Firefighters and equipment were deployed about 1200 PT into the Box Canyon between the City of Simi Valley and Chatsworth, California for a brush fire that started in the area on Friday, July 31, 2020.

The brush fire is named the SHIRLEY FIRE.  It is approximately a 20×20 spot under some oak trees and brush.  Hose lines were quickly deployed and direct attack on the fire is being made.  The fire is moving into rocky areas where access has been deemed difficult to reach.

Incident Cooperators are:  VCFD, LAFD, LAcoFD and CHP.

ROAD CLOSURES –> Box Canyon Road and Shirley Drive.

Homes are threatened but no evacuations are currently under way.

Winds are light but is causing the fire to be moved by them.

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Update 2 | California | SR 126 Shutdown due to Major Fire

UPDATE 2 | 2235 hours PST

We are alternating eastbound and westbound traffic through the eastbound lanes. The westbound lanes will be blocked to allow for safe clean up. Expect delays. Traffic is flowing slowly.

UPDATE 1 | 2145 Hours PST

The California Highway Patrol – Moorpark Division has shutdown both directions of SR 126, about three miles west of the Los Angeles County line.

Ventura County Firefighters are working to extinguish a fire inside a semi-truck cab that had been stopped on the highway.

Photo Credit | CHP Moorpark


There have been no injuries reported to the driver, others or fire crews.


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California | SR 126 Shutdown due to Major Fire | 1

The California Highway Patrol – Moorpark Division has shutdown both directions of SR 126, about three miles west of the Los Angeles County line.

Ventura County Firefighters are working to extinguish a fire inside a semi-truck cab that had been stopped on the highway.

Photo Credit | CHP Moorpark


There have been no injuries reported to the driver, others or fire crews.

CHP expects the roadway to be reopened in the next 45 minutes (or 2215 hours PST).

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California Wildfire | Delta Fire | 2

UPDATE 2 – Monday, September 10, 2018

Incident Summary

The Delta Fire is human-caused from an unknown ignition. It continues to burn two miles north of Lakehead, California.
Fire Status
There has been 49,874 acres burned and crews have reached a 5% containment status. We heard that parts of I-5 are partially open.
Fire behavior is active with running, backing and spotting. Numerous structures including energy, communication and RR infrastructures are currently being threatened.
There are 2,433 personnel assigned to the incident along with 77 crews, 178 engines and 12 helicopters. 2 structures have been lost.
Damage Assessment
2 structures have been lost.
$8.5 Million Cost-to-date in firefighting and containment suppression costs.

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California Wildfire | Delta Fire | 1

UPDATE 2 – Saturday, September 8 2018

Incident Summary

A human-caused wildfire broke out about two miles northwest from Lakehead and on I-5 at Lamoine in California.  When we first broke the news just after the large wildfire started, it was only at 2,000 acres with a 0% containment status.  It was stated that the fire would explode to three-times its size overnight, jumping the freeway and burning up numerous vehicles and five semis.  The location of the fire it would prompt mandatory evacuations and cause both northbound and southbound lanes of I-5 to shutdown.  I don’t think we have ever heard this happen before – the closure of a major interstate that transports a lot of commerce.

The fire has merged with the Hirz Fire and together it has become a monstrous firestorm eating up the landscape and reaching 40,580 acres collectively.

Fire vehicles stopped at an I-5 exit ramp . Photo by Eamon Sigler.

Photo Courtesy: Eamon Sigler via Inciweb

Current Fire Status

The fire behavior is considered as active with running, backing and spotting.  There is a 0% containment status at this time.  Because of the fire, I-5 NB lanes are closed at Fawndale exit approximately 10 miles north of Redding and in the SB lanes at Mott Road, about 3.6 miles south of Mt. Shasta in California.


There are currently 2,132 personnel battling this fire including air and ground resources that include 52 crews, 163 engines and 7 helicopters.


The following are evacuation notices and mandatory orders for each impacted County.  Please heed the alerts given to you and please do not stay back to save your property.  You are putting First Responders (Firefighters, Volunteers and Police Officers’ lives in jeopardy).  Your property can be replaced, YOU and your FAMILY cannot.

Shasta County – Mandatory evacuations along I-5 from exit 707 at Vollmers N. to Exit 714 at Gibson. These are being implemented by the Sheriff’s Office.

