Las Vegas, NV – Every July, a conference catering to Public Safety writers is held annually.  If you are a writer like me, you’ll want to join the writer’s train like I did this year. You surely won’t be disappointed and here’s why.

Yes, I AM a Public Safety Writer, but What is PSWA?

PSWA is also known as Public Safety Writers Association, an organization that was created in 1997, as the Police Writers Club.

It is open to any new, experienced, published and unpublished writer whom writes about all realms of Public Safety: Fire, PD, EMS. Some members are also mystery writers, magazine writers, journalists.  Members include Police Officers, Insurance Fraud Investigators, Police Investigators, Forensic Specialists [the true CSI], Firefighters, Dispatchers, Paramedics, Civilian Police Support, Fire Support personnel, Security personnel and Emergency Support personnel.

The Association also welcomes Editors, Agents, Publishers  and anyone else who wants to help writers realize their dreams.

Sounds Interesting. Tell Me More.

Becoming a Member of the PSWA organization has so many benefits that are offered.  Attending the Annual Conference enables you to network with other writers, receive feedback on your questions, ideas and pitching your manuscript.  Not only do you receive this as a freebie being a Member, but the Association overall welcomes its Members with open arms.  You can see the visual passion for writing in general and for this genre.  It literally will bring a smile to your face and encourage you to become the best writer possible.

You Say The Benefits as a Member are Great. What are the Benefits of this Organization?

Once you have become a Member of this organization, benefits include:

  • A “Members Only” free one-time manuscript review by a Professional Editor.
  • A “Members Only” opportunity to enter the Annual Writing Contest and a chance to become an Official “Award Winning Author”.
  • Attend the Annual Conference at a reduced price.
  • A “Members Only” opportunity to participate on the Association’s Listserv enabling those to network with fellow Writers and Editors.
  • Gaining a “Members Only” avenue to access field experts breathing life and accuracy, which will surely engage your readers through YOUR stories.
  • A Monthly newsletter about PSWA news, including limitless information on writing, publishing, editing and marketing.

I’m Hooked.  How Do I Become a Member?

Becoming a Member is simple as 1-2-3.  Check out PSWA’s website at

Scroll over to the Tabs on the Left hand side of the webpage to “JOIN” and click the tab.   The information is laid out in front of you and is easy to follow.

You Say You are a Member. Tell Us Your Story and Why You Joined PSWA.

As a volunteer in the SAR world and as a Fire Buff, it only seemed natural to join.  The Love of writing has been instilled in my heart since I was in junior high school.  With the many hobbies and interests I have, this is the only thing [writing] that I continue to return to.

The three years, I have been involved have been nothing short of inspiring, from the many leading experts in the many areas I write about and the warmth of the Members is pure geniune.  The generosity they share about their expertise and love for writing is so incredible.

For many years, I attempted to attend the Annual PSWA Conference without much success.  My “day” job continued to cancel my vacation time enabling me to attend.  It was so disheartening and thought this was a sign, that this was not my time to participate as a Writer.  However, I continued to strive to become a better writer through their information posted on the Listserv and tireless encouragement to attend.

Finally, in July 2014, I attended.  I can tell you this – it was well worth it one-hundred times fold.  As a social butterfly that I am, I cannot keep this great of a secret hidden and will be promoting this amazing Conference through all of our Social Media sites.  Don’t be surprised if you see many “Invites” to join as a Member to attend this great conference and encouragement from others to help you succeed as a Writer, just like I have.  You definitely won’t be disappointed!

You Are Right. This is a Great Organization to Help Me Become a Better Writer. I’m Game!

As a writer, we encourage you to join PSWA and see how your many talents can be brought out into the light.  It is an organization that will help you succeed, give you feedback and welcome you with open arms.  If you love to write about Public Safety topics, stories or articles, then this group is for you.

Besides, we are part of this organization – and, you’d get a chance to hang with us. What more fun could be had then a great time with us? Just sayin.

Seriously.  If you have any questions pertaining to this article or the content, you may contact Lisa Swenson [pen name: LR Swenson] by email

If you wish to contact the organization directly, please email They’ll be happy to answer any of your questions you may have.

Article by Lisa Swenson [Pen Name: LR Swenson] / Editor/Blogger

(c) 2014 The NW Fire Blog