SFD Respond to Kitchen Fire

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON — Seattle Firefighters were dispatched at 2204 PT to the 5400 block of NE 65th Street in the Ravenna/Bryan area. The call was for a kitchen fire in a single unit of a two-story multi-family residential building.

Stock Photo
Stock Photo (c) NW Fire Blog

Units dispatched include A25, Air10, B2, B4, DEP1, E17, E21, E22, E34, E38, L10, L5, L9, M17, MAR5, REHAB1, SAFT2, STAF10.

Firefighters were able to quickly egress on the fire and get it tapped by 2224 hours PT. A reduction of resources was completed and issuing a Code Green to non-committed units, except for Engines 38,17; Ladders 9 and 5; B5, Marshal5, and Air10 were canceled.

All occupants were said to have been evacuated safely. No injuries to firefighters were reported. Unknown if any residents suffered smoke inhalation or had any other injuries.

Primary (2221 PT) and secondary (2225) searches of the building were conducted. Nothing further was found inside the structure.

Northeast 65th Street was closed for traffic control. Metro Transit had to temporarily suspend service due to the closure. It was said to reopen by 2300 hours PT.

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WA | Red Apple Fire | 4

UPDATE 4 – JULY 14, 2021 – 2000 PT


A fast-moving wildfire has ignited in the 3300 block of Red Apple Road, about three miles SE of Cashmere (Chelan County), Washington

The fire is now renamed as the RED APPLE FIRE was formerly known as the IRISH LANE FIRE.

It was reported on Tuesday, July 13th at 1656 hours PT.

May be an image of standing, fire and outdoors
Credit | Lake Wenatchee Fire & Rescue


The following resources have been dispatched CHELAN-25 CHELAN-26 CHELAN-27 CHELAN-60 CREW-74 E-4101 E-4103 E-4104 E-4105 E-4201 E-4203 E-6695 E-6696 PATROL-604 with IC Escobar as of 7/13/2021 @ 1930 hours PT.

As of this evening and per the WA DNR CAD system, resources currently assigned are the CHELAN-60 DIV-25 DIV-6101 E-351 E-4101 E-4105 E-6695 KIT-15 KLICK-16 PATROL-604.


Incident Cooperators Include WA DNR (Lead Agency), the Lake Wenatchee Fire & Rescue, Chelan County Emergency Management, Seventh Day Adventist Church, American Red Cross, Chelan County Sheriff.


7,000 acres. 0% contained.

1,500 homes under evacuation orders.

Chelan County Sheriff’s Detectives and Chelan County Fire Marshal’s Office, along with BLM Fire Investigators worked as a team to write and serve a warrant on a home, suspected to be where the fire originated at. This is a continued active investigation.

State mobilization approved on July 13, 2021, when the fire had reached 4,000 acres. Last night, fire crews assigned to the Monitor area were faced with fierce fire and strong winds, along with structure protection.



  • East side of Birch Mtn Rd
  • Birch View Lane
  • Ohme Garden Road
  • OHME Gardens
  • Buck Haven Lane
  • Sky Crest lane
  • Kimberly Court
  • McMullun Lane
  • Billy Goat Lane
  • Every resident and business on north side of Easy Street
  • US Highways 2 and 97, all the way to Warm Springs Canyon Road
  • American Fruit to School Street
  • Rolling Hills Lane to Burch Mountain
  • East side of Burch Mountain Road


  • North of American Fruit Road
  • North of Easy Street and Hwy 2
  • Birch Mtn Road
  • Warner Canyon
  • Nahahum Canyon
  • Swakane


  • Red Apple Road, northeast side of Hwy 2.
  • South of American Fruit Road
  • Easy Street, from Burch Mtn to Hwy 2


Red Cross Shelter

  • Seventh Day Adventist Church, 508 N Western Avenue. (Humans)

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WA | Irish Lane Fire | 3

UPDATE 3 – JULY 13, 2021 – 2155 PT

Credit: Lake Wenatchee F&R


A fast-moving wildfire has ignited in the 3300 block of Red Apple Road between Monitor and Cashmere (Chelan County), Washington, named the IRISH LANE FIRE.

