Active Wildfires – California – June 25, 2016

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ERSKINE FIRE – Lake Isabella (Kern County)


This fire located is located in California’s Central District in the Lake Isabella area and outside in various canyons in Kern County.

Current Status

It now at 36,810 acres with a 10% containment status.  Fire exhibits extreme wind-driven and uphill runs. Strong wind, light flashy fuels, and steep topography combined to produce extreme fire behavior when in alignment.

06252016 FS Erskine Fire Camp 9 -2

Infamous USFS Camp 9 where ICP and Resources are located. (Source: Inciweb)


There are 1,712 personnel assigned to this incident.

Management of the fire is still under Unified Command including the following Agencies:  Bureau Of Land Management, USFS & Kern County.

Damage Assessment

At least 150 homes have been destroyed with 75 that have been damaged.  1500 homes are still being threatened.

A damage inspection team is in the process of creating a comprehensive report documenting all structures damaged or destroyed.

Red Cross Shelters

A second shelter has been opened by Red Cross for evacuees:

  1. St. Jude’s Catholic Church
    86 Nellie Dent Dr.
    Wofford Heights
  2. Kernville Elementary School
    13350 Sierra Way

Safe and Well Registration

To let loved ones know OR look for loved ones, register for Red Cross’ Safe & Well website at

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Incident Summary

The Marina Fire broke out just North of Lee Vining on June 24th @ 0530 hours from an unknown human caused ignition.  It is still under investigation.


The fire is under Unified Command with the US Forest Service and Mono County Sheriff’s Office

SoCal Team 1 will assume command of the incident tomorrow morning at 6:00 am.

Current Status

The fire has


There are 350 fire and support personnel assigned, including 8 hand crews, 23 engines, 6 helicopters, 2 fixed wing aircraft, 2 bulldozers, and 3 water tenders are assigned to the fire incident.

# # #



Firefighters are battling 3 fires off WB 580 & Grant Line Rd, on Altamont Pass; about 10 miles east of Livermore (Alameda County).


This is a newly reported fire located on Altamont Pass, 10 miles east of Livermore of Alameda County.  It is currently at 75%. No other info provided.


The total of acres are 100.

# # #


Incident Summary

Both the Fish Fire (4,035 acres) and the Reservoir (1,200 acres) were combined under this Complex.

Photo of the San Gabriel Mountains. (Credit: Photo by LACoFD volunteer photographer Craig Durling via CALFire)


The Complex is located on the Angeles National Forest in Los Angeles County; North of Azusa.


The San Gabriel Complex is under unified command, Mike Wakoski commanding with Vince Pena Deputy Fire Chief, Los Angeles County Fire, David Halm Commander, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and Lt. Paul Dennis, Azusa Police Department.

Incident Cooperators

Assisting agencies include Arcadia Fire Department, Los Angeles County Sheriff, Arcadia Police Department, Southern California Edison, CalTrans, Los Angeles County Public Works, American Red Cross, Los Angeles County Health Department, California Conservation Corp and California Office of Emergency Services.

Current Status

A total amount of 5235 acres (1200 acres for the Reservoir Fire and 4035 acres for the Fish Fire) have been scorched. Containment is at 48%.

All evacuations for the San Gabriel Complex have been lifted. The American Red Cross evacuation center has been closed

VLAT over the San Gabriel Complex

Very Large Tanker (VLAT) over the Complex. (Source: Inciweb)


There are 917 personnel assigned, including including 54 engines, 24 handcrews, 11 water tenders and 5 bulldozers, 15 helicopters and fixed wing aircraft.

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Solimar Beach Brush Fire | Ventura County, California | Update 2



The fire is located 6 miles NW of Ventura [Ventura County], North of Hwy 101 and West of Hwy 33 in SRA. It is burning along Rincon [San Diego County], the Northern part of the City of Ventura, California.

Embedded image permalink

Courtesy of Ventura County Fire PIO Capt Mike Lindbery

Date and Time of Origination

The fire started on Christmas Day around 2242 Hours PST.

Incident Command Post [ICP]

The ICP is located at the Ventura County Fairgrounds.  This is also the site for Press releases to the Media.

Containment Status

60% contained. Fire crews are making great progress in mopping up hot spots.

Damage Assessment / Threats

1236 acres have now been scorched. 1 minor ankle injury reported.

Embedded image permalink

Pilot Jim Dalton & crew, in Copter 7,have been making water drops all night keeping the fire away from houses. [Courtesy: VCAirUnit]


All Evacuation Orders have been listed.


Red Cross

The Red Cross Shelter has been demobilized.


101 Freeway

The Highway has been opened in both directions.  Fire and Police ask drivers to be cautious as equipment is still working in the area.

Emma Wood Campground

Closed.  Remains closed until further notice.



Ventura County Fire Department, CALFire and Ventura County Sheriff’s Office working together on this incident.




For tips on how to get prepared for a Wildfire, visit  For those not affected by this fire, now is a great time to start preparing for one.



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Solimar Beach Brush Fire | Ventura County, California | Update 1



The fire is located 6 miles NW of Ventura [Ventura County], North of Hwy 101 and West of Hwy 33 in SRA. It is burning along Rincon [San Diego County], the Northern part of the City of Ventura, California.

Date and Time of Origination

The fire started on Christmas Day around 2242 Hours PST. At 0200 Fire was at 100 acres, light fuels, wind-driven. It soon became a 2-Alarm Brush fire with an IC requested. Both sides of the 101 Freeway was shut down to drivers and all traffic.  It would soon ramp up to 250 acres with 150 Firefighters and 30 homes being threatened.

Containment Status

10% contained.

Damage Assessment / Threats

0 buildings lost and 0 injuries reported. 1200 acres scorched as of 0900 Hours.   The fire is being pushed by strong NW Winds, causing threats to oil, gas, power and rail infrastructure.

