Hurricane Michael Through The Eyes of the Undivided Attention of Social Media | 2


Incident Summary

It has been one week and beyond since the expected Hurricane Michael event caused widespread damage and destruction of States such as Florida, Georgia and Alabama.  Most of the major devastation is on the Coast but some other smaller towns also were impacted severely.

Some of the significant events as noted via mainstream media and other sources:

  • Looting has become prevalent in certain areas
  • National Guard has been activated to assist with Law Enforcement
  • Infrastructure, such as communications is still spotty as hosts work to rebuild their major power grids that some are reporting as completely wiped out.
  • The Tyndall AFB suffered major devastation and airmen are busy rebuilding.

We can never really tell you what it is like in any of the hardest hit areas but we can paint of picture of what is happening and being done through eyewitness accounts and reporting.sources and post here. We would love it if you followed us on our own Social Media platforms:  @nwfireblog (Facebook and Twitter)



Construction is underway on “Harder’s Base Camp”. 1000 first responders and 750 National Guard members will occupy this camp upon completion. The camp will provide all basic necessities, such as lodging and food service, to all who reside there. (10/17/2018)

PA Task Force 1

As of 10/15/2018, the PATF1 searched over 900 structures in Calhoun County, Florida. Members also made critical repairs at a damaged hospital to enable it to continue serving residents.

Photo(s) Credit: PA Fire (Task Force 1)

USAF Specialized Tactics (USAF Spec Tactics)

They were one of many that arrived on Day 1 of the storm one hour after the storm wiped out most of the Tyndall AFB and cleared a lot of debris to enable humanitarian aid to arrive.  (10/14/2018)

Indiana Task Force 1

RELEASED from the incident. Safe back in their home state.

Gulf County Sheriff Office. (FL)

Palm Beach County Sheriff Office (FL)

U.S. Navy

Naval Air Station Pensacola opening Emergency Family Assistance Center to assist evacuated military personnel and their families from staying on or near installation.  (10/14/2018)

Photo Credit: US Navy

Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency

 Survivors in the 13 counties eligible for individual assistance can now start applying for assistance through FEMA by visiting or calling 1-800-621-3362. (10/18/2018) 

Crisp, Grady, Lee, Mitchell, Terrell, Thomas and Worth counties have been added to the major disaster declaration. Survivors in those counties are now eligible to apply for assistance by visiting or calling 1-800-621-3362. (10/17/2018)

Operations continued across the state today as GEMA/HS worked with local, state, federal, private sector and volunteer partners to get much-needed supplies & resources to those impacted.  Resources: (10/14/2018)

Photo Credit: Georgia EMA

Georgia National Guard

Assistant Adjutant General of Georgia, Brigadier General, Randall V. Simmons, State Command Sergeant Major Shawn Lewis and Command Chief Master Sergeant Reginald McPherson work along side Georgia EMA to continue assessing damage in southwest Georgia. (10/16/2018)

Photo Credit: GANG

White House

Florida Senator Marco Rubio

The American President Donald Trump has approved every single request made to federal government by us  and Florida Governor Scott. Thank you for supporting Florida after the devastation caused by Hurricane Michael. And thank you to POTUS & FLOTUS for visiting yesterday to see it first hand. (10/16/2018)

Photo Credit: Florida Sen. Marco Rubio

US Air Force: Rebuilding of the Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida.

Miami Beach Police Department. 40-member team RELEASED and returned from Panama City humanitarian support effort. (10/18/2018)

Photo Credit: MBPD Chief Daniel Oates


American Red Cross

Help provide food, shelter, relief supplies and other assistance to thousands of people dealing with the aftermath. (10/18/2018).  