It was reported on Tuesday, July 13th at 1656 hours PT.

Cause is unknown at this time.


The following resources have been dispatched CHELAN-25 CHELAN-26 CHELAN-27 CHELAN-60 CREW-74 E-4101 E-4103 E-4104 E-4105 E-4201 E-4203 E-6695 E-6696 PATROL-604 with IC Escobar as of 7/13/2021 @ 1930 hours PT.


Incident Cooperators Include the Lake Wenatchee Fire & Rescue, Chelan County Emergency Management, Seventh Day Adventist Church, American Red Cross, Chelan County Sheriff.


This is the IRISH LANE FIRE. It has already burned 200 acres and is growing rapidly. Previously reported in the WA DNR Wildcad at 300 acres, but has since been reduced back down.


  • 3rd alarm (unknown time requested)
  • 2nd alarm at 1909 hours PT.
  • 1st alarm at 1856 hours PT.
Credit: Lake Wenatchee F&R


LEVEL 3 (GO NOW) > for all businesses and residences north of Easy Street from US 2 to Warm Springs Canyon Road.

LEVEL 2 (GET SET) > For homes above Easy Street from Eagle Rock.

LEVEL 1 (GET READY) > Red Apple Road, northeast side of Hwy 2.


Red Cross Shelter as of 2130 hours PT at the Seventh Day Adventist Church, 508 N Western Avenue.

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WA | Irish Lane Fire | 1

UPDATE 1 – JULY 13, 2021 – 2015 PT

A new wildfire has ignited in the 3300 block of Red Apple Road between Cashmere and Wenatchee, Washington.

The following resources have been dispatched CHELAN-25 CHELAN-26 CHELAN-27 CHELAN-60 CREW-74 E-4101 E-4103 E-4104 E-4105 E-4201 E-4203 E-6695 E-6696 PATROL-604 with IC Escobar as of 7/13/2021 @ 1930 hours PT.

This is the IRISH LANE FIRE. It has already burned 300 acres and is growing rapidly.

Fire reported on 7/13/2021 at 1856 PT say media outlets.

A second alarm was called at 1909 hours PT.

UPDATE | 2015 PT | Fire has been upgraded to a third alarm response.

Additionally, a structure protection group has been toned out as well.

This is a developing story and we are working to gain more intel to provide in a future post. Thank you for visiting our site. And, if told to evacuate – please do so. Listen to all local evacuation broadcasts by radio, phone (alerts) and Officials.

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Seattle Has 2nd Alarm Fire

Firefighters were dispatched on Saturday, October 24, 2020, at 1620 hours PT to a vacant building located in the 400 block of 7th Avenue South in Seattle, Washington.

At 1633 hours, 7th Avenue Command upgraded the call to a 2nd Alarm fire incident sending out additional resources and equipment.

First and second alarm Seattle Fire units include: E10, B6, E5, L1, A10, Air10, B2, Deputy1, E2, E25, E6, L10, L6, M10, M44, MAR5, REHAB1, Safety2, Staff10, L3, Air240-260, B6, E13, E22, E30, E34, L6, L9. PIO and L4.

2nd Alarm units were quickly code green at 1638 hours PT.

A small fire was said to be burning at the time of the stairwell on floor three but would be knocked down relatively fast. Command called it a tap fire at 1642 hours.

MAR5, Seattle Fire’s Investigator was on-scene to determine what the cause of the fire is and its origin. At this time, there is no preliminary cause to report.

Just like when they train and drill, SFD’s crews focus on suppression and containment applying quick egress efforts. Actions of firefighters quickly stopped the spread to other connected exposures and limiting damage to the structure overall.

There were no reports of injuries to firefighters or civilians.


