WA | 3-Alarm Technical Rescue | 1



WSDOT, Firefighters and Law Enforcement are on-scene of a 3rd Alarm Technical Rescue three foot deep and eight feet wide hole dug by an unknown person, just northbound of I-5 and under the Pacific Avenue offramp, where they are trying to locate if someone is still inside the manmade tunnel.

Credit | Everett FD


WSP, WSDOT, Everett Fire and other agencies on-scene.


0800 hours PT – 911 received a call from a WSDOT member about a hole leading to a tunnel which was close to the northbound I-5 off ramp at Pacific Avenue. Personnel saw a person near the entrance of the tunnel the night before.

During the height of the call, there was concern that the tunnel had collapsed, but after rescuers were working, they found that were was dirt covering the entrance to the tunnel and found it to be fully intact. At this time, they say it does not appear the tunnel has been dug underneath the highway. Concerns of an individual being inside was of the essence to locate.

Agencies working tirelessly. – Credit | EFD

1022 hours PT – Seattle FD Squad 14 is dispatched to Pacific Avenue and Walnut as a single Red unit. We have reached out to Seattle FD to see if this is the unit that is up in Everett. We are not seeing any Battalion Chief or other resources dispatched as mutual aid in their CAD system.

1210 hours PT – Everett FD: “Working to remove dirt away from this tunnel to determine if anyone is inside. Nothing has been confirmed that it has collapsed or if anyone is entrapped inside the man-made dug tunnel underneath the I-5 offramp under Pacific Avenue in Everett, Washington.”

The “Hole” – Credit | Everett FD

1412 hours PT – Multiple Fire, LE, Public Works and DOT units are still on-scene and working to remove the dirt from the tunnel. It has been a long day for many of these first responders in their urgent search of a possible victim inside the man-made (dug) tunnel.


N I-5 offramp to Pacific in Everett, Washington. (via WSP)

Windstorm 1 is Hanging Out in the NW | Update 2

Updated 1:15 AM PDT


Windstorm #1 has arrived with #2 on its heels.  So, what have you  done to prepare yourselves?You say, ‘It’s not that bad. I have been through other storms.’  Here’s why it is so important to start taking matters into your hands and #PrepareNOW (our very own hashtag)

WINDGUSTS IN THE LAST 24 HOURS – Reported by the National Weather Service.


Why is this such a big event for the Pacific Northwest this year?  Higher than normal winds are blowing through the Pacific jet stream from a remnant of Typhoon Songda, that had reached the highest winds clocking in at 150 m.p.h.

The storm started as a Tropical Storm on October 9th, began picking up speed becoming a Typhoon on October 10th with winds reported as 120 m.p.h.

On October 11th, the storm had been deemed as a Super Typhoon with the highest winds at 150 m.p.h.! The following day, winds have lessened to around 120 m.p.h. becoming a Tropical Storm once again, but not before high winds are being carried around Alaska down to the great Pacific Northwest.

Winds will be considerable less but they will still be around the 40’s and into the 60’s, so please be careful when you go out or if you can stay in



Spokane & Stevens Counties:  Flood Watch in effect from Saturday morning (Washington Weather on Twitter)



Road Closures: Skagit County DEM


National Forests:  Too dangerous for walks, hikes and driving in wooded areas – Willamette National Forest


Washington State Ferries:   “Visibility is low across all routes at start of PM commute. Captains have closed outer decks, advises folks to stay seated.” – WSDOT Ferries


WATCH : High winds, Flooding and Power outages on the Coast / Coast Range – NWS Portland (OR)



Pierce County, Washington – Report 24/7 to 253-798-6000 or piercecountywa.org/rfa.

Hood Canal Bridge (WA):  SR 104 Hood Canal Bridge closure to vehicles is scheduled at approx. 12:45 am on 10/15/16, expect up to a 60-minute delay (posted 11:56 PM PDT)



We took a recent Poll on Twitter asking the question:  “What 2 thing would you do to PrepareNOW for an Emergency?”

The Choices were Camp Outdoors, Bring your Generator indoors, Have water for 48 hours and Gas Up your car.

We had hoped no one would pick bringing in their Generator indoors, but 5% of those polled chose this answer.  Check out the reason why this could be so deadly to you and your family. (Check out the image under “What To Do When the Power Goes Out”)

Thank you to those who participated in the Poll.