If you or a loved one was affected by Hurricane Michael, here is helpful information about where to find meals, shelter and how to stay safe:  (10/15/2018)

Photo Credit: Red Cross

Compassion Fund

We’ve had so many Stakeholder’s homes destroyed by Hurricane Michael! Our Compassion Fund is accepting donations to help here

Photo Credit: Angie McAllister, Director of Compassion Fund

Animal Rescue

The ASPCA is on the ground in the Florida Panhandle to help rescue and care for animals impacted by Hurricane Michael. Right now, 100% of your donation will go to our Field Investigations and Response Fund:

Photo Credit: ASPCA


State of Georgia

The work to rebuild in southwest Georgia has just begun, but we thank everyone for the work that has been accomplished so far. GEMA/HS and its partners will continue the efforts to restore the quality of life in these communities. Visit for more info. (10/18/2018)

City of Tallahassee (FL)

Damage at a Glance: 267 poles replaced, 214 transformers replaced, 27,474 feet of wire and 2,200 insulators. (10/18/2018)

Florida SERT

Homeowners that suffered structural or water damage from Hurricane Michael should shut their home’s main circuit breaker off until the damage has been inspected by an electrician or their utility company. Otherwise, there is a severe risk of fire when power is restored. (10/18/2018)

Sprint Emergency Response Team

Sprint’s Emergency Response Team working around the clock providing critical voice and data services to Bay Co. Sheriff’s Office, EOC, and their Co Data Center as well as to Sacred Heart Hospital in Port St. Joe.

Photo Credit: Spring ERT

First Net Authority

Working with State of Florida, public safety agencies without commercial service were identified & provided hundreds of FirstNet-enabled devices to help these First Responders carry out their important mission in response.  (10/15/2018)

Cell Phones

Next Generation Drones used as temporary cell towers connecting victims for the first time. (Media/The Weather Channel. 10/18/2018)


“Our network impacted by Hurricane Michael continues to improve, and we will not stop until 100% of our service is restored. We recognize how essential our service is & are giving 3 months free service to those impacted by the storm.”

Photo Credit: Verizon


“Thank you to our teams and the local community. We know the work isn’t over, and we won’t leave until it is.” (10/15/2018)


Private Property Clean-up

For those in need of cleanup on private property, contact Crisis Cleanup at 800-451-1954. (10/16/2018)

Burn Permits

Burn permits resume in all but 6 GA counties following . Permits issued in the remaining 11 counties effective as of 12pm today. Hand piled natural vegetation CAN be burned in the 6 counties with proper notification to GFC.

Power Line Safety

ASL Video. 

Water Supply

GA Residents who have experienced water outages and/or low water pressures are advised to “boil” all water prior to use for drinking, cooking, or preparing baby food. The water should be boiled for at least one minute after reaching a rolling boil. (10/16/2018)

Photo Credit: GAEMA

Sanitize pans, dishes, utensils, or ANYTHING that touched flood water. Wash with soap, rinse, then w/ 1 TBSP bleach + 1 gallon water – soak 15 min



To help take care of our team members & communities after Hurricane Michael, Target’s committed $1 million. Learn more here:

Food Stamp Assistance 

Georgia residents who receive food stamps now have additional time to report food lost due to power outages during Hurricane Michael. For more information, please visit

Food, Emergency Housing, Farmer and Rancher Assistance

The USDA will provide food, emergency housing as well as farmer and rancher assistance to individuals and small businesses affected by severe storms and flooding. For more information visit, (10/18/2018)

Pet Owners

For pet owners impacted by the storm, here are some resources available to you:

Airport Travel

PET FEES waived incoming/outgoing out of Pensacola and Panama City Beach airports.  (10/18/2018 via Pet Manage)


Line-of-Duty-Death:  GC Fire Coordinator – Brad Price

Gulf County Fire Coordinator, Brad Price, 49, of Wewahitchka.  Killed when helping family members clear debris from the hurricane when a tree fell on his tractor. 

We are in the process of gleaning all resources from all sources across various platforms listed in Twitter and Facebook and entering them into a fluid spreadsheet for your review. This will be uploaded in the next 24 hours.

If you can support with financial or your volunteering support, please see the above web links. 

We thank you for reading our Blog.   May you all be safe wherever you may be in this world and remember, to Pass It Forward. – Ed.

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Seattle Firefighters Tap Basement Fire Quickly

SEATTLE, Washington —


Firefighters were dispatched to a house fire in the 9000 block of 17th Avenue SW on Friday, September 28, 2018 around 1733 hours PDT.  Battalion 5 assumed fire control and the incident became 17th Avenue Command.