This building is located in the 400 block of 7th Avenue South in the heart of the Sodo (industrial) area of Seattle. This structure is listed as a brick building that was built in year of 1920.

According to 2020 assessed King County tax records, this is the home to the Republic Hotel, a rooming house on the top three floors of the building, a retail store on the street level and an unfinished basement.

However, when firefighters arrived – they stated this is a vacant building.

Here is a current photo of the vastly 7,680 square multi-level building that was touched by fire this afternoon. It is said to be valued at $2.3 Million according to a 2020 assessment.

Photo Credit | King County government

Building media

Nice work, Firefighters and saving another Seattle iconic structure.

(c) 2020 NW Fire Blog – 10/24/2020 1720 PT


SIT REP 5 | OCTOBER 17, 2020

PC:  Mendocino NF

A firefighter with a chain saw cuts a log on the edge of an active wildfire.


Location | The AUGUST COMPLEX is comprised of several fires in this very large Complex.  Fires are burning about 14 miles northwest of Elk Creek in Mendocino, Humboldt, Trinity, Tehama, Glenn, Lake and Coulsa Counties in California.   Fire fuels include timber, chaparral and tall grass.

Date/Time | These fires started on August 16, 2020 around 2037 hours PT.

Command | Mendocino National Forest, CAL FIRE Mendocino Unit, and CAL FIRE Humboldt-Del Norte Unit.

Resources | There are 2,574 total personnel along with

Cause | Lightning.

Injury | One firefighter injury 8/31/2020. One firefighter death 8/31/2020.

PC:  Mendocino NF

Controlled fire is seen burning down to a road being used as a fireline. Hoses can be seen on the road.


The fire is broken up into four zones:  West, North, Northwest and South. East side of the fire remains unstaffed but is continuously being monitored.

UPDATE | The fire now has three active zones.  The West Zone is 100% contained with 140,522 acres.

Overall Size Up | 1,032,264 acres.  82% contained.

Northwest Zone |  IC Kuo with the Great Basin Team 1.  119,346 acres. 94% contained.

Fire behavior increased due to Red Flag conditions caused by high winds, low RH and unseasonably high temps.  Interior pockets burned in the Bradburn Creek area.  Containment lines were test in the Coffee Pot area.

PG&E continues to repair electrical infrastructure using helicopters to replace damaged power poles and stretch lines to restore power to impacted communities.

PC: Mendocino NF

Two firefighters use hand tools to dig out the roots of a charred stump to remove residual heat

Northeast Zone |  IC DeMasters with Great Basin Team 2. 272,089 acres. 70%.

Firefighters focused on Friday connecting the fire line west of Bear Wallow Mtn and on the east and south sides of the 2017 Buck Fire burn scar. Night shift crews continues to address hot spots along the fire perimeter.

South Zone | IC Sinclair with SW Team 1. 548,295 acres. 90% contained.

Red Flag conditions for the last 2 days. No increase in acreage. Hotshot crews and equipment continue to hold and strengthen previously built lines in the Eel River Canyon area.

PC: Inciweb

August Complex near Elk Creek, CA 9/29/2020 - Photo courtesy Inciweb

The suppression repair includes wok repairs of hand and dozer lines, roads, trails, staging areas, safety zones and drop points used for suppression efforts.

There are evacuations in this area.

Mendocino County | https://tinyurl.com/MendoEvac

Lake County | https://tinyurl.com/LakeCoIncidentViewer

Glenn County | https://nixle.com/county/ca/glenn/

PC: Mendocino NF

A firefighter with a drip torch is seen in the distance with burning grass nearby.


Size Up | The fire has burned acreage across three National Forests:  Shasta-Trinity, Mendocino and Six Rivers.

Records | A single fire incident has burned over 1,000,000 acres! The State of California becomes known as having the first gigafire status.

Damage Assessment | 54 structures have been destroyed. 6 have been damaged.

PC:  Mendocino NF

Two forest service building are shown, each wrapped in an aluminum foil like material, to protect them from heat and embers.


