Mt. Madonna Summit, West of Gilroy, CA | CAL Fire Firefighters are currently on scene of a 5-acre fire.

No structures are currently threatened.

More information will be posted as details are received.

Please remember:

* If you are being evacuated, to please get out while you and your family can.  Please don’t put First Responders in harm’s way. They are trying to evacuate you out of the area as quickly as possible to help save your lives.

* Check the web if you are able to for resources such as shelters that accept pets [if applicable] and places you can safely move to.

* If you think you are being smart by using your iPhones, cameras etc to take photos or video of the fire, you may put your and the lives of First Responders in jeopardy.  This is no joke and should be taken seriously.  The fires are moving extremely FAST and are very HOT.  They can seriously burn you or kill you and no one wants that to happen, so please heed all warnings!

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