Fire Storm 2016 | Arizona Wildfires | June 8, 2016

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#38EFire – Tacna, AZ.  New!

Start Day & Time:  6/7/2016 @ 1414 Hours.

Cause: Unknown and under investigation.

Fire Fuels:  Salt cedar in river bottom.

Acres:   812 acres.

Evacuations: 5 homes.

Personnel:  50.

Resources:    2 type 2 crews, 1 engine, 1 air attack, 1 single engine air tanker, and 1 type 3 helicopter assigned.

38E Fire. Photo taken from Air Attack.

38E Fire. Photo taken from Air Attack. (Courtesy: Inciweb)

#JackFire – About 14 m N of Clints Well on the E side of Lk Mary Road, along FS Roads 294 and 294C.

Start Date & Time:  5/29/2016.

Cause:  Lightning caused.  Is being allowed to burn naturally.

Acreage: 10,821.

Fire Conditions:  Fire behavior is still active.

Personnel: 148.

Resources:  4 Type 1 Crews, 7-engines, 1-Dozer, and various specialists.

Road Closures:

  • Highway:  Coconino Highway 3
  • Forest Service Roads:  FH-3, FR 135, FR 124H, FR 124J, FR, 82B, FR 82, FR 211.  (The closure applies only to National Forest System lands within the closure area.)
  • Open Forest Service Roads:  FH-3, FR 135, FR 124H, FR 124J, FR, 82B, FR 82, FR 211 are open for public travel, although public travel is discouraged given the presence of fire traffic

Map of the Jack Fire, near Happy Jack, 14 miles north of Clints Well. Map produced end of day June 7, 2016

Jack Fire (Credit: CoNF)




Date and Time Started:  6/6/2016 @ 0805 Hours.

Cause:  Abandoned camp fire.

Acreage: 138.

Containment Status: 50%.

Fire Fuels:  Ponderosa pine and grass.

Command:  Beale Monday, ICT3.

Personnel:  120.

Resources:  4 engines, 3 water tenders, 1 bulldozer, 2 hotshot crews, 1 type 2 IA crew, 1 type 2 crew, 1 fuels crew, 2 helicopters and 1 air attack on scene.

Closures:  Blue Ridge Reservoir closed for firefighting operations.

Weather:  Winds are decreasing and conditions are favorable for fire crews.

Reservoir Fire on 6/6/2016. (Credit: Wes Hall, CoNF)


#TenderfootFire – near Yarnell.  New!

Start Date & Time:   6/8/2016 @ 1815 hours.

Cause:  Unknown.

Acreage:  1820.

Fire Fuels:  Grass and brush.

Evacuations:  Human and animal evacuation in  progress on West side of Yarnell.  Earlier evacuations of the eastern side of the town.

Shelter:  Red Cross has opened an Shelter at the Yavapai College in Prescott.  Power is out to the school.

Command:  is being managed by BLM.   Media Staging is at the Peeples Valley School.

Assigned Resources:  is 100 personnel and support members.   Air and ground resources still being deployed and some are on the fire ground.

Road Closures:  SR 89 closed in both directions at MP 275 to MP 282. No ETA on reopen time and date per AZ DOT (released 3 hours ago).


#BertFire – Near junction of FR 144 and Highway 180 10 miles SE of Valle Az (Kaibib NF)

Start Date & Time:   5/28/2016 @ 1600 Hours.

Cause: Lightning.

Acreage:  2471.

Fire Fuels:  Pinyon and juniper.

Containment status: 1%.

Command:  ICs Tyler Knight ICT4- Zach Boness ICT4T.

Resources:  38 Fire personnel.


Ebert Mountain. (Credit. B. Blasi, USFS)


#JuniperFire – 10 mi S of Young, Arizona. Pleasant Valley Ranger District.

Start Date & Time:  5/17/2016 @ midnight.

Cause:  Lightning

Fire Fuels:   Burning Ponderosa pine, mixed conifer and oak shrub.

Acreage:  29,592.

Containment status:  20%.

Personnel:  558.

Resources:    11 Crews, 7 Helicopters, 23 Engines, 3 Dozers, 8 Water Tenders and 1 Masticator.

Helicopter aids in burnout operations

Juniper Fire. (Courtesy: Inciweb)

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