Evacuations | https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/6983/

Emergency Alerts Sign-Ups | calerts.org/signup.html



The last 2 teams assigned from Lane and Marion Counties were demobed earlier than expected.  They were returning back to their home state after a 2-week deployment.  All 6 teams were scheduled to return back in the evening on 10/16/2020.




4 of the 6 teams from Linn, Yamhill, Clatsop and Washington Counties demobilized after their 14-day shift deployment and have started their drive back to their home state on 10/16/2020.


6 teams deployed to California as a coordinated response in several locations about two hours apart from one another and safely on 10/10/2020.




This Yamhill County Task Force came off the fireline for a day of fire before demobilizing.  They helped with mop up activities and improving direct line. Image

PC:  BLM Fire and Aviation 

BLM MTDK Veterans Crews out of Billings, helped train some of the Dept. of Defense 7th ID soldiers who were assigned to this incident.


PC: Denver FD (CO)’s Engine 301

Engine 301 was switched out on 10/16/2020 and they are heading home from a busy and tiring 14-day shift rotation.





PC:  US Army’s 14th Brigade

USFS – California

PC:  South Metro Fire & Rescue (CO)’s BRE41 crew

Image Image

This replacement wildland crew began its journey to California from Colorado on 10/14/2020.


PC:  Flower Mound FD (TX)

6 Personnel and a brush truck have returned safely on 10/15/2020 from their 35-days of deployment.


PC: Director Mark S Ghilarducci / CAL OES

We remained busy today responding & deploying significant “immediate need”. Mutual Aid Fire Strike Teams deploying from around the State to Northern CA Fires.


PC:  US Forest Service

There are currently 4,800 USDA FS firefighters and support personnel currently across the United States. These firefighters are on the August Complex fire incident.




Thank you to our military partners, at work on the #AugustComplex on the @MendocinoNF.  From training to the fire line, it’s hard to believe it’s only been 10 days!



Wind gusts continue to move the North Zone further west, prompting evacuation orders. The fire has grown to 938,044 acres with a 43% containment. 1,612 firefighters and support personnel are assigned. (9/29/2020)



This USFWS helicopter is from Florida and normally works in the southern states. Due to the extreme conditions in the western states the helicopter and crew are currently working the #AugustComplex on the Mendocino National Forest in Northern California.



CAL FIRE, Inciweb, Fire Departments, Emergency Management, National Forests, Social Media.

  (c) 2020 NW Fire Blog – Updated 10/17/2020 2020 PT



SIT REP 4 | OCTOBER 9, 2020


Location | The AUGUST COMPLEX is comprised of several fires in this very large Complex.  Fires are burning about 14 miles northwest of Elk Creek in Mendocino, Humboldt, Trinity, Tehama, Glenn, Lake and Coulsa Counties in California.

Fire fuels include timber, chaparral and tall grass.

Date/Time | These fires started on August 16, 2020 around 2037 hours PT.

Cause | Lightning.


Overall Size Up | Active fire behavior with single-tree torching, backing and flanking.  There has been 884,139 acres and 65% containment status. N

Staffing | There are about 2,326 total personnel assigned with 50 crews, 150 engines and 24 helicopters.

Damage Assessment | There has been 871 structures lost with $92,200,200.00 cost-to-date fire suppression and containment expenses.

  (c) 2020 NW Fire Blog – Updated 10/9/2020 – Updated 1130 PT

CA’s Zogg Fire | 4



Initial Date/Start | The ZOGG FIRE started almost one week ago on Sunday, September 27th around 1500 hours PT.

Location |  It is located off of Zogg Mine Road and Jenny Bird Lane, north of Igo in Shasta County in California.

Cause | Cause is still unknown at this time and is under investigation.

Image may contain: sky and nature

Photo Credit | Whiskeytown National Rec Area


Fire Behavior | Fire behavior is minimal with creeping and smoldering.  It is said to be still threatening homes and evacuations are still in effect.