Here are some ideas of what to have on hand to be Prepared for any type of Emergency, excluding Flooding in your home or inhabitable due to an Earthquake or Tornado:


“We recommend the following to Building an Emergency Preparedness Kit, Preparation Tips and Ways to Protect You/Your Family Before/During/After an Event.  (Info based upon Fire, Police, Emergency Management and EMS articles, posts and knowledge)” – NWFB

Water:   Include one gallon per person for each day. Note:  Water along with food (unless otherwise labeled) should be changed out every six months.

Food:  Include items such as beef jerky, protein and/or granola bars, canned and/or vacuum packed canned foods and other non-perishables. (Don’t forget your pets and their pet food)

Medications:  Don’t forget to keep this on hand and have enough for the time allotted.  The Disaster or Emergency could last longer than 3 days, i.e. Power outages, Earthquakes, Tornadoes, etc.

Battery-powered Radio:  An alternative could be a hand-crank powered radio.  If you use a Battery operated radio, make sure you have extra batteries.

Flashlights:  There are also alternatives out there, such as, Battery-powered or Solar-powered Latterns. Do not use candles.  These lead to fires when candles are left unattended.

Matches:  These could be used to light pilot lights on gas stoves (inside homes- make sure no smell of gas in the air), camping stoves, fires in fireplaces, etc.

First Aid Kit:  Don’t feel like spending time or energy on putting together a Kit? You can visit various stores such as camping supply stores, specialty stores or the American Red Cross.

We recommend the following for a Kit (TIP:  You can visit the American Red Cross @ http://www.redcross.org/prepare/location/home-family/get-kit/anatomy to find a full and a complete list or to purchase your own)

  • Sterile gauze pads of different sizes
  • Adhesive tape
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers
  •  Elastic bandage
  • Antiseptic wipes
  • Soap
  • Splint
  • Alcohol wipes
  • Thermometer
  • Non-latex gloves
  • List of Emergency Phone Numbers (yours)

Great Resources:  3 Days, 3 Ways. Campaign  http://www.co.cowlitz.wa.us/DocumentCenter/View/58


Via our friends at the Washington State Public Health Agency



Pacific Power Portland  (OR):  Reporting downed power lines, call 9-1-1 then 1-877-508-5088.  “Always treat them as if they are LIVE power lines. Stay away!”

Puget Sound Energy (PSE):  Is Your Power out? Check out the  Outage Map   http://pse.com/accountsandservices/ServiceAlert/Pages/Outage-Map.aspx  or you can download for free their app

Seattle City Light:  Report outages to 206-684-3000 or 206-684-7400.  Outage Map:  http://www.seattle.gov/light/sysstat/

Snohomish PUD:  Report power outages to them @ 425-783-1001.



Snohomish County PUD:  13,000 customers are without power due to winds are picking up.

Seattle City Light:  7 power outages affecting 165 households per outage map.



La Push, Washington:  US IOOS gov / NOAA reporting on 10/13/2016 storm rolling in.  Credit:  usioos.gov



“I  could care less if I have fuel in the car!  Water + food + shelter.” – Twitter user

“Early data tonight unchanged on strong windstorm track for . Differ on strength: “bad” and “real bad.” Waiting on more later.” – News media

“Wind will start around Olympia about 4-6 PM and in Seattle area a couple of hours later. Wind will pick up suddenly and hard.” – NWS Seattle

“Sat. storm watch: “Whoever gets hit, is going to get hit pretty hard” – Twitter user

“Weather hasn’t been to bad here yet in the Bellevue Area.” – Twitter user

“A Dock was seen heading westbound  floating down the Sammamish River towards Lake Washington.” – Bothell PD

“Right now, strongest effects from will be Seattle area westward.” – Weather source

“Consider postponing your trip this weekend! They’ll still be there next week!” – Washington State Parks

“Due to storms, could be transit interruptions.” – King County Metro  (Seattle, Washington).  Check out their site here –>  https://content.govdelivery.com/accounts/WAKING/bulletins/16b2167

“Winds likely E before switching southerly in eve. Expect high wind when southerlies arrive. Can’t specify on SE protection.” – NWS Seattle (@ 1AM PDT)

# # #


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A Fallen Hero’s Response

Blaring over the headlines and in a story we covered,

“Around 1400 hours in Virginia, a SAR team consisting of personnel from the Virginia State Police and the Shenandoah National Park Service suspended all search operations upon discovery of a female body ID’d to that of missing Fairfax County Firefighter-Paramedic NIcole Mittendorf.”

nichole middendorf

NIchole MIttendorf


Men and women from all over this world often come together in an once male-dominant profession with some accepting it and others not, making things quite a bit awkward or downright uncomfortable for both parties.