The fire appears to have been fully engulfed in the basement when crews arrived.


Fire Units included Aid 14, Air Unit 10, Battalions 5 and 7, Deputy 1, Engines 11, 26, 27, 36 and 37; Ladders 1 and 11; Medics 32 and 44 (Supervisor); Marshal 5 (FIU); Rescue 1 (Heavy Rescue unit), REHAB1 (Firefighter REHAB), Safety 2 Officer and Staff 10 (Officer).

Seattle Fire apparatus. (Not the fire scene) Stock Photo Credit: NW Fire Blog


Fire was reported to be burning in the basement on the alpha/bravo corner.  A 360* was completed of the building by Command/Staffing.  Primary and secondary searches of whole building resulted in nothing found.

Water was on the fire around 1929 hours. Less than 10 minutes later, overhaul was in progress.  A DECON line was established along with ventilation.  Rescue 1 had secured gas and established ventilation and was working securing the power.


The fire was tapped (put out) at 1941 hours.

Most of the Command staff (B5, Deputy 1 and Safety 2) went back into service quickly, while fire crews continued to overhaul and go through the DECON (decontaminate their gear and equipment) Line established at one of their engines.

Great job to Seattle Firefighters for putting out this basement fire so quickly and safely, so that everyone goes home.


No injuries to civilians or firefighters were reported.


The cause is currently unknown, as well as the financial damage to the contents and structure.

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UPDATE 1 – JULY 31 2018 – 0600 HOURS PDT

Incident Summary

A wildfire named the CUTTHROAT FIRE is burning about 13 miles west of Mazama, in the Methow Ranger District which was detected on July 29, 2018 and reported at that time as a 125-acre.

Resources deployed on Sunday, July 29th at that time were a 20-person crew, smoke jumpers and a helicopter dropping water as well as water tanker dropping retardant over the fire line.Area Closure Map for Cutthroat Fire on July 30, 2018.

During that time, 6 trails were closed including the Pacific Crest Trail at Rainy Pass due to the wildfire.

Current Fire Status

Fire has burned 25 acres which is located in heavy timber and inaccessible area of the Methow Valley Ranger District.

The fire was started by lightning which roared over the dry lands this past weekend ignited this fire and 21 other fires. Most have been kept small and are out or holding to less than .5 acre.


Closures in the area including the following locations due to the wildfire burning in the area:

  • Cutthroat Lake Trail #483 and trailhead
  • PCT #2000 from Rainy Pass to the Jct of West Fork Methow Trail #480
  • Blue Lake Trail #314
  • Rainy Lake Trail #310
  • Maple Pass Trail #310
  • Maple Pass Trail
  • Bridge Creek Trailhead; where the PCT crosses Hwy 20
  • Lone Fir Campground
  • Washington Pass Overlook
  • Road #400 to Cutthroat Lake Trailhead

Hwy 20 remains open.

Social Media

#CutthroatFire #WAwildfires2018

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CAVE JUNCTION, Ore. | Four wildfires are burning in separate areas under the GARNER COMPLEX FIRES on the Oregon Department of Forestry’s service area, which is being handled by the Grants Pass Unit.

UPDATE 1 | JULY 28, 2018 | 2030 HOURS PDT

Photo Credit |Prineville IHC


The fires are located about four miles east of Cave Junction, in Southern Oregon.

All four fires are burning in both Jackson and Josephine Counties.

“On July 26, 2018, there were about 2,500 firefighters on this incident alone and working to protect about 20,000 acres of fires.”

– OR State Treasurer Reed

Photo Credit | OR State Treasurer Reed


ODF IMT 1’s Cline to Hessel will transfer on Monday, July 30th.

“I’m doing everything in my power as Governor to make sure that all state resources are available to ensure that our crews on the ground have the tools that they need to fight this fire,”

– OR State Governor Kate Brown

Approximately, 2,637 personnel have been assigned along with 82 crews, 114 engines and 26 helicopters.

View of Taylor Fire from Robertson Bridge Road

Photo Courtesy | Inciweb

Some resources assigned to this incident represent the Eugene-Springfield FD, Coburg FD, McKenzie FD, Siuslaw FD and Roseburg Fire which was deployed as a second wildland fire Task Force originally on July 21, 2018.

