Paris, France | Paris became target of terrorists on Friday evening with multiple massive and fatal explosions, shootings, murders and taking of hostages.  An iconic City full of beauty, art, food, diversity, enriched in history, culture and one that is considered the third Largest visited by over 16Million became more like a war zone.  It was said to be the Largest terrorist attack in all of European history.


Initial Events

Reports started rolling in about an explosion at a bar and then soon thereafter, a shootout at a French restaurant.  Soon more events began happening all over the Large City.

Sports Stadium Attack

A source on Twitter reported that there was an attack the City’s Sport stadium while France’s soccer team played Germany.  Reports of 18 people were killed during the attack and prompting an emergency evacuation of President Franciois Hollande from the stadium.

Concert Venue Standoff

A Social Media source reported a massive, fatal explosion and shots ringing out during the Eagles of Death Metal show at Bataclan, a music venue located in Paris. Attackers were said to have taken 100 hostages and that 35-40 of them had been killed during the violent attack.

Reports are coming in that the Paris Police are launching an attack on the Concert Hall, many have been freed.  [UPDATE] Social media reports 2 gunmen killed and hostages have now all been freed. The hostage incident is now over, however some are now reporting Police sources are releasing info that over 100 have been killed from thrown explosives into the crowds at the Concert.  -“We are so sorry to the Famiilies that are going through terrible pain and suffering knowing their loved ones were killed by this senseless tragedy”. – NWFB

Shooting at Les Halles

At the time we were researching the events unfolding in Paris, another shooting was being released by Social Media sources stating this is happening at the time of this post.  This is located near the Centre Pompidou and Louvre.


A Fire is being displayed all over Social Media burning in “The Jungle”, a migrant refugee camp in Calais which is housing many in tents and shipping containers. They have been known to be frustrated by not being allowed to cross the Channel into Britain clashing with local Law Enforcement and Military reinforcements. The fire is growing by the minute and is considered to be quite large in size.


Military Deployment

French police and the military were seen in images as being deployed on City streets searching for the suspects and responding to the terrorist siege, they are currently under.

State of Emergency

The French President has declared a State of Emergency and has temporarily shutdown their borders.  60 deaths are now contributed to the terrorist attacks. There is no word on the identity of those who are involved or their nationalities.

A mandatory curfew is now being mandated. One source reports this is the first since 1942, and saying apparent terror attacks are not over yet.

Metro bus service is now shut down.

American Security Elevated

Homeland Security is actively moving towards more security but stated this:  “There are no threats to the USA due to the Paris attacks.”

U.S. Capitol and it’s assets are being protected:  “Enhanced patrols are currently staging at the Capitol out of “abundance of caution” due to the Paris terror attacks.”

NYPD states they are in close communications with their French counterparts and doing everything in their power to assist them: “We are deploying additional police in and around NYC following these attacks.”

Fighter jets are said to be dispatched to intercept a small plane landing in


Do you see something suspicious or out of place? Do you see someone doing something that is out of the ordinary? It is very important to report to your Local Law Enforcement agency any possible criminal activities you may see.  They want you to report it and they will be the deciding factor if it should be acted upon or not. Please don’t just disregard it – it could be very important and may save a life or two.

Remember if you See Something, Say Something.


Paris has been a long target for terrorists as far as we could see via Social Media and other sources. With that being said, we looked into what Social Media has been reporting on terror activities inside the Paris that we have come to know and love. You’d be surprised how many events have occurred in 2015, alone.

Here’s a recap of past incidents.

April 22:  Terrorist Attack Foiled

Police arrest a 24-year old computer studies student on Sunday in the 13th arrondissenent in Paris for the planning attacks on 2 churches.

March 9:  Terror Attack Suspects Arrested

Parisian Police took 4 Terror Attack suspects including a Police Officer were taking into custody.

January 16:  Shooting Near Post Office, Bomb Threat

2 people are taken Hostage in a Post Office near Paris.  On that same day, it is reported that a bomb threat has been made at a Paris train station.

January 11:  The French March Against Terrorism

40 Global Leaders and almost 3.7 Million people took part in the #UnityMarch where Nations united against terrorism, flooding streets all over the area. It was deemed as one of the Largest Historic French demonstrations ever recorded.

January 9:  Blast at Kosher Supermarket

It was reported a female terrorist and others took multiple hostage at a Jewish supermarket, where a shootout and blast occurred. 4 Hostages were killed and 15 others freed.

On that same day, another Hostage situation would take place at a Jewelers. Not much information was found on this incident.



We ask that you all help us by joining in with us to “Pray for Paris” and Hope for this to be over immediately.  May Justice catch up to those who are committing heinous crimes and be dealt with swiftly.

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” You are in our thoughts and prayers as you work to neutralize these criminals and for your safety as you work to treat the injured and those murdered. For what your eyes have seen, we know the only way to cope is to decompress by talking to someone about it. Please know that we are all here to support you no matter what you are going through.” – NWFB –


As more information comes to light about these incidents, we will provide Updates. For those who may know people in Paris or surrounding areas, please let them know to stay inside and listen to radio broadcasts. There is a current mandated curfew and Law Enforcement is doing everything they can to protect them.

Thank you for following our posts here on our Official Blog/Twitter (@nwfireblog)/Facebook as we work to cover this incident.

Written by LR Swenson, Public Safety Blogger

(c) 2015 The #NWFireBlog