Weather Conditions

As of Saturday, December 26, 2015, current Weather conditions are Sunny with temps of 40 as the low and 57 as the high today. Humidity is 28% and winds are 6.1 knots from the WSW with 11.3 knots wind gusts.


Solimar Beach Residents

Previously the Solimar Beach residents and campgrounds were on a voluntary evacuation basis but as the fire grew and the danger became imminent, the evacuation order was changed over to a mandatory order.

Paria Beach Residents

The Paria Beach residents at the time of this post, were on a voluntary evacuation order. They should be ready to move at a moment’s notice if the fire danger becomes imminent for them.  It was stated evacuees were being told to go North out of the area.


Red Cross

The Red Cross has opened a Shelter in the Carpinteria VA Building located at 941 Walnut Avenue in Carpinteria, California.


101 Freeway

The Northbound 101 Freeway was closed at Highway 33 and Southbound at Bates Road.  At 1045 Hours, CALTrans was doing a sweep to see if it was safe for drivers to use the freeway again. No word on an update.

Union Pacific RR

All train activities have been halted due to the fire in the area.


Air Support

4 Fixed Wing Tankers have been ordered.  Unknown from which agency or where they are responding from.  LA County Fire’s COPTR 16 has been assisting with fire suppression air support.

Fire Personnel

At 0930 Hours, there were 600 Firefighters either on scene or en route assigned to the incident.  CALFire stated they have 8 engines, 2 handcrews, 2 dozers with a total of 80 personnel assigned.

Police Support

The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office is working an Incident Cooperator and the official Law Enforcement on scene.



For tips on how to get prepared for a Wildfire, visit  For those not affected by this fire, now is a great time to start preparing for one.



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Paris Under Siege: Terror Reaches Out in Separate Incidents

Paris, France | Paris became target of terrorists on Friday evening with multiple massive and fatal explosions, shootings, murders and taking of hostages.  An iconic City full of beauty, art, food, diversity, enriched in history, culture and one that is considered the third Largest visited by over 16Million became more like a war zone.  It was said to be the Largest terrorist attack in all of European history.


Initial Events

Reports started rolling in about an explosion at a bar and then soon thereafter, a shootout at a French restaurant.  Soon more events began happening all over the Large City.

Sports Stadium Attack

A source on Twitter reported that there was an attack the City’s Sport stadium while France’s soccer team played Germany.  Reports of 18 people were killed during the attack and prompting an emergency evacuation of President Franciois Hollande from the stadium.

Concert Venue Standoff

A Social Media source reported a massive, fatal explosion and shots ringing out during the Eagles of Death Metal show at Bataclan, a music venue located in Paris. Attackers were said to have taken 100 hostages and that 35-40 of them had been killed during the violent attack.

Reports are coming in that the Paris Police are launching an attack on the Concert Hall, many have been freed.  [UPDATE] Social media reports 2 gunmen killed and hostages have now all been freed. The hostage incident is now over, however some are now reporting Police sources are releasing info that over 100 have been killed from thrown explosives into the crowds at the Concert.  -“We are so sorry to the Famiilies that are going through terrible pain and suffering knowing their loved ones were killed by this senseless tragedy”. – NWFB

Shooting at Les Halles

At the time we were researching the events unfolding in Paris, another shooting was being released by Social Media sources stating this is happening at the time of this post.  This is located near the Centre Pompidou and Louvre.


A Fire is being displayed all over Social Media burning in “The Jungle”, a migrant refugee camp in Calais which is housing many in tents and shipping containers. They have been known to be frustrated by not being allowed to cross the Channel into Britain clashing with local Law Enforcement and Military reinforcements. The fire is growing by the minute and is considered to be quite large in size.


Military Deployment

French police and the military were seen in images as being deployed on City streets searching for the suspects and responding to the terrorist siege, they are currently under.

State of Emergency

The French President has declared a State of Emergency and has temporarily shutdown their borders.  60 deaths are now contributed to the terrorist attacks. There is no word on the identity of those who are involved or their nationalities.

A mandatory curfew is now being mandated. One source reports this is the first since 1942, and saying apparent terror attacks are not over yet.

Metro bus service is now shut down.

American Security Elevated

Homeland Security is actively moving towards more security but stated this:  “There are no threats to the USA due to the Paris attacks.”

U.S. Capitol and it’s assets are being protected:  “Enhanced patrols are currently staging at the Capitol out of “abundance of caution” due to the Paris terror attacks.”

NYPD states they are in close communications with their French counterparts and doing everything in their power to assist them: “We are deploying additional police in and around NYC following these attacks.”

Fighter jets are said to be dispatched to intercept a small plane landing in


Do you see something suspicious or out of place? Do you see someone doing something that is out of the ordinary? It is very important to report to your Local Law Enforcement agency any possible criminal activities you may see.  They want you to report it and they will be the deciding factor if it should be acted upon or not. Please don’t just disregard it – it could be very important and may save a life or two.

Remember if you See Something, Say Something.


Paris has been a long target for terrorists as far as we could see via Social Media and other sources. With that being said, we looked into what Social Media has been reporting on terror activities inside the Paris that we have come to know and love. You’d be surprised how many events have occurred in 2015, alone.

Here’s a recap of past incidents.

April 22:  Terrorist Attack Foiled

Police arrest a 24-year old computer studies student on Sunday in the 13th arrondissenent in Paris for the planning attacks on 2 churches.

March 9:  Terror Attack Suspects Arrested

Parisian Police took 4 Terror Attack suspects including a Police Officer were taking into custody.

January 16:  Shooting Near Post Office, Bomb Threat

2 people are taken Hostage in a Post Office near Paris.  On that same day, it is reported that a bomb threat has been made at a Paris train station.

January 11:  The French March Against Terrorism

40 Global Leaders and almost 3.7 Million people took part in the #UnityMarch where Nations united against terrorism, flooding streets all over the area. It was deemed as one of the Largest Historic French demonstrations ever recorded.