How to Protect Your Health

* Keep windows and doors closed

* Run an air conditioner (if you have one) with the intake closed

* Run a high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter or an electro-static precipitator (ESP)

– OR Health Authority

Global SuperTanker have been tasked with drops and continue to assist as needed.

Night burnout operations in the Limpy Creek area, July 25.

Taken on July 25th | Photo Courtesy | Inciweb


Level 3 Evacuations (LEAVE NOW) were issued for the Taylor Creek area.

Taken on July 22nd of the Taylor Creek Fire| Photo Credit | ODF Southwest


Collectively, the fires have burned 25,097 acres of timber and medium logging slash. There has been a 27% containment status reached.

Garner Complex plume, Monday 7-23

Taken on July 23rd | Photo Courtesy | Inciweb

Fire behavior is active with short-crown runs, spotting and group torching.

One of the large fires within this Complex is the Taylor Creek fire, which has been reported as growing in the last 24 hours.  As a standalone fire, it has grown more than 3,600 acres.

July 22nd fire activity along W. Pickett Creek Road

Fire burns along Pickett Creek Roadon July 22nd | Photo Courtesy | Inciweb

Costs-to-date have reached a staggering total of $23.7 Million.


Looking over Grave #3 Fire 7-18-18

Looking over Grave #3 Fire on July 18th | Photo Courtesy | Inciweb

Hashtags we are using are #KlondikeFire #NatchezFire #ORwildfires2018 #TaylorCreekFire


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Ashland, Oregon Wildfire | Hendrix Fire


UPDATE 1 – 7/21/2018 – 2230 PDT – A wildfire sparked by lightning ignited on Sunday, July 15, 2018, around 0830 hours PDT.  The fire was reported at 0930 hours to the RRSNF by the Dutchman Peak lookout.

It is located about nine miles southwest of Ashland, Oregon on the Rogue River- Siskiyou National Forest (Office in Medford), three air miles from Wagner Gap and 1.5-2milesfrom the small community of Dog Fork.  It is burning partly on private land and canopied forest lands.

Image may contain: cloud, mountain, sky, outdoor and nature

Photo Credit | USFS – Rogue River- Siskiyou NF

Initial fire attack activities included water bucket drops and air tankers dropping about 10,000 gallons of fire-retardant but it was agreed that it was ineffective as it was not reaching the ground.  This was due to the heavy forest canopy above.

Crews are currently fighting the fire from the ground up and on areas where most effective.

Fire has burned 947 acres of timber and medium logging slash.  Crews have gained a 15% containment status. Fire behavior remains active with single-tree torching.

There are currently 467 personnel assigned along with four hotshot crews, 10 hand crews, five helicopters, 16 engines, three bulldozers and seven on loan from Incident Cooperators, as well as seven water tenders.

Incident Cooperators include the City of Ashland, Jackson County Emergency Management, Jackson County Sheriff Office, OR Department of Forestry and Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest.

Since July 17th when USFS IC R. Harrod (Type 2 IMT) and ODF IC John Buckman (Type 2 IMT) assumed command – helicopters have logged more than 50 flight hours and dropped 120,000 gallons of water over the fire line.

Level 2 and 3 evacuations are in effect for Hells Peak located southeast of Ruch.

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UPDATE |Washington | Milepost 33 Fire

WASHINGTON STATE — Wildfire burning near Kalama in Cowlitz County started on Monday, July 16, 2018, from an unknown cause.

UPDATE 2 – July 17, 2018 – 2030 hours PDT – Final Report

More than 70 Interagency personnel worked together during this incident including WA DNR, Cowlitz Fire Districts 1, 2 and 5 along with the Sheriff’s Office and Kalama PD.  Acres burned remain the same.

UPDATE 1 – July 17, 2018 – 0530 hours PDT – Newly reported fire.

Pacific Highway was expected to be reopened during the night as fire crews were blocking for fire suppression activities. Drivers were highly encouraged to use a detour around the area.

There were originally three DNR engines and two helicopters, as well assistance from local resources assigned to the fire.

