BENDFIRE COMPLEX | The IMT2 OR Team 4 is in command over the BendFire Complex located 40 miles W of Vale.  This fire started on August 11, 2015 burning grass, timber and brush.  The cause is unknown at this time but what we know is that it has consumed 30,700 acres and threatening the Sage-Grouse habitat.  It is producing extreme fire behavior by running and torching.

BERRY CREEK | [Limited Info] | The fire is located 7 miles S of John Day in the Strawberry Mountain Wilderness near private lands.

CABLE CROSSING FIRE | The Cable Crossing Fire was ignited by an unknown cause on July 28, 2015.  It has slowly burned up 1857 acres but has a 85% containment wrapped around the fire.  The fire has been smoldering with a limited amount of fire in timber, slash and brush.  Road and area closures are in effect.

COLLIER | The Collier Fire is located 17 miles E of Gold Beach and was caused by lightning on August 2, 2015.  It is currently burning in timber, brush and short grass.  As of today, it has burned 5164 acres and reaching a 10% containment status by fire crews.  The fire has a moderate rate of spread, flanking and backing.  Commercial property, a Snow Camp Lookout and Snow Camp Botanical Garden are being threatened at this time.  There is limited access and steep slopes, fire crews have contend with.  Rd and area closures are in effect.

CORNET FIRE | The Cornet Fire is under an Unified Command with IMT1 NM Team 2 and OSFM Green Team with an unknown number of personnel.  The fire which is located 19 miles S of Baker City started on August 10, 2015, by lightning has scorched 12,600 acres.  Fire crews have successfully reached a 10% containment around the fire.  There is still extreme fire behavior with crowning, spotting and uphill runs. Homes & structures are threatened.  Road and & area closures in place.

COUNTY LINE 2 FIRE |  County Line 2 Fire is now a 9,000 acre fire with extreme fire behavior spreading with the help of the wind and causing uphill runs.  The fire started by a Human on August 12, 2015, is located 15 miles NW of Madras in grass and brush.  Homes and structures are being threatened.  Evacuations in effect.  Area and Road closures in force.  IMT2 OR Team 2 is mobilizing.

CRANE CREEK FIRE | Crane Creek Fire is located 6 miles SE of Crane that was ignited by lightning on August 12, 2015, lighting up grass and brush.  The fire quickly consumed 700 acres but has been 100% contained.  It still has active fire and torching.  [Last Report]

EAGLE COMPLEX FIRE | There are 3 fires under this Complex.  Together they have burned 700 acres and are considered as active fires.  The IMT 3 is in command of this fire located 25 miles S of Union.  It started on August 11, 2015 by an unknown cause.

Due to time constraints, we were unable to cover the remainder 10+ fires but will include those on tomorrow’s post.

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