January 9:  Blast at Kosher Supermarket

It was reported a female terrorist and others took multiple hostage at a Jewish supermarket, where a shootout and blast occurred. 4 Hostages were killed and 15 others freed.

On that same day, another Hostage situation would take place at a Jewelers. Not much information was found on this incident.



We ask that you all help us by joining in with us to “Pray for Paris” and Hope for this to be over immediately.  May Justice catch up to those who are committing heinous crimes and be dealt with swiftly.

paris 00


” You are in our thoughts and prayers as you work to neutralize these criminals and for your safety as you work to treat the injured and those murdered. For what your eyes have seen, we know the only way to cope is to decompress by talking to someone about it. Please know that we are all here to support you no matter what you are going through.” – NWFB –


As more information comes to light about these incidents, we will provide Updates. For those who may know people in Paris or surrounding areas, please let them know to stay inside and listen to radio broadcasts. There is a current mandated curfew and Law Enforcement is doing everything they can to protect them.

Thank you for following our posts here on our Official Blog/Twitter (@nwfireblog)/Facebook as we work to cover this incident.

Written by LR Swenson, Public Safety Blogger

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National Preparedness Month | Day 3 | Create a First Aid Kit


Creating a First Aid Kit in general, is a great tool to have for non-emergencies, such as a sunburn, bug bite, a cut or scrape.  Treating yourself or a family member not needing a higher level of emergency care.

We recommend that you put together a First Aid Kit for your home, car and place of business.


There are several types of First Aid Kits that we will be discussing here are for your home, car and place of business.

We prefer a more lighter case like a duffel bag that has been lined with plastic to protect your contents but other sources recommend something like a metal case


  • First Aid reference booklet

Bleeding and Wound Care

  • Large absorbent dressings/AB pads (5”x9” or larger)
  • Sterile gauze pads, various sizes
  • Roll bandages, various sizes
  • Steri-strips (butterfly bandages)
  • Adhesive tape
  • Syringe or squeeze bottle
  • Antiseptic solution or wipes
  • Antibacterial soap
  • Antibiotic ointment
  • Blood stopper powder

Sprains & Strains

  • Ace™-type roll compression bandage
  • Splinting material
  • Triangular bandages


  • Burn gels and ointments
  • Burn pads

Bloodbourne Pathogens Protection

  • CPR barrier
  • Gloves (latex or nitrile) – at least 2 pairs
  • Hand sanitizer (with high % of alcohol]

This First Aid Kit recommendations are for those emergencies that may or may not require 9-1-1 to respond or if you are in an area where 9-1-1 may be delayed due to being in an remote area or if during a Disaster event.

Knowing when to call 9-1-1 if one of the following occurs:

  • Persistent chest pain, especially if it radiates to your arm or jaw or is accompanied by sweating, vomiting or shortness of breath
  • Persistent shortness of breath or wheezing
  • Severe pain, particularly in the abdomen or starting halfway down the back
  • Loss of balance or fainting
  • Difficulty speaking, altered mental status or confusion
  • Weakness or paralysis
  • Severe heart palpitations
  • Sudden, severe headache
  • Sudden testicular pain and swelling
  • Newborn baby with a fever
  • Intestinal bleeding
  • Falls with injury or while taking blood thinning medications
  • Loss of vision
  • Broken bones or dislocated joints
  • Deep cuts that require stitches – especially on the face
  • Head or eye injuries
  • Severe flu or cold symptoms
  • High fevers or fevers with rash
  • Bleeding that won’t stop or a large open wound
  • Vaginal bleeding with pregnancy
  • Repeated vomiting
  • Serious burns
  • Seizures without a previous diagnosis of epilepsy
  • An elderly person falls and needs assistance


We Love the American Red Cross and everything they do for others during times of emergencies, disasters and teaching people about Disaster/Emergency Preparedness. Though we do not represent or speak on their behalf, we can tell you what a great non-profit organization they are whom have helped hundreds, if not thousands of people along the way.

When it comes to First Aid Kits and you may find putting one together may be too difficult or time-consuming, try looking online to purchase one from the American Red Cross.  While you’re online,  sign up for a CPR/First Aid/AED class while you are it. You’ll be glad that you did.


While we may have left out many items in what should go in a First Aid Kit, we are hoping to inspire you to start thinking about having available a First Aid Kit for your home, business and vehicle.  Now, is the time to start putting them together. There are many resources out there that can help you or you can simply go online and purchase one or more yourself.


The following sites were used to glean portions of information for this post.  To find more information on this top, we recommend visiting these sites below.

[Sources:  The Preparedness Blog [], Scripps [, American Red Cross []

[c] 2015 The NW Fire Blog



AVERY COMPLEX [New Complex!]. Complex consists of four separate fires on the

Active Fire on the Marble Creek Fire

Active fire on the Marble Creek Fire. [Credit: Donald Fitka]

St. Joe Ranger District – Marble Creek, Breezy, Crater and the Pretty Fires. Southeastern portion of St. Joe Ranger District. Start 8/11/15 @ 1400 PDT IC:  Mark Rosenthal, Great Basin Team 3, Type 2 Incident Command Team428 Personnel. 5176 Acres. 20% Contained.

BOBCAT FIRE. [New!] Approximately 15 miles north of Salmon, ID onthe Salmon-Cobalt Ranger District. Start 8/14/15 @ 1600 PDT. Lightning caused. 1 personnel.  237 Acres. 91% Contained.

CAMPBELL’S FIRE. [New!] Located in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness, 10 miles southeast of Dixie, ID. Start 8/13/15 @ 1745 PDT by lightning. 29 Personnel. 7821 Acres. Campbell’s Fire now includes Burnt Knob is showing increased spread in upper Trout Creek on to Highline Ridge.