As of 2300 hours Monday night, there were 10 acres that had burned in extremely steep terrain and 50% containment achieved.  Crews were expected to monitor the fire throughout the night.

A Type 3 IMT unit is expected to assume fire control on Tuesday morning.

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CA Wildfires | Active | July 29 2017

STATE OF CALIFORNIA WILDFIRES | We had a little extra time and as we all know, California is burning up.  Here is a recap for Saturday, July 29, 2017.

POINT-OF-INTEREST  | One MAFFS C-130 airtanker and support personnel from the 152nd Airlift Wing, (Nevada Air National Guard) has been deployed to Fresno, CA in support of wildland fire operations.

Clear Complex.  South side of Clear Creek drainage, about 7 miles SW of Happy Camp. Klamanth NF. 5 fires. Fire detected July 25, 2017 @ 1245 hours PDT.  Timber. Steep and heavily forested. | 1,206 acres. 0% contained. 419 personnel. $2 Million CTD. #ClearComplex

Detwiller Fire.  Merced-Mariposa Unit, Cal Fire. Cal Fire IMT 4. 15 miles NW of Mariposa, CA. Started 7/16/2017 @ 1556 hours PDT. Brush and tall grass. Minimal fire

Detwiller Fire. (Photo Credit: CAL Fire)

behavior. | 81,650 acres. 80% contained. 3,293 personnel.  76 crews, 184 engines, 12 bulldozers, 35 water tenders +11 helicopters. | 30 structures currently under threat. | Damaged: 13 homes, 8 minor structures.  Destroyed:  63 homes, 67 minor structures and 1 commercial building. $66.3 Million CTD. Repopulation efforts in effect. NOTE: Check for shelter and road closures details. #DetwillerFire

ALERT! Northern California Geographical area going to Preparedness Level 4 effective 2100 hours PDT.

Gorman Fire.  Gorman School Rd at I-5, Gorman.  Los Angeles County. LACoFD, Cal Fire response. Light fire fuels. 2 Alarm brush fire. Start 7/28/2017. Cause unknown. | 1 FF injury on 7/28/2017. | 135 acres. 100% contained.  #GormanFire

Hill Fire.  Siskiyou County. Cal Fire.  Lakeview Dr. at Lake Ridge Rd., Pleasant Valley, 3 miles West of Dorris.  Reported 7/29/2017. | 30 acres.  Limited info. #HillFire

Smoke coming up from behind a ridge

Island Fire. (Courtesy: Inciweb)

Island Fire. 14 miles W of Etna, burning deep in the Marble Mtn. Wilderness on the Klamath NF.  Started June 25, 2017 (Sunday). Reported June 26, 2017 (Monday) Lightning caused. Timber.  Minimal fire behavior with forward progression of 20-50 acres per day. Understory.  Natural burning to allow old fire fuels burn off.  No large wildfires in this part of the area but have been in the N/W/S of this areas.  | 1,306 acres. 0% containment. 45 personnel. #IslandFire

Jacksonville Fire. (Photo Credit: CAL Fire)

Jacksonville Fire. Tuolumne-Calaveras Unit, Cal Fire. Jacksonville Rd, South of Jamestown. Start 7/29/2017 @ 1350 hours PDT. | 600 acres. 30% containment. Evacuations in progress. Check CAL Fire website for mandatory evacuations & areas listed. #JacksonvilleFire

Latrobe Fire. Amador-El Dorado Unit, Cal Fire. 7 miles SW of Latrobe, CA. Hardwood litter and tall grass. Minimal fire behavior. | 1,268 acres. 95% contained. 0 resources. $300,000 CTD. #LatrobeFire

Minerva Fire.  224N20 Road (commonly called the Watershed Road). Near Quincy.

