Fresno, CA | Two CHP Officers enroute to a pre-dawn MVA were killed while responding to the accident scene, when they swerved from hitting one of the involved drivers.

The RP stated the accident was in the NB lanes.  The Officers had to travel SB to get to the other side of the Highway.  They may have realized that the accident scene was on the SB side.  

It is suspected that the male driver in the truck had fallen asleep at the wheel which caused it to hit the center divider spinning around facing NB in the SB lanes with his lights off.

This quickly became a multiple car pileup, causing dangers for responding Officers and for injured drivers.

It is being said that when CHP Officers Brian Law and Juan Gonzalez approached the scene, they saw a man standing in the middle of the Highway.  Swerving to miss him caused them to lose control of their patrol car hitting the barrier then a pylon sign.

Both Officers were killed.

Officer Brian Law transferred to Fresno one year ago from starting his career in Oakland, so he could be closer to his wife and three kids.  

Officer Juan Gonzalez had transferred from CHP San Jose in 2010.  He is survived by his mother, sister and girlfriend.

CHP Officers Juan Gonzalez, Brian Law
Officer Juan Gonzalez [L] and Officer Brian Law [R] – Courtesy CHP Photo

WE WILL NEVER FORGET: A Tribute to Our Fallen Heroes.  We will always remember your Legacy, Dedication and Love for the Job, as well as your Tireless Efforts to Protect and Serve.

We are so sorry for your Loss and send our sincere sympathies to the Officers’ Families, CHP Fellow Officers, Friends and, to the Community they Served.”  -NWFB

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