Manhattan, NY – Firefighters were dispatched to a commercial structure fire on W. 145th Street around 1948 hours EST.

At 1951 hours EST, B16 reports 10-75, 1 story 100×50 request extra 1&1.

Units arriving on scene,  primaries underway 1 LSO request at 1953 Hours EST.

A second alarm is called at 1955 hours EST.

At 2006 Hours EST, D6 states they have a fire in a hairdress in a row of taxpayers with extension to the cockloft.  2 LSO trucks are opening up primaries.

Firefighters are pulled out of the building at 2014 Hours EST which they performed a role-call as a precaution.  Exposures around the Fire building is a street, a 6-story Doctor building, a yard and a 2-story building.

A TL was requested at 2015 hours EST.

[2] Lines from the street are now into the cockloft at 2032 hours EST.

Accountabililty Roll-call is completed.  No missing members. 2038 hours EST.

Additonal units requested. 2043 hours EST.

Sitrep:  Fully involved fire with 2 LSO and 2TLs operating. 2045 hours EST.

Fire is upgraded to a 3-alarm.  5 residents are in fire building.  Building fully involved.  A precautionary line is stretched on exposure 2 side.  2100 hours EST.

Command is on W. 144th St. and Powell Blvd.

Sitrep:  3 TLs operating and 6 handlines from the street with handlines in building exposures of 2,3,4.  Fire is contained to fire building. 2121 hours EST.

Sitrep:   3TLs operating and 7 handlines from the steet and the fire is contained to the fire building. 2146 hours EST.

Sitrep:  Same as before.  Fire is darkening down. 2215 hours EST.

Fire upgraded to 4-alarm.  States doesn’t need Planning Chief at the moment. 2233 hours EST.

Sitrep:  3 TLs still operating and 7 handlines operating from exterior.  Partial roof collapsed with debris burning under the collapse. The main body of fire has been KD and continuously fighting fire from exterior and request 2 extra engines. 2330 hours EST.

At 0004 hours EST, [1] truck called to relieve L40 as the FAST Truck.

Electric company requested. 0022 hours EST.

Sitrep:   3TLs operating and 6 Handlines extinguishing pockets of fire under the collapsed portion it is contained to fire building. 0110hours EST.

Relief units called in at 0119 hours EST.

Fire upgraded to 5-alarm for relief purposes with 4 engines requested.  0135 hours EST.

Sitrep: States this will be a prolonged operation.  0137 hours EST.

Firefighters are still working on hitting pockets of fire in the building.

Units that responded to fire:

Initial Call:  E69, E80, E84, L28, L23, B16, E59, L40FAST, B14, Sq41, R3, D6,RAC1, E37, L34.

2nd Alarm:  E35, E71, E60, L30, B12RUL,  B17SO, B13FF, E72 with SAT2,TSU1,SB,FC,RB, CTU, TL14, Car4D, L49,TL45

3rd Alarm: E83, E67, E47, E93, L117aL45, B11Staging, E46Comm Unit, MSU, B58ARC, L27aL40, Car1G, Car12B, Car23, E22aE69, E307aE84

4th Alarm: E58, E23aE91, TL22aL45, Car12A, Car4,  E91a93, E74, L26, TL17, B8, B9.

5th Alarm: E92, E50, E76, E292a84, L55

E76 is acting E59
E40 is acting E37
E307 is acting E84
E22 is acting E69
E23 is acting E91
E292 is acting E84(E307 went to the fire)
E319 is acting E69(E22 went to the fire)
E24 is acting E40
E91 is acting E93
E21 is acting E91(E23 went to the fire)
L25 is acting L28
L136 is acting L40
TL21 is acting TL23
TL117 is acting L45
L16 is acting TL14
L12 is acing L22
TL22 is acting L45(TL117 went to the fire)
B20 is acting B16
B49 is acting B13

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