Mt Vernon, Washington | Kaine Moody, 15, was last seen on Monday, March 9, 2015, when he ran away from his father’s house disappearing.  After 10 long days as being considered as a runaway by Police, he would later call his father to pick him up.


Unsure of the details of what he had been doing during that time, his parents are grateful he has decided to come home.  He lives with his father in Mt. Vernon and his mom in another part of Washington State.

“Thank you, thank you all. You have been our supporters, whether you have known us for years or months or weeks or never at all. You are amazing. Without you we would not be making it.” – Lisa Day, his joyous Mom.

Thank You and a round of Applause to all of you for sharing his story and photo.  It seemed to do the trick. Whatever the reason he disappeared, we wish his family a time of healing and privacy.

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