As a female myself (though not a Firefighter or Police Officer), I could sense  many felt a male was behind my publication from the many “dudes” and “guy” comments received.  Once, sharing I am a female – I either got a great response, an unfollow or negative comments.  It seems like it does not matter what you do for a living or hobby, some men just prefer women to be in the kitchen fetching their dinner or staying home and making babies.  Fortunately, for all of us – that era has come and gone, my friends.

Now, it does not matter how I am viewed as a person or as a female but should matter the most in how I support many of you in the Public Safety profession overall.  That is what this Blog is all about:  Fire, EMS, Law Enforcement, Emergency Management, SAR and the list goes on.

There have been many opportunities for females in the Fire Service talking about how still to this day, men balk about having a female in “their” profession and do not feel they deserve to be one of them.  Many stories have been told of how some female firefighters found their male counterparts making up “lies” about them or putting the pressure on them to just get out altogether.


Firefighters do not only experience the “living the dream” syndrome of their job but they can see the worst of the worst in people through the eyes of Domestic Violence  victims, to the children of abuse and neglect and treating their wounds can be seriously emotional for anyone – male or female and dealing with the pressure of your fellow firefighters wishing they had no female fire crews in their station.  It becomes like a “do or die” situation  with trying to prove to them you are worthy of the title long after they have gone through the many hours of training, testing and gaining professional skills, knowledge and experience. Though some many even go further in their Professions, it still does not seem to be enough.

Some female firefighters say if they report their aggressor, they simply become the target and not always it is that a good thing.  Women firefighters have come a long way since the early times (as early as the 1970’s)  but there are still obstacles for women and being hated in male staffed Fire Stations.

As with all Firefighters, they dedicate their hearts and souls to the profession and their lives to everything firefighting.  Training takes time away from family, friends and important events but they do it because they love the job in saving lives and property. It is what defines them.

Every time a Firefighter passes from cancer or another terrible disease, is killed or murdered – a huge remembrance of their Life and accomplishments is celebrated here on Earth.  There is many traditions that are enacted and fellow Firefighters come together from all around the Nation and even some from all over the World.

Now, why can’t these same Heroes rally around their fellow firefighter, even if she is a female or not. There needs to be more light shed upon this growing problem and the tragedies they may creating.  Reacting to the problem is not a solution.


This has always been one of my favorite sayings in just that – be Pro-Active to the potential cause and not Reactive to the after effect.  The after affect is usually not as pretty and it is very difficult to grapple with the outcome.

As a Firefighter, it is seriously important to let your Firefighter team know that you have their back and they have yours.  After all, you are putting your life in their hands and it is a requirement to know they are going to protect your life, if something should fail while you are out on the fire ground.

Let’s face it, Firefighting is a dangerous profession and many have clearly died from activities on and after the call, experienced medical emergencies or have passed from Line-Of-Duty cancers and other diseases.  They say it is part of the job and one of the many sacrifices they will make. How they live during their Firefighter career will be the Legacy they will leave behind for others.

When we think of Firefighters and Medical staff at a Fire Station, they are often portrayed sitting around the dinner table cooking a big meal and are photographed as one big happy family. At a moment’s notice, they are forced to leave their meals behind and run out the door.  Everything looks pretty normal but there are a few underlining issues that you do not see or will you ever hear about until it is too late.

Sticks and Stones

Reports are coming out that Firefighter Nichole Mittendorf may have been sexually harassed at work and we are not confirming these reports at this time.  Even if they were true, those who are in a Management/Supervisory role should be seeing the signs and nip them in the bud.  However, if things are not being addressed and those who are the aggressors are not being sent through corrective action are finding serious outcomes affecting their reputation and putting those in the unwanted spotlight.


It does not matter if you are homeless, a drunk or an addict; unemployed, a mean one, one making an impact on other’s lives or wherever you come from in this world, your Life is worth saving.  Sometimes people agree to disagree or disagree to agree about all types of issues and topics and it does not make that person of poor character or something seriously wrong with them.

Some find that they disagree with the decision to allow female Firefighters into the profession of their City and make it known to them that they are simply not welcome.  If that is how you view the Profession, may be you should step to the side and let them continue to do the fabulous job they were called upon to do.  You may need to rethink why you are a Firefighter.  This profession has changed drastically over the years and fortunately, it will not rewind to the era of just male firefighters. You can count on it.