Staffing | There are 1,767 total personnel with 39 crews, 14 helos, 196 engines, 24 dozers and 55 water tenders. the NW IMET Operations Medford is en route to this fire and will be arriving shortly.  Lead agency is the CAL FIRE Shasta-Trinity Unit.

Size Up | There has been 56,305 acres burned with a 68% containment status. About 91 structures are still being threatened.

Damage Assessment |  26 structures damaged. 196 structures destroyed. 1 injury. 4 deaths. Total costs-to-date are $15,600,000.00.

Repopulation | Evacuation orders were lifted for Shasta County roads along Plantina Road between Placer and Bland Roads.  On Deck Way, Junkans Road, Birdie Lane, Newscott Lane, Nelson Road, Church Street, Cemetery Road and Shoup Road.  *Residents will be allowed in the first 24 hours*  https://www.fire.ca.gov/incidents/2020/9/27/zogg-fire/


Alerts | To register for emergency alerts: bit.ly/shastacodered

Evacuation Orders 

  • Duncan Creek Road, Bully Choop Road and Old Bully Choop Road.
  • Platina Road east of Bland Road to Placer Rd. Access to Platina Road will be via Highway 36.
  • All roads off South Fork Rd west of Placer Rd.

Evacuation Centers

  • Temporary Evacuation Point: Please contact 1-530-276-8034 for virtual assistance.
  • Large animal evacuate center: Cottonwood Rodeo Grounds 3917 Main Street, Cottonwood, CA 96022
  • Small animal evacuation center: Haven Humane Society 7449 Eastside Rd, Anderson, CA 96007 (small animals are goats or sheep and smaller.)

Road Closures 

  • East bound Platina Rd @ Bland Rd
  • The intersection of West bound Platina @ Placer Rd @ Clear creek @ Gas Point
  • South Forak Rd @ Placer Rd


Fire – Infrastructure Resources |Shasta County Sheriff, Tehama County SO, PG&E, CAL TRANS, CHP, Sierra Pacific, Mountain Gate Fire Department, Shasta County Fire Department, Shasta County Public Works, City of Redding Fire Department, Anderson Fire Department, Cottonwood Fire Protection District, Weaverville Fire Protection District, National Guard, California Conservation Corps, California Department of Corrections, BLM, California State Parks, Cal OES, National Parks, USFS.

Human Services | Red Cross, World Central Kitchen.


Hazards | While Shasta County Deputies were patrolling within the fire zone, a tree fell onto their vehicle.  They escaped injury, but their patrol unit wasn’t so lucky.  It was deemed a total.

This is why Law Enforcement Officials are asking people to stay out of closed areas.  (Occurred 9/30/2020)

Photo Credit | Shasta County SO


Coming home after a wildfire can be difficult. The damage is often unknown until the homeowner returns days or weeks later. Before returning home ALWAYS check with officials before attempting to return to your home.

•Check grounds for hot spots, smoldering stumps, and vegetation.

•Check the roof and exterior areas for sparks or embers.

•Check the attic and throughout your house for any hidden burning sparks or embers.

•Check for fire damage to your home, turn off all appliances and make sure the meter is not damaged before turning on the main circuit breaker.

•Check the well or pump-house to ensure it is in working order.

•Contact 911 if any danger is perceived.

•Consult local experts on the best way to restore and plant your land with fire-safe landscaping.

Presented by CAL FIRE.


Power Outages | Food can spoil in less than 2 hours without refrigeration.

Discard the following:

• Food requiring refrigeration

• All frozen foods – foods that have thawed and may have refroze after power was restored are unsafe

• Any food that has been exposed to heat, smoke, fire retardant and foam or other chemicals

• Food with unusual odor, color, or texture

• Cans or food containers that are bulging, open, or dented

• Food not in waterproof containers or cans

• Food canned at home

• Food in cardboard containers (including juice, milk, and baby formula)

• Food in containers with screw caps, snap lids, crimped caps, twist caps, flip tops, and snap-tops

When in doubt, throw it out!