Photo showing the Campbells Fire

Fire crews on the Campbells Fire. [Courtesy: Inciweb]

CLARK FORK COMPLEX.  6 fires in Complex.  6 miles NE and 9 mi. S of Clark Fork, Idaho; 5 mi. N of Noxon, MT.  Start 8/13/15 @ 1500 Hours.  is a combination of 6 fires burning on the Idaho Panhandle and Kootenai National Forests in northern Idaho and northwestern Montana. The Complex is being managed by Diane Hutton’s Northern Rockies Wildland Fire Management Team.  173 Personnel.  15,744 Acres. 75% Contained.  Demobilizing overhead, equipment and divisions. Continually to patrol, holding, rehab along private & USFS boundaries.

CLEARWATER-MUNICIPAL COMPLEX. Complex consists of a group of fires in Clearwater, Idaho and Lewis Counties in northern Idaho. Start 8/10/15 @ 1315 Hours.  Lightning caused. Clearwater Complex merged with the Municipal Complex. Lawyer 2 Fire:   41,195 acres 80% Contained. Municipal Fire:  1,770 acres 100% Contained.  Fisher Fire:  18,889 Acres.  100% Contained.  Lolo 2 Fire:  6200 Acres.  80% Contained. Old Greer:  73 Acres. 100% Contained.302 Personnel. 68,1276 Acres. 90% Contained.

ELEVENMILE FIRE.  [New!] 17 miles west of Challis.  Start 8/24/15.

Gabe Medina – Sawyer HTF: “It’s Been a Good Day” [Courtesy: Inciweb]

Lightning. 10,387 Acres. 20% Contained. The East side of Yankee Fork is hottest with open flame burning heavy timber in the snow. Crews will extinguish hot spots along the fire’s edge for the next several days.Camp crews will establish a new spike camp in Bonanza campground to minimize travel time and reduce the risk associated with driving. 588 Personnel.  17 Crews. 7 Helicopters. 15 Engines.

LARKIN COMPLEX. [New!]. Complex includes a combination of lightning caused fires burning in the vicinity 30 miles NE of Pierce, ID. The active fires are Snow Creek:  3270 Acres.  WolfPack Fire:  1370 Acres.  Heather Fire:  2085 Acres.  Minnesaka Fire:  450 Acres.Roaring Fire:  100 Acres.  Start 8/17/15 @ 1430 Hours. 4 Personnel.  7550 Total Acres.

Crews on the Woodrat fire begin their hike uphill from Reflection Inn on Saturday, Aug. 29.

Crews on the Woodrat fire begin their hike uphill from Reflection Inn on Saturday, Aug, 29, 2015. [Credit: Borg Hendrickson]

LAST INCH FIRE. [New!] Glover Creek/Woesner Ridge and into West Fork of Floodwood Creek drainage. Start 8/12/15 @ 1657 Hours. 66 Personnel.  689 Acres. 78% Contained. Reinforce existing dozer line & dig handline where appropriate.


LOCHSA COMPLEX. [New!] Consists of 12 fires on the S side of the Lochsa River drainage from Warm Springs to the Selway River. Start 8/15/15 @ 2045 Hours. 5535 Acres. Active Fires in Complex:  Sponge Fire:  5100 Acres.  Lone Lake Fire:  220 Acres. Airstrip Fire:  1425 Acres.  Grit Fire:  525 Acres.  Lone Knob Fire:  460 Acres.  Horse Camp Fire:  570 Acres. Fire Creek Fire: 1210 Acres.  Structure protection continues for Wilderness Gateway Campground and outfitter area, the Fish Lake airstrip and cabin and Gold Meadows, as well as Horse Camp cabins.

Six firefighters work on a steep slope on a containment line.

Firefighters work on a containment line on a steep slope on the Last Inch Fire. [Credit: Mariah Wieske-Ormsby]

MIDDLE FORK COMPLEX.  Consists of The Waterfall Fire, Stoddard Fire, Roaring Harbor Fire and Alpine Fire.  In the N Fork Ranger District.  Start 8/11/15 @ 2000 Hours.  2 Personnel. 5199 Acres. Lightning caused. In monitoring stages.

MOTORWAY COMPLEX – JAY POINT – BOULDER FIRES.  Consists of fires Woodrat Fire, Slide Fires  near Syringa, Lowell, and Powell ID. Others may have limited or are not staffed within this Complex. 627 Personnel.  16,854 Acres. 30% Contained. Jay Point-Boulder Fires.   Jay Point Fire:  Located 1 mi downriver from Powell Ranger Station.Boulder-2 miles from Lolo Pass.  Start 8/17/15 @ 1315 PDT.

Functional Crew In-briefing on the Woodrat fire Saturday, Aug. 29.

Crew Briefing on the Woodrat Fire [Credit: Borg Hendrickson]

Lightning caused.   . Goal is to keep the Jay Point Fire from progressing north and east, away from corporate and private lands and the town of Powell and Highway 12.In essence, turn it back to the wilderness.Boulder Fire:  In the SW area of the fire, opportunities to construct line utilizing heavy equipment will be investigated. 95 Personnel. 8016 Acres.  25% Contained.

RAPID FIRE. [New!] 12 miles southeast of McCall, Idaho, east of Jug Handle mountain.. Start 8/14/15 @ 0800 Hours by Lightning. IC:  The fire is being managed by the Stephens Nevada Type 3 Team121 Personnel. 9617 Acres. 40% Contained.Continue to patrol on the west and south flanks. Continue to rely on aerial resources to support ground resources and suppress new fire growth in the Maloney Lake area.


Part of a helicopter crew, from Alberta Canada.