Remember the word, “Team” and how there is no “I” in it. So, check your attitudes and your disagreement about having female Firefighters at the door.  Who knows? You can work as a team in showing your new female Firefighter some new skills.  It is better to work “together” than against each other. Wow. Yes, we know that is a simple concept and you can easily do this – as “One”.


I will share my personal story in hopes that it may help others.  If it saves one life, then I have completed my mission in this Life.

Life has been difficult starting out rough as a child with a dysfunctional, abusive and depressed mother divorcing my father after I turned four years of age.  Throughout my young life and even well into my early 20’s dealing with my verbally abusive mother was more than a young person should ever have to encounter. Then came the bullying in junior high school and high school and later by a sexual assault by a Public Safety Member.

Suicidal thoughts and attempts became my new Life partner in ending it all to rid the thoughts of abuse, neglect, depression and feeling like an overall loser but I had to pull myself out of that down spiral into another phase of Life knowing it had to get better along the way.

Counseling, prayer and help from some pretty amazing friends along the way, helped me find a better way to deal with some of Life’s pretty messed up issues than thinking Suicide was the only answer.  Today, I am very thankful that none of my suicide attempts worked and having a more vital stronger support system helped save my Life in more ways than I can count.

Those who have died because of committing suicide breaks my heart knowing they did not feel they had the support system they needed to resolve their issues.

I wish and pray for those who feel that think Suicide is the answer know this – that if you choose to end your Life this way, you will be not only ending your problems but breaking the hearts and souls of those who truly love and care for you.  You will not realize it but your support system will share and even may be angry at you but at least you are getting that important Conversation started.

Let me end this post by saying that “Suicide is not the Answer” and though it may be difficult to work through the issues, you will most likely thank me for saving your life.

If you have are thinking about Suicide, there are Professionals that can assist you.  Please reach out in knowing there are many who care for you.


SafeCallNow – safecallnow.org

One of my favorite non-profits is Safe Call Now and the unique story this former Seattle Police Officer shares with many will definitely grab your undivided attention.  He has been through a lot and has lost a lot but he is here to tell you that Life is worth living.

LR Swenson, Creator/Writer/Blogger of The NW Fire Blog , an online Public Safety publication (http://thenwfireblog.com).  Owner of Media Madness NW, a Social and Media Marketing small business and Author of Short-Story Seattle Mourn and The Firefighter and The Princess.

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Paris Under Siege: Terror Reaches Out in Separate Incidents

Paris, France | Paris became target of terrorists on Friday evening with multiple massive and fatal explosions, shootings, murders and taking of hostages.  An iconic City full of beauty, art, food, diversity, enriched in history, culture and one that is considered the third Largest visited by over 16Million became more like a war zone.  It was said to be the Largest terrorist attack in all of European history.


Initial Events

Reports started rolling in about an explosion at a bar and then soon thereafter, a shootout at a French restaurant.  Soon more events began happening all over the Large City.

Sports Stadium Attack

A source on Twitter reported that there was an attack the City’s Sport stadium while France’s soccer team played Germany.  Reports of 18 people were killed during the attack and prompting an emergency evacuation of President Franciois Hollande from the stadium.

Concert Venue Standoff

A Social Media source reported a massive, fatal explosion and shots ringing out during the Eagles of Death Metal show at Bataclan, a music venue located in Paris. Attackers were said to have taken 100 hostages and that 35-40 of them had been killed during the violent attack.

Reports are coming in that the Paris Police are launching an attack on the Concert Hall, many have been freed.  [UPDATE] Social media reports 2 gunmen killed and hostages have now all been freed. The hostage incident is now over, however some are now reporting Police sources are releasing info that over 100 have been killed from thrown explosives into the crowds at the Concert.  -“We are so sorry to the Famiilies that are going through terrible pain and suffering knowing their loved ones were killed by this senseless tragedy”. – NWFB

Shooting at Les Halles

At the time we were researching the events unfolding in Paris, another shooting was being released by Social Media sources stating this is happening at the time of this post.  This is located near the Centre Pompidou and Louvre.


A Fire is being displayed all over Social Media burning in “The Jungle”, a migrant refugee camp in Calais which is housing many in tents and shipping containers. They have been known to be frustrated by not being allowed to cross the Channel into Britain clashing with local Law Enforcement and Military reinforcements. The fire is growing by the minute and is considered to be quite large in size.