(CAL FIRE, Shasta County)


Wildfires can be devastating to those who have been evacuated, have had their home/business/structures damaged or destroyed to the those who have been impacted directly or indirectly by these emotional stressers.

Your mental health is important to us and we are giving resources should you need them. If you choose to  use them, please know that this is NOT a weakness but something that is so important to help you through these terrible times in life.

Disaster Distress Helpline | 1-800-985-5990.  TEXT:  “TalkWithUs” to 66746. DisasterDisaster.samhsa.gov 24/7 crisis counseling and support to people experiencing emotional distress.  samhsa.gov


Salvation Army | They are accepting monetary donations including gift cards.

Current needs:  Underwear, t-shirts, socks, diapers, hygiene items and cleaning supplies.  Drop off address:  2691 Larkspur lane, Redding, CA. Monday-Friday between 0900-1200 and 1300-1600 hours (9-12, 1-4pm). Call #530-222-2201.  *Must be new and unopened items*

Red Cross | Will only accept monetary donations for the Northern California wildfires.  redcross.org/donate to make your donation.

Sources | CAL FIRE, NIFC, Inciweb, Red Cross, Social Media

(c) 2020 NW Fire Blog – Updated 10/4/2020 1245 PT

CA’s Glass Fire | Sit Rep 5



Photo Credit | CAL FIRE



Incident Summary | A fast-moving brush fire-turned firestorm ignited on Sunday, September 28th  in the Deer Park community near the 3400 block of St. Helena Hwy.  It is burning about 13 miles northwest of Napa in both Napa and Sonoma Counties in California.

Fire Fuels | Fire fuels are timber, brush and tall grass.


Riley the Therapy Dog making his rounds. | Photo Credit | CAL FIRE


 Fire Behavior | Fire behavior is active with uphill runs, short-range spotting, flanking and wind-driven and has burned across both counties.  it is also fueled by low moisture, very warm and dry weather.

Response | There are a total of 2,773 personnel along with 27 crews,  23 helicopters, 408 engines, 66 dozers and 49 water tenders.

Operations | Firefighters are aggressively working to mop-up in some areas, while operating to construct and reinforce existing control lines.

Size Up | Fire has burned 63,450 acres and there is a 15% containment status.

Cause | Unknown and under investigation.

Damage Assessment | 163 structures damaged. 826 destroyed. Total Cost-to-date for fire suppression and containment efforts have reached $19,600,000.


Heroes Feeding Heroes | Photo Credit | World Central Kitchen


Evacuations | https://local.nixle.com/napa-county-oes/ 

Animal Shelter |  www.napacart.org

Shelter | Cross Walk Church: 2590 First Street, Napa, CA

EOC Info | https://www.countyofnapa.org/2994/Glass-Fire


E558 saving a flag. | Photo Credit | Fremont FD



  • Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds (Room for parked cars and RV’s) 175 Fairgrounds Drive
  • Petaluma Veteran’s Memorial Building(Shelter and TEP) 1094 Petaluma Blvd. South
  • Petaluma Community Center (Limited Space Available) : 320 N McDowell Blvd, Petaluma, CA 94954
  • Rohnert Park: Sonoma State University (Congregate shelter and non-congregate dorms with non-congregate dorm priority given to COVID-vulnerable residents) Parking Lot G, Gymnasium, 1801 East Cotati Avenue


Evacuations |  https://local.nixle.com/city-of-calistoga/


Evacuations – Sonoma County | https://local.nixle.com/sonoma-county-sheriffs-office/l

Animal Shelter | http://www.sonomacountyfair.com/animal-evacuation.php

Shelters  | Sonoma Raceway (Temporary Evacuation Point, car sheltering and camping) 29355 Arnold Drive.