Trinity County – Mandatory evacuation orders are being implemented by the Sheriff’s Office for all residents on E. Fork Road to Ramshorn Road and to the Shasta – Trinity County line.

Siskiyou County – Evacuation order notice only but all should be ready in case you have to leave.  This is for all residents in the Dunsmuri area.

Evacuation Shelters

There are two evacuation shelters set-up for residents and are located in the following locations:

Mercy Oaks – 100 Mercy Oaks Drive.  Redding, California.

National Guard Armory – 618 Everitt Memorial Highway.  Mt. Shasta, California.

There is one animal shelters taking in cats and dogs.  Those who use this shelter’s services must provide food/water/meds for their own pets and must come by to care for their sheltered pets everyday.

Siskiyou Animal Shelter – 1208 N. Mt. Shasta Blvd. Shelter hours are 0900-1600 hours.  Phone number is 530-926-4052.


Firefighting suppression and containment costs have surged to $4.1 Million to date.

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Here are the wildfires for Monday, June 19, 2017.

Do we have one missing from this list? Check us out and let us know.

blog header wildfires


The Bogus Fire was reported on June 19, 2017 by CAL Fire which is burning off of Ager Beswick Road and Crest Lane and South of Copco Lake in Siskiyou County.

There is 56 acres burning with a containment status of 60%.^


The Highway Fire is burning on the Sequoia National Forest, about 5 miles SW of Bodfish.  The fire has consumed 500 acres of tall grass and brush.  Its fire behavior remains as extreme and has a 0% containment status.

There are 370 personnel attached alongside 13 crews, 17 engines and 6 helicopters.

Costs have reached $500,000 to date.%


The Lake Fire is located 1 mile NE of Castaic and on the Angeles National Forest. There have been 800 acres of chaparral and tall grass destroyed.  Its fire behavior has dropped to minimal that is now creeping and smoldering with a 20% containment status.

Photo Credit:  Angeles NF

Lake Fire. (Credit: Angeles NF)

There are still 465 personnel assigned to this fire incident along with 15 crews, 25 engines and 3 helicopters.

Fire suppression and containment costs have topped out at $400,000 to date.^


CAL Fire has reported that the Smiley Fire started on June 18th @ 1510 hours from an unknown cause which Law Enforcement officials are currently investigating.  The fire is located North of Moreno Valley in Riverside County.

There are currently 3 engines assigned to patrolling and improving containment lines to the 100% contained wildfire but resources soared to 9 firefighters, 3 engines and 2 water tenders.

There was one minor injury reported.

No structures were damaged.

Incident Cooperators include:  AMR, CAL FIRE/Riverside, CAL FIRE/San Bernardino, CAL FIRE/San Diego and Riverside County Fire Department. ^


The Trellis Fire is North of Lake Elsinore and State Highway 74, near Trellis Lane in Riverside County has been reported as 100% contained, leaving 26 acres destroyed by an unknown cause.

The fire was reported on June 18th around 1603 hours.

Resources from CAL Fire – Riverside, CHP, City of Corona FD, Murrietta FD, Riverside County FD and Riverside County Sheriff Office were dispatched along with 45 firefighters, 12 engines, 1 truck and 3 overhead personnel.

There were no civilian or firefighter injuries reported.

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#TopockFire and #PirateFire | April 7, 2016 | Update 1

Yes, we know we are a little late to the game but I [have] been fighting the flu and hoping it is just a bit at the tail end.  Now, that I am upright, thought I’d share what has been spreading like wildfire all over Social Media and is on the fire ground in AZ and CA – not a pretty sight.

Photo Credit: Mohave FD's Butch Merriweather

Photo Credit: Mohave FD’s Butch Merriweather

Our Thoughts and Prayers are there for those are involved in this powerful wind-driven firestorm of 2016.


The fire started on Wednesday, April 6, 2016, around 0500 hours on two specific sites on the Arizona and California borders on the Colorado River Ranger District.

Photo Credit: Mohave FD's Butch Merriweather

Photo Credit: Mohave FD’s Butch Merriweather

NOTE: Generally where there are two separate fire names, it is because they have started one name and it is changed over time to reflect a more accurate location.  This fire is listed to be two different locations on both the AZ and on the CA sides.  We are unsure if there were two different origins, so we’ll that up to the Fire investigators to figure that one out, but for the purpose of this post – we will refer to the #TopockFire as on the #AZFire side and the #PirateFire on the #CAFire side.