Military Deployment

French police and the military were seen in images as being deployed on City streets searching for the suspects and responding to the terrorist siege, they are currently under.

State of Emergency

The French President has declared a State of Emergency and has temporarily shutdown their borders.  60 deaths are now contributed to the terrorist attacks. There is no word on the identity of those who are involved or their nationalities.

A mandatory curfew is now being mandated. One source reports this is the first since 1942, and saying apparent terror attacks are not over yet.

Metro bus service is now shut down.

American Security Elevated

Homeland Security is actively moving towards more security but stated this:  “There are no threats to the USA due to the Paris attacks.”

U.S. Capitol and it’s assets are being protected:  “Enhanced patrols are currently staging at the Capitol out of “abundance of caution” due to the Paris terror attacks.”

NYPD states they are in close communications with their French counterparts and doing everything in their power to assist them: “We are deploying additional police in and around NYC following these attacks.”

Fighter jets are said to be dispatched to intercept a small plane landing in


Do you see something suspicious or out of place? Do you see someone doing something that is out of the ordinary? It is very important to report to your Local Law Enforcement agency any possible criminal activities you may see.  They want you to report it and they will be the deciding factor if it should be acted upon or not. Please don’t just disregard it – it could be very important and may save a life or two.

Remember if you See Something, Say Something.


Paris has been a long target for terrorists as far as we could see via Social Media and other sources. With that being said, we looked into what Social Media has been reporting on terror activities inside the Paris that we have come to know and love. You’d be surprised how many events have occurred in 2015, alone.

Here’s a recap of past incidents.

April 22:  Terrorist Attack Foiled

Police arrest a 24-year old computer studies student on Sunday in the 13th arrondissenent in Paris for the planning attacks on 2 churches.

March 9:  Terror Attack Suspects Arrested

Parisian Police took 4 Terror Attack suspects including a Police Officer were taking into custody.

January 16:  Shooting Near Post Office, Bomb Threat

2 people are taken Hostage in a Post Office near Paris.  On that same day, it is reported that a bomb threat has been made at a Paris train station.

January 11:  The French March Against Terrorism

40 Global Leaders and almost 3.7 Million people took part in the #UnityMarch where Nations united against terrorism, flooding streets all over the area. It was deemed as one of the Largest Historic French demonstrations ever recorded.

January 9:  Blast at Kosher Supermarket

It was reported a female terrorist and others took multiple hostage at a Jewish supermarket, where a shootout and blast occurred. 4 Hostages were killed and 15 others freed.

On that same day, another Hostage situation would take place at a Jewelers. Not much information was found on this incident.



We ask that you all help us by joining in with us to “Pray for Paris” and Hope for this to be over immediately.  May Justice catch up to those who are committing heinous crimes and be dealt with swiftly.

paris 00


” You are in our thoughts and prayers as you work to neutralize these criminals and for your safety as you work to treat the injured and those murdered. For what your eyes have seen, we know the only way to cope is to decompress by talking to someone about it. Please know that we are all here to support you no matter what you are going through.” – NWFB –


As more information comes to light about these incidents, we will provide Updates. For those who may know people in Paris or surrounding areas, please let them know to stay inside and listen to radio broadcasts. There is a current mandated curfew and Law Enforcement is doing everything they can to protect them.

Thank you for following our posts here on our Official Blog/Twitter (@nwfireblog)/Facebook as we work to cover this incident.

Written by LR Swenson, Public Safety Blogger

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2015 FIRE and EMS EVENTS, OPPORTUNITIES: Posted January 5, Sunday

“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.” – Kofi Annan

Bellevue Firefighters on Roof 2

Bellevue Firefighters Train on a roof top in 2013. [Photo Credit: LR Swenson]



  • 16-17 | 40th Annual Piedmont Fire Expo | Winston-Salem,  NC | Hosted by Forsyth Co Fire & Rescue Association. Website: .www.piedmontfireexpo.org/expo.
  • 18-20 | FDSOA Apparatus Symposium | Orlando, FL | Hosted by Fire Department Safety Officers Association. Website:  https://www.fdsoa.org/symposia.
  • 27-30 | ARFF Chiefs & Leadership School | Ft Lauderdale, FL | Hosted by ARFF Working group. Website:  http://arffwg.org.


