ICP” [Above]  Courtesy of Inciweb

OKANOGAN COMPLEX:  This fire has a combined staffing of 402 Personnel, 9 Crews, 2 Helos, 19 Engines.  It is located 8 miles W of Pateros. This Complex includes the following fires:

–> Blue Lake Fire:  823 acres, 40% contained.

–> Lime Belt Fire:  3443 acres, 25% contained.  NOTE:  We heard this evening, that the fire has jumped Hwy 97 on to the other side from an unconfirmed source.

–> Tunk Block Fire:  2,744 acres, 20% contained.

–> Beaver Lake Fire:  723 acres. 0% containment.

–> 9 Mile Fire:  4704 acres.  90% containment.

THURSDAY CREEK:  Started on 8/10/15, Thursday Creek is located 13 miles NE of Newhalem in the Ross Lake National Recreation area started by lightning.  It is stated to have minimal staffing due to resources assigned to other priority fire incidents.  This fire has burned 421 acres and has a 0% containment status.

TOWER FIRE:  This fire named the Tower Fire is currently burning 35 miles E of Colville that began on 8/12/15 with an unknown ignition.  It has consumed 7,743 acres but has a 5% containment status.  At the moment, 25 residences are threatened along with 10 minor structures.  39 Personnel, 3 Engines are on this incident.

WOLVERINE FIRE:  The long burning fire began originally on 6/29/15, from lightning that passed over in the area.  It has consumed 40,357 acres, reaching a 30% containment status.  However, it is still displaying active fire behavior with torching, flanking and backing.  The fire has destroyed many residences and structures, while still threatening an undetermined number of others.  Evacuations in effect.  The fire has caused the halting of the $300M Holden Mine reclamation project.  Smoke and ash are considerably affecting the area.The fire is threatening 150 Single homes, 80 Mixed commerical/residential and 12 non-residential/commercial properties. An unknown # of structures were lost.   252 Personnel, 1 Crew and 8 Engines are current resources assigned to this event.  PNW Team 2 along with Chelan Complex, McFarland, First Creek, Wolverine and Blankenship Fires.

Firefighters planning attack

“Wolverine Fire Managers Planning Fire Tactics, Discuss Attack”. Courtesy via Inciweb.

[Thank You to our Fire Personnel, Support, Pilots, Medics, Structure Firefighters, Wildland Fire Crews and Everyone Else we Unintentionally have Forgotten:  Thank you to the many who are in these photos and are not, we greatly appreciate all of your dedication, service and tireless efforts working to protect structures, buildings, commercial and other structures.  For putting your lives on the line so others can live is something that we cannot express how many folks are saying “thank you”. We’ve been hearing about the many successes and the hard work you all are putting in.  We wish you safety all around you.  Keep it up the great work!]

[Thank You to our Supporters, You we call Family and Those in Between…Thank You for reading our Blog, becoming Followers on our Blog here, on Facebook and engaging us on Twitter.  We couldn’t and definitely wouldn’t want to do this gig without you all.  You all make it worthwhile and a blast!  It’s what keeps us moving every day and worth the journey.  Have a safe day/evening wherever the journey takes you.]

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AT A GLANCE: U.S. Active Wildfires – July 25, 2015 [Saturday]



Blair Fire:  39 miles southeast of Fairbanks.  Start 6/20/15 at noon by lightning. 11 personnel. 41,290 acres


ANIAK COMPLEX:  White Fish Lake 1, N Aniak Fire: 155,072 acres.  19% contained. 191 personnel.


COMPLEX:  All 5 fires: Lloyd Fire, Rock Fire, The Spicer Creek Fire, Deep Creek and Tozitna Fire [Tozitna merged into Spicer Creek Fire] were ignited by lightning on or around on 6/19/15 around 1315 Hours.  They are located 7 miles NE of Tanana. 489,289 acres burned. 4% contained. The Spicer Creek Fire:  178,395 acres. Absorbed Tozitna Fire.  Lloyd Fire:  65,566 acres. In mop-up stages. Rock Fire: 84,629 acres. Active fire behavior. Deep Creek Fire:  11,259 acres. Minimal fire behavior.