The fire is known by two names, #TopockFire on the Arizona side, is approximately two (2) miles West of Topock and Golden Shores, Arizona.

The #PirateFire is on the California side, about ten (10) miles SSE of Needles, California.

Topock Fire MohaveFD 1

Photo Credit: Mohave FD Personnel


The cause is unknown, but it is listed as an active investigation.  No updates from that investigation have been released.


Due to the fire being on both sides of the Arizona-California borders, Command is in an Unified Command Status.

Photo Credit: San Bernardino County FD

Photo Credit: San Bernardino County FD


There are about 165 personnel assigned to this incident, including Mutual Aid from the following:

  • Bureau of Land Management
  • Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Arizona Dept of Transportation
  • AZ Dept of Forestry
  • BNSF Railroad
  • Buckskin Fire Department
  • Bullhead Fire Department
  • CAL Transportation
  • California Highway Patrol
Photo Credit: San Bernardino Co FD

Photo Credit: San Bernardino County FD of Pirate Cove Resort

  • City of Needles
  • Fort Mohave Fire Department
  • Golden Shores Fire Department
  • Kingman Fire Department
  • Mohave Valley Fire Department
  • PG & E
  • San Bernardino County Fire Department
  • San Bernardino County Probation
  • San Bernardino Sheriff’s Office
  • SW Gas Corporation

We are still trying to find out what type of crews, equipment and apparatus is on-scene but so far, we haven’t found that jackpot yet. We will put out more updates as information is received.



  • 2200 total acres (both AZ-CA) as of 4/7/2016
  • Pirates Cove Resort in California suffered some about 10% roof damage due to firebrands burning the thatch room.
Photo Credit: San Bernardino County FD

Photo Credit: San Bernardino County FD


  • Evacuations of Park Moabi Mobile Home Park residents and  Pirates Cove Resort employees and Campers occurred on 4/6/2016.
  • Evacuations have been lifted on 4/7/2016 but employees and Campers are only allowed to recover their possessions with an escort.
  • Park residents evacuation orders have been lifted and appears there are no restrictions returning to their homes.


  • 40% containment status.


Windy conditions have arrived and firefighters have been able to establish containment lines. So far, they are reporting that they are holding.

Golden Shores, Arizona is reporting a warm temp of 89-degrees with 15% percipitation, 9% humidity and winds at 6-mph.



  • Route 66 from Golden Shores to I-40.
  • BLM using roadway for equipment and staging areas.
  • Reports on Facebook are not accurate.

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Disclaimer:  The Photography in this post is not our own and we do not lay rights or claims on them.  We have given the Photo Credit to the best of our knowledge and all rights of those of the Photographer as listed. – Editor.

CORRINE FIRE In Madera County, California – June 21, 2015


The #CorrineFire is located on Road 222 and Tunoi Place in Madera County, north of Auberry, California.  The fire started on June 18, 2015, at 2100 Hours PDT.


No injuries have been reported but 3 outbuildings have been destroyed.


Cause of the fire is under investigation.  It currently is listed at 920 acres with a 35% containment status.


Resources working the fire are: 1440 personnel, 120 engines, 42 fire crews, 4 helos, 11 dozers and 11 water tenders from the #CALFire #USFS #MaderaCoFD #MCSO #PG&E #RedCross #CALOES #CHP and add’l resources from Central Valley.


Mandatory Evacuations are still in force: Rd 222 North of Tunobi to Carmen Ranch Road; Corrine Lake Rd South to Box Canyon; East of Rd 222.


Evac Shelters for residents are located at:  Sierra Presbyterian Church 39696 Hwy 41 [Oakhurst] and Oakhurst EV Church 50443 School Rd [Oakhurst].

[c] 2015 The NW Fire Blog

WILDFIRE: Harrison Fire | Thermal, CAL | Sit Rep

A vegetation fire was reported on June 1, 2015, around 1016 hours PDT on the Bureau of Indian lands at Ave 66 and Harrison Street in Riverside County, California.  The fire began as a small ten-acre fire in heavy vegetation including mulch and Tamarisk Trees.

At around 1300, the CHP began closing down roadways near the fire incident.  Approximately, 45 minutes later, the Sheriff’s Office began conducting evacuations of nearby mobile home park located just north of Avenue 66 at Tyler Street and east Harrison Street. The streets were being closed by the CHP. The fire had grown to 30 acres at this time.