  • 06-08 | MU FRTI Winter Fire School | Columbia, MS | Hosted by: MU Fire & Rescue Training Institute. Website:  www.mufrti.org.


  • 15-16 | 27th Annual National Fire & Emergency Services Dinner & Seminars | Washington District of Columbia | Hosted by:  congressional Fire Services institute. Website:  http://www.cfsi.org/events/annual_dinner.cfm.
  • 20-25 | FDIC Conference & EXPO | Indianapolis, IN [Indiana Convention Center + Lucas Oil Stadium] | Hosted by: FDIC International.  Website/Info:  http://www.fdic.com/index.html


  • 22-25 | NFPA Conference & EXPO | Chicago, IL [McCormick Place] | Hosted by: NFPA. Website: http://www.nfpa.org/training/nfpa-conference-and-expo
  • 26- July 5 | World Police and Fire Games: The Games of Heroes | Fairfax, VA | Hosted by: World Police and Fire Games. Website:  http://fairfax2015.com/.


  • OSHA | Training Academy |   Free training.  Website:  http://www.oshatrain.org/courses/mods/718e.html
  • FIRE TRAINING | Alert Visual Concepts | Free training.  Website:   http://www.imalert.com.au/index.php

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Heroes Half Marathon Event Fast Approaching

Heroes Half

It’s up to all of us to say “thank you” and to back up our words with action that demonstrate our appreciation for their sacrifices. Heroes Half honors our military and their families through support for the USO Northwest.

Everyone who runs or walks in the Heroes Half can help provide hope to our military, veterans and their families in need. Welcome letter from Mayor Stephanson.

Heroes Half is proud to be in the Guinness Book of Records. Trevor Boyd ran the world’s fastest Half Marathon (1:13:50), April 28, 2013, while pushing his daughter in a stroller. video

Heroes Half

Everett Waterfront – In at Port Gardner (center), Lombardi’s Italian Restaurant (left)
Everett Waterfront
Four bridges span the mouth of the Snohomish River.
Ebey Slough
Snohomish River Span
Steamboat Slough Bridge
Ebey Slough Bridge
Union Slough
Union Slough Bridge

Silver Strider Grand Prix

    • Distances: 13.1 miles, 10K & 5K (Walkers welcome) Closed course on SR529 from Everett Marina to Marysville and back, flat, fast and scenic.

Heroes Half map

    • Start Times Half Marathon Walkers: 7:30 am. (SR 529 will reopen at 11:00am)
    • Start Times Runners: 8:00 am. You will be asked to seed yourself, with fastest runners in the first waves. 10K Walkers will have their own start immediately after last runner wave.
    • Kid’s Fun Run: 11:00 am. (3/4 mile on sidewalks around marina – special medals at finish line)
    • Location: Race start, finish and Healthy Living Expo. Port Gardner Landing. (map)
    • Training Plans: Half Marathon & 10K training plans for beginner, intermediate and advanced. click here
    • Pre-race Pasta Dinner: “Crazy for Carbs”, Lombardi’s Italian Restaurant. 5:00pm only, banquet style seating. Purchase tickets online when registering.
    • Parking: Port Gardner Marina. Follow Directions.Heroes Half Marathon & 10K

Click to access Parking%20Map_1.pdf

Athlete packet pick-up:  Sunday 6-7:30am

Before 7:30am continue north on W Marine View Dr
Left turn into parking areas, please follow direction of
Parking Volunteers – orange safety vests
When exiting after your race, be aware that runners
may still be nishing – obey Parking Volunteers.
After 7:30am, parking opens in marina o 18th St.
Northbound lanes will be closed until 8:30am
Please park in areas indicated on map. Red lines