EOC Info | https://www.countyofnapa.org/2994/Glass-Fire


Evacuations – Santa Rosa | https://local.nixle.com/santa-rosa-police-department/


Photo Credit | Sonoma County SO


  • A Place to Play (Temporary Evacuation Point) 2375 West 3rd Street
  • Finley Community Center (Must pre-screen at a TEP prior to admitting) 2060 W College Avenue
  • Santa Rosa Veterans Memorial Building (Shelter and TEP) 1351 Maple Avenue

EOC Info | https://www.countyofnapa.org/2994/Glass-Fire


Command | Unified Command: CAL FIRE Sonoma Lake Napa, Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office, Napa County Sheriff’s Office, Santa Rosa Fire Department and Santa Rosa Police Department.

Incident Cooperators | County of Sonoma, Napa Co OES, Napa County Sheriff’s Office, CAL FIRE, City of Santa Rosa, Red Cross Northern California Coastal, San Francisco PD, Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office, Sonoma County Fire Department, San Marin Fire District, BLM, Sonoma Valley Fire Authority, AMR, OES, PG&E, CDCR, CHP, CAL TRANS, CA State Parks and World Central Kitchen; Joseph Elfelt (fire mapping).


Photo Credit | Crockett Carquinez Fire


Facebook – Mark Yourself Safe – Crisis Response Page | Let your loved ones know that you are safe by visiting Facebook’s Safety Check, The Wildfires in Napa and Sonoma Counties, USA 


Find a Red Cross Shelter | https://www.redcross.org/get-help/disaster-relief-and-recovery-services/find-an-open-shelter.html

Disaster Recovery | https://www.redcross.org/about-us/our-work/disaster-relief/wildfire-relief/2020-wildfires/california-wildfire-assistance.html

Children-Public Health | State of California

outdoor kids playground

Post0Fire Resources | UCCE Sonoma County


(c) 2020 NW Fire Blog – Updated 10/3/2020 2110 PT



Forest fire. Photo Credit: Robert LeBlanc/USFS

Photo Credit | Robert LeBlanc, USFS

SIT REP 2 | OCTOBER 13, 2020


Location | The AUGUST COMPLEX is comprised of several fires in this very large Complex.  Fires are burning in Mendocino, Humboldt, Trinity, Tehama, Glenn, Lake and Coulsa Counties in California.

Date/Time | These fires started on August 16, 2020 around 2037 hours PT.

Cause | Lightning.

Trees ablaze. Photo Credit: Mike McMillan/USFS

Photo Credit | Mike McMillan, USFS


Overall Size Up | This is the largest wildfire burning in the State topping out at 984,404 acres with  a 51% containment status.

Challenges | Fire Officials continue with many challenges when large wildfires are burning in their home state from resource shortages across the fire zones, which have seen their share of spreading thin when various needs flare up.

West Zone Fire | Managed by CAL FIRE (Parkes). 123,381 acres.   55% contained. Fire resources include;  138 National Guardsmen (CA), along with firefighters from states of Montana, Texas, Washington and New Jersey.  There are approximately 195 miles of fire line.  1,600 total firefighters on the ground and in air.  Active fire behavior overnight with torching and spotting.  Structure protection remains in place and around the community of Zenia with fire moving east and west.  Fire activity by firefighters were hampered by flames near the North Zone and as it crossed over the containment lines north of Zenia. Active monitoring of fire burning in the Yolla Bolly Middle Eel Wilderness is on-going by Fire managers.

South Zone – Mendocino National Forest | Managed by PNW Team 2 (Allen), formerly known as the DOE FIRE.  All hose, fixtures, pumps and other fire apparatus have been moved out of this zone for potential use in the northwestern corner of this Complex. Patrol status has been achieved at Lake Pillsbury, Rice Creek and and nearby areas. Sunday will be a transitional day with the Pacific NW Team 2 moving strategies and resources over to the northwestern corner. They will join forces with the West and North Zones.