Part of a Helicopter Crew from Alberta Canada assigned on the Selway Complex. [Credit: Inciweb]

SCURVY MOUNTAIN FIRE.  Start 8/21/15 1130 Hours.  28 miles E & NE of Pierce, Idaho.  527 Acres.  4 Personnel. 3 North Fork Fires have been contained:  Rock Fire, Pot Lake Fire and Little Wash. Work continues to contain a NEW FIRE Siwash Fire, located near Elk Mountain. The Forest has detected 280 Fires burning nearly 130,000 Acres of land.

SELWAY COMPLEX.  Start 8/10/15 @ 1900 Hours.  Elk City and Red River areas of Idaho.  530 Personnel.  83,337  Acres.  The Selway Complex, the Red River Complex and the Elk City Complex (7 fires totally 83.337) are being reported on this ICS-209. The Slide Fire acres are a new addition today.

Snow on the Tepee Springs Fire

Snow has fallen on the Tepee Springs Fire on Sunday, September 6, 2015. [Courtesy: Inciweb]

TEPEE SPRINGS FIRE.  Start 8/12/15 @ 0730 Hours.  Along the river, the fire is 3 miles east of Riggins and 1 mile east of French Creek.  1008 Personnel. 94,655 Acres. 60% Contained.

TOWER FIRE.  Colville and Idaho Panhandle National Forests. The Tower Fire and six smaller fires are all part of the Kaniksu Complex. 791 Personnel. 24,296 Total Acres. 35% Contained.

Fires consist of:  Tower Fire: 791 Personnel. 24,372 Acres, 35% containment. Located 6 miles northeast of Usk, Wash., and 6 miles west of Priest Lake, Idaho. Onata Creek Fire: 546 acres, 91% containment. Located about 8 eight miles east, southeast of Ione, Wash.  Grease Creek Fire: .609 Acres. Located east of Sullivan Lake.  Hall Mountain Fire: 39 acres. Located on Hall Mountain. Slate Creek and South Fork Slate Creek Trail fires: 1 acre and 167 acres respectively. Located near the northwest boundary of Salmo-Priest Wilderness.  Baldy Fire: 515 acres, 100% containment. Located 6 miles north of Ione, Wash.

Feller Buncher on Marble Creek Fire

Feller Buncher on the Marble Creek Fire. [Credit: Kyande Anderson]

WILDERNESS COMPLEX. [New!] Selway-Bitteroot Wilderness.  Start 8/21/15 @ noon. Lightning caused. Consists of 8 fires in Complex but these are the most active fires:  Active fires within the Complex include Roll Creek Fire:  7800 Acres. Rock Point Fire:  250 Acres. Meeker Fire:  2400 Acres.  Baily Fire:  1525 Acres.  Army Mule Fire:  5400 Acres.  Barren Fire:  1205 Acres.  Wahoo Fire:  650 Acres.6 Personnel. 19,295 Total Acres. Fire sizes will be updates when IR imagery is available.

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Disclaimer:  We do not lay claims to the FireImages in this post and have given the Photo Credits to its original creators as best as we can.  We do not accept responsibility for misinformation as stated by the Courtesy or Photo Credits given.

National Preparedness Month | Day 1 | Creating an Evacuation Plan

In light of National Preparedness Month, we are gearing towards helping you all with ideas on how we all can be preparedness with Daily Tips.  Though we have been posting as best as we can on Twitter and on Facebook Social media pages, we had not been posting here due to time restrictions.  We are now making up for lost time.

So, here we go – starting from Day 1 and such.  This is one of many as you all we should be on Day 6.  Thanks for being so patient while we work to catch up.


Why is it important to create an evacuation plan?  Well, you all have seen the major wildfires that have been scorching the lands around us and with that, has come many evacuations.  Some residents did not have warnings long enough to retrieve their belongings, clothing or treasures, having enough time to hop in their vehicles driving away from their homes.  Some only had the clothes on their backs, fleeing for their lives as the fires were like a runaway train heading straight for them.

An evacuation plan incorporates what to do in the event of an emergency such as an earthquake, fire or flood.  Any type of emergency that can happen, you can be prepared for.

Here are some tips in creating an evacuation plan:


Always have two ways out of your home, business or place you visit/travel/play so you can make your “escape” from the danger that may be lurking out there.


We are going to use your “HOME” as an example for this topic, but keep in mind that this Plan can be applied to your business or places that you may visit frequently.


If you are like some residents, you may live in a remote or area where wildfire may be approaching your community and the Sheriff or Police Department notifies that there is an evacuation.

Level 3:  You are in grave danger and you must evacuate now. This is a mandatory evacuation.  When the Sheriff’s Office or Police Department come to notify you, it is highly recommended that you don’t try to stay back. There is good reason why they are asking you to evacuate.  If you should get into trouble or need assistance, it may be delayed or unavailable.

Level 2:  Prepare to Go.  This is the level when you may be evacuating in the near future because of danger approaching.  If you do not have a Pre-Plan on what to do at this stage, now is a good time to get things together, what you should bring, what your destination may etc.

Level 1:  This is the first level of possibly being evacuated.  It is a notification only that there is danger out in your community that may be fast approaching but you do not need to prepare yet.  However, Pre-Planning for any disaster before one strikes is the best way to being Pro-active instead of Reactive.

If you are evacuating in the wildfire setting, you are most likely going to be at a Level 3 Evacuation.


Look at your home and agree where there are two escapes, example:  a window or through a doorway.  Is it going to be safe if you exit either location?  Are there any obstacles such as rocks, a large drop to the ground below, are there any ladders or any other debris blocking your exit? Think about making a clear path that will allow you and your family to escape safely.


Once, you have established a clear safe path to escape out of your home, decided on a “meeting place” away from the danger, i.e. fire in home.  One example can be to safely evacuate to your neighbors across the street.  This will be the most safest place as the homes to either side would be considered as exposure buildings [a lot of homes are built very closely to neighbors these days] and recommend to not use these homes.  However, some instances could be an exception to the rule if homes are considerably away from each other. Either way, you and your family should meet in “one” spot after your emergency.  This is one to ensure every family member is accounted for and safe together.