Minerva Fire. (Photo Credit: CAL Fire)

Plumas NF. 300 acres. 0% containment. Immediate need for strike team ordered (1800 Hours PDT) | The fire has not entered Boyle’s Ravine. Residents of East Quincy will likely see fire activity in the Mill Creek drainage this evening. Structure protection fire engines will be deployed to Quincy neighborhoods as a precautionary measure. Meadow Valley and Bucks Lake are not currently impacted by this fire, says the USFS, #MinervaFire

Cove Fire

Cove Fire. (Courtesy: Inciweb)

Modoc July Complex.  Between July 23 and July 25, the Modoc National Forest, Lava Beds National Monument, and the Clear Lake and Klamath National Wildlife Refuges received thousands of lightning strikes. | Cove Fire.  1,948 acres. Minimal fire behavior. No threats to structures. Pre-evac orders to residents in Stone Coal Valley as precaution by Sheriff Office. Air resources being used. #CoveFire | Lake Fire. SE of Clear Lake. Minimal fire behavior. 4,489 acres. #LakeFire | Steele Fire.  N/E of Clear Lake.  Lots of growth overnight. 11,615 acres. #SteeleFire | Rimrock Cluster. S of Oregon border now 1 big fire. 1,492 acres. #RimrockFire. $3.8 Million CTD. #ModocJulyComplex

Initial attack on Ukonom Fire

Initial attack on Ukonom Fire. (Photo Credit: James Courtright, USFS)

Orleans Complex.  7 fires included.  Largest named Ukonom Fire. Six Rivers NF. Yukonom Ranger District. 20 miles North in Orleans (Siskiyou County). Started 7/25/2017 @ 2100 hours by lightning. NCalTeam1 (2) different ICs on East & West Zones of the Klamath River. Timber+ brush. Moderate fire behavior with backing. |  471 acres. 0% contained. 420 personnel. $1,000 CTD. #OrleansComplexFire

Sky Fire.  Near Blue Sky Rd., East of Bella Vista. Shasta County.  CALFire Forward ROS stopped. | 17 acres. 50% contained. #SkyFire

San Diego Engine Company July 16th, 2017

Whittier Fire’s San Diego Engine Company. (Courtesy: Inciweb)

Whittier Fire.  Santa Ynez Mtns, South of Lake Cachum. Start 7/8/2017. Unknown Cause. IC on Wednesday, July 26th transitioned over to a local IMT Type 3. Minimal fire behavior with some isolated torching inside the fire perimeter. | 18,430 acres. 87% contained. 245 personnel. 4 crews, 7 engines, 3 water tenders, 3 helicopters, 3 bulldozers, + 4 masticators. |  $38.1 Million CTD. #WhittierFire

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NEW! Old Lady Fire Rekindles | Update 1

Updated 9/13/2016 @ 0155 hours PDT


Near Roosevelt, Washington in Klickitat County


A wildfire named Old Lady Wildfire has rekindled just NW of Roosevelt’s Old Hwy 8 and about 21 miles East of Goldendale, Washington some sources are reporting as long as four hours ago  (around 2220 hours on September 12th) stating.

The originally fire started on September 10th around 1643 hours and was deemed to be human-caused.  It was listed at 100% containment at 1300 acres on September 12th during the 0700 presser released by the NWICC PIO.

Around 2220 hours, reports of a rekindling had occurred and fire units were reporting over Social Media they were en route, along with State Mobe approved resources. (there was no update on the State Mobe page when we last checked it.)


There were multiple unconfirmed reports of the size of the new fire was at 1300 acres to as high as 3000 acres.  We are waiting to hear back from our direct sources for confirmation.


Here is a glimpse into what is being said on this wildfire via Social Media.

“Fire is about 40 miles East of Goldendale, one ranch has burned. Roosevelt is about 49 miles from Goldendale on the Columbia River where the regional landfill is, the fire is to the West with a strong north-east wind.” – as of 2342 hours PDT (9/12/2016)

“Red Cross shelter is open in Goldendale for evacuees.” (9/12/2016)

“Fire District 15 in Klickitat County just got released. Possible one or two structures lost, and the fire hit about 1300 acres. We had 12 fire districts on this fire.” – (9/11/2016)

Thank you for reading our blog Post. We will update as info is received.  


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Active Wildfires – California – June 25, 2016

Thank you for joining us during our journey through active wildfires in California.  Please sure to follow us for other States, i.e. Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and many more!

ERSKINE FIRE – Lake Isabella (Kern County)


This fire located is located in California’s Central District in the Lake Isabella area and outside in various canyons in Kern County.