Aggie Creek Fire:  30 miles NW of Fairbanks. Start 6/22/15 00:00 by Lightning. Div of Forestry [Blankenship]. 164 personnel. 55% contained. 31,705 acres.  Fire behavior limited to smoldering and isolated torching in the interior.

REX COMPLEX FIRES:  Includes 3 fires originally June Fire, the Kobe Fire and Fish Creek Fire, we were all started by lightning on 6/20/15. June Fire: 15 miles Southwest of Anderson. It is currently in monitor status. Kobe Fire:  West of the Parks Highway near MP 275. 8,642 acres. Fish Creek Fire:  East of the Parks Highway near MP 290. 7,464 acres.


 All Lightning caused.  6 “New” Fires for 108 acres.  24 Staffed. 289 Active Burning Fires. As of 7/19/15: 4,768,762 acres burned. Iron Fire:  4,148 acres. McLeod Fire: 452 acres. Foraker River Fire:  1043 Acres. Bear Creek Fire: 5,774 acres. Bear Paw Fire: 41 acres. Carlson Lake Fire:  40,257 acres. Castle Rock Fire: 323 acres. Chilchukabena Fire: 361 acres. Diamond Fire: 15 acres. Herron Fire: 903 acres. Moose Creek Fire: 2,865 acres. Munsalti 2 Fire: 91,442 acres


Healy Lake Fire:  28 miles SE of Delta Junction.  Start 6/16/15 by Lightning.  Managed by AK DOF [Farnsworth]. 39 personnel. 15% contained. 11,473 acres.


Long Lake Fire:  Directly South of Northway.  Start 6/20/15 around 1600 hours by Lightning. Being managed by IMT 4 under ICT3 [Hutchinson]. 76 personnel. 60% contained. 29,100 acres.

Tetlin Hills Fire:  8 miles SEof Tok. Start 6/20/15 by lightning. Transitioned to Type 4 IMT 7/23/15. 71 personnel. 95% contained.  1,878 acres.



Springs Fire: East of Davenport Knoll, about 2 miles south of Summit Mountain and East of County Road. Start 7/2/15 around midnight.  Lightning caused.  410 acres



3-12 Fire:  On Splawn Mountain, northeast of Bieber in Modoc County.  Start 7/23/15 at 1640 PDT. 116 acres. 90% contained.

Park Fire:  Off of Lake Morena Drive near Lake Morena Park, north of Campo in San Diego County.  Started 7/24/15 at 1243 PDT.  25 acres. 45% contained.

Queen Fire:  Off Hwy 169 & McKinnon Hill Rd, 5 miles southeast of Pecwan in Humboldt County. Started 7/25/15 1404 PDT. 200 acres.

Triple Fire:  Globe Dr and Mountain Rd, Springville in Tulare County. Start 7/21/15 at 1235 PDT. 430 acres. 95% contained.

TUU Lightning Complex:  1 mile South of Springville. 446 acres. 75% contained.

Wragg Fire:    off of Hwy 128 near Greaves Rd, Lake Berryessa in Nappa/Solano Counties. Start 7/22/15 at 1424 PDT . 1825 personnel from CAL FIRE, Napa County Fire, Winters FPD, Vacaville FPD, Vacaville City Fire, Napa County Sheriff, Solano County Sheriff, Yolo County Sheriff, CHP, Red Cross, Napa County Roads, BLM, Bureau of Reclamation, North Bay Incident Management Team and CAL FIRE Incident Management Team 6.  Cause: Initially car accident but under investigation. 1 tent trailer, 1 outbuilding have been damaged. 1 structure damaged. 140 currently threatened. Resources:  157 Engines, 45 Fire Crews, 13 helicopters, 28 Dozers, 19 Water Tenders, 6 IMT personnel.