When you may be forced to leave your home, many will wonder what can I take during a disaster while evacuating?

We recommend to have a “Go Kit” ready to take with you when you leave your home.  Our version of a “Go Kit”, is a portable condensed version of a Disaster Kit that can be picked up at a moment’s notice, taken with you as you evacuate your home.  We will discuss in a later post what a “Go Kit” may look like.


Most important thing to remember is to create an Evacuation plan and practice your escape routes at least twice a year – to keep it fresh in your mind and to not panic when you are faced with evacuating your home.  Additionally, this can be applied to your place where you work [check with your company as to what their plan is] and places where you most frequent.

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ACTIVE WILDFIRES | IDAHO Sit Reps | Sunday, August 30, 2015

Due to the high number of fires in each State, we are breaking them down once again.  Here are fires occurring in the State of Idaho.

The wildlife is returning to the Clearwater Complex burn area.

Wildfire returned to burned area on the Clearwater Complex / Lawyer Fire scorched area. [Courtesy: Inciweb]

AVERY COMPLEX:  Southeastern portion of St. Joe Ranger District. Start 8/11/15. Lightning. 3 separate wildfires managed together.134 Personnel.  5148 Acres.

  • Marble Fire
  • Breezy Fire
  • Crater Fire

BLUE FIRE:  Start 6/27/15. Lightning. 4 miles SE of Dixie. 336 Acres. 90% Contained.

BOBCAT FIRE:  15 miles north of Salmon, ID on the Salmon-Cobalt Ranger District. Start 8/14/15 @ 1600 hours. Lightning. 33 Personnel. 237 Acres. 90% contained. Firefighters continue to look for hot spots.

Filling pumpkin

Pumpkin filling [Water filling]. [Courtesy: Inciweb]

CLARK FORK COMPLEX:  6 miles NE and 9 mi. S of Clark Fork, Idaho; 5 mi. N of Noxon, MT.  Start 8/13/15. Lightning. 370 Personnel. 14,965 Acres.

  • Scotchman Peak:  IDP
  • Whitetail Fire:  IDP
  • Marten Creek Fire: IDP
  • Sawtooth Fire:  KNF
  • Napoleon Fir:  KNF
  • Government Fire:  KNF

IDP = Idaho Panhandle.  KNF = Kootenai National Forest


Clearwater Complex:  Most of the Complex is adjacent to Kamiah, ID. Other fire locations are in the vicinity of Kooskia, Craigmont, Ruebens, Greer, Woodland, and Harrisburg.  Start 8/10/15. Lightning.  607 Personnel.  67,992 Acres. 75% contained.

Two firefighters stand outside their trucks after a rough day

TN Firefighters on the Clark Fork Complex Fire. [Credit: Bill Rosch]

Municipal Complex-Jay Point-Boulder Fires:  Numerous fires 10 miles east of Kooskia, 4 miles east of Pierce, 1 mile north of Syringa. Start 8/14/15.  Lightning. 574  Personnel. 82,956 total Acres. 75% contained.

  • Jay Point Fire :  1.5 mi W of Powell, 1 mi downriver from Powell Power Station on the Clearwater NF.   Detected 8/17/15. Dry Lightning caused. Jay Point Lkout has been burned. 106 Personnel. 3753 Acres. 10% contained.
  • Woodrat Fire 1  mile N and W of the community of Syringa. Start 8/14/15. Lightning caused. 5140 Acres.
  • Lawyer 2 Fire:  41,915 Acres. 60% Contained.
  • Municipal Fire:  1770 Acres. 90% Contained.
  • Fisher Fire:  18,889 Acres. 90% Contained.
  • Green Fire:  1028 Acres. 0% Contained.
  • Lolo Fire:  6200 Acres. 60% Contained.
  • Old Greer Fire:  73 Acres. 97% Contained.
  • Pete Forks Fire:  5300 Acres. 0% Contained.
Firefighters Mop Up

Firefighters in Mop-up Operations mode on the Rapid Fire. [Courtesy: Inciweb]

  • Mussellshell Creek Fire:  788 Acres. 40% Contained.
  • LostHat Fire:  65 Acres. 0% Contained.
  • Footrot Fire:  108 Acres. 0% Contained.
  • Yoosa Fire:  313 Acres. 0% Contained.
  • Snowy Summit Fire:  5134 Acres.  0% Contained.

COUGAR FIRE:   3 mi SW of Warm Lake and 20 mi NE of Cascade. Start 8/13/15 Lightning. 162 Personnel. 1237 Acres. 92% Contained.

Arizona Paramedics at the ready

AZ Medics on the Clark Fork Complex. [Credit: Bill Rosch]

ELEVEN MILE FIRE:  17 mi W of Challis, in the Yankee Fork Drainage in the Challis-Yankee For Ranger Dist on the Salmon Challis NF. Start 8/24/15.  Lightning. 383. Personnel. 9,641 Acres.  3% contained.

GRIZZLY COMPLEX: In the North Fork of the Coeur d’Alene River drainage, near Grizzly Peak. Consists 16 fires in Complex.  Start 8/10/15.  Lightning. 183 Personnel. 16,232 Acres.

LARKIN COMPLEX:  30 miles northeast of Pierce. Start 8/17/15. Lightning. Consists of 14 fires. 4993 Acres.  Active fires in this complex are listed below:

  • Snow Creek Fire:  2300 Acres
  • Wolf 2 Fire:  981 Acres.
  • Heather Fire:  1368 Acres.
large red hlicopter

Kmax Helicopter Working Bull River Area on the Clark Fork Complex. [Credit: Peter Hammond, Photographer]

  • Minnesaka Fire:  226 Acres.
  • Roaring Fire:  102 Acres.
  • Platinum Fire:  Start 8/29/15. 4 Acres.

