WA WILDFIRE | Grizzly Creek Complex | August 21, 2015

“My heroes are those who risk their lives every day to protect our world and make it a better place – police, firefighters and members of our armed forces.”

– Sidney Sheldon


  • Location:  20 miles SE Dayton [WA] on WA – OR state line
  • National Forest:  Umatilla
  • Wilderness:  Wenaha-Tucannon
  • Start:  8/13/15 @ 1300 PDT
  • Cause:  Lightning
  • Fire Incidents:  17 unnamed fires inside complex
  • Fire Fuels:  Timber, grass, brush.


#FireImage Courtesy of Inciweb


  • 52,000
  • Expectations for the #s to grow

Fire Behavior 

  • Crowning, Spotting, Long-range Spotting
  • Extreme fire activity, difficult firefighting conditions for firefighters.
  • Fire crossed the Wenaha River near Cross Canyon, 10 miles from Troy [OR].
  • Fire reportedly spreading to the E.

#FireImage Courtesy of Inciweb

Structure Protection

  • OR State Task Force from the OR State Fire Marshal’s Office arrived on Friday as a new added resource.
  • Acres:  48,000


  • IC:  Brian Gales
  • Command:  WA Interagency Type 2 Team
  • Personnel:  106
  • Crews:  3
  • Helicopter: 1
  • Engines:  5
  • Task Force:  1 from the OR State FMO’s office.
  • Mutual Aid:  FMAG approved 8/21


  • Residences:  200
  • Structures:  10
  • Firefighter Safety:  Unauthorized Drone flights

Those is a perfect PR message from our friends with CAL Fire, it still applies to all Wildland Fire incidents. #NoDronesInFireZones



  • Primary Residences:  3
  • Outbuildings:  15


Level 3  [Means leave immediately, there is fire danger fast approaching.]

  • Town of Troy – except for those remaining for fire suppression activities and those feeding the firefighters.
  • From Troy [OR] to Hwy 129 @ Boggan’s Oasis [approx 16 miles NE of Troy]
  • Additional Surrounding Towns:  Eden Bench, Grouse Flat and Bartlett

Level 2 [ Get Ready to evacuate at a moment’s notice]

  • Flora, Lost Prarie, Redmond Grande NE to Hwy 3
  • Clearwater Guard Station to LIck Creek Road
  • From Lick Creek Rd to Asotin City limits
  • Around Asotin to Snake River
  • From Snake River S to the State line
  • Frm the State line W to Hwy 129

Evacuation Map

Map Courtesy of the U.S. Forest – Umatilla National Forest




“Eyewitness Reports, Discussions”

August 21

  • “Fire is spreading thru the Blue Mtns with no end in sight.”

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