ALERT!:  COMMUNITY MEETING [Wragg Fire]:  Saturday, July 25, 2015, 1800 Hours PDT at the Winters FD located at 700 Main Street, Winters, CA 95694. with  CAL FIRE Sonoma Lake Napa Unit, Incident Management Team 6 and the Winters Fire Department.  They will be hosting a town hall community meeting open to residents affected by the Wragg Fire. Information presented at this meeting will include a discussion regarding the current fire situation, an overview of what happened during this fire, and the objectives of the fire managers. After a brief presentation there will be time for questions and answers with the fire officials.


Kyburz Fire:   Start 7/23/15 around 1358 PDT. South Fork of the American River canyon, west of the community of Kyburz. The fire is east of Whitehall on both sides of the American River. Resources:  55 Engines, 13 Crews, 18 Water Tenders, 3 Helicopters, 667 total Personnel. 200 acres. 30% contained.



Dean S Fire:  6 miles of Miles City – BLM. 866 acres. 40% contained.


Reynolds Creek Fire :   6 miles east of Logan Pass, along the western side of Saint Mary Lake. Reported:  7/21/15 1545 PDT.  Type 1 IMT took Command on 7/23 at 1000 Hours. 3,166 acres. 10% contained.


Cabin Gulch Fire: Approximately 14 miles east of Townsend, MT burning in the Deep Creek Drainage, north of Highway 12 [T7N, R4E, SW corner of Section 28 through SE corner of Section 24].  Start 7/21/15 around 1130 Hours. John Thompson is IC. Cause is unknown and under investigation. . 1,616 acres.



Rye Fire: 13 miles Northwest of Flora, OR (about 1 1/2 miles South of the Oregon/Washington border] in Joseph Canyon. Start 7/23/15 1800 PDT. Lightning caused. OR Type 3 IMT. 125 personnel. 763 acres.  30% contained.



Kettle N Complex:  Kettle Falls. Start 7/20/15 around 1400 PDT due to lightning. New Mexico IMT3 [Corral]. Consists of 6 fires. 170 total acres. Observations:  Most visible to communities along Highway 395 from Barstow to Orient. No current threat for this areas.

North Boulder 2 Fire:  27 miles NW of Colville. Start 7/20/15, 1400 Hours. Lightning caused. 158 acres.WAIMT2 [Rabe] assumed Command 7/25/15 at 0600 Hours..147 personnel. Expecting lightning this weekend.


Blankenship Fire:   South Fork Agnes drainage on Pacific Crest Trail. Managed by Chelan Ranger District – USFS.  Started 7/14/15 around midnight. 70 acres.


Blue Creek Fire: 8 miles E of Walla Walla.  Start 7/20/15, 1230 PDT. Human caused, under investigation. 6,225 acres. WAIMT1 [Ciraulo]. 1,000 personnel.

ALERT!: Community Meeting Tonight [Blue Creek Fire]:   July 25, 2015 – Saturday.  1900 PDT. Walla Walla Community College – Performing Arts Theater.  Agenda:  Discuss Blue Creek Fire, answer questions, feedback.

[c] 2015 The NW Fire Blog – Published 1400 PDT 7/25/15

WASHINGTON WILDFIRES: SitReps – Friday, July 10, 2015


231 Fire – 7 miles S of Springdale

  • 100% containment
  • Cause till under investigation

Little Spokane Fire – Riverside State Park – near Mile Marker 10, off Hwy 291

  • Cause unknown, under investigation
  • 176 acres
  • 20% containment
  • Hose around fire
  • Continue to strengthen lines
  • Resources:  [7] 20-person crews, 3 water tenders, 16 engines, 1 dozer.
  • Closures:  Painted Rocks Trail, Lake Spokane campground and boat launch
  • Partners:  Washington State Department of Natural Resources, Stevens County Fire District 1, Spokane Fire District 4, Spokane Fire District 9.