LAST INCH FIRE:  Start 8/12/15 by Lightning. 12 mi E of Clarkia. 97 Personnel. 712 Acres. 56% Contained.

LOCHSA SOUTH COMPLEX:  Start 8/15/15. Lightning. South side of the Lochsa River drainage from Warm Springs to the Selway River. Consists of 12 fires.8/15/15. Lightning.

  • Sponge Fire:  3000 Acres. Threatening Gold Meadows Cabins and Fish Lake Airstrip Cabins. Structure protection to go into effect when firefighter safety is reached.
A large smoke cloud rises in the connection

Plume smoke from nearby community of the Wash Fire. [Courtesy: Inciweb]

  • Airstrip Fire:  980 Acres.Threatening Gold Meadows Cabins and Fish Lake Airstrip Cabins. Structure protection to go into effect when firefighter safety is reached.
  • Grit Fire:  402 Acres.
  • Lone Knob Fire:  Fire is up drainage approx 1 mi from Wilderness Gateway Campground & an Outfitter area along Hwy 12.  401 Acres. Evacuations in effect.
  • Fire Creek:  400 Acres.
Night photo of burnout operations.

Night burnout operations on the Woodrat Fire. [Photo Credit: Kyle Miller, Wyoming IHC]

MIDDLE FORK COMPLEX FIRES:  North Fork Ranger District. Start 8/11/15. Lightning. 5199 Acres. Unknown personnel, containment status.  Firefighters are patrolling by foot and boat in the corridor. Letting fire burn naturally. .

SELWAY COMPLEX 2015:  4 miles WNW and 7 miles NE of Elk City. Start 8/10/15.  Lightning. 283 Personnel. 36,463 Acres.

Large orange water container

Portable water tank on the Cougar Fire. [Courtesy: Inciweb]

  • Baldy [ID] Fire:  14 Miles WNW of Elk City. Start 8/10/15.  Lightning. 289 Personnel. 2340 Acres. 9% contained. Threatening homes in the Elk City area.
  • Elk City Fire:  2340 Acres.
  • Wash Fire:  8 mi E of Lowell. About 5 mi E of houses on the Selway River. Start 8/13/15.  Lightning. 33,775 Acres.

PARKER RIDGE:  Top of Parker Ridge, NW of Bonners and 7 mi SW of Porthill. Start 7/29/15. Lightning. 82 Personnel. 6252 Acres. 27% contained.

RAPID FIRE:  2 mi SE of McCall, Idaho, E of Jug Handle Mtn. Start 8/14/15. Lightning. 183 Personnel. 6954 Acres. 40% Contained.

Lone Peak Hotshot Crew on the Rapid Fire. [Courtesy: Inciweb]

SLIDE FIRE:  7 1/4 mi E of Lowell. 3 mi East of the homes on the Selway River. Start 8/13/15. 17,154 Acres. Lightning. 148 Personnel. 40% Contained.

RED RIVER COMPLEX:  Southern portion of the Red River Ranger District including two Wilderness Areas. Start 8/17/15  Lightning. 11,800 Acres. No # of personnel or containment status. Structure Protection in effect for Cook Ranch, Mallard Creek Ranch, Green Mountain Lookout and Bargamin Creek Bridge. Active Fires in this Complex are:

    • Slaughter Fire:  100 – 150 estimated Acres.Located 3.5 miles W of Concord in the Gospel Hump Wilderness. Fire is not staffed at this time.
    • Lone Park-Crown Fires:  10,000 Acres. Located S of Magruder Rd [#468]. Has slopped over the rd to N of the vicinity of 14 Mile Trailhead.
    • Rattlesnake Fire:  2000 Acres approximately. Has burned upriver to approx to Rattlesnake Point/deeper into Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness.
    • Noble Fire:  1000 Acres. Fire moved into S end of Mallard Creek Ranch. Threatening the Cook and Mallard Ranches. Both are Level 3 Evacuations.
Helispot near the fire line

Blue Fire Helispot. [Photo Credit: Jim Hammons]

    • Little Green Fire: 1500 Acres. Located NW of Green Mountain Lookout.
    • Deadwood Fire: 120 Acres. Near Summit Flats.  100% containment. In patrol status.

SCURVY MOUNTAIN FIRE:  28 miles east and northeast of Pierce. Started 8/21/15 @ 1130. Lightning. 381 Acres.

SNOW PEAK COMPLEX:  20 miles Southeast of Avery. Start 8/17/15. Lightning. 1658 Acres. Fire being monitored by aviation resources.

TEPEE SPRINGS FIRE:  Located in the area of Tepee Springs and Hazard Creek. 20 mi S of Riggins, Idaho; on E side of Hwy 95. 22 mi NW of McCall and N of Goose Lake. Start 8/12/15 @ 0730. Lightning.  813 Personnel.  30,000 Acres [accurate mapping due to favorable weather conditions]. 25% contained.

Aerial photo of Blue Fire

Aerial shot of the Blue Fire. [Photo Credit: Dave Van Natter]

ALERT! Community Meeting –> 8/30/15 Sunday @ Riggins HS @ 1800 Hours.

Evacuation Info:  ID County Sheriff’s Office. 800-922-9141 or Adams County Sheriff’s Office.  208-253-4227.

WILDERNESS COMPLEX:    Selway-Bitteroot Wilderness. Consists of 8 fires. Start 8/21/15. Lightning. 8 Personnel. 14,900 Acres.


MT Firefighters. [Photo Credit: Dave Van Natter]

  • Roll Creek Fire:  7800 Acres.
  • Rock Point Fire:  250 Acres.
  • Meeker Fire:  2400 Acres.
  • Baily Fire:  1500 Acres.
  • Army Mule Fire:  2100 Acres.
  • Wahoo Fire:  650 Acres.

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Thanks for what you are doing out there and be Safe wherever your journeys make take you.