At 1530 hours, the fire had exploded to 75 acres, prompting an evacuation center to be opened.  A local transit company sent a bus with A/C to help REHAB firefighters. At this time, two firefighters were being evaluated for non-threatening injuries.

A few hours later, around 1509 hours, the Firefighters report the fire contained at 30%.

Two hours later, the fire has crept up to 80 acres with a 40% containment status.  The evacuation orders have been lifted.

The next morning at 0737 hours PDT on June 2, 2015, the fire is holding still at 80 acres with a 40% containment status.  Firefighters’ hard work has paid off from overnight.

At 1400 hours, a firefighter is transported by ambulance with unknown non-threatening injury.

Almost 3 hours later around 1438 hours PDT, Fire Managers announce the fire is at a 60% containment status.

As of June 3, 2015, the fire was reported at 1924 hours PDT with a 85% containment.  Firefighters are beginning to get a hold on this fire more quickly as the days pass by.

June 4, 2015, at 1845 hours PDT, it was reported that the fire was still holding at 80 acres but the containment status had increased to 95%.  It was stated their expected time of 100% containment would be on June 5, 2015.

Incident Command was released back to the Bureau of Indian Affairs, after all resources had been released from the fire incident.

That Was Then……

A new update on the fire as of 1615 hours PDT on June 5, 2015, in there have been a few developments.  The firefighters that have remained on scene, have found some increasing winds making mop-up operations somewhat difficult.  All-in-all, as today the fire still is being held at 95% containment and limited to 80 acres.

New expected containment is on Saturday, June 6 around 1400 hours PDT.


Resources that were on scene at the time of fire were:

  • American Red Cross
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs
  • CAL FIRE/Riverside
  • CHP – Indio Division
  • Imperial Irrigation District
  • Riverside Co Fire OES
  • Riverside Co Roads
  • Riverside Co Sheriffs Office

Great job to all who worked so hard in the heat, dry conditions and protecting the great citizens of California.

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WildFire SitRep: #RoundFire – February 9, 2015 – PM Update

Inyo/Mono Counties, California | The Round Fire is located off of Hwy 395 at Sherwin Grade.  The Fire previously caused mandatory evacuations of towns of Paradise and Swall Meadows.


Started on February 6, 2015, reported at 1407 hours PST.

40 residents and outbuildings destroyed. 5 damaged. 7 recorded homes saved by Kern County’s Strike Team.


The Round Fire has still remains at 7,000 acres with a new containment status at 95%.  Firefighters are quickly making progress.


250 USFS, BLM, Wheeler Crest Fire Dept., Paradise Fire Dept., Inyo and Mono County Sheriff, CHP, Cal Trans, Cal OES still remain on scene with the aid of the following:

  • 20 Eengines
  • 1 Water Tender
  • 1 Dozer
  • 1 Helicopter
  • 14 Handcrews
  • 25 Overhead

Additional Agencies are assisting residents:  The Salvation Army, American Red Cross


4 Firefighters have been injured.


Repopulation began at 1600 hours today back inside Paradise and Swall Meadows.

A Pass is require to gain entry and can be picked up from the Mono County Sheriff’s Staging area on the N side of Pine Creek and E of Lower Rock Creek at the entrypoint.

Residents may take up to two people to help them with repopulation.  An Escort will be provided.  When arriving at the entrypoint, residents will need to be able to display valid photo identification in order to be allowed inside the area.  Residents may stay home but if you leave, the Sheriff’s Office reminds you to bring your pass with you to re-enter the area.

The re-population restriction for residents is expected to last 24-48 hours.

There are currently no threats or additional warnings at this time.



Paradise expects their power to be restored by 2100 Hours PST this evening

Grief Support / Behavioral Health Services 

Residents affected by the fire can call for assistance to :

  • Mono County Behavioral Health – #760-924-1740
  • Inyo County Behavioral Health – #760/873-6533
  • If in Crisis or After Hours – Call 9-1-1

Evacuation & Local Assistance Center

Crowley Lake Community Center. 458 S. Landing Rd, Crowley Lake, CA (just past the General Store) Hours of Operation: 0700 PST – 1900 PST Monday – Saturday. (additional days and hours to be determined based upon need)

Financial Assistance

The Red Cross is providing staffing in addition to the Crowley Lake Community Center to meet their immediate financial needs of affected residents from 0800 PST – 1400 PST Monday – Saturday.


The Cause is still unknown and is under investigaton.

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