Green tree burning in foreground with gray/white smoke in the background

“Tree torching” [#FireImage Courtesy of inciweb]

smoke puffs around green trees

“231 Fire” [#FireImage Courtesy of inciweb]

Three firefighters monitor a burn out along a control line

“Burn Out Operations on 231 Fire” [#FireImage Courtesy of inciweb]

Chinookhelicopter drops water on smoke

“Initial Attack” [#FireImage Courtesy of inciweb]

DEEP LAKE – NE side of Deep Lake, Colville, WA

  • Started 7/8/15 around 1600  hours PDT
  • Fire Manager:  Ray Corral, New Mexico Type 3 Team
  • 179 personnel
  • 77 acres
  • 20% containment
  • Cause:  Human-caused, under investigation
  • Timber [Fire Fuel]
  • Road Closures:   County Rd 9445, 1 mile from North Shore Drive north of Deep Lake


Horseshoe Fire- 15 NNW Trout Lk/MT Adams WildernessGilfford Pinchot NF

Fire crews are seen hiking the 3.2 miles to the remote spike camp carrying their fire gear

“Crews Heading to Spike Camp with Gear” – #FireImage Courtesy via inciweb

Hiking trail is seen at the point where it enters the area burned by the Horseshoe Fire

‘Trail Entering Into Horseshoe Trail” [Photo Courtesy via inciweb]

  • 250 acres
  • 15% contained
  • Cause under investigation
  • Suppression efforts to continue
  • Lightning & Thunderstorms passed over area
  • Firefighters had to abandon / take shelter until storms passed over
  • 3 new fire starts:  Riley Fire, 7 Lakes Fire, Canyon Fire
Helicopter hovering over Island Lake filling submerged bucket in Island Lake

“Helicopter with submerged bucket Island Lake Horseshoe Fire July 6 2015” by John Nakai USFS

Helicopter crew members are seen loading supplies into cargo nets for transport to spike camp

“Loading Sling Loads at Horseshoe Helibase” [Photo Courtesy via inciweb]

Riley Fire *New* – 1 mile from Horseshoe Fire

With Takhlakh Lake in the foreground, smoke is seen from the Riley Fire, with Mt Adams in the background.

“View of Riley Fire from Lake Takhlakh Lake” by Credit: Brian Gales, WIIMT#4

  • 1000 acres
  • 2 retardant air drops made
  • Lightning caused

7 Lakes *New* – 2 Mi S of Takhlakn Lk in Lewis River drainage

  • 0.01 acres
  • Small fire burning
  • Lightning Caused

Canyon Fire *New* S side of Council Bluff/1.5 Mi NW of Council Lk

  • 0.01 acres
  • Small fire burning
  • Lightning Caused

Complex [total] Resources:

  • 1 Type 1 crew
  • 6 Type 2 crews
  • 2 Type 1 [Heavy] helos
  • 1 Type 2 [Medium] helo for Cargo hauling
  • 1 Type 3 [Light] helo for recon
  • 8 Water tenders
  • 3 Chippers
  • 305 personnel

NEWBY LAKE – 15 miles NW of Loomis, WA

Canadian Recon Flight July 4, 2015

“Recon Flight by Canadian Crew” [#FireImage Courtesy of inciweb]

  • Active fire behavior
  • Fire made push to 1 mi to the South on eastern perimeter
  • Fire pushing into Hells Hole
  • 544 personnel
  • 5,065 acres
  • Acres in Field 7 are those in the US.
  • Inbriefing for Lewis Type 1 IMT at 1600 on 7/11/15.

PARADISE FIRE – Approx 13 mi N/NE of Quinault

  • 87 personnel
  • 1,588 acres
  • 21% containment

Hot and dry conditions led to a prolonged burning period on Friday July 3

“Fire Behavior on July 3, 2015, at Paradise Fire” [Photo Courtesy of inciweb]

We will cover more Wildland Fires as they pop up across the State.  Please remember to follow all “rules” when out at State Parks and most importantly, have lots of “fun”!

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