Current Status

It now at 36,810 acres with a 10% containment status.  Fire exhibits extreme wind-driven and uphill runs. Strong wind, light flashy fuels, and steep topography combined to produce extreme fire behavior when in alignment.

06252016 FS Erskine Fire Camp 9 -2

Infamous USFS Camp 9 where ICP and Resources are located. (Source: Inciweb)


There are 1,712 personnel assigned to this incident.

Management of the fire is still under Unified Command including the following Agencies:  Bureau Of Land Management, USFS & Kern County.

Damage Assessment

At least 150 homes have been destroyed with 75 that have been damaged.  1500 homes are still being threatened.

A damage inspection team is in the process of creating a comprehensive report documenting all structures damaged or destroyed.

Red Cross Shelters

A second shelter has been opened by Red Cross for evacuees:

  1. St. Jude’s Catholic Church
    86 Nellie Dent Dr.
    Wofford Heights
  2. Kernville Elementary School
    13350 Sierra Way

Safe and Well Registration

To let loved ones know OR look for loved ones, register for Red Cross’ Safe & Well website at

# # #


Incident Summary

The Marina Fire broke out just North of Lee Vining on June 24th @ 0530 hours from an unknown human caused ignition.  It is still under investigation.


The fire is under Unified Command with the US Forest Service and Mono County Sheriff’s Office

SoCal Team 1 will assume command of the incident tomorrow morning at 6:00 am.

Current Status

The fire has


There are 350 fire and support personnel assigned, including 8 hand crews, 23 engines, 6 helicopters, 2 fixed wing aircraft, 2 bulldozers, and 3 water tenders are assigned to the fire incident.

# # #



Firefighters are battling 3 fires off WB 580 & Grant Line Rd, on Altamont Pass; about 10 miles east of Livermore (Alameda County).


This is a newly reported fire located on Altamont Pass, 10 miles east of Livermore of Alameda County.  It is currently at 75%. No other info provided.


The total of acres are 100.

# # #


Incident Summary

Both the Fish Fire (4,035 acres) and the Reservoir (1,200 acres) were combined under this Complex.

Photo of the San Gabriel Mountains. (Credit: Photo by LACoFD volunteer photographer Craig Durling via CALFire)


The Complex is located on the Angeles National Forest in Los Angeles County; North of Azusa.


The San Gabriel Complex is under unified command, Mike Wakoski commanding with Vince Pena Deputy Fire Chief, Los Angeles County Fire, David Halm Commander, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and Lt. Paul Dennis, Azusa Police Department.

Incident Cooperators

Assisting agencies include Arcadia Fire Department, Los Angeles County Sheriff, Arcadia Police Department, Southern California Edison, CalTrans, Los Angeles County Public Works, American Red Cross, Los Angeles County Health Department, California Conservation Corp and California Office of Emergency Services.

Current Status

A total amount of 5235 acres (1200 acres for the Reservoir Fire and 4035 acres for the Fish Fire) have been scorched. Containment is at 48%.

All evacuations for the San Gabriel Complex have been lifted. The American Red Cross evacuation center has been closed

VLAT over the San Gabriel Complex

Very Large Tanker (VLAT) over the Complex. (Source: Inciweb)


There are 917 personnel assigned, including including 54 engines, 24 handcrews, 11 water tenders and 5 bulldozers, 15 helicopters and fixed wing aircraft.

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U.S. Wildland Fires | SitRep | March 11, 2016

Fire Summary

During the week of March 4, 2016 through March 10, 2016:

Nationally:   732 new Light fires.  32 new Large incidents. 32 Fires contained. 5 Not contained fires.



595 new fires broke out with 22 of them deemed large fire incidents and of those, 3 of them still not contained.

New! Active Fires

North Carolina

  • Tombstone:  7 miles NW of Casar, NC. North Carolina Forest Service. 12 Personnel.  4 Engines. 575 Acres. 91% contained.  Closed timber litter. Minimal fire behavior with smoldering. Last report unless significant activity occurs. Cost-to-Date: $33,000.00.