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WA WILDFIRE | Carpenter Rd Fire | August 21, 2015 | PM SitRep

Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.” –Desmond Tutu


  • Location:  35 miles NW of Spokane & S of Fruitland in Stevens County
  • Start:  8/14/15
  • Cause:  Lightning

Today’s Fire Map. Courtesy of the Rocky Mountain IMT Blue Team & Inciweb.


  • Fire Behavior:  Extreme.
  • Threatened:  800 homes & structures, 5 commercial properties, 200 others
  • Containment:  0%
  • Acres:  27,793
  • Fire Conditions:  Smokey conditions are limiting use of air operations, but also providing for slightly cooler temperatures, and reduced winds
  • Actions:  Thursday: Highest amount of fire activity happened along the north edge of the fire near Turk Road.
  • Obstacles for Fire Crews:  Handling 1 abandoned mine within in the fire area.


 Fruitland Weather Conditions

  • Temp:  [as of 1915PDT]  70-degrees
  • Forecasted:  Hi 77.  Lo 49.
  • Skies:  Mostly sunny.
  • Winds:  W 10 to 20 mph
  • Visibility:  6 mph
  • Humidity:  26%
  • Advisory:  Blowing dust advisory remains in effect until 2300 PDT [tonight]


  • Destroyed:  17 homes destroyed; unknown number of “other” structures reportedly destroyed.


  • Personnel:  363
  • Crews:  6
  • Helicopters:  3
  • Engines:  40


  • Level 2:  Spokane Agency Reservation.


Call Center

  • Operational Period: 0800 – 2100 PDT
  • Phone Lines: 509-722-6040 or  509-722-6165


Red Flag Warning

  •  In effect for the fire area through 8/21 at 2300.

Air Quality

  • Spokane:  Some parts of Spokane showing “Unhealthy”.  Purple lines indicate the areas affected.
Embedded image permalink

Air Quality Map. Photo Credit: The National Weather Service [NWS] of Spokane.


Pet Loss / Coping  –National Humane Society

Red Cross Distress Helpline

  • Phone:  1-800-985-5990.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration [SAMHSA] – Div of U. S Public Health

# # #


“First-hand Witness  Reports on Social Media”

August 21:

  • Media on Condition Report via Flight into Fire Area:  “Smoke is so thick we could barely see outside our windows as we prepared to land.”
  • Franklin County Fire District #3:  “Fresh firefighters leaving today in Van Pool vans to replace crews on the CarpenterRd fire. Thank you Ben Franklin Transit for your support!”
  • Media report:  “The smoke is omnipresent near Fruitland. Low visibility with a big gulp of ash with each breath”
  • Air Quality Report via Twitter User:  “Smoke is filling up the Valley”

August 20:

  • Base Camp:  Setup at a Bible School near Fruitland.

August 19:

  • Stevens Co Fire Chief:  “Ash floating around in the skies and is still warm when it hits them, touches those around them.”



  • Wildland Firefighter Foundation:  “Will make a huge difference for these families experiencing the loss of a firefighter tonight. The WFF supports these families like no other, and supports those injured too. Please donate!
    RIP brave heroes keeping others safe.” This is from a Twitter supporter.  You can Make a Difference in a Family’s life.  Click on this link today.

Thank you for what you all are doing out there.  Wishing safety and prayers to get those darn fires out.  We appreciate your tireless efforts, hard work and dedication.

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WA WILDFIRE | Carpenter Rd Fire | August 20, 2015 | PM SitRep

It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.”

~ William Shakespeare


  • Location:  35 miles NW of Spokane
  • Start:  8/14/15
  • Cause:  Lightning
  • Acres:  9658


  • Fire Behavior:  Extreme.
  • Threatened:  400 homes & structures, 5 commercial properties, 200 others
  • Containment:  0%

Carpenter Road Fire Map. Courtesy of the Rocky Mountain Incident Management Blue Team. [8/19/15]

Map updated on 8/18/15. Courtesy of the Rocky Mountain Incident Management Blue Team.


  • Destroyed:  16 homes destroyed; unknown number of “other” structures reportedly destroyed.


  • Personnel:  301
  • Crews:  5
  • Helicopters:  3
  • Engines:  32
  • Actions:  Structure Protection


Level 3 [Mandatory evacuation. Leave your home/business now for your own personal safety.]

  • Lessig Road along the Springdale Hunters Road to Springdale. This includes all secondary roads off of Springdale Hunters Road including Gennett Road and Rosehill Road and other road spurs to the South.
  • Region from Belinger Road to the SOUTHEAST “the way the crow flies” to State Highway 231.
  • Out of Fruitland Valley which includes Fruitland Valley Road and Turk Road.

Level 2 [Prepare to evacuate. This is a mid-range level of preparing to evacuate and also a level of voluntary evacuation.]

  • From the Spokane Agency Reservation boundary south to Lake Roosevelt (to include the West End Community).
  • From Springdale Hunters Road to Waitts Lake.
  • From Belinger Road EAST to State Highway 231.
  • From area around Waitts Lake to the Huckleberry Mountains south to Springdale Hunters Road to State Highway 231.


Call Center

  • Operational Period: 0800 – 2100 PDT
  • Phone Lines: 509-722-6040 or  509-722-6165


Red Flag Warning

  • Initiated due to hot dry weather, very low relative humidity, and strong winds in the Columbia River Valley. These conditions have led to the persistence of the same extreme fire behavior as has been seen over the past several days.



  • Wildland Firefighter Foundation:  “Will make a huge difference for these families experiencing the loss of a firefighter tonight. The WFF supports these families like no other, and supports those injured too. Please donate!
    RIP brave heroes keeping others safe.” This is from a Twitter supporter.  You can Make a Difference in a Family’s life.  Click on this link today.

Thank you for what you all are doing out there.  Wishing safety and prayers to get those darn fires out.  We appreciate your tireless efforts, hard work and dedication.

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