    • Awards: Plaques will be awarded to the overall top three women and top three men plus Master and Grand Master Female and Male. Ribbons for the top three age group winners. 14 & under, 15-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30- 34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69,70-74, 75+.
    • Silver Strider Grand Prix: The Grand Prix Series is designed to give 50+ athletes recognition for participation in a year round program. The goal of the Grand Prix Series is to provide fun, camaraderie and motivation for training. click here for information of this special series.
    • Medals: Half Marathon finishers receive a race medallion. Heroes Half medal
    • T-Shirts: All participants will receive a technical fabric race shirt (gender specific).
    • Aid Stations: Approximately every 2 miles. Water and Hammer Heed Hydration drink and Hammer Gels. Portapotties at each aid station.
    • Post Race Food: Vegetarian Chili, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and fruit.
    • Race Packet Pick-up & Race Registration: April 27, 3:00 – 8:00 pm. Sports Expo, Port Gardner Landing.
    • Race Packet Pick-up & Day of Race Registration: 6:00 am – 7:30 am, Inn at Port Gardner, Galaxy Room.
    • Bag check-in: At race registration. Please have all items clearly labeled with your name & bib #.
    • Timing: Chip timed with electronic chip that attaches with a velcro strap around your ankle. (You must wear a timing chip to receive an official time)
    • Dogs and strollers: Are allowed (at your own risk). Please respect other runners and start at the back of the pack.
Active Military and Veteran Discount
  • Special discount applies to active military, veterans and spouses.
  • Register as an individual or as a part of a team.
  • See team challenge details below.
HEROES 10K CHALLENGE: For Active Military and First Responder
  • Compete to win the coveted trophy for the fastest team overall.
  • Special GRUNT AWARDS for those who run in full gear.
  • Teams consists of four (4) or more members, and can be mixed, all male or all female
  • Trophy for fastest team in each category and prize for largest team in category. See rules page for more information.
  • BE A SUPER HERO. Prizes for best HERO costumes. Run for a great cause and have fun!


Tek fabric gender specific short sleeve t-shirts for all participants. Medallions for Half Marathon finishers. Hot post race food. Great prizes and raffle items.

Race Course

Yellow Ribbon Highway

Highway 529The north lane of the Yellow Ribbon Highway will be closed to traffic to ensure a quality race experience. The Washington State Department of Transportation dedicated State Route 529 as the Yellow Ribbon Highway on November 5, 2009. The Yellow Ribbon Highway connects Marysville and Everett, and runs in front of the Everett Navy base. This designation honors all active U.S. military personnel residing and serving in Washington and deployed to foreign assignments. The Half Marathon course follows the highway from Port Gardner landing to Marysville and back.



More information can be found at http://www.heroeshalf.com/index.

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L-O-D-D CHP Officer Richard Maxwell – 1994

Today, we honor Officer Richard A. Maxwell. On July 11, 1994, Officer Maxwell was attempting to make an enforcement stop on a suspected stolen vehicle when the vehicle pulled into a residential driveway.
The two occupants, later identified as a father and son who lived at the residence, exited the vehicle and both became combative with the officer. The son ran to the suspect vehicle and retrieved a shotgun, with Maxwell following.
While Maxwell was struggling with the son, the father retrieved a 12-gauge shotgun from the garage and opened fire on the unsuspecting officer. Officer Maxwell was first shot in the face while he was returning fire.
He stumbled to the ground and the suspect fired above his neck line which ultimately killed him. The officer returned fire, but none of his shots hit his assailants, and the suspects fled.
Two CHP officers arrived, spotted Maxwell slumped in the driveway, brought him to a place of cover and immediately began first aid. Maxwell’s wounds proved too severe and the 33-year-old officer died just minutes later.
Officer Maxwell had been a member of the CHP for five years. 

Officer Maxwell is survived by his wife, Marlene and daughter Megan.

Today, we honor Officer Richard A. Maxwell.  On July 11, 1994, Officer Maxwell was attempting to make an enforcement stop on a suspected stolen vehicle when the vehicle pulled into a residential driveway. The two occupants, later identified as a father and son who lived at the residence, exited the vehicle and both became combative with the officer. The son ran to the suspect vehicle and retrieved a shotgun, with Maxwell following. While Maxwell was struggling with the son, the father retrieved a 12-gauge shotgun from the garage and opened fire on the unsuspecting officer. Officer Maxwell was first shot in the face while he was returning fire. He stumbled to the ground and the suspect fired above his neck line which ultimately killed him. The officer returned fire, but none of his shots hit his assailants, and the suspects fled. Two CHP officers arrived, spotted Maxwell slumped in the driveway, brought him to a place of cover and immediately began first aid. Maxwell's wounds proved too severe and the 33-year-old officer died just minutes later. Officer Maxwell had been a member of the CHP for five years. 

Officer Maxwell is survived by his wife, Marlene and daughter Megan.
“WE WILL NEVER FORGET” is a tribute we have marked for “all” of our men and women in FIRE, EMS and in LAW ENFORCEMENT / FIRST RESPONDERS for those who have given their lives for the profession they loved so much.  Remembering them here from the past and the present is what this Tribute is all about.
Courtesy:  CHP FaceBook Page
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