  • Katie:   3 miles SW of Dustin. 1630 acres.  Oklahoma DOF. 30 Personnel.  10 Engines. Timber and short grass. 65% contained. Moderate fire behavior. Structures threatened. Cost-to-Date: $9,000.
  • Mustang:   1 mile SW of Bartlesville, OK. 11,257 acers. 81% contained. Osage Agency, BIA. 22 Personnel assigned. 6 engines. Tall grass and hardwood litter. Minimal fire behavior. Precipitation occurred over the fire area. Cost-to-Date: $82,000.

100% Contained Fires


  • Party Rock:  150 acres.  Cost: $35,000.


  • Fletcher Ridge:  150 acres.  $1,000.
  • Honeysuckle:  370 acres.  Cost: $7,000.
  • Piney Branch:  275 acres.  Cost: $1,000.


  • Fox Brown Rd.  313 acres.  NR.
  • Hornet Complex:  DOD.  7,500 acres.  Cost: $75,000.
  • Pine Shadow:  401 acres. NR.


  • Barnsdall: 429 acres. Cost:  $43,000.
  • Bass:  3740 acres. Cost: $46,000.
  • Blue Duck:   1005 acres.  Cost: $1,000.
  • Caney Creek:  400 acres.  Cost:  8,000.
  • Double Header:  1270 Acres.  Cost: $9,000.
  • Edge Rock:  347 acres.  Cost:  35,000.
  • England:  155 acres.  Cost: $20,000.
  • Fairfax Landing:  640 acres. Cost:  $67,000.
  • Hill:  890 acres. Cost: $65,000.
  • Lane School:  151 acres.  Cost:  $5,000.
  • Lenora: 587 acres. Cost $40,000.
  • Lost City:  240 acres.  Cost: $20,000.
  • Mule Camp:  128 acres.  Cost: $1,000.
  • Pigeon Bed:  285 acres.  Cost:  $5,000.
  • Ralsten:  972 acres.  Cost: $65,000.
  • Roy Ann: 476 acres.  Cost:  $15,000.
  • Tallant:  492 acres. Cost: $42,000.
  • Tin Shack:  557 acres.  Cost:  $3,000.
  • Tounsend:  600 acres. Cost: $10,000.
  • Whispering Pines:  160 acres.  Cost:  $5,000.



32 new fires with 3 of them considered as new large incident. 1 is not contained.

New! Active Fires


  • Boss Ranch Fire:  19 miles NE of Douglas. Coronado NF/Forest Service.  79 Personnel.  3 Crew.  3 Engines. 1 helicopter.  1253 acres. Tall grass and brush.  Min fire activity with smoldering. Structures threatened.  Cost-to-Date: $75,000.

100% Contained Fires



  • Guadalupe Pass Fire:  6500 acres. Cost:  $250,000.
  • Phoenix Fire:  592 acres.  Cost:  $58,000.

New Mexico

  • Cowboy Fire:  4000 acres.  Cost:  $120,000.



42 new fires.  3 new Large fire incidents. 3 contained. fires.


  • Barbers Creek:  200 acres.  Cost:  $15,000.
  • Lipps Fire:  208 acres. Cost: $15,000.
  • Tellham:  174 acres.  Cost:  $10,000.



38 new fires with 3 of them being large fires. 3 contained.

100% Contained Fires


  • Huerfano:  300 acres.  Cost:  $13,000.


  • 1800 / Yancy:  7500 acres.  Cost:  $3,000.
  • Ferguson Ranch:  25,650 acres.  Cost:  $61,000.


New! Active Fires


  • Cherry:  23 miles NW of Terry. Miles City Field Office, 440 acres.  BLM. 7 Personnel. 3 Crews.   Started on county land.  Short grass. Minimal fire behavior. 50% contained.  Cost-to-Date: $10,000.




March 4 – March 10, 2016

NOTE:  Numbers do not include fires included in Complexes

2016:  5.564 fires. 270,286 acres.

2015:  6,154  fires. 93,639 acres.

2014:  6,733 fires. 84,457 acres.

2013:  3,657 fires. 36,048 acres.

2012:  6,313 fires. 119,506 acres.

2011:  12,271 fires. 357,228 acres.

2010:  5,025 fires. 68,244. acres.




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