Hazards | Firefighters are tirelessly working to remove hazards in and near homes to allow residents to repopulate but they must do so that is safe for them to enter the area.  Some of the hazards include:  falling trees, downed powerlines and hotspots. Fire danger remains high due to dry vegetation, drought conditions, low relative humidity, record temps and potential wind events.

Fire and Law Enforcement officials are pleading with residents not to entry closed off areas for the above referenced reasons. They are also asking you all to be just a little patient while longer while they work to clear these hazards.

Damage Assessment | 3 structures damaged. 21primary and 31 other minor structures destroyed.  $72,800,000 cost-to-date in fire suppression and containment expenses.

Threatened | There are 11,310 structures currently threatened.


Wildfire. Photo Credit: Mike McMillan/USFS

Photo Credit | Mike McMillan, USFS

Unified Command | Mendocino National Forest is in Unified Command with CAL FIRE Mendocino Unit and the Humboldt-Del Norte Unit.  Fire operations is split up into 3 zones:  West, North and South.

Fire Staffing | There are 1,641 fire personnel that represent some of the agencies that include:  Flower Mound FD, South Metro Fire Rescue, McKinney Fire (TX), SCG Emergency Services, US Army North #JFLCCC, Fort Worth FD.

Additionally, there are 30 crews, 17 helicopters, 181 engines, 39 bulldozers and 44 water tenders assigned.

One firefighter injury has been reported.


Fire near firefighter gear cache. Photo Credit: Mike McMillan/USFS

Photo Credit | Mike McMillan, USFS

Evacuation Warnings

Zone HA | east of Bell Springs Road to Trinity county line and south of Pipe Creek to Medocino County line.

Zone HB | South of Fort Sewart Road, Ware Ranch Road.  West of the Trinity County line. East of the Eel River at Powers Creek.  North of the Eel River at Pipe Creek.

Zone HD | South of Ohman Creek, Pepperwood Springs.  West of Dyerville Loop.  North of Benbow.  East of Hwy 101.

Zone HG | South of Hayfield Creek.  East of the Eel River to the Trinity County line. North of Stewart Ranch Road.

Zone HH | South of Stapp Road.  East of Baker Creek, Little Van Duzen River to the Trinity County line. North of Bear Creek.

Zone HI | South of Olsen Creek. West of Baker Creek, Little Van Duzen River.  East of Alderpoint Road, Kneeland Road.  North of Hayfield Creek.

Road Closures

SR 3 | at Rattlesnake Road and at SR 36.

SR 36 | at Rattlesnake Road. At Post Mountain. At the Humboldt County line.

Zenia Bluffs Road at the Humboldt County line.

Zenia Lake Mountain Road at Peaks Road.

Kekawaka Creek Road to Mendocino County line.

Forest consumed by wildfire. Photo Credit: Mike McMillan/USFS

Photo Credit | Mike McMillan, USFS



Zone N | North of Middle Fork of the Eel River including the Eel River Ranger Station and Black Butte Store.  West and South of the National Forest Boundary.  East of Williams Creek.  (CAL FIRE)

Road Closures

FH7 (Mendocino Pass Road) and M1 (Indian Dick Road) at the Eel River.  Hwy 162 (Mendocino Pass Road) at Short Creek.

Helicopter flying near smoke plume. Photo Credit: Mike McMillan/USFS

Photo Credit | Mike McMillan, USFS


Evacuation Orders | GO NOW!

Hidden Valley, Indian Valley, Bear Wallow, Rowdy Bear and Friend Mountain. Ruth and  Ruth Lake, forest Glen, Post Mountain, Trinity Pines, Three forks, Hettenshaw Valley, Mad River, Zenia, Kettenpom, Island Mountain, Kettempom South to Kekawaka Creek, all areas south of SR 36 to the Trinity County line.

Evacuation Warning | GET READY!

Wildwood area, Peanut and area south of SR 299.

CAL FIRE – https://www.fire.ca.gov/incidents/2020/8/16/august-complex-includes-doe-fire/)

Sources | CAL FIRE, Inciweb, NIFC.

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